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PFRG: Chapter 44 Part 1

Lost Treasure (22)

Demons were constantly coming up the winding mountain path, shaking their heads with ferocious expressions. Their deep-set eyes revealed a strong greed for killing.

Thick saliva flowed from the corners of their cracked mouths. Their bodies looked to be many times larger than normal humans.

A pair of dry foot bones stepped on the deep mud. As they approached step by step, they soon got into a melee with the incoming phantoms.

The two Ji Xingques stood side by side, and the power of their bombardment more than doubled.

The tacit understanding from the same brain directly created the densest network of firepower.

Under such cover, countless tall figures steadily raised a strong line of defense in front of the castle. In the fierce conflict, they completely blocked all the monsters in front of them.

Burnt, blackened limbs were scattered around, mixed with a disgusting, putrid smell.

Scattered sparks ignited the surrounding trees, and miserable roars filled the surroundings.

Under the killing of the phantom army, the fierce attack from the monsters was very strongly controlled. The ancient castle behind them was impregnable.

Chi Ting stood firmly at the rear of the battlefield. Sweat slowly slid down his hair. The moment it dripped, he wiped it away lightly.

His pupils flickered in the light of the fire. The corners of his mouth were curved in a shallow arc as always.

Under the frequent light of the fires, many phantoms were gradually weakened. Seeing that the demon army had a faint tendency to break through, a white light flashed and silently enveloped the phantom warriors on the battlefield.

Vaguely, the morale of the scene was raised. The corpses of monsters on the ground were stepped on, and the cracked defense line of the phantom army remained unmoved.

In the live stream room, there was a moment of confusion about what happened.

Qiu Ji was filled with thousands of words for a while, but he could finally only make a sound. “!”

He originally thought that Chi Ting’s previous performance was shocking enough, but he never expected that it could develop into an even more outrageous development—the huge number of summoned phantoms seemed to have their own skills?!

Players in the unlimited world knew how valuable it was to awaken a personal skill. Ordinary players were often ecstatic if they could awaken just one basic skill, let alone possess multiple skills.

But just now, the white light from a phantom was a type of recovery ability. In addition, there was the phantom with the same output type ability as Ji Xingque… How was this a summoning type personal skill? It was completely a walking skills library!

The names of the current top 10 individuals on the rankings flashed through Qiu Ji’s mind one by one. He thought of the personal skills of these people who resounded through the Sanctuary. For a moment, he actually had some doubts about who was stronger compared to Chi Ting.

Qiu Ji looked at the images on the live stream screen that were enough for him to remember for a lifetime. For the first time, he had a feeling of being in a trance.

Crazy. Really going crazy!

As the barrage in the live stream room gradually went crazy due to Chi Ting, all the players in the second-floor castle room were crowded beside the window, paying attention to the shocking battle situation below.

There were only three windows in total. Since Yue Ren occupied one alone, the players standing in front of the other two windows looked like rows of mushrooms growing from the windows.

As they watched, they rubbed their eyes several times. Then they were sure that the scene of the gods fighting in front of them wasn’t a hallucination.

Zeng Yan had seen Chi Ting fight once, but at that time, his personal skill was restricted, and it could only be described as hand-to-hand combat. Once Zeng Yan saw Chi Ting’s full firepower for the first time, he was completely dumbfounded. “These two people… are they really from the 13th World like us? Are they actually bigshots from the Sanctuary who deliberately claimed to be newcomers to deceive us?”

However, no one answered him.

The shock brought by such a scene was really too great. Looking down at it from an upstairs angle, the demon corpses gradually piled up like mountains and were surrounded by a sea of fire. It was as if they were really in hell.

In front of these monsters, what these monsters displayed was undoubtedly a more oppressive and powerful strength.

There were still demons coming from the ancient city at the bottom of the mountain. However, compared to the speed of the slaughter above, it seemed to give everyone the illusion that ‘it isn’t enough to kill at all.’

