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PFRG: Chapter 46

The 13th World

The clearance notification popped up and all live streams in the Lost Treasure instance area were cut off.

As the new clearance video entered the strategy library, the viewers who watched this instance left one after another.

What they didn’t notice was that just half an hour after the instance ended, the ‘Lost Treasure’ instance suddenly and silently disappeared from the list of instances that had been set up with a notification prompt.

As a professional first-pass hunter, Qiu Ji didn’t pay attention to this type of old instance that had been cleared several times. He naturally didn’t find this strange ‘supernatural phenomenon.’

After exiting the live stream platform, he sat on the sofa for a long time. The spectacular scene of the battle between the phantom army and the demon army was still in his mind.

After a long silence, he opened the friends list and found one of the names.

You Guye was currently the number one player of the summoning system on the rankings.

[Qiu Ji: I suddenly feel that your personal skill is just that. #lamenting.jpg.]

[You Guye: ???]

[You Guye: The departure of Old Eight made you heartbroken, so do you need to rely on this self-deception to comfort yourself? I’m useless at KTV. There is no way I can join your team. Just give up.]

[Qiu Ji: …I never thought you would join.]

[Qiu Ji: Forget it. You will find out soon. I won’t tell you yet. I need to enter an instance in the safe time. Let’s chat when I have time.]

[You Guye: ???]

[You Guye: Hey, my surname isn’t Qiu. Please tell me clearly. What do you mean that I will know it soon?]

Qiu Ji saw no reply to his last question. He thought of the lively scene that would happen in the Sanctuary in the future. He suddenly felt that even though he hadn’t been able to successfully find a replacement member of the summoning type, at least he had discovered this extremely rebellious newcomer in the new area in advance. It didn’t seem to be too much of a loss.

He was looking forward to seeing these people’s reactions.

Qiu Ji thought like this and was in a good mood. He sent a message in the team group chat: [Who wants to enter the instance? Gather at the door of the instance.]

On the other hand, You Guye waited a long time without receiving Qiu Ji’s reply. He couldn’t help scolding the other person. “This stinky bastard. He deliberately said something that has no context to stimulate me. He didn’t finish it after the stimulation and is deliberately whetting my appetite, right?”

At this time, he was also in the process of entering the instance. Standing next to him was Xu Luan, the captain of the Shadow team. He heard this and asked, “What’s the matter?”

You Guye’s dialogue interface was sent to Xu Luan. “You can see for yourself.”

After seeing it, Xu Luan thought for a moment before speaking. “Recently, the Seven Seas team has been looking for people to fill the position of the summoning type. If I guess correctly, Qiu Ji should’ve found a good candidate. However, all the players with good strength in the old areas should’ve already entered the Sanctuary. I don’t think they have the summoning skills to make Captain Qiu praise it so much. Could it be… there is a newcomer in the newly opened 13th World?”

“It is because he found a new person, so he deliberately came to stomp on me? Is he sick?” You Guye made an expression of disbelief.

“I’ll take a look when we come back.” When it came to the updating of team members, Xu Luan remembered something. “Recently, the personnel transfers among the various teams in the Sanctuary have indeed been a bit large. I heard that the Watchtower team has been in contact with a player with healing skills recently. It seems they’ve almost finished the talks.”

“Are you talking about that person in the 7th World?” You Guye was a bit surprised. “Didn’t that person always refuse to join any team since becoming famous? Why is he suddenly willing to join Watchtower?”

“I only heard that he seems to owe Watchtower a favor. I don’t know it specifically. Forget it, don’t worry about them. Where are the others? Why haven’t they come yet? Now all the top teams are rushing to increase their rankings. Why are the people on our team not motivated at all?”

Xu Luan shook his head and sighed. He said with heartfelt emotion, “Sure enough, people’s hearts are scattered. It isn’t easy to lead a team.”


You Guye paused for a moment. In the end, he couldn’t help complaining. “Obviously, you misremembered the meeting time. You arrived more than an hour earlier, Captain.”

“Huh? Is that so?”

You Guye held his forehead.

No matter whether it was Qiu Ji or his captain, the leaders of these top teams were simply more unreliable than the last.

Really, he didn’t want to talk about it.

However, You Guye was really curious about the player Qiu Ji suddenly mentioned.

There was a summoning type in the new area?

He didn’t know what type of skill it was. He wished he could see it when he had the chance.

At the same time, the 13th World instance was exported.

The moment the dark vision in front of him became clear, Chi Ting couldn’t help sneezing.

He rubbed the tip of his nose in a confused manner. He didn’t have time to think about it when he heard a series of message notifications. He saw the extra red dots on the virtual panel and instinctively opened them one by one.

