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PFRG: Chapter 52 Part 1

Throw Throw Throw the Handkerchief (5)

“Help… please help me.”

It wasn’t until the nervous male voice sounded that the others recovered from their stunned state.

Looking back, they saw the thin and frail middle-aged man holding the towel in his hand while looking at a loss. “I have tried very hard, but no matter what, this graffiti can’t be wiped off.”

Logically speaking, this type of washable wall should be easy to wipe clean. However, at this moment, the color behind Wen Weng’s back was extremely rich.

First, the red clothes appeared, and then the red shoes.

This time, even the graffiti on the wall was a dazzling red.

After Yue Ren returned the fairy tale book in his hand to its original position, another task was successfully completed. This uncle, who seemed to be in poor health, was the only player who hadn’t completed the task.

In the instance, the ghost hiding in the group was likely to try and prevent the tasks from being completed in order to better tighten the players’ living space.

The current situation naturally made other people look at the man with a bit more suspicion.

“We can’t help you. You can only do this task alone.” Tu Shuhuai’s tone was already full of inquiry. “Can you really not wipe it off? Try as hard as you can.”

“I have tried my best!” Wen Weng naturally noticed the weird atmosphere and wanted to explain. “There is really something wrong with this graffiti. It was obviously fine when I wiped other colors. I don’t know why but when it comes to the turn of the red color, I can’t wipe it clean.”

Dong Zai said angrily, “Then think of another way quickly! I don’t know if there is a time limit on these tasks, but don’t drag others down just because you can’t complete it yourself.”

If there was a problem with this process, it meant that two handkerchiefs would appear at the same time during the evening game time. If the wrong vote was made during the voting session, the jealousy mark of each handkerchief could be doubled. In this way, it would only take one night to add four jealousy marks to the players.

This type of speed was undoubtedly astonishing. No player would take this risk when they knew that the unlucky one tonight might be them.

Wen Weng was so scared by the fierceness that he wiped his sweat. “But I really can’t wipe it clean…”

A voice was suddenly heard. “Why don’t you buy an item and try it?”

Chi Ting smiled slightly when Wen Weng looked at him. “I just bought the 502 glue and it is pretty easy to use. Check out the mall and see if there are any paints for painting walls. It should be considered as cleaning the wall if you can cover the graffiti.”

Wen Weng immediately realized. He immediately opened the virtual panel and looked for it.

Then he exited after a while and said with an embarrassed expression, “I only cleaned one instance. The paint set requires 600 points. My current points are insufficient.”

The moment he finished speaking, he saw that Chi Ting had already thrown something at him. “It’s okay. I have it. Take it and use it first.”

Wen Weng instinctively reached out to take it. Then he was stunned for a long time as he saw what was in his hand.

It was obviously the first time he received such kindness from other players without any mention of repayment. After reacting, he hurriedly thanked Chi Ting and returned to the wall to get busy.

Such a back view made Tu Shuhuai feel stunned for a moment. Then her eyes lit up slightly.

She was obviously very surprised by Chi Ting’s generosity, but it was more because such an operation reminded her of something.

As Wen Went was busy, she turned around and looked at the others. “You all have the points mall, right?”

Dong Zai glanced at her. “Of course. Aren’t you talking nonsense?”

Tu Shuhuai glanced at him in an expressionless manner. “This is indeed nonsense for players.”

Dong Zai was criticized a lot today and was already in an extremely bad mood. He was about to attack her when he suddenly realized. “You mean…”

Tu Shuhuai didn’t talk nonsense and explained concisely, “There is a basic white t-shirt on page 3 of the common items store in the points mall. It doesn’t require many points, so buy one.”

Fei Ying was a bit confused at first. Then she immediately understood when she heard this. “You mean that…?”

She instinctively glanced at the long furred rabbit at the door and lowered her voice, “Those existences shouldn’t have such a thing as the points mall, right?”

Tu Shuhuai nodded. She took the lead in buying a white t-shirt and held it in her hand.

The others exchanged looks and followed her.

Yue Ren’s expression was a bit worried. After pulling Chi Ting and signaling for him not to worry, he looked at Tu Shuhuai in an inquiring manner. “Can I buy something else?”

Since Yue Ren had just reminded the scarface man to sweep under the bed, Tu Shuhuai couldn’t help becoming vigilant when she heard his words. “Is there something wrong with this t-shirt?”

“Yes, there is a small problem.” Yue Ren nodded. Then he said in a matter-of-fact manner under Tu Shuhuai’s gaze, “I-I don’t really like matching with others.”

