PFRG: Chapter 4

Obviously, the situation where the NPCs ran out didn’t just happen to Chi Ting.

Due to all types of unexpected visits, the entire player group was very chaotic. The NPCs blocking the door blocked their only way out of the apartment. This made the area inside the closed door seem like a very suffocating space. This was followed by the confusion and suffocation of the subsequent exploration.

Chi Ting didn’t look at the situation outside the peephole, but he knew Gloria was outside.

It was very soft, but he could hear the little girl’s soft humming. The childish voice was like an invisible hand, strangely stirring a very sensitive part of his heart. It tried to evoke layers of trembling like an electric shock.

At this time, the benefits of the group chat were reflected. It wasn’t difficult to find out through the random exchange of messages by the players that even though the NPCs who shouldn’t appear on their floors came suddenly, they were at least very ‘polite’ in the aisle and didn’t break in.

It was just like Gloria at his door.

“It is really…” For a while, Chi Ting didn’t know what words to use to describe his current mood. Then according to his usual habit when encountering situations he couldn’t understand, he would often choose the most direct action of digging for clues.

He casually rubbed a handful of his long hair. Then he grabbed the door handle and pressed it hard, directly pushing open the door.

The still surging barrage paused with this action. They all expressed the same emotion. [F*k, is this newcomer so brave?]

Chi Ting’s action undoubtedly formed a stark contrast to the players huddled in their rooms in other live streams. Two pairs of eyes unexpectedly met, and Gloria’s humming of a nursery rhyme came to an abrupt end.

In the next second, a harmless smile appeared on her face. “I knew you must be at home, Brother. Now can you help me find my doll?”

Chi Ting was wearing a white shirt and leaned against the door with his arms crossed. At a glance, Chi Ting seemed to have a very natural and relaxed posture. But from a rear angle, they could clearly feel the tight muscle lines of his back.

His lowered eyes casually fell on Gloria. His soft smile covered the killing intent at the bottom of them. This was his usual defensive posture before hunting.

As long as the little girl in front of him showed the slightest restless movement, he didn’t mind using some of the means required to face alien species other than humans.

“So, what type of doll did you lose?” Chi Ting’s smile was full of kindness.

“Here, it is like this, but it is wearing different clothes.”

It wasn’t until Gloria raised her hand that Chi Ting could clearly see the appearance of the doll she was holding in her arms.

There was long black hair that passed the shoulder and a very decent gentleman’s white shirt. Even if the body size was reduced, one could feel the excellent, tall figure through the proportions of the suit pants.

Chi Ting’s eyes finally stopped on the choker around the doll’s neck. The reduced version of the stone hanging there was perfectly restored.

Gloria’s hand was tightly holding the doll’s throat. Chi Ting saw it immediately and seemed to feel a suffocating feeling of someone tightly grabbing his throat.

He instinctively reached out and gently stroked the choker on his neck. It felt a bit cold to the touch.

[F*k, Mom. I can’t see this. Every time I see this, my san value drops wildly.]

[I can be regarded as an old audience member who followed from the first group. I can only say that Gloria’s perverse has become more and more perverse since the first instance.]

[Didn’t that newcomer already reject her last time? I thought I could escape.]

[Didn’t you pay attention to the rules when a group started a few times ago? It is because of the rejection that the death became even more terrible.]

[So no matter what choice you make, it is death? Then it is extremely stupid to play it!]

[Don’t worry. I feel that this newcomer is quite calm. Continue to watch.]

Veterans who had experienced a few more instances knew that in the world of unlimited games, the most worrying thing was to completely lose their minds.

As long as one could remain calm, it meant there was still a possibility of finding a way to pass the level.

Chi Ting now looked quite calm.

He slowly squatted down in front of Gloria. His slow tone even sounded a bit deceitful. “So what does that different set of clothes look like?”

Gloria blurted out, “My doll is wearing a pale yellow skirt, has long hair, and a black and white polka-dot bow tied on her head.”

Chi Ting pondered on it for a moment. Then according to the description, a figure slowly emerged in his mind.

He reached out and took his phone from his pocket. “Wait a minute.”

[1202-Chi Ting: @1302-Xiang Xianwan, are you there?]

The player group was in chaos. This made the message sent by Chi Ting instantly disappear. He had to send another one.

This time, he finally got a reply from the other party.

[1302-Xiang Xianwan: Here! I’m here! Is there something going on downstairs?]

[1202-Chi Ting: Hello.]

[1202-Chi Ting: It isn’t anything serious.]

[1202-Chi Ting: I just want to ask. Is it convenient for you to take a selfie of yourself?]

[1302-Xiang Xianwan: ……?]

Other messages in the group also paused. Under such an untimely request, there was only a row of ellipses and question marks.

[1202-Chi Ting: I’ll explain the specific reason to you later. Is it convenient?]

[1302-Xiang Xianwan: …Wait.]

At Chi Ting’s insistence, the girl who lived on the 13th floor still sent a photo over.

Chi Ting saved the photo and showed it directly to Gloria. “Does your doll look like this?”

Gloria blinked innocently. The corners of her mouth moved up little by little, and she showed a very bright smile. “Yes, this is my doll. She is very beautiful.”

