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PFRG: Chapter 56 Part 2

The viewers of each live stream room couldn’t see Yue Ren’s situation. They were a bit curious about why the player with a black screen didn’t complete the task, but after all, the ghost’s strike had already booked the failure of this task in advance and didn’t go too far. The discussion of the barrage had shifted to which unlucky person the extra handkerchief would fall on tonight.

However, the players in the instance had seen the whole process live. So when they returned to their rooms for a lunch break, they were still thinking over and over again in their minds. What did the final submission process mean? There was no kindness at all in that player named Yue Ren?!

This confusion lasted until dinner time, until everyone gathered in the meeting room again. Some people still glanced at Yue Ren from time to time.

As the host of the game, the rabbit gentleman looked a bit haggard due to the threats he received one after another.

He briefly went through the process before leaving without looking back. He didn’t even look at Yue Ren again the whole time.

The space left was given to the players.

There was no doubt about today’s vote. It didn’t even require much discussion. Everyone voted for Tan Haobo.

[The second round of voting has ended. Tan Haobo has 6 votes, and Chi Ting has 1 vote.]

[The highest number of votes: Tan Haobo (6 votes).]

[Congratulations on finding the second ghost. There will be no punishment tonight!]

Everyone sighed with relief when the system notification popped up confirming that the ghost had been caught.

They got it right again!

Tu Shuhuai was keenly aware of the number of votes. She looked at Chi Ting. “You have 1 vote?”

“He voted for me.” Chi Ting glanced at Tan Haobo, who was staring straight at him. He expressed his understanding. “I came up with the voting ideas for the past two days, which caused him and his classmate to be voted out one after another. It is normal for him to have grievances.”

Tan Haobo: “……”

A look of anger flashed across his face, but there was no way. He had already heard the sound of the rabbit returning. He could only leave through the door that appeared with great reluctance.

Since then, the number of players left in the game was six.

The silent gaze scanned over the group.

Among these six people, there was the last ghost.

But how should it be judged in the future? What made players more alert was the next game session.

Since they didn’t complete the task, the rules of the game meant they would add a new handkerchief tonight. This meant that two people would have new jealousy marks stacked on their bodies.

So far, this was the third time that everyone had participated in the handkerchief game.

Facets proved that the situation of being unfamiliar at first, only to become accustomed soon enough, did exist.

The moment they heard that the children’s song in the background had returned from Yu Gao’s version to the child’s version, everyone was almost relieved.

The game started again.

At the sound of the children’s song that rang from near and far, Chi Ting actually noticed movement behind him. He knew that Wen Weng had placed the handkerchief behind him, but Chi Ting wasn’t in a hurry to pick it up.

He didn’t open his eyes until he heard the footsteps circling from near to far and then back again. It was also at this time that he discovered that after getting the handkerchief, he could completely see in the darkness.

Seeing Wen Weng successfully return behind him after finishing a lap, Chi Ting stood up slowly and gave up his seat to the winner who lost the handkerchief.

According to the situation of the past two days, the game should actually end here. However, this time, the surroundings lights didn’t turn on.

Chi Ting finally saw the little girl he had always wanted to see in Wen Weng’s position. The moment he looked at the child, he was sure that this was the gaze he felt in the forest.

She was indeed dressed in eye-catching red from beginning to end. She smiled at him in a friendly manner, but due to her pale and ethereal face, this expression looked a bit weird.

Chi Ting saw her stand up and beckoned to him.

At this suggestion, he walked over and sat down in Wen Weng’s seat very cooperatively. His eyes were always falling on the girl in a curious manner.

It was probably because she hadn’t been stared at for so long, but the girl’s pale face showed some discomfort. Then she placed her finger to her mouth in a silence gesture and moved away pleasantly.

Obviously, she was holding the second handkerchief tonight.

Chi Ting just watched the whole time.

Due to the horrified expressions of the players during the previous two games, Chi Ting originally thought the little girl in red would be very disgusting. Unexpectedly, except for the fact that the expression on her face didn’t look like a living person, every outline of her facial features was actually very delicate and cute.

He even saw the wings of a paper crane exposed from the small breast pocket of the red dress. It was obvious that the little girl liked the gift he left behind during the day.

The little girl followed the children’s song and walked around twice. Finally, she selected the target and stopped quietly behind the chair.

She seemed a bit worried that Chi Ting would remind the person and glanced at him in warning. Then she gently placed the handkerchief behind Dong Zai as if afraid of being discovered.

