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PFRG: Chapter 54

Throw Throw Throw the Handkerchief (7)

[See, this is how variables come about. It is a luxury to want to follow the formula all the time.]

[This type of instance was originally meant to take advantage of weaklings. Didn’t that uncle say he only cleared the instance once? His physical fitness and intelligence aren’t good. It is normal for him to be pushed out first.]

[Isn’t this also an operation that cheats the team? The game is like this. The further it progresses, the greater the pressure. Sometimes, one less layer of mark is a lifesaver.]

[This is human nature, human nature! If you were there, could you guarantee that you would dare to gamble with that ghost?]

[F*k, after thinking about it, I really don’t dare. Having two layers stacked the next day is basically a death sentence.]

[Where is this? There were a few groups before who already made trouble by this time. In fact, the people in the instance are already very decent now. Let’s wait and see if they become a bit more evil. Hehe.]

Just as the barrages in various live stream rooms were rushing wildly, the silence in the instance was broken by a sharp voice.

“Okay, today’s game is over here. I hope everyone has a good time!” Mr. Rabbit made his final closing remarks like he did the night before, but it was obvious that his speaking speed was much faster. It was as if he really disliked the topic that the players were currently talking about and was anxious to leave. “It is getting late. Everyone, remember to go back and have a good rest. Then tomorrow—”

Before he could finish speaking, he paused as he was turning around.

At this moment, a tall figure completely blocked the way of the rabbit gentleman.

The other players didn’t notice when Yue Ren passed by. At this time, their mouths instinctively dropped open because they were so stunned. They watched this man pinching the collar of the gentleman’s suit with great interest, picking up the long-furred rabbit very naturally.

Just listening to Yue Ren’s calm tone, he seemed quite harmless. “Don’t leave in such a hurry. It isn’t too late. It is better to stay and chat with us for a while.”

The rabbit gentleman obviously didn’t expect that he would encounter such treatment one day and tried to struggle. However, his excessively short limbs made his posture of struggling in the air seem even more ridiculous.

Finally, a look of anger gradually appeared on his face. His eyes were red as if dripping blood. “Put me down! You know, it is very rude for you to treat a gentleman like this! Chatting before going to bed isn’t a good idea at all. It isn’t a project worth advocating. In addition, I don’t think we have anything in common that is worth delving into!”

“Why are there no common topics?” Yue Ren’s eyes curved in a smile. He pointed at Wen Weng in a leisurely manner, “Didn’t I just say it? There is a girl wearing red clothes. You should know about her very well?”’

The gentleman rabbit’s angry and struggling movements stopped for an instant.

It was still the same pair of eyes, but after gradually losing their original anger, they gave people an increasingly cold feeling. “Sorry, I don’t know her.”

The voice without any fluctuations passed through their ears, making all the players feel a faint chill down their spines.

Only Yue Ren, who was stared at like this, still had no disturbance in his expression. “Oh—that’s it.”

The slightly elongated tone made it seem that he had heard something very interesting.

Yue Ren maintained the curve of his mouth like this. He turned his head and looked in Chi Ting’s direction. He relayed it with a great desire to share. “Did you hear that? He actually told me that he doesn’t know…”

In a trance, the players only felt that as the words came out, the surrounding lights seemed to flicker for a moment. The night that should’ve been expelled outside seemed to become more and more depressing.

Why did they feel that this man in front of them seemed to be more terrifying than an NPC?

Sure enough, they had been too nervous during this period of time so they had an illusion?

This doubt continued until they raised their heads.

The players clearly saw the struggling movement of the long-furred rabbit held by Yue Ren and suddenly paused. Then he looked away very stiffly, looking guilty and humble. “Really… I don’t know…”

Yue Ren didn’t fall for this trick at all. The hand lifted the collar of the clothes very roughly, swinging the rabbit like a swing. “Are you sure you want to be stubborn?”

The rabbit gentleman: “.”

The players: ???

Which of the two of you is the NPC?

Chi Ting watched the whole process and saw an expression of resignation gradually appear on the rabbit gentleman’s face. He was afraid that Yue Ren would upset the host of this game, so he smoothed things over at the right time. “Okay, everything is over. You are colleagues. Let’s be considerate to each other. Even if it isn’t suitable now, there will still be opportunities in the future.”

The other players didn’t know Yue Ren’s identity. They were in shock and didn’t catch the weirdness of the term ‘colleague.’ However, Yue Ren naturally knew that Chi Ting was reminding him of some of the rules he had to abide by when he was an NPC.

Even so, he couldn’t help sighing. “Really, why are you so soft-hearted to everyone?”

He glanced at the thing he was holding in his hand, thought about it, and finally threw it away casually.

The rabbit gentleman spun several times in the end. When he landed, he jumped twice due to the inertia. After rolling a few times, he finally hit a wall and stopped.

The rabbit got up in such a dazed manner and the first thing he did was to straighten his clothes.

