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PFRG: Chapter 52 Part 2

Finally, Yu Gao cleared his throat and said in a low voice, “If you want to mention a clue, one of us should have the most to see.”

Everyone looked at Fei Ying after hearing this.

There was no doubt that she was the only player who had ever been in contact with the ghosts.

Fei Ying felt a bit embarrassed for a while when she felt the gazes of the surrounding people.

It could be seen that she finally used a day to regain her composure. She didn’t want to recall what happened last night.

At this time, she bit the corner of her lower lip secretly. She could only describe the process calmly. “It is probably what it looks like… In any case, the ghost was lying on my bedside at that time and staring straight at me… I didn’t dare to look back, but the hand that had already reached my neck seemed to be a woman’s hand. It was like a dead person. It was very cold.”

“A woman?” Dong Zai was already looking at Tu Shuhuai in a very pointed manner. “There seems to be only two women here, right?”

Tu Shuhuai obviously hadn’t expected the suspicion to be drawn to her. She was stunned for a moment before frowning. “Guessing ghosts based on gender. Don’t you think this is a bit too funny?”

Dong Zai sneered. “I think you have a guilty conscience. You proposed to collect clues, but deny the credibility when there is a clue. You can really say anything.”

In the tense atmosphere, Chi Ting, who had been immersed in his meal, suddenly looked at Fei Ying. He asked in a curious tone, “It is very cold. This means you have touched the ghost. Can you touch it?”

“Huh?” Fei Ying didn’t quite understand the concept of touching and being able to touch. She was stunned for a long time before nodding. “It should be… Yes.”

Tu Shuhuai was almost stupidly mad due to Dong Zai, who listened to anything. Now she heard Chi Ting speak and asked, “Did you find something?”

“No.” Chi Ting shook his head. “But if there is no result from the discussion, I have a suggestion about today’s vote.”

The others looked at him.

Even Yue Ren slowly looked over as he swallowed the food in his mouth and took a sip from the red wine glass.

Chi Ting’s finger lightly tapped the table. “There is one thing that wasn’t wrong just now. Finding ghosts in this instance is more like a process of elimination. In this case, categorical exclusion should be the best method.”

As the others listened attentively, they saw Chi Ting take out a pen and paper from his pocket and draw a schematic diagram very rigorously while talking.

The players: “……”

Was he so prepared?

“The most obvious difference among the eight of us is that we are divided into two categories. In other words, the duo who came in together and the solo players who came in scattered. This is actually a lot simpler. It means that no matter how we vote, there are two outcomes.”

Chi Ting first drew two circles on the paper and then a horizontal line under the previous circle. He seemed to be thinking about how to describe it more accurately. His good-looking eyebrows were twisted slightly, and his tone was even more leisurely. “For the first vote, vote for one member of a duo tonight. If we succeed, we can directly find two ghosts. If we fail, vote for a member of the other duo tomorrow. If we succeed, then it is the same. If we fail, we can lock onto the remaining four solo players. There must be three ghosts among them.”

After he finished speaking, he paused and left space for the other players to digest it. Then he tapped the first circle with the tip of his pen. “The other method is to vote for members of the solo group today and tomorrow night. If we fail to find a ghost among both of them, it means that one of the duo groups must be ghosts. If they both succeed, there must be a ghost among the remaining two solo players. If one succeeds and one fails, we need to go through a third round for secondary verification. Of course, if we are unlucky and take this route then the possibility that the team will be wiped out is very high.”

During this analysis process, Chi Ting drew the subsequent pictures very quickly. He soon completed a branching diagram of voting routes that was clear at a glance.

After finishing the drawing, he pushed the piece of paper in front of everyone. He summarized it in the same tone as the previous statement. “So to sum it up, no matter how we vote, we will find out all the ghosts in the third vote if we are lucky. In the worst case scenario, it will take a full seven votes.”

Speaking of this, Chi Ting looked up and smiled slightly. “Of course, this is only when the loss of people isn’t counted at all. If someone is driven away during this period or the votes aren’t centralized due to the ghosts, the required rounds might be a lot more.”

Yu Gao was worthy of being a college student. He had a quick mind and was the first to understand the diagram drawn by Chi Ting. “Looking at it this way, as long as we are lucky enough, it seems more suitable to find the ghosts by confirming the identity of the solo group first?”

Before he could finish speaking, Yue Ren couldn’t help laughing while sipping the red wine. “Are you sure you want to try your luck in this type of game that determines life or death?”

Yu Gao was choked up. “…What else? If we vote for a duo, even if we really find the ghost successfully in the first two rounds, we still have to find the last one among the remaining four people in the solo team. So what if we have to try our luck? What if we are unlucky and only find the remaining ghost at the end?”

