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PFRG: Chapter 42

Lost Treasure (20)

The barrage in the live stream room was blank for a long time before it started scrolling again.

[??? Did the brother above open his mouth?]

[Why aren’t they choosing route one? I don’t understand.]

[Maybe they are worried because this choice looks relatively simple and they are afraid there will be a buried mine?]

[It is almost like a smart person being a victim of their cleverness.]

[That… I’ve been here before and I suddenly have an idea. Could it be that he can’t bear to part with his slave?]

[Huh? That is even more outrageous. It is just an NPC!]

[Am I the only one with some expectations? In this case, I can watch him take action![

[It might not be possible to fight. Just because he says he doesn’t want to sacrifice the slaves, does that mean they won’t sacrifice the slaves? I don’t believe the other players can really agree.]

Along with the heated discussion in the barrage, Qiu Ji straightened his back in front of the virtual panel.

He was a bit afraid that the world would be in chaos, but after spending so many points following this person until now, he really wanted to see how strong Chi Ting would be.

In the instance, Chi Ting’s words came out and the other players looked at him with surprise.

“Brother Chi, have you found a problem again?” Zeng Yan specially lowered his voice. At his question, the descendants of the heroes not far away also looked puzzled. They were obviously a bit surprised by Chi Ting’s objection.

Chi Ting replied, “There are no problems. This is just my personal proposal.”

He still leaned against the wall with folded arms. His eyes swept over the players one by one. “However, I still hope everyone will be willing to support me.”

There was a brief silence.

Along the way, Chi Ting’s contribution in this collective instance had been obvious to all. Everyone was willing to believe in his judgment.

But now it was obviously the last moment of the instance. Judging from the current situation, the number of surviving slaves was enough to sacrifice themselves to end the dark legend of this city forever. No matter how they looked at it, this was safer and more routine than the second option.

They were one step away from clearing the instance.

At this time, Chi Ting actually proposed to let them face the demons head-on?

Many people already had a look of reluctance on their faces.

Zeng Yan also seemed hesitant. He pondered on it for a long time before expressing what everyone was thinking. “Brother Chi, we are very grateful to you all the way but now… you might still need to give a convincing reason.”

The special existence of Yue Ren was the most convincing reason for Chi Ting.

However, the moment he saw the determined expressions of the descendants of the heroes, he felt that he had a new reason.

No matter whether it was his true feelings or for the world, perhaps refusing to sacrifice was the best choice.

The heroes had already paid the price of their lives to defeat the demons. Now many years later, did their descendants have to continue to shoulder this excessively heavy responsibility at the price of sacrificing themselves?

The descendants of the heroes, who had resolutely decided to die, allowed Chi Ting to see many familiar figures from his past. They were the martyrs who risked their lives to maintain a peaceful life and set up the last line of defense for humanity in the apocalypse when aliens were rampant.

Even if it was just an instance, why should he acquiesce to such a sacrifice when it could be avoided?

Apart from the identity of NPCs, from Chi Ting’s perspective, they were no different from many humans. The instance might be restarted many times, but at least this time, he could protect it with his own power.

He didn’t have a Buddha’s heart to save all sentient beings, but he never hesitated to follow the original compassion of his heart.

“If I have to give a reason, it is that I don’t want to sacrifice these NPCs.” Chi Ting’s tone was calm when he gave an answer.

Yes, he didn’t want to.

For him, this was already the best answer.

Of course, Chi Ting knew that the players had many reasons to refute his perspective. For example, this was just an instance. For example, these so-called descendants of the heroes were just NPCs. For example, the entire instance would continue to restart after they cleared the level. For example, any choices they made in this instance wouldn’t leave any traces in the future…

There was no doubt that every reason was extremely convincing, but if he was asked, the final answer was, ‘I don’t want to.’

After a brief silence, someone couldn’t help raising a question.

The thoughts of these players were exactly what Chi Ting expected. It was understandable.

It was precisely because he knew it was impossible to persuade them with a few words that Chi Ting had no intention of wasting his words.

His experience led him to choose the simplest and crudest way. “I understand your words, but my choice won’t change. There is no need to try and convince me now. You just need to tell me if you are willing to support or reject it.”

In fact, except for critical moments when he had to be decisive, Chi Ting always gave people the impression of being kind and well-spoken. But the moment when these words were spoken, there was an inexplicable coldness that came from them.

