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PFRG: Chapter 61 Part 1

Throw Throw Throw the Handkerchief (14)

After Chi Ting left, Yue Ren also stood up.

However, he wasn’t in such a hurry to leave. He walked around and came to Fei Ying again.

Fei Ying noticed the movement and looked up. She happened to meet the gaze of someone who was trying to deceive whether to smile or not.

Then Yue Ren smiled at her and mouthed, ‘I will be waiting for you in my room tonight.’

Fei Ying: “……”

She knew that these words were meant for the ghost hiding in her body. She didn’t know how the ghost would feel after hearing this. She just knew that the tip of her nose was sore, and her eyes suddenly became moist.

Tu Shuhuai, who was watching from the side, was also speechless. After sighing, she also got up and went back to her room.

Soon, the meeting room became quiet again.

This type of silence lasted until the same hell time as the previous nights.

Even across the corridor, Chi Ting heard the hoarse screams coming from the opposite room.

The sound was obviously not coming from Yue Ren. It was obvious where it came from.

There were heart-stopping screams, one after another. Chi Ting could only symbolically express sympathy in his heart.

It could only be said that the noise made by Yue Ren was so loud that Wen Weng, who lived next door, was obviously frightened. It wasn’t known what he knocked over again, but it made the night more and more chaotic.

He just didn’t know how Tu Shuhuai, who lived far away, felt at this moment.

Chi Ting lay on the bed in a bored manner. He crossed his legs and counted the time absentmindedly.

This was until the movement in the opposite room finally stopped. He glanced at the clock on the wall and saw that exactly half an hour had passed. This was undoubtedly much longer than the time it took the ghost to run away from his room.

For a while, Chi Ting didn’t know whether he should feel that Yue Ren was quite capable of acting or if he should lament the unlucky ghost’s persistence.

Just as he was about to turn off the lights and go to sleep, he incidentally glanced around and found something vaguely peeking through the door of his room.

Chi Ting slowly raised an eyebrow.

The familiar little shadow tentacle brought a note. This time, he took it and opened it to see the sentence: [To avoid being restless when that thing receives the commission tomorrow, conquer it first.]

Every word was full of Yue Ren’s so-called logic. Chi Ting looked at it for a while before taking out a piece of paper. He wrote something on it and gave it to the shadow tentacle.

The content was quite concise. It consisted only of the words: [Well done.]

The night could be called a thrilling one, but it could also be said to be relatively calm.

The former belonged to the ghosts, and the latter belonged to the players.

Early the next day, after breakfast, everyone went to the day’s commission location. However, they felt a bit dazed again when they walked through the door. The eight people who were very lively at the beginning were unknowingly reduced to five, or more accurately, four.

Thankfully, it was finally coming to an end.

With emotions of relief, everyone once again crossed the newly added door.

There was a strong smell of disinfectant floating in the white space. Looking around, there was no one except for them. There were only pieces of medical equipment operating in an orderly manner as if they had autonomous consciousness.

This time, it wasn’t the usual space. It was a hospital.

The moment this came out, the barrage in each live stream room started scrolling.

[Um? I thought it would always be warm and cozy. Why do I feel like the style has suddenly changed?]

[I have followed this instance several times. Every time I watch the switching of the maps every day, I always feel that time flies so fast.]

[It doesn’t matter if it is warm or not. Just do the daily tasks well, and there won’t be a big problem.]

[I just don’t know if the ghost will cause trouble today. Now that something is wrong, there should be someone watching specifically, right?]

[They have already arrived at the hospital. The end is coming soon. I hope that investment can be repaid. No, I pray that it can be doubled.]

In the midst of the barrage, a piece of content floated across one of the live stream rooms: [Hey, this hospital looks so familiar. It seems to be where my home used to be.]

However, this sentence wasn’t taken seriously and was quickly covered by other barrages.

The players in the instance received the commission again.

[Commission from Mr. Gentleman:

Mr. Gentleman said that when you feel unwell, you must cooperate with the doctor.

Perform a blood test (0/1).

Perform an X-ray (0/1).

Perform a CT scan (0/1).

Receive an injection (0/1).

Complete the hospitalization registration (0/1).]

