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PFRG: Chapter 56 Part 1

Throw Throw Throw the Handkerchief (8)

[What? Taking the initiative to ask for the handkerchief? Is there this operation?]

[6666. As expected of him. He is worthy of the huge sum of money I spent in anger. He is starting to be pretentious.]

[F*k, I will withdraw first. I will save some points and come back during the haunting time in the evening. Everyone, see you then!]

[There is one thing I have to say. I have seen many operations before, but this is the first time I’ve seen someone doing this to themselves.]

[He really isn’t afraid of being played to death…]

[Why does he want to see ghosts? What is the point of seeing ghosts? Isn’t he afraid at all?]

It was like a true portrayal of the audience’s barrage in the live stream room. Wen Weng’s expression was still a bit dazed as he left.

There were several green candies in his hand, which Chi Ting had enthusiastically given to him. However, at this moment, his overly complicated mood obviously made him forget the joy of collecting enough candies.

Who was he? Where was he? What happened?

Wen Weng only felt that there were too few instances he had passed. Was this the correct posture that bigshots should have when passing an instance?

Chi Ting booked the handkerchief he had longed for. He waved to Yue Ren, who was looking around the place, in a good mood. “Let’s go and continue looking for candies.”

Yue Ren glanced at his expression and could only sigh lowly. There was an expression on his face like, ‘Why didn’t I think of this earlier?’

It could be seen that he had obviously been reminded of the idea of seeing ghosts.

The two of them had just completed the sweep of the forest area. The candy resources in their hands were quite abundant. They already had the full amount. After walking around for a while, they basically found all ten candies of the colors they needed.

After picking out the desired candies and hiding them in his pocket, Chi Ting was about to distribute the extra candies to other players when he suddenly heard a distant cry.

Chi Ting and Yue Ren exchanged looks with each other. Once they hurried over, they saw Dong Zai falling to the ground with a horrified expression. The scar on his face was faintly twitching due to the fright he just received.

Yue Ren glanced around and saw nothing strange. He blinked doubtfully, “What’s wrong?”

The others were already nearby. Their expressions looked confused when they arrived.

“Ghost…” Dong Zai obviously realized his gaffe at this time. Under such onlookers, his expression was ugly as he calmed down. “There is a ghost in the camp.”

The others exchanged looks with each other.

Among them, Wen Weng and Fei Ying, the two players who had each gotten a handkerchief, couldn’t help flinching uncontrollably.

Fei Ying opened her mouth dryly. She didn’t know if she was denying Dong Zai or trying to convince herself. “How could there be ghosts in broad daylight? Even if there is… you don’t have any jealousy marks on you. Ghosts shouldn’t come looking for you.”

“Are you questioning me? I really saw it!” There was a hint of anger on Dong Zai’s face, and pointed in one direction. “Over there! It is in that direction! See for yourself! That d*mn paper bird is still there! The ghost was possessing this thing just now and has been following me!”

A paper crane?

Could it be…

Chi Ting realized that Yue Ren had also turned back to look at him and was slightly startled.

Looking in the direction that Dong Zai was pointing, he really saw the familiar glowing pink fluorescent object.

“That…” Chi Ting opened his mouth and successfully attracted the attention of others. He corrected Dong Zai first, “First of all, this isn’t called a paper bird. It is a paper crane.”

At this point, he cleared his throat in a low voice, “Secondly, this paper crane should’ve been folded by me.”

Tu Shuhuai confirmed it. “You folded it?”

“Yes, I folded it.” The moment Chi Ting stopped speaking, he could feel that the atmosphere around him obviously relaxed a bit. Then, due to his next words, they instantly tensed up again. “But at that time, I put it in the forest after I folded it. The fact that it appears here means it must’ve been brought by someone.”

In the silence, he heard Dong Zai laugh. “See? I said that there are ghosts.”

The same feeling of being watched as in the forest made Chi Ting look back. “I don’t know if it is a ghost but… she should still be standing there and looking at us. We just can’t see her.”

The moment such words came out, the surrounding temperature dropped a few degrees.

The others inexplicably remembered the child’s voice that appeared in the children’s song recorded by Yu Gao yesterday.

At that time, no one had ever felt her presence.

Fei Ying secretly shuddered. “Let’s get out of here quickly…”

It was only then that Chi Ting remembered their task. He took out the candies of other colors that they had collected. “If you are still missing any colors, you can come to us and get them.”

The moment he said this, Yue Ren seemed to react and came forward at the right time. “Come on, come on, I’ll give you some candy.”

The very pleasant tone that was very out of place with the surroundings made the other players slightly silent.

What was going on with this sudden sense of deja vu of newlyweds handing out wedding candies?

The two of them brought out a lot of candy from the forest. The players exchanged them with each other. Soon, everyone had ten candies of the same color.

When the players returned to the entrance, Tan Haobo looked up slightly from where he was sitting. Then he looked away. Even his posture was the same as when he first came. He hadn’t even moved half a step.

