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PFRG: Chapter 53

Throw Throw Throw the Handkerchief (6)

This type of confrontation type instance had no sure-win strategy. This meant the viewers who came to the live stream rooms were either new viewers who came to take a look at the get rules or the betting type who hoped to get rich overnight.

It was impossible for any of these people to be willing to spend a lot of money to watch the paid live streams.

As early as after the charging countdown ended, Chi Ting’s live stream room was completely cleared. Occasionally, old viewers from the first two instances would be curious and reluctant to spend money at the right time to take a look for a minute or two.

It wasn’t until they found his analysis paper in other people’s live stream rooms that it attracted a group of curious viewers to come in and take a look.

At this time, the perspective changed. What fell into their eyes was the famous scene of Yu Gao’s strange face change.

The barrage immediately surged.

[F*k, I am shocked. This guy’s acting skills are too good. I almost thought he was innocent.]

[This Chi Ting has some brains. Thinking about it carefully, if there are two groups of duos in the instance then it seems to be a good clearance idea.]

[They actually found one ghost on the first day. I feel that the momentum is good!]

[I have bet on the player camp to win. I hope they won’t let me down.]

[Isn’t it too early to bet now? One ghost might be found at the beginning but no one can say how it will develop later. It can still be a GG if they make a few mistakes.]

[Indeed, this idea is good—if it wasn’t this instance.]

[What is the meaning? I thought about it over and over again. There is really nothing wrong with this method. As long as they strictly implement it, they can find the last ghost within eight days no matter how unlucky they are.]

[Haha, is this your first time watching this instance? You will know later. If nothing else, don’t forget that the stacking of three marks is a big deal. I don’t know if the number of players alive will be more than the ghosts at that time.]

After being reminded, many people fell silent.

Indeed, sometimes even the best plans couldn’t keep up with changes. In this type of instance, variables could happen at any time.

Someone couldn’t help replying: [I know the rules, but no matter what, the more ghosts that are discovered in the early stages, the greater the advantage.]

In the instance, Chi Ting still stared directly at Yu Gao.

He was obviously the one being targeted by the ghost, but his probing attitude made it seem like he was a condescending observer.

He finally retracted his gaze. Chi Ting looked to the side and said to Yue Ren as if he had reached a conclusion, “The composition of this one is very complicated.”

Yue Ren instantly understood the meaning of the so-called ‘complicated’. He raised his eyebrow with some surprise and looked over curiously.

This look was even more explicit than Chi Ting’s one. It was as if watching a rare species. “How complicated?”

Chi Ting thought for a while. Then he came up with a few words to describe it. “It is hard to say.”

Yue Ren understood him. “That does sound complicated.”

The ghost who had just revealed his identity: “……”

He had known for a long time that this gay couple was very problematic, but they were still talking in harmony until now. What was this inexplicable sense of humiliation?!

A vicious look flashed in his eyes. The ghost looked sideways, he saw that the uncle sitting next to him trembled. He fell directly to the ground in a panic.

A hint of satisfaction finally appeared in the ghost’s eyes.

That’s right. This was how ordinary people should feel!

He didn’t look at Chi Ting again but slowly looked around.

Yu Gao’s young and amiable facial features, which originally had a panicked expression, gradually distorted.

It was as if it was being pulled by countless invisible threads to change its shape. Scarlet blood gradually seeped out from the eye sockets, and two bloody tears slid down his cheeks.

His ferocious expression was enough to show his unwillingness, but he was obviously restricted by the rules of this instance. In the end, he could only accept the outcome of being voted out in the first round. There was a look of resentment on his face.

The sound of the cane hitting the ground could be heard in the distance.

As if hearing a signal, the ghost suddenly got up and left the round table.

At this time, the players noticed that another door appeared in the other direction.

The moment the ghost’s figure disappeared through the door, the figure of the rabbit gentleman also reappeared in their field of view.

The long-furred rabbit in formal clothes glanced at the empty seat next to the round table. He turned a blind eye to the others.

He jumped onto the round table very skillfully. He didn’t seem to notice the group at all and announced in a cheerful tone. “Did everyone have a good dinner time? Next, it is time to play the much anticipated mini-game!”

As the words came out, the sumptuous dishes disappeared from the table in an instant.

“Huh?” Chi Ting was about to get the onion rings not far in front of him, but he missed it. He could only sigh regretfully that he hadn’t gotten to eat this.

In comparison, the others were obviously more depressed.

After all, during the exchange just now, Chi Ting filled his stomach. Meanwhile, the others couldn’t feel hungry at all and didn’t even eat half a mouthful during the so-called dinner time.

At this moment, the hungry people watched helplessly as a plate with rich dishes appeared in front of Chi Ting.

Yue Ren, who presented this plate of delicacies, had an ‘I knew it’ expression on his face. “It would be hard to be full in such a short dinner time. Look at how well I prepared for a rainy day. I knew how to hide a bit first.”