Tu Shuhuai: “……”

Someone else who just bought a white t-shirt of the same style: “……”

Yue Ren seemed to have gone through some items before asking sincerely, “How about I buy the denim jacket in the last row of the same page?”

Tu Shuhuai resisted the crazy throbbing of her temples. She gritted her teeth and squeezed out the words, “That, is, fine.”

“Thank you.” Yue Ren smiled at her very politely. He looked at Chi Ting in a good mood and suggested sincerely, “You should also buy this set. We will buy the same item. From now on, we can wear it together when entering an instance. Then everyone will know that we are a team.”

Chi Ting was also speechless but he didn’t refuse. “Anything is fine.”

Tu Shuhuai lowered her head and pressed her hands to her temples very patiently. After taking deep breaths repeatedly, she convinced herself not to be like this gay couple.

She finally adjusted her mood and looked back. “Have you all bought it?”

Tu Shuhuai’s gaze swept over the hands of the other players one by one. Then the expression on her face gradually changed from the initial expectation to disappointment.

Everyone had the same white t-shirt in their hands. There was no difference in the workmanship and batch version.

Wasn’t it true that only players could use the points mall? Why could even the ghosts…?

Due to the newly painted wall, today’s last task was successfully completed.

Wen Weng finally finished his work. Then he asked with a worried expression, “Uh, do you need me to buy one too?”

He really didn’t have many points. A t-shirt with no effect didn’t cost much but he was still reluctant to spend it given his current poverty situation.

Tu Shuhuai shook her head. “No need.”

There were a total of three ghosts mixed among them. In this situation, it didn’t matter whether the uncle could complete the purchase or not. The reality was enough to show that these ghosts could also use the points mall.

All eight tasks had been completed. The rabbit was obviously pleased with everyone’s performance.

After a slow and methodical examination of the children’s room, he hummed a tune happily. He took everyone to eat lunch and let them go back to their rooms to rest.

The whole morning was basically spent on the tasks. The players originally wanted to get together in the afternoon to have a good discussion. But looking at the current situation, the rabbit obviously still didn’t want to give them time to communicate.

After seeing the players return to the room, the rabbit gentleman simply got a chair, sat in the middle of the corridor and took a nap.

They had to sleep well at night and even got a lunch break in the afternoon.

It seemed that in this instance, the only time for players to discuss things was the dinner time before the game.

Chi Ting had never been in the habit of taking a nap. Logically speaking, no one could force him to rest. But strangely, as soon as he returned to the room that day, the tiredness radiating from the inside out suddenly enveloped his whole body.

The moment he touched the pillow on the bed, his eyelids couldn’t help falling.

It was obviously just a matter of sorting out the toys in the morning. It might be a bit tedious, but for Chi Ting, this couldn’t even be called a physical task. No matter how he looked at it, he shouldn’t be so tired. It felt like he hadn’t slept for seven days and nights while acting as a search and rescue personnel.

There must be something wrong with these tasks.

Chi Ting had this thought in the last moment before falling asleep.

Chi Ting slept more heavily than the night before.

As he yawned, opened the door, and walked out, he found that everyone else was already sitting at the round table. They looked like they had just woken up.

Chi Ting pulled out the chair next to Yue Ren and sat down, yawning lazily.

The rabbit gentleman’s eyes fell directly on him. It wasn’t until he sat down completely that the rabbit gently tapped the table under him with his cane. “Everyone, now that all the guests have arrived, please begin to enjoy your dinner time! I hope you will be in a happy mood!”

With that, the rabbit leaped off the round table. He walked on his short legs and left the hall without hurrying.

It wasn’t until they saw the short figure disappear from sight that everyone sighed with relief.

Finally, it was possible to start a focused discussion. Tu Shuhuai glanced at the voting countdown that started simultaneously and didn’t waste any time.

She patted the table to attract everyone’s attention and got straight to the point. “You have all seen what happened in the afternoon. The ghosts among us look no different from ordinary players. Even the points mall can be used normally. We might not know the specific reasons but this means that in the next few days, we might really have to rely on the elimination method to screen them out one by one.”

This result undoubtedly gave Tu Shuhuai a headache. “There isn’t much time left for us. Now we must communicate the known situation as soon as possible and screen out the most determined candidates to vote for tonight. From last night to today, please tell me if you have discovered anything during the task completion process.”

These words came out and no one spoke for a long time.

Obviously, today’s task completion went so smoothly that most of the clues they had been hoping for couldn’t be found. At best, it was only a sign that a child was likely to live in this place.


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