Everyone was very annoyed by this revealed ghost’s attitude, but they had no choice but to come to Mr Rabbit one by one to submit the collected candies.

As one player after another submitted it, the progress of completion on the system panel continued to increase.

When it was Tu Shuhuai’s turn, she handed over a total of 20 candies to Mr Rabbit. Everyone watched the progress with anticipation.

As long as 20 candies could be successfully exchanged for two pieces of goodwill, today’s task could hopefully be successfully completed.

However, until Tu Shuhuai came back, the kindness that Mr Rabbit felt when receiving the candy only jumped from (3/7) to (4/7).

Sure enough, even if the same player submitted double the amount required, it was only judged as one kindness value.

Wen Weng looked depressed. “I’m afraid that today’s task really can’t be completed…”

Yue Ren spoke for the first time to comfort him. “There is no need to be so pessimistic. There is still someone who hasn’t gone. This person is quite talented when it comes to expressing kindness. What if one person can really complete the task for two people?”

Chi Ting was originally in line after Tu Shuhuai. Before he went to hand in the task, he heard this sentence and looked back, “Are you mocking me?”

Yue Ren looked innocent. “No, I’m flattering you.”

The word ‘flattering’ made Chi Ting slightly raise an eyebrow. Just as he was about to speak, he saw Yue Ren smiling at him. Yue Ren didn’t forget to match it with an encouraging gesture. “Come on.”


After a pause, Chi Ting stopped. He didn’t say anything else and stepped forward.

As Chi Ting was submitting the commission, the words of Yue Ren made everyone’s eyes fall on him with great anticipation. Seeing that he delivered the candy to Mr Rabbit, they immediately looked at the task panel impatiently.

Under the spotlight, the number after the kindness changed from (4/7) to (5/7).

The players silently looked at Yue Ren, who had just been bragging. “……”

Sure enough, they shouldn’t have believed his double kindness!

Yue Ren’s expression also looked very surprised. After Chi Ting came back, he pulled Chi Ting over and wondered, “What’s going on? Isn’t your kindness to everyone very high?”

Chi Ting silently glanced at Yue Ren. “I really love humans from the bottom of my heart. However, the human content of this rabbit is really too low. I have worked very hard, but in the face of this species that is definitely non-human—”

His expression was also quite helpless, and he made a tentative gesture. “You can probably understand that because the triggering conditions weren’t met, the passive skill was neutralized.”

Yue Ren: “……”

Yue Ren: “………”

After staring for a long time, he suddenly leaned over and slowly buried his face in the palm of his hand.

Faint laughter came out. “Captain Chi, you really don’t know how to, ahem, evaluate others, hahahaha.”

He obviously found it very interesting from the bottom of his heart. At a glance, the faint vibration of his tall and curved back as he laughed could be seen.

Chi Ting: “……”

The corners of his mouth slightly lowered. He raised his foot and kicked out, chasing this person away. “You are the only one left.”

“Go, I’m going.” Yue Ren stopped up and wiped the non-existent tears from the corners of his eyes, still smiling. “But don’t hold out too much hope. After all, even you can’t complete such a divine mission, let alone me, right?”

As he spoke, he came to Mr Rabbit and handed over the candies in his hand.

The expectations of the others had just been disappointed. They were obviously numb to Yue Ren.

However, an inadvertent gaze made them all pause when they saw an unexpected result.

Then they checked it again and again.

The expressions on their faces gradually changed to looks of confusion.

Yue Ren originally planned to submit the task and be done with it, but he naturally noticed an anomaly at this time. The process was exactly the same as the others, but for some reason, after he submitted the task, the completion number stayed at (5/7). Forget completing the kindness task for two people. It didn’t even jump up any further.

The obvious difference in treatment made Yue Ren frown and look over. “What do you mean?”

This glance made the rabbit break out into a cold sweat. “Wait, don’t worry. I’ll deal with it right now, I’ll deal with it!”

The moment these words came out, the two furry paws holding the candies tightened their grip. It was as if he was trying very hard to feel even a drop of kindness from the submitter. However, in the end, it was in vain, apart from the sweat that broke out uncontrollably.

The rabbit raised his head in despair and looked at the tall man in front of him. “…If I say that I really tried my best, would you believe it?”

Yue Ren’s eyes narrowed dangerously. Just as the shadows under his feet were about to rise, a hand was suddenly placed on his shoulder.

A vaguely smiling voice passed by Yue Ren’s ear. “I believe that it should be his problem. I don’t blame you.”

Yue Ren glanced sideways. What fell into his eyes was the slightly raised corners of Chi Ting’s mouth.

There seemed to be some suspicion that it was revenge for the laugh just now. There was no concealment of this smile at all.

After a moment of silence, Yue Ren let out a low ‘tsk.’ Finally, he didn’t bother the rabbit NPC. “Okay, today’s task will definitely not be completed. Let’s go back and rest.”

The completion of the day’s mission was stuck at (5/7).


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