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PFRG: Chapter 48

Throw Throw Throw the Handkerchief (1)

Chi Ting confirmed that Yue Ren was nearby and withdrew his gaze. He carefully observed the surroundings.

At this time, he realized that he and Yue Ren were sitting at a huge round table. The beads around their wrists weren’t disconnected but had automatically lengthened a lot due to the distance.

Judging from the elegant and majestic decor around them, they should be in a meeting room. At the same time, the six other people sitting around the round table opened their eyes.

These people’s expressions were calm, anxious, or frightened. They all looked like ordinary players.

Yes, it looked like it.

Chi Ting clearly remembered that the number of people who entered this instance was clearly five.

Now, at a glance, there were a total of eight people.

The beads around his wrist moved faintly. Chi Ting looked back and happened to meet Yue Ren’s eyes.

The man’s attitude when asking the question sounded very sincere. “Captain Chi, how about the number of people here?”

Chi Ting knew what Yue Ren was going to ask and shook his head. “I can’t see the problem.”

Yue Ren slightly raised an eyebrow. “Oh.”

Chi Ting shrugged and expressed helplessness.

It could be seen from the Lost Treasure instance that the number of NPCs in this unlimited world seemed to be related to the character design of the game. The specific situation wasn’t certain at the moment. It wasn’t known if it was because the NPCs among the players had an initial ‘human’ setting or some other reason, but he couldn’t identify them.

There was silence all around. This made the conversation between the two of them seem very abrupt.

Then there was a clear ‘ding dong’ sound. The familiar rules introduction interface appeared in front of all the players.

[Mr. Gentleman has been very lonely recently. He invited many friends to play the game of throwing handkerchiefs. Can you accompany him to rediscover the happiness of childhood?]

[But there is a very bad thing. It seems that a ghost has sneaked in accidentally. During the game, try to find the ghost around you!]

[Please note, the initial rules are as follows:

1. Every day after dinner, it is Mr. Gentleman’s game time. In order to ensure that the game goes smoothly, be careful not to be late.

2. Cunning ghosts are just like normal players. They have independent thinking and know how to disguise themselves. Their goal is to drive you away and become Mr. Gentleman’s only playmate. If you are driven away, you will really die.

3. The player who gets the handkerchief in each round will receive the jealousy of the ghost and receive the jealousy mark x1. Players with the mark are likely to be targeted by ghosts, so please protect yourself. In addition, please note that after the same player accumulates three marks, they will be completely kicked out.

4. Starting from the second day, players will have a chance to vote during dinner. If the ghost is successfully found, the ghost can be driven away. However, if the wrong one is found, the player who gets the handkerchief in that round of the game will get double the mark. In other words, the jealousy mark is overlapped x2.

Players can give up their votes during the voting process. Only the valid votes will be counted in the final statistics. If all players abandon their votes, it will be deemed that the judgment is wrong, and the mark is doubled that night.

Voting is a very sacred thing. You must actively dispel the doubts of other players!

5. When you come to Mr. Gentleman’s house as a guest, you should express your goodwill appropriately. Everyone must actively complete the request. If Mr. Gentleman gets angry, new handkerchiefs might be added to the game time in the evening.

6. All the guest rooms are carefully selected by Mr. Gentleman. If you don’t stay in your room properly, the owner will be angry. There are multiple handkerchiefs for warning, so you have to pay attention to rest!]

[Game winning conditions: Find all the ghosts or get Mr Gentleman’s love and persist for eight days without being driven away.]

[Please save Mr. Gentleman’s lonely heart.]

Along with the pop-up of the introduction of the rules, a section named ‘Throw Throw Throw the Handkerchief’ appeared simultaneously on the live stream platform.

In an instant, many players rushed in.

The number of followers of this instance was much higher than other instances due to its relatively special attributes.

Different from other games, in the main interface and live stream interface of Throw Throw Throw the Handkerchief, they could see the extra prize-winning betting bar at a glance.

Players win VS ghosts win.

