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PFRG: Chapter 38 Part 2

At the current pace, there were three low-level and four intermediate chests left before the main task line was completed.

Considering that they were still burdened with the debt from the contract station, Chi Ting completed the two intermediate treasure chests collection task and also paid off the credit bill. Even so, there were still many teams that hadn’t returned from their tasks when they went to the agreed upon place to gather.

Except for Ji Xingque, who was in charge of the intermediate treasure chest task, there was only one low-level task team waiting at the fountain square. Chi Ting had nothing to do and strolled around casually.

Yue Ren also followed. He naturally knew that the instance rewards would be settled according to the level of contribution, but he still disagreed with Chi Ting’s humility. “I think it might be faster if we solve all the tasks ourselves. Even if you consider that they want to receive more rewards, they might not accept your favor after leaving the instance.”

“It doesn’t matter. I don’t want them to appreciate it.:”

Chi Ting had the same indifferent attitude as always. He was calm and uncomplicated.

It could be seen that he really didn’t care about these things. At this moment, he stood in the middle of the fountain square The dappled sunlight hit him at the angle of raising his head. He looked at the cross statue on the bell tower in the distance and slowly squinted. “Do you think the heroes’ treasure really exists?”

He always felt that there was a problem with the daily task. He checked with Ji Xingque and realized that even though other people’s daily tasks seemed simply and easy to complete, they were more or less related to the stories of the heroes of the ancient city in the past.

It was just like the images engraved in his mind when he was making the copies. The city seemed to be trying to make the explorers have a greater yearning for treasure. It even made them pathological, blind and reckless in their pursuit for treasure.

During the smooth progress of the main task, Chi Ting could feel that many players had started to look forward to the end of the instance.

Regarding this treasure of the heroes, every word in the conversations between players revealed a type of extravagant hope that far exceeded expectations. As some people were chatting, they once hoped that finding the treasure would give them an opportunity to leave this unlimited world.

Unknowingly, everyone developed the dream of becoming a hero.

Countless images flashed in his mind. Chi Ting could feel that the story of the heroes in his ‘memory’ was repeating over and over again. Instead of becoming blurry, it became more and more real. It was so real that it was as if it really appeared in his life.

The more accessible it was, the more it gave people the urge to have it.

It wasn’t until Yue Ren patted his shoulder and he looked down at the fountain that Chi Ting noticed the cross pattern was quietly spreading in his eyes again.

He frowned slightly.

In the silence, he heard Yue Ren’s answer. “I don’t know if it exists, but if it is real, I’m afraid it isn’t a good thing.”

Chi Ting looked back at Yue Ren. He paused for a moment before smiling. “Indeed, I think so too.”

Then a ‘ding dong’ sound appeared in the minds of the two of them in unison.

They glanced at each other. Then they saw the system notification that the main task was completed at this stage. The main task line was officially updated.

[(New) Main task at this stage: The hearts of the heroes in the ancient city of Aleran have resonated. The gate to enter Redka Castle is about to open.

Dear explorers, please accept the call from the heroes and find the long lost treasure of the braves!]

[Group task: Find the treasure of the heroes (0/1).]

News of the opening of the second stage of the instance spread quickly. Once the last group of players gathered after completing the collection of the low-level treasure chest, Huang Xinjue’s group also hurried from the hotel.

They had been treated and Huang Xinjue’s complexion was obviously much better. When he saw everyone in the distance, he called out ‘Brother Chi.’ Then he quickly followed Chi Ting.

Zeng Yan: “……”

They hadn’t seen each other for just one night. Why was this person suddenly acting so naturally?

Redka Castle was located on the hill behind the ancient city. If they looked up from almost anywhere in the city, they could see the majestic building with a long history.

Everyone could always see it from time to time during every task. It naturally wasn’t difficult to find it.

The terror of several nights had already made the players physically and mentally exhausted. No one wanted to stay in the city any longer. Thus, they officially set off for the hill after gathering.

After a long journey, the group finally stood at the gate of the castle before the sun set.

However, everyone’s faces were a bit more solemn rather than sighing with relief.

Someone hesitantly asked. “Are we… really going in like this?”