This feeling reminded the players present of the threat when he was dismantling the slave collar in the hall downstairs. They exchanged looks with each other. Then when they looked at Chi Ting, there was already a hint of vigilance in their eyes.

Someone couldn’t help standing up and asking, “What will happen if we refuse? Do you want to repeat what you said downstairs about not asking for help if we are in danger due to the first choice?”

“There is no need to say the same thing a second time.” Chi Ting looked up and smiled slightly at the player. He didn’t wait for the other player to relax slightly from his attitude and instead continued speaking, “After all, no matter what, the final choice is destined to be choice two.”

The player was stunned for a moment. “Are you so certain?”

“The result can naturally be adjusted manually.” Chi Ting gently pushed back his hair and tied it up casually with a hair tie. His slow movements seemed to be preparing for something. “I can only blame this system for not being advanced enough and using a real-name voting mechanism. I just need to ensure that the number of people who support me is enough to exceed half the total number of people before the final results come out.”

He smiled at the other party. “There are now 21 people voting. Guess how many people will be left in the end to ensure balance?”

The moment he finished speaking, people realized the meaning behind his words and their expressions turned ugly.

Someone had already voted for ‘choice 1’ in advance. At this time, he trembled slightly and his tone raised slightly in disbelief. “You actually want to kill us for these NPCs?”

“It is a two-way street. In my opinion, you are human beings and these NPCs are human beings too. Since you can abandon them, why can’t I choose to abandon you?”

The moment Chi Ting slowly raised his eyes, his slender eyelashes lifted slightly and his demeanor of not smiling was cold due to the content of his words. “Of course, I don’t want it to be so unpleasant at the end. So aren’t I giving everyone the chance to make their own choices?”

He still had his usual expression that smiled at everyone, but there wasn’t the gentleness of the past. The cold killing intent that filled his face at this moment was enough for everyone to realize that this person wasn’t joking.

He would really kill them if the final choice was the first choice!

The players at the scene looked incredulous.

Wasn’t it crazy to play like this?!

Chi Ting turned a blind eye to these panicked gazes. He glanced at the statistics panel where three people had already selected ‘1’ and said slowly, “I will give you five minutes of thinking time before making a decision.”

“I don’t need to think about it. I support you, Brother Chi!” Huang Xinjue stood up directly at this time. Together with the players who had been saved by Chi Ting, he decisively voted for the second choice.

Chi Ting glanced at them in surprise before accepting it calmly.

Others still looked hesitant.

They obviously hadn’t expected Chi Ting’s attitude to be so firm. They exchanged looks with each other and hurriedly huddled together to discuss it in low voices.

Chi Ting gently scratched the base of his ear. He wasn’t in a hurry to get a result.

He looked up and met the gaze of a certain instigator.

Yue Ren was watching a good show with great interest. He obviously hadn’t expected that Chi Ting would choose such a simple and crude way of handling it. He gave a thumbs up from the distance and mouthed, ‘You, are, bluffing, people, again.’

Chi Ting slowly raised an eyebrow before looking away.

At this moment, a pink shadow flashed directly in front of him.

Ji Xingque had always supported his captain unconditionally. He had already voted for ‘choice 2’ at this time.

He looked around mysteriously to make sure that no one dared to come close. Then he glanced meaningfully at the man who was still looking over here in the distance. He lowered his voice and said, “Captain, are you doing this because of that Yue Ren?”

Chi Ting blinked slowly, slightly surprised by Ji Xingque’s sudden alert reaction. “How did you know?”

Based on his understanding of Ji Xingque’s mind, this player shouldn’t be so smart.

Ji Xingque saw that his guess had been confirmed and a trace of dismay flashed in his eyes.

Then he put on an expression that was hesitant to speak. He hesitated for a long time before saying, “But Captain, even if you do this, the other person might not appreciate your favor.”

Chi Ting disagreed. “I don’t expect him to appreciate it.”

Ji Xingque was originally in a complicated mood because of Chi Ting’s excessive protection of the NPCs. Now that he heard such an answer, the expression on his face became even more twisted.

Previously when they were in a team, everyone had guessed what type of person would be worthy of their captain in the future. They never expected that they wouldn’t find out before they died. Then after entering this unlimited world, he met the person they had been curious about for a long time and it would be like this.

It could be seen that their captain really loved this NPC.

But no matter how much he loved Yue Ren, this was an NPC after all. It was impossible for them to be happy!

