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PFRG: Chapter 61 Part 2

“I-I seem to know.” Fei Ying, who had been silent since the morning, spoke weakly at this time.

Her condition had obviously been very bad since last night. The dark circles under her eyes became more and more obvious as the night passed.

At this time, it seemed that she wanted to seize the opportunity to please everyone. She tried her best to smile under everyone’s gaze. “I saw it in the children’s room. Tan Haobo made the blessing card, and the top said: ‘To the lovely Su Lili.’

“It turns out that the child’s name is Su Lili,” Yue Ren suddenly said. “The name is as cute as her appearance.”

Wen Weng was also one of the players who had seen the little girl. Hearing this, the expression on his face was a bit complicated for a moment.

No matter how he looked at it, he couldn’t really associate her with the word ‘cute’, right?

As Chi Ting was thinking about it, he saw that he arrived at the radiology department. Therefore, he opened the door and walked in without saying a word.

After finishing the X-ray shooting, he came back out again. He met the eyes of the others and nodded in confirmation. “The name on the sheet is indeed Su Lili.”

Immediately after that, Yue Ren went to the CT scan room. He gave the same answer when he returned.

After confirming it, he looked at Chi Ting. “What do you think?”

In the state of thinking, Chi Ting instinctively touched the strange stone on his chest. A while later, he answered, “It seems that in this instance, we might be experiencing Su Lili’s life.”

The others were slightly startled when they heard this.

After coming to their senses, there was a hint of subtlety in their expressions.

If this was the life of the little girl then…

They still remembered that at the first commission site they went to, it was a very warm children’s room.

In their mission, the little girl was called a princess. It could be seen that she liked beautiful dresses, cute dolls, and all types of red things. She also put graffiti on the walls of her room as she pleased. Add the pink sheets full of a princess atmosphere, and they could feel the strong love that her parents had for her.

The rabbit asked them to sort out the toys, record a children’s song, and make a blessing card for her.

Everything obviously made her feel happier.

The second commission site was a camping site.

The family went outside to play and enjoyed a wonderful picnic time but accidentally knocked over the candies. Everyone patiently retrieved all the candies one by one. Children were allowed to eat sweets secretly, so the sweet flavors could be quietly hidden in their mouths.

For the third commission, they came to the kitchen.

The parents racked their brains every day to prepare a rich variety of dishes. No matter whether they were delicious or not, it was the most life-filled place. It was enough for everyone to enjoy dining together around the table. The child might be a picky eater, but no matter how unpalatable the food, she still tried it. The new menu always contained more nutrients, so the little girl could grow taller quickly when she ate it.

Then today was their fourth commission.

This time, it was no longer the warm daily environment but a hospital.

Now they seemed to be replacing the little girl named Su Lili. They were bravely experiencing everything in the hospital again.

According to the final content of the commission, she was hospitalized.

Then what happened to the happy life before the hospital?

At this moment, the players in this instance felt an indescribable emotion other than the desire to survive.

Chi Ting walked to the nearby printer in silence and operated it twice. Soon, the X-ray and CT films were printed out one after another.

It was obvious that the people who went in for the examination were him and Yue Ren, but the films that came out belonged to the little girl Su Lili.

He frowned and looked at it for a while. Then he turned to Tu Shuhuai. “Where is your test report? You should be able to get it, right?”

Tu Shuhuai was stunned for a moment before coming to her senses. She immediately turned around and ran back.

Soon, she brought back the blood test form.

Everyone gathered around to look.

They weren’t professionals who could understand the content, but it wasn’t difficult to see from various extremely abnormal indicators that Su Lili’s physical condition seemed to be very bad.

There was a long silence before Tu Shuhuai spoke. “She is sick, and it should be very serious.”

As she spoke, she could feel that the rabbit gentleman standing not far away was looking directly at them.

For the first time, Tu Shuhuai didn’t feel any fear as she turned back to meet such eyes. “So what is going on with this rabbit? Has he been here with Su Lili all along?”

Wen Weng didn’t have so many complicated thoughts. He just recalled the appearance of the little girl that he saw and said calmly, “…But when she was playing with the handkerchief, she seemed quite lively.”

