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PFRG: Chapter 50

Throw Throw Throw the Handkerchief (3)

Eventually, everyone left the meeting room.

After passing through the extra door that appeared out of thin air, what they saw was an endless corridor in front of them with bedroom doors on both sides. The names of each of them were clearly written on the sign outside.

Tu Shuhuai, who left early, had obviously returned to her room.

The others also found their room numbers in turn. They opened the door and entered the room.

Once it was the turn of the male college student called Yu Gao, he suddenly stopped and silently looked back at Yue Ren.

Yue Ren met the other person’s gaze in a strange manner. Then he heard Yu Gao speak with a complicated expression, “Don’t say that you have social fear when introducing yourself in the future.”

He finished speaking and didn’t forget to point to the name of the door of the previous room. “My classmate, Tan Haobo, has a shy personality. This is called social fear.”

Chi Ting stood nearby and laughed very loudly in admiration.


Yue Ren lowered his eyes slightly and spoke in a slow manner, “Who stipulates that there is only one type of social fear?”

Yu Gao: “?”

His obviously unhappy expression made the curve of Yue Ren’s mouth look even colder. “Those who specialize in creating social horror also count. Do you want to experience it?”

The expression on Yu Gao’s face stiffened slightly. His back straightened, and he quickly entered his room.

It wasn’t until the door slammed shut that Yue Ren slowly turned back to look at Chi Ting. “You are laughing very happily, Captain Chi.”

Chi Ting didn’t hide the smile on his face. “In fact, it isn’t bad.”

He thought for a moment before adding, “Listening to your explanation, even I feel like I suddenly understand.”

Yue Ren paused. “…Can I interpret this as you complimenting me?”

Chi Ting nodded. “It is just as sincere as when you praised me for knowing how to comfort people.”

The mocking tone made Yue Ren rarely silent.

It was only now that he discovered that this man, who always seemed very talkative, was more petty than he thought.

The rooms for the two of them were at the far end of the corridor.

From here on the endless corridor, there was only a white wall with no end in sight. It was like a constructed independent space. It seemed to tell them that there was nowhere to escape.

After finding their respective room numbers, Chi Ting retrieved the beads and went back to his room to rest.

Chi Ting entered through the door and observed the environment in the room.

He was actually very satisfied with the design of this instance.

Chi Ting might’ve made climbing the top rankings his priority at this stage, but after all, he spent too much energy trying to save the descendants of the heroes in the last instance. If possible, he hoped to take care of himself.

The current instance of Throw Throw Throw the Handkerchief obviously met all his needs. There was no big map, which meant there was no need to travel long distances. There was no pressure to survive. There was food, drinks, and accommodation. It was completely like a vacation tailored for him at this stage.

This guest room in front of them was worthy of the careful selection of the gentleman rabbit.

The comfortable and soft big bed alone was enough for Chi Ting to give it a five star rating.

After entering the bathroom and washing up, Chi Ting put his hands behind his head and lay down lazily on the bed.

He had just slept for a while day and night before entering the instance. He didn’t feel much sleepiness at the moment. He was going through the identity information provided by the players in today’s instance over and over again in his mind. He was also thinking about the most reasonable operations that could be carried out in the future.

Today was the first day for everyone since entering the instance. There was really no choice when there was too little information. However, tomorrow would be different.

Under the currently known rules, this instance looked like a faction confrontation between players and ghosts. In fact, just like the classification they saw when they came in, the actual activity going on in this dungeon was a strategy game.

The setting that only three stacks of marks would ‘drive them away’ gave them a lot of extra room to maneuver.

Maybe there was no need to have too much information, as long as there was a way to control the drop of the handkerchief. They could rationally use this setting to plan things and directly arrange an instance clearance formula.

Of course, this was just a hypothesis. It didn’t say whether this drop could really be controlled or not. Even if it could, the three ghosts hidden in the team would never sit still and wait for death.

Therefore, it was best to prepare multiple options in advance.

Chi Ting was in a state of thought and slowly emptied his mind as he stared straight at the ceiling.

It wasn’t known how long it took before his mind came back. He glanced at the clock on the wall.

It was almost 10 p.m.

It had been quiet so far. It wasn’t known what was happening to the little girl next door.

Just as Chi Ting was thinking about this, Fei Ying, in the room not far away, was sitting by the bed.

Under a strong sense of anxiety, she instinctively bit the nails of her hands into a mess.

But even in this tense state, her body and feet were shaking uncontrollably.

After returning to the room, the whole night was peaceful. However, the more peaceful it was, the more unbearable it became.