The moment the system PK between the red and blue sides was opened, people started to place bets.

For this type of game instance where there was a competitive relationship between two factions, no matter whether it was player VS player or player VS NPC, this type of betting session would often be started during the live stream. They could place bets at any time during the game. The final settlement was based on the amount of bets and the time of the bets. The earlier it was before the instance ended, the more points the winner would receive.

At this time, there were obviously a lot of old viewers who came in to watch the live stream of this instance.

In addition to these betting parties, Chi Ting’s live stream room had a large influx of people who followed him from the previous two instances. By this time, they were considered old fans. There was no charging fee yet, but thinking about the suffocating viewing price that was sure to come in the future, everyone felt that they had earned money seeing this. The conversation was already heated in an instant.

The betting party habitually browsed all the live stream rooms in this section. They were surprised that there was actually one room that had a black screen at the beginning. Then once they saw that Chi Ting’s side was the most popular, they jumped in and inserted themselves into the surging barrage. They tried to find answers to their questions.

[Oh my god, I just chased someone tail’s last time. How come entered the game again?]

[Um? Is this player great? In any case, I just bet 1,000 points on the player lineup. I hope they win.]

[Have you all gone next door? Isn’t there a problem with the group this time? There should be five players right? Why is it directly a black screen at the beginning? Did anyone die at the start?]

[No, the number of survivors is still five.]

[I guess you shouldn’t worry about bugs. Cherish the time you can watch here for one more minute. I will withdraw when it starts charging.]

[…The lost points are suddenly attacking me.]

[Eh? I’m a veteran of betting but new to this live stream room. I am passing by and don’t understand. Please give me an answer.]

[It doesn’t matter if you don’t understand. The number of viewers has already exceeded 10,000 at the launch of this stream. If you wait for 20,000, you will understand. There will be a surprise!]

The barrage in the live stream room was scrolling rapidly.

In stark contrast to this was the scene in the instance.

For a long time, there was deathly silence in the meeting room.

Obviously, Chi Ting wasn’t the only one who noticed the number of players when entering the game.

If it was just speculation previously, it was completely confirmed after reading the initial introduction of the rules.

In this meeting room, or in other words, among the eight people surrounding the round table, there were three ghosts.

The temperature in the room was obviously still moderate, but it felt like they had fallen into an ice cellar.

Finally, someone spoke quietly, “So Mr Gentleman is…”

The moment these words came out, a light suddenly fell from the ceiling.

Under the gathering of light, a long-furred lop-eared rabbit wearing a suit and a top hat jumped out from under the round table in front of him. He swaggered around in a circle in a showy manner. Then he jumped up onto the table. “Welcome to everyone here. This is the first time we are meeting. I am the initiator of this invitation, Mr. Gentleman.”

Such a rabbit with a very cute voice was undoubtedly very cute at a glance, but no one could laugh in the current instance environment.

Instead, Chi Ting looked at it seriously and leaned slightly toward Yue Ren.

He was obviously still thinking about the question to which he hadn’t received an answer. As if to justify his judgment, he said solemnly, “The human content is very low.”

Yue Ren suppressed a smile and nodded. “I can see it.”

The two people had lowered their voices, but the surroundings were so quiet that it wasn’t just the players but even the lop-eared rabbit looked over.

For a moment, the scarlet eyes narrowed slightly, and a hint of coldness seemed to flash across his innocent face. Then when he opened his mouth, the gentleman rabbit still had a childish and lively voice. “I believe that everyone has understood the rules. Let’s officially enter the fun game time! Are you ready to throw the handkerchief together?”

The players present: “……”

They had all come here. Was it useful to say that they weren’t ready?

The rabbit gentleman obviously didn’t really want an answer. Under the dead silence, an expression that could be called a smile appeared on his furry face. “Now that everything is ready, let’s get started.”

The moment these words came out, the surrounding lights went out with a ’pop.’

In the darkness that enveloped them for a moment, someone finally took a deep breath of cold air without being able to hold back.

So far, not much time had passed since players entered this instance.

