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PFRG: Chapter 62

Throw Throw Throw the Handkerchief (15)

Tu Shuhuai and Wen Weng waited anxiously outside the injection department. They were completely relieved when they saw that the injection task was completed.

Seeing Chi Ting and Yue Ren taking Fei Ying out like a prisoner, Tu Shuhuai glanced over. She already noticed the obviously different demeanor of the person in the middle.

Obviously, this was no longer the same Fei Ying.

Tu Shuhuai had obviously made the inference before, but seeing that the girl she always wanted to protect was completely possessed by a ghost, strange feelings flooded her body. In the end, she could only sigh with complicated emotions. “Let’s go. It is the last content.”

By the time the players went there, the registration form had been placed neatly on the counter.

Wen Weng stepped forward nervously. He picked up the form and glanced at it with a surprised expression on his face. “This is…”

The others gathered around to take a look and found that all the information about Su Lili had been filled in on it.

The gender was female, the age was 7 years old, and for the hospitalization notes, it clearly said car accident.

“Is it actually a car accident?” Yue Ren let out a low tsk with a rare emotion in his expression. “It is quite pitiful to have a sudden accident.”

Tu Shuhuai was silent for a moment. “So the question about why she came to the hospital from the warm daily environment has finally been solved.”

Wen Weng picked up the pen next to him and asked, “What about… whose name should I write now?”

In order to complete the hospitalization process, registrants needed to fill out a form. The problem now was that so far, they didn’t know the names of this little girl’s parents.

Tu Shuhuai thought for a while before saying, “Just try writing your own?”

Chi Ting stopped him. “Let’s write Mr Gentleman.”

Tu Shuhuai looked over doubtfully. “Will that work?”

Chi Ting smiled. “In any case, we aren’t a direct guardian. It doesn’t matter who writes it.’

No matter how slow Wen Weng was, he also realized that Chi Ting was doing this to avoid any backlash after he left his name. He sent a grateful look before quickly filling in the registration form.

Wen Weng finished writing and realized that there were several more surgical orders below. He hesitated a moment before writing down the name of ‘Mr Gentleman’ on all of them. Then he nervously watched the changes in the commission interface.

Under his constant stare, he finally saw the last (0/1) behind the commission content had turned smoothly into (1/1).

“Yes, it worked.” Wen Weng let out a long sigh of relief.

Then he heard Yue Ren suddenly open his mouth. Yue Ren’s tone seemed to be asking a question sincerely, “So, under what circumstances does the hospitalization form allow people outside of relatives to sign it?”

Tu Shuhuai had to admit that this man was really good at stirring up the atmosphere. She heard this and realized the meaning behind it. She couldn’t bear it, but she still answered in a deep voice, “Usually… it is directly when… it is certain that the relatives can’t be present to sign it.”

Hospitalization due to a car accident.

It was obviously impossible that there was only an underage child in the car at that time. So there was only one worst possibility they could think of.

Yue Ren shook his head. “What a happy family it was.”

It was a good thing when he didn’t speak, but when he did, he inexplicably sounded like a cat showing fake compassion to a crying mouse. Tu Shuhuai’s expression froze slightly, and he couldn’t help glancing over twice.

Chi Ting saw all of this and pinched his brow helplessly.

It was also the first time he discovered that there might really be a group of people in this world who weren’t born to be good people.

This was expected to be the last commission before they left the dungeon. It should’ve been a great joy to be able to complete it, but they felt really uneasy due to the content found in the process.

Even Wen Weng, who was once scared by the little girl, was full of deep sympathy for her on the way back after the task.

It was said that he also had a child in his family.

Back at the door of his room, Chi Ting didn’t push open the door hastily. Instead, he looked back at the rabbit standing there.

The rabbit had been with them since they entered the instance. He originally thought this rabbit was just a host for the game. Now it seemed that instead of accompanying them, he was more like a knight guarding something. He was just like the determined Mr. Tin Soldier in the fairy tale.

But after one glance, Chi Ting quickly withdrew his gaze and walked back into his room.

Time flew. In the blink of an eye, it was time for dinner.

It was still the familiar meeting hall. The dishes were as sumptuous as they were every day, but it was obvious that no one had an appetite for dinner tonight.

Compared with the scene where they first opened their eyes here, the number of chairs around the round table had changed from eight to five.

This made the players feel that the distance between them and the other people was obviously getting further.

According to the order of sitting, next to Fei Ying were Tu Shuhuai and Wen Weng. Since there was no identity to cover the ghost, the other two instinctively moved closer to Yue Ren and Chi Ting while sitting. This way, the place where Fei Ying was sitting was more like a wider, independent space.

But at this time, Fei Ying didn’t seem to care about this. Under the gazes that focused on her from time to time, she enjoyed her last supper today.

Finally, the familiar countdown to the vote appeared on the players’ virtual panel.

“Then let’s all vote.” After today’s commission, Tu Shuhuai might be very sympathetic to the little girl’s experience but this didn’t mean she wanted to continue to stay here and play such an exciting game of life or death with her.

