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PFRG: Chapter 51

Throw Throw Throw the Handkerchief (4)

Under the gaze of the lop-eared rabbit, no one dared to say anything. They could only bite the bullet and claim the commissions.

The scarface man was the first to take on the task of sweeping the floor. Then the uncle, who seemed to be in poor health, chose to clean the graffiti on the wall. Fei Ying was still psychologically affected by last night’s experience. She was frightened when she saw the big bed and decisively chose to sort out the clothes in the cabinet. Tu Shuhuai chose the task of making the bed.

This left the two duos who entered the instance together. The two college students chose the tasks of recording the nursery rhyme and making the card respectively.

At this time, Chi Ting finished waiting until everyone else had finished choosing and glanced at the person beside him. He asked, “Do you want to tidy up the bookshelves or pack up the toys?”

Yue Ren leaned against the wall and looked at him. “Compared to this, I want to figure out another thing.”

Chi Ting wondered, “Huh?”

Yue Ren looked directly at him. “It is enough for you to have a good character of being humble to others. Why do you have to drag me along?”

Chi Ting blinked and showed a sudden expression that said, ‘It seems to be the case.’ He said, “You’re right. I’ll pay attention next time.”

Yue Ren paused slightly at such an answer. He glanced at the messy toys that were enough to make him have a headache and finally frowned slowly. “Forget it. There were only these two left. I will still choose to organize the bookshelves.”

Chi Ting was quite kind. “Okay. Then I’ll clean up these dolls.”

After a pause, he clearly raised his tone of voice enough for everyone in the room to hear. “Don’t let down the commission of Mr. Gentleman. You must complete your task seriously.”

This was obviously a reminder to the players to pay more attention to see if they could find any clues. There was almost no evasion in his words, and it also made Mr. Gentleman, who was standing at the door to supervise the work, take a second look.

However, judging from Chi Ting’s previous words, every word was filled with gratitude for inviting them to be guests. It was to the point that even the lop-eared rabbit couldn’t find any flaws. He could only show an even gloomier expression at this moment.

The players quickly became busy.

Among them, the first to complete the task at hand was Tu Shuhuai.

The bed looked very messy, but it only needed a bit of tidying up. She was in a very tense state during the whole process, but until the end, nothing weird happened as she had imagined.

Of course, no useful clues were found.

The second one was Yu Gao.

The task he chose was to record a nursery rhyme and this happened to be his best project. His singing voice was quite good. In combination with this instance, he directly recorded the ‘Lost Handkerchief’ song on the spot.

However, the other players couldn’t enjoy this type of bitter humor.

As Yu Gao was squatting in front of the tape recorder to record it, people were already looking back frequently. The more they listened to him singing like this, the more they felt chills all over their bodies. If there wasn’t a rabbit watching next to them, they would’ve wanted to rush over to stop him.

As Yu Gao finished recording, two of the eight commissioned tasks were completed instantly.

But obviously, except for these two lucky people, the others didn’t have such a smooth time.

Wen Weng had no experience in clearing an instance, and his health wasn’t too good. Therefore, he instinctively chose to clean the wall since the task seemed relatively easy.

After all, this type of washable wall was quite easy to wipe. The dirty areas weren’t large.

At first, the graffiti on it could be wiped very easily. Then gradually, for some reason, the process of wiping it became difficult.

This was until Wen Weng was horrified to discover that no matter how hard he tried to wipe it off, the graffiti seemed to be printed on the wall, and he couldn’t wipe it clean.

Fear welled up in his eyes.

Wen Weng originally had the fewest clearances in this instance. In the previous instance, he was basically lucky enough to go all the way to win. The current scene was enough to make him feel more desperate.

If he couldn’t finish it… If he couldn’t finish it, what would happen… If he really failed, he could only hope that he wasn’t the one who would suffer at night.

Just as Wen Weng started to speed up the wiping action more crazily, he suddenly heard a scream coming from behind him.

Such a movement attracted everyone’s attention. Looking back, they saw Fei Ying standing in front of the closet with a pale face. Her raised hands were trembling slightly. “Clothes… these clothes…”

Her voice was obviously tense to the extreme. Every word she said was like a blade being sawed on wood. “…They all turned red!”

Tu Shuhuai frowned. She took the lead in walking over in the dead silence and pulled open the cupboard door that was tightly closed.

She took a quick glance and asked, “It wasn’t this color in the beginning?”

“No, absolutely not!’ Fei Ying shook her head again and again. “I remember it very clearly. In the beginning, clothes of all colors were inside.”

Tu Shuhuai’s eyes fell firmly on the blood-red dresses in the closet. She felt that the air around her was slightly cold for a moment. She paused before asking, “When did it start to change color?”

Fei Ying’s condition was obviously very bad, and she was still shaking her head. “I don’t know, I don’t know either… I just wanted to sort it out quickly and didn’t care. I…”

Such a reaction made Tu Shuhuai sigh when she saw it.

How to put it. This instance was indeed somewhat evil so far. It always caught the same person.

Of course, this girl was indeed a bit unlucky.