Chi Ting found the onion rings he was longing for on the plate and looked satisfied. He took a bite and praised it without hesitation. “Awesome.”

Yue Ren smiled slightly, hiding his merit and fame. “You are overpraising me.”

The hungry players: “……”

The rabbit gentleman who was ignored again: “……”

The scarlet eyes of the rabbit narrowed in dissatisfaction. The tone that followed was no longer so soft and cute. It was a bit harsh and sharp. “Please pay attention to your words and deeds. Our game time is about to begin! Next, we need to welcome the friend who has the qualification to lose the handkerchief today to come forward. So, whose hand is the handkerchief in now?”

Such words entered their ears, and the surrounding air also cooled slightly.

It took a while for Fei Ying to realize that she was the one being called. She hurriedly stood up from her seat. “Handkerchief? The handkerchief is here with me!”

The moment she finished speaking, she saw the rabbit smile at her. “Very good. Remember to follow your own heart and choose the right target to pass the handkerchief to~!”

The somewhat cutesy words entered their ears. The players were stunned for a moment before understanding.

The person who got the handkerchief would get to choose?”

“Fei Ying.” Tu Shuhuai happened to be sitting not far away. It was difficult to speak clearly under the gaze of the rabbit. She could only glance to the side with her peripheral vision.

Fei Ying was a bit confused. It wasn’t until she saw Tan Haobo sitting in that direction that she understood what Tu Shuhuai meant.

The two male college students were originally in a team. Everyone saw how Yu Gao looked when he was thrown out just now. According to the previous thinking, the remaining Tan Haobo should most likely be a ghost.

Originally, during the game, players had no idea whose hand the handkerchief would fall into. This made everyone’s survival very passive. But now it was different.

If the person who had the handkerchief could choose who to throw it to next, it meant that Fei Ying could pass the handkerchief directly to the ghost this time.

In this way, it reduced the mark stacking for the players’ faction.

Fei Ying organized her thoughts and was faintly excited.

However, this feeling didn’t last long. It soon fell to the bottom in an instant, and he froze in place.

In her line of sight, Fei Ying saw Tan Haobo, who was diagonally opposite her, looking toward her.

He had always been so shy that everyone’s attention was focused on Yu Gao. Their impression of Tan Haobo was only limited to this simple and naive square face.

At this time, he obviously knew that he couldn’t escape. Thus, he simply stopped pretending.

Now their eyes net, and there was no trace of the usual dullness and anxiety in the eyes behind the lenses. The corners of his lips on both sides opened wider and wider until they settled on a very strange arc. Then he mouthed silently.

What he said to Fei Ying was: You, can’t, run, away, from, me.

A cold feeling rushed through her body in an instant. By the time Fei Ying recovered from the momentary shock, the surrounding lights had dimmed.

Just like the night before, the surroundings were completely covered in darkness.

Fei Ying discovered that she could actually see everything clearly in this darkness.

The girl she saw the moment she got the handkerchief last night was sitting in her seat. They were so close that she could clearly see this petite silhouette when standing behind the chair

As if sensing the gaze from behind, the girl slowly looked back.

There was a pair of black and empty eyes on the lifeless face. After blinking slowly, she slowly raised her finger in front of her and made a ‘shh’ gesture toward Fei Ying.

Fei Ying’s whole body was stiff, and she couldn’t remember how she had taken steps.

The moment she started moving, familiar music played in the silence, but it was different from the day before.

“Throw~ throw~ throw the handkerchief~ gently put it behind the child.

Don’t tell them, everyone.

Catch them quickly, catch them quickly…”

Fei Ying felt that such a singing voice seemed to surround her, gently touching her ears.

The steps she had just taken trembled and stopped. Her whole body was trembling uncontrollably. If she hadn’t covered her mouth tightly first, she would’ve almost screamed.

In fact, the other people’s reactions at this moment weren’t much better.

Unlike the childish voice the day before, this was obviously Yu Gao’s voice. Behind this voice, the players could even hear their own conversations that were recorded in the background.

This was the children’s song that Yu Gao recorded while they were completing their task today.

What frightened them even more was that behind the clear singing voice, the faint laughter of a girl started to flow out.

The sound seemed to come from the side of the recorder. They could vaguely imagine a little girl standing there, smiling innocently and singing along with the boy.

“Catch them quickly, catch them quickly…”

In a trance, two distinct voices slowly overlapped together with the background music.

But it was clear to everyone that they had never heard the girl’s voice in the room at that time, let alone seen anyone other than themselves.

A child? If there was really a child in the room at that time, it would be impossible for so many people present not to notice it!

Fei Ying couldn’t help having tears in her eyes. The only thing she could do was grit her teeth and speed up her pace.

It was over. Now she just wanted to end it as soon as possible. As long as she could throw the handkerchief to…

Seeing that she was about to arrive behind Tan Haobo’s seat, and seeing the distance getting closer and closer, Fei Ying nervously raised the handkerchief in her hand.