After a few short seconds, Dong Zai was keenly aware of something. He suddenly opened his eyes and looked back. He met the empty eyes staring at him from a short distance away.

Such a short distance made his breath almost hit such cold skin.

Dong Zai: “!!!”

Chi Ting, who witnessed the whole process: “……”

He wasn’t sure if it was really scary from Dong Zai’s perspective, but he could only say that this child’s skin was real skin. He clearly saw that the moment Dong Zai turned away, she deliberately moved and kept her face level with his. She leaned almost cheek-to-cheek in front of the other person.

This was just waiting for the moment when he opened his eyes.

Dong Zai’s breathing became thicker. Then there was a lick, and the surrounding lights turned on again.

At the end of another night of handkerchief throwing, the marks on Chi Ting and Dong Zai had increased by one layer each.

As of now, four players had the jealousy mark.

Everyone first asked Chi Ting and Dong Zai about the situation during tonight’s game. Then they briefly confirmed the general idea of tomorrow’s voting. Since they found the two groups in a duo, the last group could only appear in the solo group. They decided to wait until dinner time the next day before giving the final votes based on their performance during the day.

“It is settled for now. Is there anything else?” Tu Shuhuai looked around and asked.

Yue Ren raised his hand. “I have something.”

The group looked over.

Yue Ren pointed to his side. Then he pointed to Chi Ting not far away. “I want to apply to change the position and change the person back.”

Chi Ting: “……”

“You can sit back down there when we have dinner tomorrow.” Tu Shuhuai controlled her emotions before she went crazy. “It seems that everyone has no other problems. Let’s call it a day.”

The players returned to their rooms one after another. Chi Ting also stood up.

Since there were two handkerchiefs tonight, before going back, he didn’t forget to pat his fellow sufferer on the shoulder and said politely, “Do you think there will be two ghosts or just one ghost? If there is only one ghost, will they come to you first or me first?”

He had known for a long time that the number of handkerchiefs would increase at night, but the fact that it fell on him made Dong Zai’s expression vaguely unpleasant. Hearing this, he glanced at Chi Ting and slapped the hand on his shoulder angrily. “It is none of my business.”

His tone was very rude, but when he turned around, he happened to see Yue Ren standing not far away.

Such a smiling gaze made Dong Zai’s whole body shiver. He instinctively avoided it and cursed in a low voice, “Dog couple.”

“He actually thinks we are gay?” Yue Ren looked surprised.

Chi Ting glanced at this exaggerated expression. “…I’m going back.”

They walked all the way to the door of their rooms. Yue Ren stood there without going in and asked very politely, “Do you need me to come and visit you at night?”

Of course, Chi Ting knew what the so-called ‘visit’ meant. He also guessed that this person was interested in playing again. Still, he refused without hesitation. “There is no need, thank you. Just let me see it first today. Don’t worry, there will be opportunities later.”

“Okay.” Yue Ren sighed helplessly. His tone sounded quite regretful. It could be seen that he still had a hint of envy regarding Chi Ting’s initiative to get the handkerchief.

In the end, he didn’t say anything and obediently pushed open the door.

The moment the opposite door closed, Chi Ting also went back to his room.

He acted very patiently, but Chi Ting had actually been full of expectations since the afternoon. At this time, he even hoped that the flow of time would speed up. In order to better prepare for the other experiences tonight, he went into the bathroom and took a slow shower to kill this difficult time.

Eventually, the night grew deeper.

After taking a shower, Chi Ting lay comfortably on the bed. He glanced at the clock from time to time while waiting patiently.

Finally, he heard a faint sound in the silence.

Suddenly, the light on the ceiling went out.

Overwhelming darkness engulfed the entire guest room.

Chi Ting slowly raised his eyes.

Faintly, he could feel something approaching from directly above him.

However, in the position he was lying in, the direction of this movement was the wall against which the big bed was attached.

In the deathly silence, a strange touch climbed up Chi Ting’s cheeks.

This unique sensation made him blink. Then he felt the hand stretch down along the outline of his cheek little by little… seeing it, the coolness was about to lock around his throat.

At this moment, before he had time to experience the feeling of suffocation, the corners of Chi Ting’s mouth curved up slightly.

Obviously, even the ghost who came into the room hadn’t expected him to suddenly be violent. By the time the ghost reacted, they were completely locked by the opponent’s iron pincer-like hands.

Chi Ting’s voice came from the darkness of the night. His expression couldn’t be seen, but his voice clearly had a hint of overflowing pleasure. “I got you.”


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