During this period, they were first shown the rules of the game that they didn’t have time to fully digest. Then a long-furred rabbit appeared that looked weird in the real world. Before any information could be exchanged, they were forcibly dragged into the main plotline of this instance.

It progressed so quickly that there was almost no chance to adjust.

The handkerchief-throwing game was familiar to everyone.

But no matter how simple a childhood game was, this game always gave people a creepy feeling when placed in such an environment.

The darkness that swallowed everything spread toward the surroundings with unknown fear.

For a moment, all that was left was everyone’s breath.

They didn’t know what would happen next.

It was even impossible to tell whether the player sitting next to them was a human or a ghost in disguise.

After a long silence, a child’s voice rang out.

Everyone’s hearts skipped a beat.

A familiar song filled the environment. At this moment, they could vaguely feel that the blood in their body was getting colder.

“Throw~ throw~ throw the handkerchief~ gently put it behind the child.

Don’t tell them, everyone.

Catch them quickly, catch them quickly…”

No one spoke.

Everyone’s backs instinctively tensed in the darkness.

As they were feeling chills all over their bodies, they wanted to capture the surrounding situation. However, they could only hold themselves tightly, trying to control the amplitude of the tremors.

Finally, the singing voice gradually became clearer.

Something was approaching them.

As the singing became clearer and clearer, players were finally able to capture the sound of quiet footsteps.

Something floated past like a ghost. The singing became the only basis for judging the direction.

Players could feel the girl’s voice passing behind them over and over again, gradually going away and then coming back…

Just like the round of interesting choices when playing with a handkerchief as a child, every time she came behind them again, the players’ muscles that had just relaxed couldn’t help tightening up.

At this moment, what was even more distinct than the singing was their heartbeat.

“Throw~ throw~ throw the handkerchief~ gently put it behind the child…”

After countless rounds, a young girl with a ponytail tensed her hand in front of her again, but desperately heard the wandering female voice slowly stop behind her.

She could feel the silent gaze behind her.

The feeling of being pricked by thousands of needles instantly enveloped her whole body. Even though she tried hard to control it, she couldn’t help trembling under extreme fear.

“Don’t tell them…

Catch them quickly, catch them quickly~

Hurry and catch them.


Hurry up, hurry and catch~ them~”

The nursery rhyme started to be repeated.

The cold feeling all over her body made the girl with the ponytail’s mind go blank. It wasn’t until the singing voice was repeated so many times so close to her back that her mind finally returned.

What did this mean? Was this telling her to catch the NPC?

That’s right!

When she played this game before, she was supposed to catch the person who threw the handkerchief!

Such thoughts flashed through her mind, but her completely stiff body was unable to move at all.

After taking several deep breaths repeatedly, she finally gritted her teeth and mustered up the courage to turn around.

The girl with the ponytail was about to reach out. However, what she saw so close to her eyes was the face of the girl with a strange smile.

It was very strange that at this moment in the darkness, she could clearly see the cracked arc at the corner of the other person’s mouth.

She saw the girl mouth silently, “Do you want to catch me?”

They were so close to each other that their faces were almost stuck together. At this moment, the girl with the ponytail could feel the cold aura emanating from the other party. “Ahhhhh—!”

At the same time as the sharp scream, there was a ‘pop’ sound.

The lights above them came on again.

After she regained her vision, the face she had seen just now was gone.

It was as if everything was the illusion of the girl with the ponytail.

“Thank you. I had a great time playing the first game today!”

The gentleman rabbit’s voice sounded again. It was only at this time that everyone noticed he was still standing in the same place, as if he hadn’t moved a single step.

However, such words didn’t make the girl with the ponytail react at all.

Her face turned extremely pale in an instant. Following her frightened gaze, she saw the handkerchief tied around her wrist.

It was blood-red like a curse branded on her body.

At the same time, what entered the girl’s eyes was the system notification that only appeared in front of her.

[Jealousy mark 1/3]

[Be careful. You have attracted the ghosts’ attention.]

[They are looking at you.]


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