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PFRG: Chapter 47

The 13th World

Between a milk tea store and a coffee store, Chi Ting finally chose the former.

After two instances, he now had quite a lot of points. He directly ordered a cup of milk tea for everyone.

The system had restored a lot of physical strength when he came out of the instance, but after all, he had just experienced a battle. Chi Ting still looked sleepy. If it wasn’t for wanting to understand Ji Xingque’s situation, he would’ve wanted to go back and have a good sleep before making further plans.

The three of them gathered around the table. Chi Ting raised his head and yawned slowly. He took a sip of milk tea with drooping eyelids while asking Ji Xingque about the specific situation. “So, the time you came to this unlimited world was exactly 75 days ago?”

“That’s right.” Ji Xingque was also fighting to maintain his energy, but he still answered Chi Ting’s question seriously. “Absolutely. When I came here, the 13th World had just opened. Until now, it should be exactly 75 days.”

He thought for a moment before saying, “It was because we died in the real world that we were drawn to this unlimited world?”

Chi Ting thought on the answer. “It is possible, but the timing isn’t right.”

Ji Xingque wondered, “Eh? What’s wrong?”

“If you came here 75 days ago according to what you said, it should be around a week later than your time of ‘death’.” Chi Ting’s long fingers tapped the table slowly and rhythmically. There was some confusion in his expression. “If the criterion for coming to this world is ‘death’, what happened in the week after your death was confirmed? Or is it that the flow of time here isn’t consistent with the real world?”

Ji Xingque maintained his previous blank expression. He even became dizzy the more he listened. “Huh?”

“……” Chi Ting realized that he was asking Little Bird too many questions. He rubbed his temples and decided to temporarily put aside the problem that couldn’t be explained in the short term. “But no matter what caused the time difference, the result is that we have indeed arrived in this unlimited world. What I want to say is that since we have come here, does that mean that the others did as well?”

“Really? They are here too?” Ji Xingque’s eyes lit up, but he soon felt hesitation. “But Captain, I have been here for so long. It seems that I’ve only met you.”

Chi Ting looked at him speechlessly. “What world did the players you matched with in the instance come from?”

Ji Xingque replied, “Of course, the 13th World.”

“Then when did the 13th World open?”

Ji Xingque felt a bit strange about why the captain asked this question again. “I just said it. More than two months ago.”

Chi Ting sighed quietly. “You died two months ago, so you came here. When did the others die?”

“It was a bit early…” Ji Xingque was about to reply when he finally realized. “That’s right! Captain, you mean that they should’ve entered other worlds that were previously opened?!”

Yue Ren, who had been quietly sipping on a straw, heard this and finally couldn’t help laughing. “Captain Chi, where did you get this big treasure from?”


Chi Ting didn’t know when Yue Ren’s name for him gradually changed from ‘Mr Chi’ to ‘Captain Chi.’ He felt quite helpless at such a sincere question, so he could only answer in a low voice, “In short, no matter whether this inference is true or not, we still need to verify it. So what we need to do next is to first obtain the qualification to go to the Sanctuary.”

Having said this, he thought for a moment before confirming it, “A friend told me before that the top 1,000 players in the whole server could enter there. Is it called the Sanctuary?”

“That’s right, Captain. You remembered correctly.” After all, Ji Xingque had come here two months earlier and was no stranger to the existence of this special world. “No matter whether it is the team ranking or the player’s personal ranking, they are all ranked based on the achievement points of clearing the instance. At present, the player at the end of the ranking has only 12,000 achievement points. The bottom rankings don’t have as many complicated rules as the upper rankings. It just relies on increasing the points. I have accumulated almost 9,000 points now. What about you?”

Having said this, he came to Chi Ting’s side with some curiosity. He saw the interface that was brought up and was dumbfounded. “What the? Captain, have you been dead for so long that you already have almost 7,000 achievement points?”

“You have been dead for a long time, and I’ve only passed two instances.” Chi Ting felt that he couldn’t be killed by an alien so easily. Still, he couldn’t refute this statement from any angle so he paused before asking, “Is 7,000 a lot? I think the achievement points given by each instance are quite high.”

“Normally, over 1,000 points for a single instance is high. With less effort, it is possible to only get hundreds of points. You actually accumulated 7,000 points from two instances? How is that possible?”

Ji Xingque looked through Chi Ting’s task panel in confusion. The moment he saw the eye-catching ‘First Pass’ logo behind the first instance of ‘Love Apartment’, his expression visibly changed to admiration. “The first instance… you directly got the first pass? Captain, as expected of you. You are both strong and powerful!”