Every minute and every second was like torture. As the expression on her face gradually collapsed, Fei Ying stretched out her hand to pull off the hair tie of her ponytail. She rubbed her scattered hair.

Why should she scare herself?

Would it really come? Ghosts might not appear, right? After all, the rules only said that those who got the mark would be ‘targeted’…

Fei Ying had already passed the instance three times, and she knew the importance of retaining her sanity in the instance. She forced herself to calm down and went to the bathroom to quickly wash her face.

The whole washing process had never been faster.

After all, mirrors always had a very dangerous presence in horror movies.

Fei Ying closed her eyes and wiped her face from top to bottom. She quickly returned to her room, turned over, and got under the soft quilt. Her body was enveloped with a tight sense of security and relaxed slightly.

Yes, that’s it!

Don’t scare herself!

Fei Ying repeated this in her mind without turning off the lights in the room. She closed her eyes under the bright lights and forced herself not to think too much.

The night was indeed quiet.

It was even a bit too quiet.

It wasn’t until she vaguely heard a slight sound entering her ears that Fei Ying realized that she had unknowingly fallen asleep.

The first time she woke up, she desperately found that the light in her room had been completely extinguished.

Under the feeling of unease, Fei Ying’s heart thumped violently.

However, it was too late by the time she reacted.

She had already opened her eyes the moment she woke up.

She wanted to subconsciously find a trace of light when from the darkness on the side, she saw a pair of pale hands reaching toward her neck little by little. The owner of these hands seemed to be lying on the head of the bed and watching her…

She didn’t dare to turn her head to look. A sensation like a pinprick instantly spread all over her scalp.


A sharp scream instantly filled the corridor and faintly reached the ears of the players in other rooms.

At the same time, Chi Ting even heard a loud ‘clang’ in the room next to him. It sounded like something had been knocked over in a moment of excitement.

It looked like it wasn’t going to be peaceful tonight.

Now it was basically certain that ghosts would come to them after receiving a mark.

Chi Ting touched his chin thoughtfully. He considered that the first time they saw a ghost, there was no danger to life except for the sanity value dropping. This made him calmly give up the idea of showing humanistic care. He kept lying on the bed in a relaxed posture without moving.

He thought this and instinctively glanced in the direction of the door where the scream came from. Then he was stunned by what suddenly appeared in his field of view.

Chi Ting stared at the ‘uninvited guest’ that writhed through the crack in the door.

In fact, with just a glance, he already recognized that this dark thing was the shadow tentacle of Yue Ren.

What shocked him at this time was that the tentacle that came through the two doors also had a note rolled on it. It seemed that due to a lack of vision, the tentacle was in a daze for a while after entering through the door. It stayed there quietly and didn’t move.

It could be seen that the man was really impatient. Soon, the shadow slowly turned into a tentacle, raised a sharp tip, and shook it silently.

It was as if it was calling Chi Ting: come and grab the note.

Chi Ting: “……”

He got off the bed, walked over, and knelt down in front of the shadow. He pulled out the paper rolled in it.

He opened it and saw a few words written on it: Pay attention to the rules and don’t go out.

Chi Ting slightly raised an eyebrow. Before he could get up, he saw another shadow sneaking in conscientiously.

He took the second note and looked at it: It is only the first day. She can’t die.

This time, Chi Ting couldn’t help laughing.

After knowing it wasn’t suitable to go out at night, that man actually came up with the childish game of passing notes. How worried was he that Chi Ting would suddenly be kind?

Chi Ting patted the shadow lightly. He saw it waiting there obediently and sensibly, so he stood up and found a piece of paper.

[I wasn’t planning to go.]

After writing a simple reply, he vaguely felt that something was missing, so he added two more words: [Good night.]

He took the note and let the shadow roll it up carefully. Chi Ting couldn’t help smiling a bit more as he watched the shadow quietly retreat through the crack in the door.

He glanced at the time and lay back on the bed.

This time, it was to sleep.

He fell asleep peacefully, but the audience in the live stream room was confused because of the scene just now.

[Eh? What happened just now? Did something come to the room?]

[I also want to ask, what is that whole mosaic? It has never been seen before, right?]

[A ghost came looking for him? It shouldn’t be. There isn’t even a single mark on his body.]

[I have to say… why does this mosaic feel so familiar?]

[I’m here, I’m here. I heard that there is a strange shielding phenomenon in this instance again?]

[What do you mean by again? I’m listening carefully.]

[There was also this strange shielding in the last instance. But it was an NPC who was blocked. Why do I think this Chi Ting is blocked wherever he goes? Is there something wrong?]