Moreover, the instance was almost over at this time. No matter how happy the days here were, parting was already around the corner. Wasn’t this deep affection destined to be wasted?

The more Ji Xingque thought about it, the more moved he became. He burst out crying. “Captain, why are you doing this?”

Chi Ting listened to Ji Xingque’s increasingly wrong words and glanced at him strangely. “If you have nothing to do, you can help speed up the progress.”

Ji Xingque originally wanted to say something. Then after Chi Ting stared at him, his expression became serious. He quickly rubbed his face and put on a fierce expression. He walked toward the hesitant players with a fierce attitude.

Chi Ting looked at the little ponytail that was poking out behind this person’s head and slowly shook his head.

He noticed the movement behind him and asked directly without turning around, “Are you satisfied now?”

“Very satisfied.” Just listening to Yue Ren’s tone, he could imagine the smile on the man’s face. “It is rare for someone to protect me like this. It feels surprisingly good.”

The eloquent tone made Chi Ting finally shift his attention away from Ji Xingque, who was urging the votes. “It is just this time. It won’t be the same next time.”

Yue Ren didn’t seem to feel the indifference in this attitude at all and raised an eyebrow. “So callous? You were clearly enjoying it when bluffing people just now. Even I was a bit frightened by such heavy killing intent.”

“I wasn’t bluffing them.” Chi Ting met this person’s gaze. “It is just that if the final choice is the first one, the person who will act at that time isn’t me.”

Yue Ren laughed. “Don’t speak like I’m a psychopathic murderer.”

Chi Ting didn’t answer. He glanced at the voting statistics and stated, “There are enough people.”

During the entire voting process, Ji Xingque was naturally the first to vote unconditionally. The next ones to vote were Huang Xinjue and the others who were saved by Chi Ting. Add Chi Ting and there were already six votes. Due to the follow-up votes of several more people one after another, they finally exceeded half the votes.

At this time, the results of the vote came out and the next task content of ‘unsealing’ was additionally refreshed on the system panel.

The descendants of the heroes obviously hadn’t expected such a result. They hesitated to speak but still looked moved.

Some players were still reluctant, but at this time, they could only follow Chi Ting to the stage.

It could be seen that several grooves of different colors had appeared around the hero’s treasure chest. Everyone placed the treasure chests of different qualities that they had collected in the first stage in the corresponding positions.

The moment the last treasure chest was put in, the dazzling light that had been gathered in the center of the platform suddenly dispersed.

The rising beam of light directly broke through the top of the ancient castle, as if something had completely collapsed invisibly. Countless fragments of light filled every corner of the entire instance world in this way.

[The seal of the ancient city of Aleran has been broken. The power of the demons is about to awaken. The countdown is 60 seconds…]

The system notification appeared. The light that overflowed around them spread as if alive and slowly gathered around Chi Ting.

He slowly opened his palm and saw that the mottled fluorescent spots seemed to be integrated into his body bit by bit through his skin. Even his whole body seemed to be covered by a vague white light.

The subtle feeling that vaguely arose made Chi Ting curl his fingers instinctively.

He gently stroked the beads on his wrist and the vague resonance he felt made his eyes flicker slightly.

This was…

The surrounding players were also shrouded in the same light, but compared to that, they were obviously more concerned about the red light that entered their eyes when looking out the window.

It was like a fire that had been suppressed for a long time was being rekindled bit by bit.

Once the seal was lifted, this demon city was gradually recovering.

The silent night swallowed up the scattered golden light bit by bit, followed by a strong chill as if the last barrier was broken.

“It is them. This time, they are really going to wake up completely…”

Under the deep and hoarse voice of a descendant of the heroes, some players finally started to panic. “They’re coming, they’re coming. We really shouldn’t have chosen this path! It is the demons! The demons will kill us all!”

Chi Ting seemed oblivious to the chaos. He still maintained his posture as if he was studying his beautiful hands very seriously.

After repeated testing, he vaguely felt the recovery of his ability. The corners of his mouth finally curved up little by little.

So it was like this.

It seemed that without the seal, it wasn’t just the power of the demons that had been unlocked.

All of Ji Xingque’s ability was in strength. He was obviously aware of it at this time.

In the midst of the panic of the players, the loud and bright laughter was particularly clear. “Beautiful. It should’ve been unblocked a long time ago!”


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