Chi Ting: “……”

He hadn’t really paid attention to this interface. Hearing Ji Xingque say ‘First Pass’, he silently looked back at Yue Ren.

It was the first time he heard this word, but he could probably guess what it meant.

Yue Ren chose to leave the apartment with him, so they were probably the first players to clear the instance.

Chi Ting’s gaze wasn’t hidden. Yue Ren looked up attentively. He obviously knew what Chi Ting was thinking and smiled back.

Ji Xingque saw these two people ‘flirting with their eyes’ in such an obvious manner. He was unable to look at them. Then he heard Chi Ting asking Yue Ren, “What about you? How many achievement points do you have now?”

“More than 3,000,” Yue Ren replied.

This number was obviously far from what Chi Ting expected, but it was normal when thinking about it carefully.

After all, this guy was still an NPC in the Love Apartment instance. Then he was immediately judged as a black household when he came out. The stingy system didn’t issue any rewards to him. As for the Lost Treasure instance, he came in halfway with Chi Ting but only showed off the arena. He didn’t get that many contribution points in the final battle against the demon army. The settlement was finally obtained, but the reward wasn’t as generous as what Chi Ting had received.

Earning 3,000 points in an instance was actually comparable to ‘getting rich’ for many players. However, Chi Ting was now anxious to go to the Sanctuary to find the whereabouts of his old teammates. Looking at it this way, Yue Ren was dragging him down a bit.

If he had known, he would’ve taken Yue Ren to kill monsters with him.

Chi Ting felt regretful and drank the rest of the milk tea in one breath.

It seemed that they still needed to make up the achievement points gap between them and Little Bird first before they could complete the small goal of sprinting to the top 1,000 of the whole server together.

Chi Ting understood the information he wanted to know and stood up. He paid and left the milk tea store.

On the way, he didn’t forget to tie up this dangerous person with beads. He led Yue Ren all the way to the nearest hotel to stay.

This time, Yue Ren finally had an official player identity. The process of entering the check-in information went quite smoothly.

However, after getting the room card, Ji Xingque still had the same shocked expression on his face.

The shock came from the moment he left the milk tea store. Ji Xingque saw with his own eyes that the beads on Chi Ting’s hand flicked very smoothly and locked accurately around Yue Ren’s wrist. In addition, the latter accepted it very calmly.

The two of them walked into the hotel one after another. Until the moment they opened the door of the standard double room, they had a calm and accustomed expression on their faces. It was as if this was how everything should be.

Finally, Ji Xingque couldn’t help saying, “Captain, y-you… are you going to share a room?”

Chi Ting had just received the room card from the hotel owner. He looked over strangely. “Is there any problem?”

Was there any problem… any problem…

Of course, there was no problem!

Ji Xingque hadn’t expected that his captain could play so much after blossoming, but after glancing at the beads wrapped around their wrists, he instantly woke up from the state of his brain being shut down. “It’s okay, it’s okay. Then you guys have a good sleep. I’ll go back to my room to rest!”

After speaking, he put oil on his feet very wisely and disappeared around the corner of the stairs in the blink of an eye.

Chi Ting looked at the disappearing figure strangely and asked after a while, “Why didn’t he take the elevator?”

Yue Ren smiled slightly. “I thought you would wonder why he emphasized that we should sleep well.”

“Yes, why?”

“I don’t know.” Yue Ren shrugged innocently. He stood in front of the elevator and made an invitation gesture. “Let’s go. It is time to go upstairs.”

The value for money of this hotel was quite good, both in terms of space and ambiance.

Chi Ting took a shower and was finally able to lie down on the bed comfortably. After a huge physical exertion, he quickly closed his eyes and fell into a deep sleep.

On the other bed, Yue Ren lowered his eyes and glanced at the beads around his wrist that had been adjusted to the appropriate length.

The red rope in the middle could be long or short. It could be changed freely, which was really interesting.

After studying it for a while, he vaguely heard the gentle rising and falling breathing next to him.

He looked up, and his eyes fell on the sleeping face not far away. Finally, in the silent environment, he smiled slightly. “Sweet dreams, Captain Chi.”

He slept quite comfortably.

All the fatigue in the instance was completely relieved at this time. In the safe zone, even the blowing wind seemed to be full of calm.

It had been a day and a night until Chi Ting woke up naturally. The sun was high in the sky.