The first thing that popped up was a barrage of friend messages.

Chi Ting stopped and glanced at it. He found that they were all sent by Li Tao.

[Li Tao: Ahhh, Brother Chi, what is going on with the 5,000 points/minute? I have absolutely no money to watch it!!]

[Li Tao: Is Yue Ren still next to you? I don’t seem to have seen him either.]

[Li Tao: This instance of yours is taking so long. I don’t think I can wait for you to come out, so I’ll go first.]

[Li Tao: I found an instance. Wish me luck. See you soon! #heart.jpg #heart.jpg #heart.jpg.]

The last message was half a day ago.

Obviously, in order to avoid being forced into a random instance again, Li Tao entered an instance by himself in advance.

Chi Ting replied with a ‘jiayou’ and closed the friend’s dialog box.

Then he clicked on the clearance reward sent by the system email.

This type of ordinary instance reward for an instance that had already been cleared by someone should be less impressive compared to the first pass of Love Apartment. However, even though Chi Ting and Yue Ren randomly selected the instance that was already in the endgame stage, they were still judged by the system as rescuers.

The rewards for players who were eliminated due to death before they entered the instance was directly given to them. Combine this with the contribution points earned during the final stage against the demon army and Chi Ting’s final reward actually wasn’t much worse than the first instance.

What surprised Chi Ting even more was that he received two more point rewards.

Moreover, the number of points from the live stream room was actually quite impressive.

Chi Ting couldn’t help taking another look at his current charging standard. He confirmed that it was indeed 5,000 points/minute and a slightly shocked expression appeared on his face. Were there so many wealthy people in this world? So many people watched despite the high charging fee?!

Chi Ting quickly completed the inventory and transferred the huge points income to his account. Then he looked at the man next to him.

As if Yue Ren knew what he was going to ask early on, Yue Ren gave him a slight smile. “I got a player status. Thank you for your hard work.”

Hearing this, Chi Ting finally sighed with relief.

Being able to make this guy turn from an NPC to a serious player meant his hard work during this time wasn’t in vain. However, he didn’t know when he could raise the human content to make Yue Ren a serious human being.

Chi Ting asked, “What are the cards you need to collect?”


Chi Ting glanced at the 3 of Diamonds that he received from this instance and directly placed it back in the storage space. “This time, the system gave me a Diamonds. You need Spades so I can’t give it to you.”

Then he took out another item that could be distinguished from the other rewards at a glance. “By the way, the system gave me this.”

What Chi Ting was holding was the heroes’ treasure chest given to him by Cao Ji in the instance.

This slightly surprised Yue Ren. But before he could speak, an exclamation directly broke the conversation between the two of them. “Y-Y-Y-You… how did you get out?!”


Chi Ting looked back. He happened to see Ji Xingque with a shocked face not far away. He blinked slowly, inexplicably feeling that this situation and scene were a bit familiar.

Oh yes, after coming out of the Love Apartment instance, Li Tao seemed to have this ghost-like expression.

Ji Xingque recovered his strength in the nearby rest area after coming out. At this time, he came back here to find Chi Ting and wasn’t surprised by the golden treasure chest in Chi Ting’s hand. He was more shocked by the familiar figure standing next to his captain.

After his mind returned, Ji Xingque rushed to Yue Ren in a few steps and confirmed it over and over again. “A real person? Not a phantom? How did you bring him out? Can an NPC be brought out from an instance?”

He touched and patted Yue Ren, making even Chi Ting worried that he would be thrown away by Yue Ren.

There was a moment of silence before he chose a method that was most suitable for Little Bird’s brain. “Yue Ren was originally a player and he entered the instance with me. It is estimated that there was a bug in the system, so he was misjudged as a slave.”

This should have been the most basic explanation, but Ji Xingque’s eyes widened even more after hearing this. “So you guys were together from the beginning?! No wonder why the other player who entered the instance at the time was never seen. But if he isn’t an NPC, does this mean…?”

Countless thoughts rushed through Ji Xingque’s mind in an instant. The moment the kaleidoscope ended, Ji Xingque’s eyes were faintly filled with tears.

So he really didn’t guess wrong. ‘Brothers and sisters, we really have a sister-in-law this time!’

The captain’s iron tree really blossomed!

Chi Ting didn’t know the fireworks that exploded in Ji Xingque’s mind. However, he could see that Little Bird’s expression when looking at Yue Ren was a bit too enthusiastic.