It was the familiar five people and five events, but the numbers behind the commission reminded them that this was already the fourth commission task they had executed after entering the dungeon. In other words, this was the fifth day since they entered the dungeon.

By now, several players were very experienced and completed the assignment of tasks quickly.

Tu Shuhuai would go do the blood test, Chi Ting and Yue Ren would take the X-ray and CT scans respectively, while everyone would accompany Wen Weng to do the hospitalization registration. As for Fei Ying, in order to avoid the ghost in her body doing something and deliberately not cooperating, they left the mandatory task of accepting the injection to her.

Since the situation in the hospital was different from the first day and they were divided into several larger spaces, Tu Shuhuai proposed to act together as a group and accompany each other to perform today’s commissioned contents one by one, so as to better deal with possible emergencies.

“Okay.” Since he hadn’t had this type of experience of accompanying someone to the doctor for a long time, Chi Ting smiled expectantly as he answered.

This made the others look at him strangely.

In order, the first task was Tu Shuhuai’s blood test.

She opened the door of the laboratory and walked in while the others stood in the corridor outside and waited.

Chi Ting noticed that Fei Ying had been staying far away from Yue Ren from the beginning. After taking a look, he withdrew his gaze indifferently and continued to look at the surrounding environment.

“Did you find anything?” Yue Ren asked.

Chi Ting replied, “Sort of. I found that you bullied the ghost quite miserably yesterday.”

Otherwise, she wouldn’t have been so afraid. If nothing else, it must’ve been more tragic than what Chi Ting did that night.

Of course, he didn’t say the second half of the sentence.

“It’s really not my fault.” Yue Ren actually didn’t ask about this aspect, but after hearing Chi Ting’s words, his expression suddenly became innocent. “I thought this ghost would be quite gentle based on what I heard you say before. However, yesterday, I didn’t even have time to say hello before it bit me directly. If I hadn’t taken some self-defense measures, you wouldn’t have been able to see such a complete and intact me in front of you today.”

Chi Ting was a bit surprised. “It was going to hurt you?”

According to the situation a few nights ago, the ghost might try to scare others to death but they never seriously injured the players. How come Yue Ren…

He suddenly realized something.”

The two of them spoke at almost the same time. “It has to do with the number of layers of marks.”

The moment Yue Ren finished speaking, he paused and smiled silently. “You are becoming more and more understanding, Captain Chi.”

Chi Ting was noncommittal.

At the moment, this was indeed the biggest possibility.

The first layer of the mark was just a simple intimidation, while the second layer directly caused damage to the body. Once the jealousy mark reached three layers, they would die on the spot like Dong Zai.

In other words, it was lucky that the ghost encountered Yue Ren last night. If it was Tu Shuhuai who received two layers of marks yesterday, they would probably see a very tragic and bloody scene when they woke up this morning.

The stacked marks had been a reminder to the players in this instance from the beginning.

Chi Ting wondered, “What about the others? You guys played together for so long yesterday. You should’ve seen that face/”

Yue Ren nodded. “I could see it very clearly.”

Chi Ting asked, “How do you feel?”

“Aside from the features stolen from the players, this ghost looks like…” Yue Ren thought about the words. “It looks like it was drawn very irresponsibly by some brat.”

Such an answer made Chi Ting certain that Yue Ren felt the same as him.

This confirmed his guess, and he smiled in a good mood. “Does it look like the graffiti style in that children’s room?”

Yue Ren blinked and gradually showed an expression of sudden realization. “I just said that I have seen this style somewhere. It really looks like it.”

The two of them were communicating as if there was no one around when the door to the laboratory opened again. Tu Shuhuai came out, her face much paler than when she entered.

The panel information was updated. The blood test project on the list of commissions was successfully completed.

“How much blood was drawn?” Wen Weng poured a glass of hot water and handed it over.

Tu Shuhuai took it and took a sip. Her chapped lips slightly regained some redness.

As she walked to the radiology department with the others, she shook her head. “That isn’t important. What is important is that I discovered something.”

She calmed down after noticing the gaze of the others and continued, “It is said that I needed to draw blood, but the test sheet wasn’t mine at all. I clearly saw just now that the name written on it was Su Lili.”

After these words came out, the surroundings became quiet for a moment.

Su Lili.

Who was this?


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