After all, an instance was just an instance. As players, the first thing they had to do was abide by the rules of the game in the instance and clear the level as quickly as possible.

The five people at the round table gave their choices one after another.

Finally, the final vote count was displayed in front of the silent players.

[The fourth round of voting has ended. Fei Ying has 4 votes and Chi Ting has 1 vote.]

[The highest number of votes: Fei Ying (4 votes).]

[Congratulations on finding the third ghost. There will be no punishment tonight!]

“Great! The third ghost! It is really the third ghost! We’ve found it!” The moment such a result entered his eyes, Wen Weng’s eyes instantly filled with intense joy. He jumped out of the chair excitedly at first. Then he was soon silenced by the strange atmosphere around him.

As a result, no one spoke for a long time.

It was as if the pause button had been suddenly pressed. The silence around them continued for a long time.

In such an environment, Wen Weng felt his newly excited cells cooling down little by little. He asked dryly with a smile on his face, “What’s wrong? Aren’t you happy? It is the third ghost. The third ghost has been found!”

“We have found it.” Tu Shuhuai glanced at him with a depressed expression. Then with great effort, she smiled bitterly. “The third ghost has been found, but the system message is that there is no punishment tonight. Don’t you understand? It looks like the game isn’t over yet.”

Wen Weng was stunned for a moment. Then he looked at the virtual panel again. The expression of joy that had just surged up turned pale in an instant. “How come? How can this be?”

“It looks like we were all set up by these d*mn rules.” Yue Ren leaned back on the chair and clicked on the virtual panel, slowly reading it again. “Looking back now, what the rules are telling us is that we should find all the ghosts among us, but it never said that there will only be three ghosts from beginning to end, right?”

He slowly looked up and pointed in Fei Ying’s direction. “Look, she knew it would be like this. Look at how happily she is smiling.”

Wen Weng followed Yue Ren’s words and looked back. Sure enough, he saw that Fei Ying had long lost her usual submissive expression. It was replaced with a smile so exaggerated that the corners of her lips almost spread to her ears.

A pair of dark eyes met his gaze without hesitation. It was as if she was very satisfied with the strong despair in his eyes.

“But when we came in, the system clearly showed five players!” Wen Weng scratched his head hard. His already very haggard face looked even older. “If there is one more ghost among the eight people who appeared at the beginning, doesn’t it mean…?”

“It means that among the five players in our group, some were possessed by ghosts.” Tu Shuhuai said the following words with a bitter smile. She said it quite euphemistically and didn’t directly use the word ‘death.’ Originally, she wanted to fill her stomach to continue dealing with the next game. However, the moment she picked up the knife and fork, she put it down again because she had no appetite.

She lowered her head and held her forehead. After a long time, she sighed deeply. “This instance is really torturous.”

In the instance, Tu Shuhuai’s performance had always been valiant and neat. At this time, she rarely showed extreme helplessness due to powerlessness.

A depressing atmosphere shrouded the meeting room so that no one showed any reaction when Fei Ying stood up and left.

This was until the rabbit arrived and reminded them that it was the game time for tonight.

Yue Ren’s expectant voice seemed quite out of place. “It is finally my turn. This is the first time I’ve played a little game like throwing the handkerchief. But don’t worry, everyone. Today’s handkerchief has only one layer of the jealousy mark. No matter how I throw it to, no one will be driven away tonight.”

After giving kind words of comfort, he looked at Chi Ting with a smile like he was seeking confirmation. “How is it? Is my level of comfort as good as yours?”


Chi Ting ignored the ridicule and beckoned to him.

“Huh?” Yue Ren leaned over obediently. Once he heard the words Chi Ting whispered in his ear, he glanced over in surprise. “Are you sure?”

Chi Ting glanced at the other two people and nodded. “Yes.”

Yue Ren frowned, seemingly skeptical of Chi Ting’s words. “Give me a reason to convince me.”

Chi Ting wasn’t perfunctory. He thought carefully before speaking, “If the vote fails tomorrow, I would rather have the initiative in my hand compared to a person who might be a ghost. Is this reason enough?”

Yue Ren figured out the key as soon as he heard it and nodded. “That’s enough.”

The rabbit stood on the round table and kept looking over anxiously. It was as if he wanted to urge them but didn’t dare to speak rashly.

Seeing that the two people over there had finally stopped whispering to each other, he asked in a low voice, “So, can we start?”

Yue Ren nodded. “Let’s begin.”

Tu Shuhuai: “……”

After experiencing so many instances, this was the first time that Tu Shuhuai had seen an NPC humbly seeking the player’s approval before pushing the process forward.

But at this time, she obviously didn’t have many thoughts about watching the show. After all, she was the only one without a handkerchief among all the players. No matter how she looked at it, she was the best candidate to get the handkerchief tonight.

The moment the surrounding lights dimmer, Tu Shuhuai waited for the footsteps to come to her side. She was ready to get up at any time and chase.

What she didn’t expect was that until the light came on again, the handkerchief never fell behind him.