Due to the pronunciation, Chi Ting couldn’t tell for a moment if Gloria was saying ‘she’ or ‘it.” However, the eyes that fell on the photo seemed to be looking at a dead thing that belonged to her.

This feeling was undoubtedly very uncomfortable and made him frown slightly. His eyes fell on the doll in the other person’s hand that was exactly the same as his.

Throughout the whole day, all the players had been working hard to increase the favorability of the NPCs on the same floor.

If nothing else, Xiang Xianwan on the 13th floor should have a lot of contact with Gloria. In other words, she had the highest favorability value of Gloria.

Did the current situation mean that Gloria made an identical doll, or did she want to turn Xiang Xianwan into a real doll that belonged only to herself?

But no matter what it was, he always felt that human beings being coveted in this way made him feel very unpleasant…

It was just like those alien species who shouldn’t appear in his world.

Gloria was obviously becoming impatient with Chi Ting’s sudden long silence. She was about to say something but became completely stunned when she raised her eyes to meet the other person’s gaze.

It was still that seemingly kind smile, but no temperature could be captured at all in such a smile. Just as Gloria instinctively wanted to retreat, her instinctive evasion action was controlled by the force of a pull. In the next second, she was pulled forward two steps in the opposite direction by the force on her jaw.

Chi Ting pinched Gloria’s jaw like this and brought it forward. The two of them instantly got closer.

He stared directly into the girl’s eyes like this, and his tone was calm. “Sorry, I still can’t help it this time. I don’t know how the adults in your family educated you, but I think it is necessary for children to learn one truth. It is that…”

Gloria felt her hand become empty. She looked again and found that the doll in her hand had fallen into the other person’s hand.

The exact same clothing made the image of Chi Ting and the doll in the same frame look somewhat weird.

Then in the next second, Gloria’s expression completely cracked along with the ‘click’ sound.

The ‘Chi Ting doll’ fell apart into messy parts under the force. The man who was the instigator still looked at her with a smile and said the following words in an unhurried manner. “…Don’t try to play tricks, and ask for things that don’t belong to you. A naughty child can’t always be pampered by adults.”

The last words fell into her ears. It obviously didn’t have a tough attitude, but it made a distinct coolness shoot down people’s backs. “So, can you understand?”

Gloria: “……”

She had lived in the Love Apartment all year round. She had always been accustomed to the fear of others when facing her. She had never received the treatment of being threatened.

She instinctively shrank back. She tried her best to endure it out of stubbornness, but the teardrops that sprang up in the corners of Gloria’s eyes were still clearly captured in the live stream.

The ellipses filling the screen were the most realistic, psychological portrayal of all the viewers in the live stream room.

A moment later, the barrage completely exploded.

No, wasn’t there something wrong with this development?

What was going on with this big villain bullying an innocent little girl?

Which of the two of them was more dangerous?

Chi Ting didn’t seem to think that he had turned the script upside down. He casually threw the dismantled doll onto the sofa in his living room. He squinted, put his hands in his trouser pockets casually, and looked at the little girl who was obviously confused in front of him. “So, is there anything else I can help with tonight?”

Gloria was holding back the tears in her eyes, but she had obviously reacted. She stared straight at Chi Ting, her wide eyes scarlet.

However, apart from glaring at Chi Ting with anger, she obviously couldn’t do anything.

Chi Ting noticed that the other person’s favorability had jumped down fiercely to -50. He looked at the favorability bar that changed from white to orange and slowly raised an eyebrow.

He never missed Gloria’s every move. He confirmed that the other person had no intention of attacking and finally let go of the stone hanging from his collar that he was pinching.

Everything now proved that his speculation was correct.

Chi Ting didn’t know why Gloria came to him, but rules were the most important thing in this instance world. It meant that Gloria, an NPC, couldn’t do anything to him without obviously violating the rules of the game.

—Can’t, be, angry, any, longer.

It could only be said that the curvature of Chi Ting’s mouth was too obvious at this moment. Once she felt the more obvious provocation, Gloria’s expression became ferocious and frantic.

[…I really feel like the NPC is going to explode.]

[You are right. I even had a vision of anger exploding as a mushroom cloud over Gloria’s head just now.]

[Who would’ve thought that I would one day have affection for NPCs?]

[But how does this newcomer know it is still the safe period?]

[No matter what he knows, is he really not worried about that one at all? Look at the time…]

[F*k, it is true! What is this newcomer still doing there? Go back in quickly!]

Naturally, the content of the barrage couldn’t be seen in the instance. Even so, to the satisfaction of the audience and players, Chi Ting obviously didn’t seem to have the intention of continuing to play with Gloria. He confirmed the information he wanted and was ready to return to his house.

However, at this time, the sound of the elevator suddenly spread through the empty space.

Chi Ting realized that Gloria’s angry expression turned into a bleak panic in an instant. He looked up suspiciously. What fell into his field of view were numbers that kept rising one after another. It looked strange under the dim light.

1, 2, 3….

6, 7… 9, 10…

He couldn’t see the screen full of ‘run’ in the live stream room, but Chi Ting’s keen intuition made him take a calm step back. His hand was already placed on the door, and his eyes were always in the direction of the elevator.

The moment he sensed any danger, he wouldn’t hesitate to shut Gloria out the door and retreat to the apartment.


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