[I don’t know if there is a problem, but I know that there is a ghost story. Pay attention to the number of people online.]

[F*k, why is this reaching 20,000? The charging time of this live stream room is really getting earlier every time!]

As if to seize the last wave of time, the barrage instantly erupted in the live stream room and almost covered the entire interface.

This last festival also fell into complete silence with the end of the charging countdown.

On the empty screen, only one rich audience member tentatively shouted: [Hey hey hey, is there anyone else?]

However, the only thing that responded to him was this barrage in the live stream room. Finally, the viewer couldn’t bear the sky-high price of 5,000 points per minute and chose to temporarily transfer to another live stream room.

Chi Ting didn’t know that such an episode had occurred while he was sleeping.

The quality of his sleep was as good as ever. It wasn’t until someone came to call him that he washed his face and came out to meet the others.

According to the rules, the daily handkerchief throwing game was after dinner.

But in order to show goodwill to Mr. Gentleman, they needed to help complete some commissioned tasks during the day.

It was still the same meeting room, but before they arrived, the round table had been filled with a sumptuous breakfast. This made the atmosphere much warmer.

Yue Ren was eating. At some point, he naturally brought a chair to sit next to Chi Ting. “Why did you fall asleep so quickly yesterday?”

Chi Ting looked over. “Huh?”

He met Yue Ren’s gaze and realized. “You didn’t say ‘good night’ to me again, did you?”

Yue Ren smiled and didn’t say anything.

“……” Chi Ting said sincerely, “Thank you. I am touched to be treated so seriously, but sometimes you really don’t need to be so polite.”

He paused and added another sentence, “However, the words on your note were quite beautiful.”

Yue Ren replied, “Okay, let’s sum it up. I will think that you are really complimenting me this time.”

The two of them had such a conversation like no one else was watching. After spending one night in the instance, the other players gradually became used to it.

Compared to this type of angry flirting, everyone’s eyes fell on the pale-faced Fei Ying. However, no one dared to ask because of the lop-eared rabbit standing there with a pair of scarlet eyes.

They suspected that in order to prevent the players from having an in-depth discussion before the dinner, this weird rabbit had been staring at them all morning. As Chi Ting was talking to Yue Ren, the emotionless gaze was so cold that it made people shudder. Still, the two of them looked like they didn’t care at all.

In fact, the two of them really didn’t feel scared.

Regardless, this approach was almost enough to imply that dinner would be their only focused discussion time. The other players adhered to the concept of abiding by the rules and put away all unnecessary thoughts for the sake of stability.

It wasn’t until breakfast time was over that the players noticed a new door had appeared on the wall on the other side.

The gentleman rabbit’s cane tapped on the ground. “Everyone, please come with me.”

Despite their reluctance, the players could only follow the rabbit who claimed to be a gentleman.

Eventually, the gentleman rabbit led them to the door of a room and made a gesture of ‘please.’ “Then I will leave you here today.”

He said please, but the so-called commission was unbelievably simple.

The rabbit actually just asked them to help clean the room.

It looked like a children’s room of around 40 square meters.

The princess bed in the center was surrounded by pink lace that made girls’ hearts explode. The bookshelf next to it was filled with familiar fairy tale books. Toys were scattered all over the cushioned floor next to it. Most of the toys were exquisite princess dolls, making it obvious that this room belonged to a girl.

From the furnishings inside, one could imagine the parent’s strong love for the child.

[Commission from Mr. Gentleman:

1. Sweeping the floor (0/1).

2. Wipe off the graffiti on the wall (0/1).

3. Make a comfortable bed for Her Highness, the Princess (0/1).

4. Organize the clothes in the closet (0/1).

5. Use a tape recorder to record a children’s song (0/1).

6. Put the fairy tale books on the bookshelf back to their original places intact (0/1).

7. Arrange the toys and be careful not to damage the princess dolls (0/1).

8. If possible, make a blessing card for Her Highness before leaving (0/1).]

There were a total of eight tasks, one for each player. This allowed each player to express enough goodwill.

However, the easier the tasks seemed, the more uneasy people felt.

It was just like their situation in the instance at this moment.

It was precisely because they weren’t sure whether the person around them was a human or a ghost that they always needed to consider more things. The judgment that was originally very simple to make suddenly became more complicated and confusing.

“So, choose what you want to help with.”

Behind the players’ backs, the gentleman rabbit once again showed a gentle yet strange smile.

Such a demeanor seemed to be full of anticipation from the heart.


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