The completely unexpected thing was that Yue Ren passed tonight’s handkerchief back to Chi Ting.

So far, the number of layers of jealousy marks on the remaining players were: 2 marks for Chi Ting, 2 marks for Yue Ren, 1 mark for Wen Weng, and 0 marks for Tu Shuhuai.

In fact, judging from this situation, unless the ghost could obtain something that surpassed the strength gap in the game, Chi Ting and Yue Ren only needed to ensure that the remaining marks didn’t stack on them in the remaining days. Then they could ensure the game conditions of surviving for eight days and pass the instance smoothly.

However, the players other than them might not be so lucky. This was what Chi Ting was most concerned about right now.

Today’s development was already full of drama. With such a result, many viewers entered Chi Ting’s live stream room one after another. The scrolling barrage covered the entire interface for a while.

[I’m scared to death. I just went out to take a look. There is really a player who has their live stream room gone dark! When did this happen? Someone died, and I didn’t even notice!]

[An old viewer here. No spoilers, but this is a friendly reminder. No matter whether it is this instance or another instance, everyone must study the rules carefully in the game. You must! Otherwise, you don’t know how you will die!!!]

[There is a crazy drop in SAN value. I thought it would be enough to find the ghost. Is it true that some players will become ghosts?]

[That mosaic player could obviously throw it to Tu Shuhuai. Why did Chi Ting want the handkerchief back?]

[Silly you. This is preparing for tomorrow. If Tu Shuhuai is given one layer of marks and the vote fails tomorrow, who will be sent to die with the next two layers of marks?]

[I get it! Even if the ghost isn’t found tomorrow, Tu Shuhuai can receive the next two layers of marks. At least one more day can be guaranteed to ensure everyone’s survival!]

[Not only that. It isn’t sure who is the ghost between Tu and Wen. If the handkerchief is given to Tu, she happened to be the ghost, and they fail to vote her out tomorrow, this means the ghost can choose who to die!]

[F*k, it is so confusing! But no matter how you look at it, the ghost will be slaughtered tomorrow, right?]

[Not necessarily. The fact that a ghost has been revealed and the game isn’t over means that the previous voting plan is no longer feasible. The duo team is just as suspicious as the solo team. The specific person to vote for will depend on their analysis tomorrow.]

[Can anyone answer me? What I’m concerned about right now is which rule went wrong that caused the player to be possessed?]

The barrage scrolled wildly. It was uncontrollable like a raging wave. This was until a sentence was suddenly heard, and there was a very subtle pause for a moment.

“I am waiting for you in the room tonight.”

From the perspective of the live stream room, they could hear Chi Ting saying this to the mosaic next to him before going back to his room.

The audience: “?”

Not to mention that the rules of the game clearly stipulated that players couldn’t leave the room at night, was this sentence really what could be heard in the live stream room of an unlimited game?

After all, 5,000 points/minute wasn’t a small number. The audience gritted their teeth and glanced at it from time to time. Such extravagant expenses weren’t very friendly to ordinary people. However, Chi Ting’s sentence was too subtle. At the thought that Chi Ting would see the ghost again tonight, many people couldn’t hold back the curiosity in their hearts.

So many viewers decisively chose to temporarily jump next door to watch. Once the players dragged their tired bodies back to the room, they stayed up until the sky gradually darkened. Then they entered Chi Ting’s live stream room again.

However, that night, there was no bloody scene in their eyes except for a flashing ghost. It was unexpectedly calm.

On the screen of the live stream room, there were only mosaics that fell into their eyes from the direction of the door again and again. It was the only movement in the silent night.

They couldn’t see the specific appearance, but vaguely judging from Chi Ting’s skillful actions, it seemed to be the small note postman who appeared a few days ago.

So, those strange little notes a few days ago were actually passed on by that mosaic brother?

After the audience in the live stream room came to their senses, they naturally understood what the so-called ‘waiting in the room for you’ was. They immediately covered their shriveled point wallet and cried.

Blame them for thinking too much and making up frenzied headlines. Give them back their points!

Chi Ting didn’t know that he had made a false advertisement in the live stream room.

After the last note was sent by the shadow tentacles, he lay back on his bed in a contented manner.

He didn’t know if the current ghost was the original one, but he could see that this ghost was already afraid of him and Yue Ren. Thus, tonight, it only symbolically came to the door of the handkerchief holder’s room. Then it ran away without leaving any unnecessary clues.

But the instance had reached this point, and these things were no longer so important.

Chi Ting specially called Yue Ren to pass the notes tonight in order to have an independent discussion space that avoided the other two players.

Judging from the fact that there were only four players left, the ghost in the mix would definitely work very hard to promote the occurrence of a tie vote in the voting stage. There were only three days left in total. Once there was a draw one after another, and the vote failed, the result would undoubtedly become very pessimistic.

According to the voting results of the past few days, Chi Ting had a new idea. If his conjecture was correct, what he had to do now was wait for the ghost to take the bait during voting tomorrow.

It should finally be the end. If it dragged on any longer, Ji Xingque outside should be anxious.


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