“Okay, I think she was scared out of her mind yesterday and can’t think straight today.” The scar on Dong Zai’s face tightened a bit. He looked very dissatisfied with the noise Fei Ying made. He glared at her fiercely and scoffed. “But no matter what, it is best to be quiet. Originally, I left you alone to have more people to facilitate the sharing of the mark. If you make more noise, do you believe that I won’t kill you now?”

Fei Ying could see that this scarface man obviously meant what he said.

She shivered and immediately covered her mouth tightly to prevent the sobs filling her throat from escaping.

Tu Shuhuai was obviously very dissatisfied with this type of bullying. She asked angrily, “Why are you so cruel? Take care of your own task? You have received the simplest sweeping task, but you haven’t completed it yet?”

Dong Zai was in a bad mood for this reason. Once he was asked this question, he immediately complained angrily, “What is going on? I have already cleaned up everything around me. Why doesn’t it show that the task is completed?”

As he finished speaking, a voice suddenly sounded slowly. “Have you swept under the bed?”

Yue Ren was holding a fairy tale book in his hand and looking at it with interest as he spoke. At this moment, he gave a condescending look to the three people who had been arguing for a long time.

The task of organizing the bookshelves wasn’t too difficult. After all, the books were already on the shelves. They just required a simple arrangement.

However, Yue Ren didn’t seem to be in a hurry about the task at all. He just leaned next to the bookshelf and took out a fairy tale book, looking at it with great interest. Even when he opened his mouth to give a reminder, he acted as if it had nothing to do with him. He smiled humbly as he met the scarface man’s gaze. “You’re welcome.”

Dong Zai: “……”

D*mn, why did he think this guy was more annoying than that noisy Fei Ying?

Then when he thought about it carefully, he realized that what  Yue Ren said did make sense.

The entire children’s room was only this size. Since the outside had been cleaned, the only thing left seemed to be under the bed.

D*mn, why did he need to even clean a place like that?

Dong Zai was a pig butcher in his early years and was used to being careless. It was rare for him to be willing to hold a broom. There was never a time when he needed to be so detailed.

But there was no other way. He could only crouch down beside the bed and reach inside with a broom.

Soon, layers of ash were swept out from under the bed.

Just as Dong Zai was using the broom to explore the innermost part, his movements suddenly stopped.

Vaguely, he seemed to have hit something, and it even pushed his broom in reverse.

The coolness that seeped from the soles of his feet spread all over Dong Zai’s body.

He instinctively looked back, only to see that the rabbit in the doorway was staring directly at him.

His heart beat a bit faster.

What a coward! There were so many people in the room. There was nothing to be afraid of!

Dong Zai took a deep breath. He controlled his already stiff arm muscles and used all his strength to sweep the thing he touched outside bit by bit.

This was until a vague outline fell into his eyes.

Dong Zai only noticed a touch of red in his field of view. Before he could take a closer look, he heard Fei Ying shout in his ear, “Feet! There is a pair of feet under the bed!”

The nerves that were already tense were almost disconnected at this moment.

But the second before his consciousness faded away, Dong Zai gritted his teeth and used force to completely sweep the thing out while hurriedly retreating.

He heard his heart beating almost out of his chest.

The next second, the intense red color finally fell into everyone’s sight.

The thing that rolled out made Tu Shuhuai, who was next to him, take a step back with a slightly changed expression.

It wasn’t until the thing finally stopped rolling a few times that she could clearly see what it was—red leather shoes with exquisite workmanship. Judging from the size, they should be for a child.

Dong Zai had already crawled a long way out, but at this time, his heart was still beating like a drum in his chest.

After his blank mind recovered, he glanced at the commissioned task that was finally completed. He immediately rushed to the person who caused him to behave in such an embarrassing manner.

Dong Zai grabbed Fei Ying’s hair and pulled it fiercely. “Did you do it on purpose? You are trying to play tricks on me, right? I’ve slaughtered hundreds, if not thousands, of pigs. I have come to this ghostly place, and it is hard to find something to test out my hands. If you are so anxious to die, just say so!”

“No, I didn’t… I really saw it just now. There was really a pair of feet under the bed. Believe me, it is true…” Fei Ying struggled to get away, but the disparity in strength made her unable to do so. She hurriedly closed her eyes when she saw the raised palm that was about to fall.

However, she didn’t feel any burning pain.

Fei Ying opened her eyes hesitantly. What fell into her eyes was the tall figure standing in front of her.

A hand that looked very delicate and beautiful pinched Dong Zai’s thick wrist lightly, but it didn’t let the slap that came down with all the man’s strength move any closer.

The task that Chi Ting got had relatively the largest amount of work. After all, a child’s toy playground was always the closest thing to a garbage dump, not to mention that he also needed to tidy up the dolls’ clothes one by one.

He had been conscientiously sorting out the toys on the ground. It was only at this moment that he stood up helplessly and asked a sincere question, “Isn’t it bad to hit someone?”

Dong Zai was even angrier when he saw someone coming forward, but his imprisoned hand remained motionless no matter how hard he tried. This also made him realize that the man in front of him probably wasn’t easy to mess with.

His attitude softened a bit, but his face was still gloomy. “What is this? A hero saving a beauty?”