He stood up and stretched slowly. It wasn’t until this movement moved the beads on his wrist that he remembered he seemed to be holding someone’s hands.

Yue Ren was sitting on the sofa by the window, reading the magazines placed in the hotel. The food sent by the hotel was on the table. He noticed Chi Ting’s movements and looked over. “Good morning.”

Chi Ting glanced at the sky outside. “I didn’t know how many days have passed, but looking outside, it isn’t that early.”

He stretched as he spoke and went to the bathroom sleepily. His expression was very refreshed when he came out again. “Have you almost recovered your physical strength?”

Yue Ren glanced at the man beside him with an ulterior motive. “I just played with shadows. It didn’t consume much energy.”

“That is for the best.” Chi Ting smiled slightly and got straight to the point. “Let’s go to the next instance.”

Yue Ren paused slightly when he was about to turn the page. He didn’t hide the surprise in his expression. “You just woke up. Aren’t you tired?”

“I have enough sleep. That is enough. I need to get to the Sanctuary quickly. It is better to hurry and get on the ranking.”

Chi Ting often fought in succession, not to mention that his physical recovery was significantly accelerated in the safe zone of this world. He had indeed basically adjusted now.

At this time, he directly picked up the coat hanging on the hanger and put it on himself. He looked up and saw that Yue Ren was still sitting there without moving. He paused for a moment before asking, “Is there any problem?”

“No problem. I was just thinking…” Yue Ren’s eyes fell directly on Chi Ting, and he suddenly wanted a deeper exploration. “What type of people were your former teammates? They are actually worthy of your attention.”

“Of course, they are all very good people.” Thinking of the previous scene of fighting side by side, Chi Ting’s expression softened significantly. Seeing that Yue Ren didn’t answer and it wasn’t known what he was thinking, Chi Ting just said, “In any case, hurry up. Let’s go. There is such a big gap in achievement points between you and Little Bird. You can catch up a bit while he is sleeping these days.”

Ji Xingque’s output ability was very strong and had a wide range, but it also consumed a lot of physical energy. In the past, when he was in the team, he would often sleep for six or seven days after a battle. Even if this safe zone had a faster recovery speed, it would probably take at least four or five days.

It was precisely due to this that Chi Ting was anxious and took him to the milk tea store to understand the situation before going to sleep.

From a time perspective, if they hurried, then they could finish an instance before Ji Xingque woke up this time.

In Chi Ting’s view, this was all a very natural arrangement. Yue Ren heard this and lazily turned on the sofa. He held his chin with his hand wrapped in beads and asked with interest,” Based on what this means, am I also your teammate now?”

“Since we want to go to the Sanctuary together, of course.”

This answer was more unhesitating than expected. It made Yue Ren slightly stunned. “Then you…”

Chi Ting waited for a while, but Yue Ren didn’t continue. “What?”

If I was lost, would you come to me like this?

At this moment, an elusive emotion flashed in Yue Ren’s eyes before gradually settling down. There was only a faint self-awareness.

How could this person be so good? It seemed he was suddenly envious of the team members under Captain Chi whom he had never met before.

In the blink of an eye, Yue Ren returned to his usual demeanor and stood up from the sofa. “Nothing. Let’s go.”

The two went downstairs and ate together first.

They headed to the nearby instance entrance again. Both of them were already very familiar with this process.

Following the signs, they soon came to the two passages again.

“Which way should we go this time?” Yue Ren asked politely before setting off.

“I searched on the forum and found that most of the achievement points from randomly matched instances are much higher than self-selected instances. If we want to pursue efficiency, random matching is more appropriate.”

Chi Ting took a step forward without hesitation. “So this time, I still choose the right side.”

Chi Ting stood in the game introduction area again and checked the live stream panel.

He didn’t know where the rich people who watched for 5,000 points/minute came from, but thinking about it, he still didn’t adjust the price for the paid viewing.

With this final confirmation, Chi Ting subconsciously tugged at the beads on his hand.

The familiar system chime sounded in the ears of the two of them again.


[Players are welcome to enter the instance: Throw Throw Throw the Handkerchief.]

[Genre: Strategy game.]

[The current number of survivors in the instance: 5/5.]

[The game is being imported.]

[Attention, please follow the rules of the game!]

There was a dazzling light, and the scene in front of him gradually became clear.

The moment Chi Ting regained consciousness, he glanced to the side. Then after confirming something, he felt relieved.

Fortunately, the other person was still here this time.

He didn’t lose Yue Ren at the start.


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