“So there really is everything in the dream.” Yue Ren’s chuckling voice was suddenly heard. A slightly elongated voice floated in the air. “The Steadfast Tin Soldier, the Nutcracker, and Alice in Wonderland. It turns out that this is what they are all about.”

The lack of context made the others look confused, but it was enough for Chi Ting to understand the meaning instantly.

He looked at his surroundings again. He saw the independent space outside the hospital that was obviously as fragmented as the previous picnic camp and felt that he understood.

The doll with an independent soup sprouted the belief of firm protection and accompanied the little girl into a long dream that wanted to bind up all happiness.

No, only those they could wake up from could be called a dream.

What was created in the instance might perhaps be more of a nightmare that trapped her and that she could never wake up from.

“Let’s go. Let’s move on to the next commission.” Chi Ting stopped, turned around, and patted Fei Ying lightly on the shoulder. “It is your turn. We will accompany you to get the injection.”

Fei Ying was stunned for a moment. Then she stepped forward obediently and whispered, “Thank you, but I should be able to do it myself.”

Chi Ting smiled. “Of course you can. You can make trouble, right?”

Fei Ying hurriedly shook her head. “N-No, I’m really not a ghost. I didn’t sleep last night. I was awake, and I’m sure nothing happened when you met the ghost. You just need to let me go in alone. Once I complete the commission and come out, you can believe I’m really not a ghost!”

“Okay, stop acting.” Chi Ting didn’t even pause his footsteps for a moment, and his tone was even calmer. “Since this morning, or earlier, haven’t you already occupied Fei Ying’s body? Otherwise, why else would you have been hiding so far from this guy from the beginning?”

He casually pointed at Yue Ren, who was following a few steps away, and smiled. “So, this subconscious move has already exposed you. Actually, if you could settle down a bit last night, he probably wouldn’t have acted like that. He just wanted to see a ghost like me. He said that you wanted to bite him as soon as you came. How can he not be angry, right?”

Fei Ying: “. ”

In a situation where everything was revealed and spoken frankly, the panicked disguise on her face finally disappeared. “But I didn’t do anything harsh when I looked for you. Didn’t you sever my hands in the same way?”

She spoke in an expressionless manner as she followed Chi Ting all the way forward. However, the completely different tone of voice made her seem like a different person in an instant.

Chi Ting couldn’t believe such an accusation. “You have to be reasonable even if you are a ghost. I just tied you up. You are the one who severed your hands yourself.”

The ghost: “…..”

If she hadn’t known that she couldn’t defeat the person in front of her, she would’ve wanted to fight here due to such words.

After a long time, she smiled sarcastically. “Now that you know I have made her disappear from this body, don’t you feel sad at all? Sure enough, forgetting is what you humans are best at.”

“Why be upset? You killed her, not me.” Chi Ting glanced at ‘Fei Ying’ strangely. Once they arrived at the door of the injection department, he pushed her inside and spoke in a still casual tone. “In addition, what’s wrong with forgetting? It is only by learning to forget that people can continue to go further.”

The moment such words entered her ears, the ghost’s sarcastic expression paused slightly.

Then she heard Chi Ting asked, “I’ve been very curious about one thing. Are your messy facial features really drawn by Su Lili?”

There was a long silence before ‘Fei Ying’ nodded. “Yes.”

For the first time, Chi Ting heard very mixed emotions from the tone of a ghost.

After finding out what he wanted to know, he smiled with satisfaction and asked, “So how many do you have?”

This time, Fei Ying closed her eyes and didn’t give an answer.

Chi Ting said regretfully, “Forget it if you don’t want to say it.”

The next second, before Fei Ying could react, she felt a heavy force on her hand.

Looking down, she saw that her wrist had been pressed heavily into the injection window by Chi Ting.

Chi Ting changed his gentle and humble tone from when he previously asked the question. He didn’t forget to give a warning in a gentle manner. “Don’t move. You aren’t as strong as me, and there is another person watching outside. If you are restless, I’ll replace it with him. Do you understand?”

Not far away, the person he mentioned was standing at the door of the injection department and cleared his throat very cooperatively.

The ghost inside Fei Ying: “……”

She never thought that one day, she would be pressed and injected by a human without any resistance.

This was simply the greatest shame in its ghostly life!


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