He was afraid that Ji Xingque would become interested in Yue Ren’s ability and directly send an invitation for a decisive battle, so he reached out his hand and pulled this person away from the dangerous man. “It is like this. You will be comrade-in-arms in the future. Remember to get along with each other.”

Ji Xingque: “!!!”

He obviously hadn’t expected the captain to admit their relationship so frankly. He was stunned for a moment before nodding again and again. “Hmm..”

Chi Ting glanced at Ji Xingque in a strange manner but didn’t say anything. He lowered his head and opened the box in his hand.

The moment the treasure chest of the heroes was opened, a dazzling light scattered from inside. A new item fell into his hands and an introduction screen popped up on the system panel.

This item similar to a mini-shield was called ‘Guardian of the Heroes.’ According to the introduction, it basically described the heroic story of the heroes in the ancient city again. This was followed by a description of the specific functions.

[After using it, a protective barrier can be deployed to seal all special abilities except those belonging to the hero. Note: the protective barrier lasts for 30 minutes and will enter a cooldown period of seven days after use.]

Ji Xingque also came over curiously. He was stunned for a moment after reading the explanation. “Isn’t this description the seal of the demons in the ancient city of Aleran? It is worthy of a gold quality item. This configuration of the instance was directly brought out of the box!”

After reading this description, Chi Ting naturally knew that this was a very good life-saving tool.

It was just that the effective duration of 30 minutes required a full cooldown period of seven days. This basically meant that it should be left for a critical moment before it could be used.

“I’ll take a chance to test out the range of this protective barrier later.” Chi Ting put the mini-shield back into the storage space of the strange stone. Then he lowered his eyes to look at the treasure chest that had been opened and emptied in front of him. “Then let’s finish the important things first.”

Ji Xingque asked, “What is important?”

Chi Ting wondered, “Is there any place nearby with less traffic and better scenery that is suitable for a cemetery?”

Hearing the word ‘cemetery’, Ji Xingque immediately understood what Chi Ting was going to do and responded, “Ah, yes! I’ll take you there, Captain!”

Half an hour later.

On a hillside with beautiful scenery, Chi Ting slowly covered the treasure chest filled with bone beads and buried it in the ground.

These descendants of the heroes, brought out of the instance by him, could be regarded as finally entering the ground.

Yue Ren stood beside him with arms crossed. He waited for Chi Ting to stand up before speaking. “Having their bone beads means you can control them. According to what you said before, they are just empty shells left behind after the soul purification. I thought you would keep them with you.”

Chi Ting shook his head. “It is already pitiful to be trapped in the constant restarts of the instance. It is hard to get out. Let them really stay away from the instance and enjoy the peace here.”

The moment these words came out, there was a brief silence for a moment. Then Yue Ren’s slow voice was heard. “This is the first time I’ve seen a player who thinks NPCs are pitiful.”

Chi Ting looked back and met Yue Ren’s gaze.

He still had a look on his face like he was smiling yet not smiling. But at this moment, there was a strong and oppressive depth in his eyes.

Chi Ting remembered the Love Apartment.

He had never experienced the feeling of being trapped in repeated restarts with clear memories, but compared to Cao Ji’s group, this man’s previous experience was probably more desperate.

Of course, Chi Ting also knew very well that Yue Ren probably didn’t want the word ‘pitiful’ to be used on him.

Chi Ting lowered his eyes slightly. Once he looked up again, he had already regained a slight smile. “As long as one is human, I am always willing to help.”

It was like an answer, but not quite.

Yue Ren steadily met Chi Ting’s gaze and the expression on his face finally softened. “Sometimes, I really envy human beings for making Captain Chi love them so much.”

Chi Ting said sincerely, “Try to raise your human content and you can also become a real human being.”

“……” Yue Ren was rarely choked up. “I wasn’t encouraged. Thank you.”

However, after a pause, he asked again from the bottom of his heart, “So I can also be loved by you as long as I become a real human being?”

Chi Ting smiled. “Of course.”

After a long time, Yue Ren smiled silently and didn’t continue.

Working hard to be one of the many people who were loved didn’t always feel like his style. If he really wanted to fight, it should be for the ‘only’ existence.

Chi Ting took one last glance at the burial place of the descendants of the heroes. Then he withdrew his gaze and called to the other person not far away. “Little Bird, let’s go back.”

After Ji Xingque led the way here, he had been watching the interaction between the two people from a distance. His face was slightly hot as he thought about these seemingly ordinary conversations. He was stunned for a moment after being called before coming back to his senses. “Huh? Where are we going?”

“Go back to the rest area,” Chi Ting replied. “But before we find a place to rest, we probably need to have a good chat about this world.”


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