“It is different.” Chi Ting calmly accepted the question thrown to Yue Ren. “As mentioned earlier, in order to pass this instance safely, the most important thing isn’t to think about how to find the ghosts but how to eliminate them. Vote for the duo first, and we can directly determine the identity of four people in at least two rounds. This will compress the unknown range to the greatest extent. After all, we will be punished for voting errors. If the number of marks is doubled too many times, the ghosts should ‘drive away’ a few real players and take the initiative to help us reduce the scope of suspicion.”

Yu Gao fell into thought. “You make it sound as if…”

“It does make sense.” Tu Shuhuai had been remaining silent. At this time, she obviously understood Chi Ting’s thoughts and nodded in agreement. “Then act according to what you said. This time, let’s vote among the four of you in the first round.”

Fei Ying nodded. “I hope we can find the first ghost smoothly.”

Wen Weng’s brain obviously wasn’t as fast as the others. He heard up to here and could only ask blankly, “So who should we vote for in this round? I don’t know how to play this game. You tell me, and I will vote with you.”

The moment these words came out, the surroundings fell silent again.

In the end, Tu Shuhuai suggested, “Do you four want to add a few words?”

Yu Gao suddenly became one of the suspects in the first round. He seemed to be in a very complicated mood.

He looked at Chi Ting and Yue Ren. He thought for a moment before saying, “In fact, I am willing to let you vote for me to prove my innocence along with Tan Haobo. But failure in each round of voting will cause the night’s marks to double. If possible, I still hope we can test the identities of the two people on the opposite side first. To be honest, the performance of these two people since entering the instance has indeed been a bit strange.”

Everyone looked at the two people after hearing these words.

A bit strange? This was too much of an understatement.

It was more than just ‘a bit.’ They could only say that it was really strange. In comparison, these two college students were simply too normal!

But strangely or not, Chi Ting’s proactive analysis of the voting idea was obviously very good. This also added a lot of hesitation to everyone’s doubts.

If they were really ghosts, why did Chi Ting let them take the initiative to prioritize screening the duos? Wasn’t this exposing themselves? Or was this entirely due to absolute confidence in the ghost hiding among the other four people?

Under their suspicious gazes, Chi Ting shrugged indifferently. “That is the idea anyway. You can vote for whoever you want. If the ghost is really in this four person group, vote for me first and then for them tomorrow. It is just one more round.”

Chi Ting knew very well that the most important thing about this game was that players needed to reach a consensus before voting. Once the votes were split, it would probably be exploited by the ghosts. Now this ending was enough to satisfy him, no matter what choice everyone made in the end.

Tu Shuhuai’s gaze shifted among the four people. She thought for a moment before saying, “There is still a bit of time left. IN order to avoid splitting the votes, everyone should raise their hands for who they want to vote for before voting. Let me say it first. I want to vote for Yu Gao. It is very simple. If Chi Ting is the ghost, there is no need for him to proactively propose a plan where he will be exposed within two rounds.”

Fei Ying also raised her hand after thinking about it. “I agree.”

Wen Weng was more hesitant in comparison, but he really didn’t have any opinions. He finally said, “Then I… will also vote the same?”

Dong Zai added, “Why do you still want to look at me after you have made up your minds? Just vote. I can’t think of anything anyway. Vote!”

The four solo people had the initiative tonight. This round of voting was basically determined.

Yu Gao sighed helplessly. He exchanged looks with Tan Haobo and said, “Okay, vote for me. It is the same anyway.”

Seeing that the countdown was about to end, the players quickly made their choice based on the discussion results.

On the virtual interface, it could be seen that the statistics behind Yu Gao instantly changed to 8.

Since it was a secret ballot, the names of the voters couldn’t be seen.

Under everyone’s attention, it could be seen that once the voting ended, the decreasing countdown interface suddenly cleared. It was followed by the announcement of the result.

[The first round of voting has ended. The highest number of votes is: Yu Gao (8 votes).

[Congratulations on finding the first ghost. There won’t be any punishment tonight!]

The moment they saw the information, everyone looked toward Yu Gao.

The moment the results came out, the male college student’s face was full of horror.

However, such an expression was quickly swallowed up by the coldness that emerged in his eyes.

The process of changing his expression was so rapid that all the previous disguises seemed to be illusions.

Yu Gao didn’t look at the other people who were moving away from him. He just slowly looked at the man diagonally opposite him.

Such a cold gaze was as if he would swallow the life in front of him in the next second.

However, there was still no panicked expression on Chi Ting’s face. He even continued to enjoy his dinner with a great appetite.

It was only after he slowly swallowed the food in his mouth that he seemed to notice the gaze and looked up.

Under such a direct gaze, Chi Ting blinked slowly.

The moment he looked at the other person, he had an inexplicable feeling. It was as if it wasn’t Yu Gao in front of him, but something hiding behind these eyes and staring at him.


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