Then he raised his head and realized that Yue Ren had thrown him in front of the door. After being stunned for a moment, he hurriedly opened the door. He wanted to leave this place of right and wrong as soon as possible.

How could there be such a madman in this wave of players?!

However, as soon as the rabbit put his hand on the doorknob, he heard the demonic voice coming from behind him again. “I just made a little joke. Mr. Gentleman shouldn’t be angry, right?”

Without looking back, the rabbit could feel the gaze that fell on his back.

His movements froze for a full second. Then he quickly adjusted his mood before he spoke, “Of course.”

The moment these words came out, he pressed the handle at lightning speed and disappeared behind the heavily closed door.

In the silence, the other players looked back in a daze and even forgot about the horror they had just experienced.

Yue Ren turned a blind eye to these gazes as always. He patted the non-existent dust off his hands. Seeing that Chi Ting had returned to his seat, he also walked over, pulled out his chair, and sat down. He spoke in a tone that wasn’t heavy or light. “You can’t see it, but this rabbit is quite flexible.”

After he finished speaking, he didn’t forget to draw an arc in mid-air very vividly.

The other players couldn’t help thinking of the smooth curves that the rabbit gentleman made when landing on the ground. They suddenly became even more silent.

Chi Ting was thoughtful. “So he is a toy?”

“Probably. I don’t know what material can bounce like that. Good cotton? Or something else? But one thing is certain. It isn’t a real rabbit anyway.”

Yue Ren answered the words casually. He tapped his finger on the table and looked at the others. “Hey hey hey, don’t just stay there. It is time to come back to your senses.”

The other players were still watching the interaction between the two of them. Then after this reminder, they sat upright in embarrassment.

The episode just now made them forget the current focus. They adjusted their state, and all looked at Fei Ying.

Their questioning looks were full of emotion.

Fei Ying naturally knew what everyone was going to ask. Her expression turned slightly ugly before she finally said calmly, “I’m sorry. I know who I should’ve given the handkerchief to today but… I really can’t help it. Can it go smoothly? The premise of being able to clear this instance is that I must survive first! Ghosts can see us in the dark, and I can’t outrun others. I can only choose the person I am more confident against. I can’t be stacked with two marks in this round. If I die before I clear the instance… what is the point of clearing it for me?”

She saw these words over and over again. It was as if she was explaining to others, but more likely, she seemed to be convincing herself.

No one else spoke. Her voice continued to float in the silence.

This was until Wen Weng’s voice rang out, obviously trying to control his emotions. “It’s understandable. You want to live… but why me? What did I do wrong?”

“You didn’t do anything wrong, but I’m not wrong either!” Fei Ying’s mind returned from her mumbling state. She looked up again and the look in her eyes became softer while her tone was much firmer. “This is a world of survival. Everyone is seeking to survive, so the existence of the weak is already the biggest mistake! If you are so noble, I hope you have the courage to make a different choice from me. Otherwise, you have no right to question me here!”

She seemed to have finally convinced herself so thoroughly that when she spoke, her whole demeanor looked completely different.

It was just that in this seemingly determined state, such a face looked faintly crazy.

Wen Weng’s mouth trembled violently, but she couldn’t say a word to refute it.

He knew very well that what Fei Ying said was true. He was also cowardly. In such a situation, he would probably make the same choice.

In the suddenly sluggish atmosphere, Tu Shuhuai sighed deeply. “Okay, it doesn’t seem that there is anything to discuss tonight. This is the end of it.”

She stood up and glanced at the male college student not far away, who hadn’t said a word so far. “In any case, judging from the current situation, at least the current tactic is correct. A ghost has already been determined. Everyone should know who to vote for tomorrow.”

Hearing such words, Tan Haobo suddenly looked up from where he had been looking down.

Such a gaze brushed over his body and made Tu Shuhuai feel a moment of discomfort.

The male college student usually looked gentle and harmless, but once he didn’t pretend, this look alone was already very fatal. It was no wonder why Fei Ying was directly frightened and didn’t dare to pass the handkerchief.

Even she felt a bit frightened in her heart.

“I am going back to rest.”

Tu Shuhuai frowned. After this sentence, she left ahead of schedule like she did the night before.

Dong Zai also stood up. It wasn’t until he passed by Fei Ying that he stopped and patted the girl’s shoulder in a meaningful manner. “It might be annoying that you cry all the time, but I have to say that you made a really wise choice this time. Of course, I hope you can remember it in the future. Oh no, should I say, I hope all of you can remember. In a certain respect, physical strength is the most important thing in the game of throwing the handkerchief. This key exists, so you must act within your capabilities when choosing.”

Judging from his expression, Dong Zai was in a very good mood.

Obviously, Fei Ying’s performance made him realize that he had an absolute advantage in this instance. As long as others didn’t try to throw the handkerchief to him, it undoubtedly meant that he had a huge safe space in this instance.

As people left one by one, the meeting room gradually emptied.