Was this really a power that a player could have? These demons were far beyond the existence of an A-grade monster after they completely awakened.

Yue Ren listened to the constant gasps of air around him. His eyes also reflected the firelight. Under his silent gaze, his expression was vaguely indistinguishable.

“What are you thinking about?”

The voice in his ears made Yue Ren look back. He met Cao Ji’s gaze, and his mouth curved up slightly. “I was thinking that I was lucky to have saved a small life in an unknown place before.”

Cao Ji: “?”

Yue Ren shifted his gaze back downstairs.

Tsk, the phantom army downstairs was all too familiar. There was even the one who pointed a gun at his forehead.

Now that he thought about it, it was a good thing that he hadn’t angered Chi Ting. Otherwise, given the current situation, it was likely that Chi Ting would’ve demolished the apartment at the time and he might not be able to win…

Thinking of this, Yue Ren couldn’t help his expression becoming more emotional.

At this time, he just looked at Chi Ting and chose to come out with this person. He never expected that after so many choices, he had fallen for a master who wasn’t easy to mess with.

Cao Ji’s puzzled guess obviously showed that he couldn’t understand Yue Ren’s sudden sadness.

However, he didn’t have time to ask any more questions. He turned his head to look out the window in another direction, and his eyes were full of determination. “Here they come.”

Naturally, Yue Ren also smelled the unpleasant smell of decay in the air. He reluctantly withdrew his gaze from the figure downstairs. The shadows under his feet slowly moved.

His tone sounded quite bored as he muttered in a low voice, “You asked me to stay here, but you only let a few of them reach here. Who are you playing with?”

The moment the words came out, the expressions of the players became panicked as they finally sensed the situation. Then the monsters’ ugly figures gradually appeared at the door.

Before anyone could scream, several swift shadows moved along the wall on one side and sliced through the other party like sharp blades.

The heads fell to the ground while still retaining a bloodthirsty, hideous expression. They rolled several times before stopping along the wall.

Yue Ren noticed the horrified gazes all around him. He was covered in a dark shadow that almost enveloped the entire room, and laughed silently in the dim light.

However, once such an expression fell into the eyes of others, they only felt a chill go down their backs.

The players who almost wanted to run away: “……”

Why did they feel like this descendant of the heroes was more terrifying than the demon?

Downstairs, Chi Ting glanced in the direction of the castle as if feeling something. Then he looked back calmly.

Of course, he noticed the few figures that slipped through the path behind him.

He just thought that there was someone up there and decisively gave up on the idea of intervening.

Under the warm moonlight, the surrounding soil was soaked with blood. A strong rancid smell irritated his nasal passages.

The strong killing intent in his eyes made Chi Ting’s expression look colder than before. The red thread wrapped around his wrist looked even more eerie due to his fair skin, giving him a very attractive madness in this hellish environment.

He was standing in the rear calmly like this, but as long as he was there, it meant that this army would stand firm!

Ji Xingque glanced back at such a figure. The fatigue that had just appeared in his eyes instantly turned into a blazing flame again.

He swallowed the blood that flooded his mouth and sneered. The giant gun loaded with ammunition regained its strength in an instant. “Keep going. Kill them!”

Monsters continued to pour in without giving them any chance to breathe. Wave after wave of charges were all intercepted and killed by the phantom army.

The bones and pieces of flesh visible everywhere filled the burning forest with the aura of death.

Here, it became the real burial ground of these monsters.

Before they knew it, the last round of attacks from the demons also came to an end.

The guard army standing at the front was still ready to fight.

Many phantoms returned to the appearance of the white bone beads under exhaustion, but the remaining figures, covered with endless carnage, still had a firm posture with upright backs.

From a distance, these translucent wandering souls were dotted with slight fluorescence. They were like beacons of faith standing in the darkness.

Chi Ting’s gaze swept over the figures. He kicked away the limbs that had rolled to his feet with an expressionless face.

Finally, with the last gunshot, the night returned to tranquility.


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