Yue Ren watched such a scene from the side with great interest. At this time, he didn’t forget to give a leisurely reminder, “You are wrong. Even if you aren’t beautiful, he will save you.”

Chi Ting nodded after hearing this. “That’s right. I will save people.”

Dong Zai: “……”

This type of harmonious attitude was really irritating.

Chi Ting had no intention of continuing to struggle here. After all, his workload was too heavy, and he had to hurry up.

He used a bit of force and heard Dong Zai’s gasp of pain. Then he threw the other person’s hand back. “Stop arguing now. Entering an instance is fate, and harmony will bring wealth. I have a lot of dolls to sort out here. If I waste too much time and fail to complete the commission in the end, the results won’t be good for everyone.”

He didn’t know why, but the way that Chi Ting stared at him and explained every word made Dong Zai inexplicably hear the words, ‘You are ruthless, you are messing around, you are unreasonable.’

He was still very unhappy, but after glancing at the red finger marks embedded deep on his wrist, he finally gave Fei Ying a threatening look. “Forget it this time, but wait for me. There will be many chances for me to get you in the future!”

Fei Ying was so stunned that she took two steps back.

Chi Ting was quite satisfied to see that temporary peace had been restored among the players.

He looked back at Fei Ying. “Did you really see a pair of feet?”

Fei Ying nodded again and again. “Really, I really saw it!”

Chi Ting stared at the other person for a few seconds before turning away and glancing at the pair of red leather shoes on the ground. Then he nodded. “I believe you.”

He never paid attention to other players’ affairs, but he was in the same children’s room, and the distance between them wasn’t too far. In fact, he noticed everything happening in the room.

From the clothes that gradually turned red in the closet to the pair of red leather shoes that appeared under the bed. It was more like a prank from a child than a threat from a ghost.

There was obviously so much dust piled up under the bed, but these shoes looked clean and bright on the surface. It obviously didn’t look like they had been forgotten there for a long time. On the contrary, they should be popular with their owner.

If what this ponytail girl said was right, there was indeed someone hiding under the bed just now.

Was this person playing games with them?

These eight tasks might seem very simple, but in fact, each one revolved around the owner of this children’s room.

Chi Ting vaguely seemed to catch some outline, but the inspiration in his mind was still a bit vague. He simply retracted his attention, crossed his legs, sat back in front of the toys, and continued to clean up.

There was no doubt that the gentleman’s commission was very important in this instance. Perhaps he would be able to find the answer he wanted once everything was completed.

Once work started again, Chi Ting couldn’t help feeling a bit emotional.

He could only say that it was a good thing that Yue Ren didn’t accept this task.

Based on his understanding of this man, it was estimated that he wouldn’t even finish cleaning up half of it. He might have already chosen to dismantle this entire toy area to death. It really tested one’s patience!

Finally, by the time the male college student Tan Haobo finished making the blessing card, Chi Ting also finished dressing the last doll.

He tied a delicate little bow on the neckline of the skirt and smiled softly. He was about to put it back on the last shelf when in a daze, he saw the originally dull eyes blink slowly at him.

Chi Ting was slightly stunned. Then he heard a ‘pop’ sound, and the doll’s head loosened without warning.

The next second, the head fell directly off the neck.

The sudden movement attracted other players to look over.

They saw the head rolling a few times after landing on the ground. Once it stopped, it suddenly started to tremble slightly as if it was alive.

“Hehe! Hehehehehe—! Hehehe—!”

The silent children’s room was filled with the laughter of the doll.

The disheveled head shook on the ground, turning 180 degrees bit by bit. The opened eyes scanned the players one by one.

Everyone felt their hair stand up.

No one dared to move half a step.

From just now, Chi Ting had always been sitting there cross-legged.

It looked as if he was frightened by this sudden scene. It was only at this time that the frozen figure moved slightly.

However, it wasn’t a sudden escape as everyone imagined. The man just stretched out his hand, picked up the still trembling doll’s head, placed it a short distance in front of him, and observed it carefully without blinking.

Then he seemed to be looking through a virtual panel. Once his mind returned, he already had a new item in his hand. It wasn’t known if it was from the storage space or just redeemed from the points mall.

This thing looked like…

As if to confirm everyone’s judgment, Chi Ting took the doll’s body directly and used the thing in his hand to glue the head back on tightly.

The doll obviously didn’t want to give up. It wanted to continue struggling, but since the only movable head was firmly connected to the body and the range of movement was much smaller, it could only make a ‘click click’ sound under the struggle.

In the end, it stopped very reluctant. It rolled its eyes and closed its eyes in despair. It never opened them again.

Chi Ting repeatedly confirmed that the doll wouldn’t ‘move again’ and placed it back on the last shelf with satisfaction.

Once this operation was completed, the interface on the system panel was refreshed again.

7. Arrange the toys and be careful not to damage the princess dolls (1/1).


In addition to the players at the scene, a few viewers happened to enter the livestream room and see this scene. For a moment, they didn’t know which side to feel distressed about for a while.

Was it really 502 glue?

They had to ask, didn’t he feel scared at all?!


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