It was only until the three of them were left that Yue Ren looked at the last person with a displeased expression. “You aren’t leaving yet? Even if you have given up on yourself and don’t want to disguise your identity, you shouldn’t stay here as a light bulb, right?”

Tan Haobo’s expressionless face slightly distorted, but he finally stood up from his position reluctantly. It wasn’t until he left that he glanced resentfully at the two remaining people in the meeting room and closed the door.

Yue Ren watched with satisfaction as the meeting room finally became empty. He leaned back comfortably against the chair. He looked back, and the disgusted expression on his face a moment ago had disappeared. It was replaced by a thoughtful expression. “Did you see what happened just now?”

Chi Ting instantly knew what Yue Ren was asking and nodded. “I saw.”

The corners of Yue Ren’s mouth curved up slightly, and his tone became more sarcastic. Still, he was obviously in a good mood in the process of slandering others. “Those faces were really ugly.”

Chi Ting nodded again. “Indeed.”

Yue Ren finished speaking and had been looking forward to Chi Ting’s reaction. Now he was slightly startled when he heard such a frank answer. “Aren’t you going to refute the human beings you like so much?”

“Why should I refute it?” Chi Ting glanced at him strangely. “Human beings have many faces. One side is indeed quite ugly due to selfishness, greed for life, and fear of death. I have never denied this.”

Such an overly magnanimous comment that scolded them even more harshly made Yue Ren laugh. No matter how he thought about it, he felt that such sharp words weren’t the evaluation that a peaceful person who loved humanity should give. “I thought you would at least defend them a bit.”

Chi Ting was very decisive on this issue. “It is human nature.”

This could be called a non-caring attitude. It made Yue Ren suspect that if a human-themed pros and cons identification contest was held at this time, this person would be willing to admit defeat on the spot without struggling at all.

But it was precisely this attitude that seemed to add a ‘no need for a reason’ to his label of ‘loving human beings.’ He loved human beings without any reason.

Yue Ren inexplicably felt that this might be an illness. It was also a terminal illness.

After pondering on it for a moment, he finally let out a low snort. Listening to this tone, he seemed to be very distressed.

Chi Ting;’s reaction was also a bit strange. He took a glance and asked, “Okay, now you can tell me. Why did you provoke that rabbit just now?”

In fact, before new variables appeared, he was very interested in other things inside the instance than the voting route that he had already figured out for the time being. Judging from Yue Ren’s performance tonight, it was obvious that the man in front of him also had the same idea as him.

The words came out but Yue Ren wasn’t in a hurry to answer.

He held his chin with one hand. His expression was full of interest as he looked at Chi Ting. “Why do you think so?”

Chi Ting glanced at this guy, who was becoming playful again. “Did you find any relevant clues?”

Yue Ren raised an eyebrow and motioned for him to continue.

Chi Ting asked, “Was it when we were doing the tasks in the toy room today?”

Yue Ren blinked. “How smart.”

Chi Ting thought for a moment. “Your task was to organize the bookshelf. If I remember correctly, the books on it seem to be children’s stories. You weren’t in a hurry to organize them. Instead, you leaned against the wall and took a few books to read for a while. Did you discover a clue at that time?”

Yue Ren heard this, and his eyes finally became a bit surprised. “I saw that you were very serious about cleaning the toys. I didn’t expect you to pay attention to me.”

Chi Ting didn’t answer. He pondered on it for a long time before expressing his conclusion. “So you saw a story related to the rabbit gentleman? Or just from what you just verified, are the stories you saw related to toys too?”

Soft applause rang out.

Yue Ren stopped his hands and looked at the overly smart man in front of him with a smile. “Among these fairy tale books, only one has been read many times. There are three stories in this book, namely the Steadfast Tin Soldier, the Nutcracker and Alice in Wonderland.”

Yue Ren stared straight at Chi Ting like he was looking forward to the other person’s final conclusion.

In the end, what caught his eye was Chi Ting’s rare doubtful look. “So what stories did those three tell?”

Yue Ren couldn’t help being stunned. Once he was sure that Chi Ting wasn’t really pretending to be stupid, he couldn’t help but laugh out loud. “Where did you come from that you haven’t even heard these fairy tales?”

Once he finally laughed enough, he waved to Chi Ting to sit closer. He finally cleared his throat under the sweeping gaze. “Okay, I’ll tell you. First of all, the Steadfast Tin Soldier is…”

The unhurried description floated in the empty meeting room, seemingly circling his ears gently because they were sitting so close.

A vaguely strange feeling came over him. This caused Chi Ting to instinctively pinch the base of his ears. He also glanced at Yue Ren in surprise.

Was it his imagination? At this moment, he actually felt that the man in front of him seemed quite gentle when he was quietly telling fairy tales.

Time passed, and Yue Ren finished telling the three fairy tales in a leisurely manner. Chi Ting stroked the strange stone on his chest and fell deep in thought. “Are these the fairy tales of this instance? So now we are looking for a connection between Mr. Tin Soldier, the Nutcracker, and the March Hare?”


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