When she was about to let go, she looked up and saw the person, who had been sitting motionless in the chair, turn his head to look over.

How could it be? Tan Haobo could actually see her?!

The moment their eyes met, Fei Ying realized this, and her eyes widened.

At the same time, what emerged in her mind was the silent threat from before: You, can’t, run, away, from, me.

She saw the weird smile appear on Tan Haobo’s face again.

The steps that had slowed just now suddenly sped up a bit. Under the instinct of survival, Fei Ying walked past quickly with a tense body.

In just a few seconds, the sweat that covered her body made her feel like she had been fished out of water.

She couldn’t pass it to Tan Haobo. Even though she knew he was a ghost, she might be caught immediately before she could run away if she really passed it to him.

She also couldn’t pass it to those young and strong men. With her current weak legs, there was absolutely no hope of winning if she was discovered.

Sister Tu wasn’t possible either. She used to be a biker and was better than Fei Ying in terms of physical strength…

Fei Ying stumbled and walked around in a circle again and again without realizing it.

She knew very well that she couldn’t have any more marks stacked on her. As long as she had two marks stacked, she would be only one step away from the gate of hell.

So, in order to ensure that the handkerchief could be passed out smoothly, her only choice now was…

Such a decision was very despicable, but what was so shameful about survival?

After repeated persuasion in her heart, Fei Ying took a deep breath and finally came to the place she had passed countless times before. She threw down the handkerchief.

Her footsteps didn’t stop, and she passed by naturally like every time before. With her heart beating wildly, she secretly prayed that she could widen the distance as much as possible before she was discovered.

However, Wen Weng was more sensitive than expected.

He had also seen the whole process of Tu Shuhuai giving Fei Ying the hint before. So after realizing that Fei Ying actually passed the handkerchief to him, he looked incredulous for a moment.

Then he quickly stood up and started to catch up.

Fei Ying had always paid attention to this situation. She put away the disguise of walking slowly and started running.

The chase behind her made her heart almost fly out of her chest. At this time, except for the position where Wen Weng’s seat was, there was almost nothing left in her field of view.

Closer, closer.

She could already hear footsteps behind her.

Just as Wen Weng saw that he was about to catch Fei Ying and he was going to stretch out his hand, a figure suddenly stood up from the chair beside him. This made him instinctively glance sideways. Then he was shocked by the red dress that fell into his eyes.

The girl’s pale face frightened him completely. Then in the midst of the chaos, he stumbled and fell directly to the ground.

At the same time, Fei Ying had successfully completed a lap. She arrived at the empty seat and sat down hastily.

There was a ‘click’ sound, and the game ended. The surrounding lights suddenly turned on.

Everyone looked at her. What caught their eyes was the embarrassed look of Fei Ying, who hadn’t calmed down her breathing.

In addition, Wen Weng was sitting on the ground with a ghost-like expression. “A girl! I saw it. There was a little girl here just now!”

He was obviously in a shocked state. After all, he was a newcomer who just cleared the instance once. Wen Weng was very vulnerable to this type of direct, critical attack.

Just as the already pale face lost even more blood, there was suddenly an extra cup in front of him.

“Don’t worry. Drink some water and talk slowly.”

Wen Weng instinctively stretched out his hand. He touched the surface of the cup, and the warm feeling from his fingertips finally made him feel relieved.

He looked up in a trance. What fell into his eyes was a face with a gentle smile.

At this moment, he felt the lights from above seemed to coat the person with a soft edge. It was as if the coldness around him had melted away a lot.

His heartbeat gradually stabilized. Wen Weng took a sip of hot water with lingering fear. His mood finally calmed down a lot.

Chi Ting lowered his eyes very patiently. He waited until the person in front of him had calmed down completely before asking, “Is the child you mentioned wearing a red dress?”

Wen Weng was stunned for a moment. He recalled the scene and nodded. “Yes! That’s right! The dress, headbands, and shoes are all red!”

“It looks like the owner of that toy room really wants to play with us.”

At Yue Ren’s tone, which seemed like it had nothing to do with him and even contained a bit of gloating about his misfortune, the surroundings instantly fell into a deathly silence.


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    I’m not sure I understood everything here, but thanks for the update!

    1. Robi says:

      Technically, it have some element of the ‘catch/tag’. The (first) player with the handkerchief must choose whom to pass it next. After passing it to the target, the target, in order to cancel the tag, must catch/tag the first player before they finished running a lap. As for the first player, in order to finish a successful tagging, must run a lap around without being tagged back until they run back to the target’s former position and replace them. I think some korean variety show played a game like this. Running man?

      1. ettoile says:

        Thanks a lot for the explanation! We might have something similar in France, but I can’t remember playing anything like that as a kid so… Anyway! It’s a bit better now that I can picture the game in my head haha.

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