It was completely different from the feeling when looking from a distance in the ancient city. Under close observation, the existence of Redka Castle was obviously more majestic.

The thick walls were covered with dense thorns. The cold sense of age barely contained a trace of personality.

Since it had been uninhabited for so many year, the majesty building stood in front of everyone, and the shadow it cast completely enveloped people with a strong sense of oppression. Their footsteps were as heavy as lead.

No matter which angle they looked at it from, there was at least some fireworks inside the ancient city.

As for this castle, it looked more like a haunted house in disrepair.

There was silence for a long time and no one responded.

Ji Xingque finally couldn’t help letting out a ‘tsk’ and walked directly to the castle. He kicked neatly in the direction of the gate.

The ground shook with a loud noise.

Due to the years of disrepair, the sharp friction sound cut through the surrounding silence like a sharp blade. The players covered their ears one after another.

Ji Xingque stood at the gate but was unmoved. He glanced at the dark interior of the castle and said quite enthusiastically, “What are we doing here? Let’s go in and take a look first.”

The players: “……”

Was this the problem?

For a long time, no one moved.

It was clear that no one wanted to go first in this unknown environment.

“Are you sure you want to go in first?” Chi Ting’s words broke the silence.

Ji Xingque was stunned for a moment when he heard this. He finally remembered the cruel reality of his restricted abilities. He smiled and obediently made a ‘please’ action. “Captain, then you come.”

Chi Ting raised his eyes and walked past Ji Xingque in a leisurely manner. Yue Ren followed him with a calm expression, followed closely by Huang Xinjue’s group.

Seeing them enter the castle with such swagger, the remaining people exchanged looks with each other. They felt a slight chill running down their spines in the old forest of the deep mountains, so they immediately followed.

The moment everyone walked it, the dim castle hall suddenly lit up as if they sensed it.

There were gasps from all around.

Chi Ting’s expression was blank. He glanced around and his eyes were first attracted by the surrounding walls.

The pictures above seemed to be…

Before he could delve into it, someone suddenly exclaimed, “Look outside the door!”

These words came out and there was a flurry of curses one after another.

Chi Ting turned his head to look and finally understood the panic of the others.

Once they went up the mountain, it was clear that there were only players. At this moment, there were densely packed figures standing outside the castle gate.

At a glance, there were many people present whom they had seem before. It included the owner of the contract station, the staff of the arena and the employees of the hotel…

Tall or thin, old or young—the NPCs who were all residents of the ancient city gathered outside the castle and looked at them strangely.

In stark contrast to the previous amiable expressions, there was an almost wild joy on their faces as they greedily stared at the players standing in the hall. Their expressions were full of uncontrollable, morbid distortions due to excessive anticipation.

There was silence all around them.

The players subconsciously hugged each other and held their breaths.

Then they watched as the residents outside the door started to make a very strange gesture. They slowly and devoutly gathered around the gate of the castle and knelt down.

“Dear heroes, I am waiting for you to bring the treasure back.”

“Dear heroes, I am waiting for you to bring the treasure back.”

“Dear heroes…”

Voices from far away or near came from the crowd, without any fluctuations in their tone.

The residents’ slightly raised heads seemed to be anticipation the arrival of the gods.

The ancient and mysterious ritual gave the scene an unspeakable weirdness.

“They can’t seem to get in here,” someone hesitantly said.

Hearing this, everyone stared at the door.

As expected, none of the residents dared to touch the thorns that fell beside them during the pious ritual.

They exchanged looks. Someone had the courage to step forward to test it, but they were dragged back.

The person who stopped this reckless man was Huang Xinjue. But his gaze wasn’t on the door this time. He was looking at the wall next to him in a fixed manner. His tone was a bit distorted due to extreme horror. “Look at the wall. The paintings on the wall are moving…”

These were the murals that Chi Ting first noticed.

Ancient and mysterious, but each of the above descriptions was familiar.

It was the legend of the heroes that repeated again and again in his mind.

He heard the sound and looked up. Then Chi Ting felt that the field of view in front of him was gradually distorting along with these pictures. In his ears, the murmurs of the residents became distant yet near, as if there was an invisible force pulling at his mind.

The moment countless amounts of information poured in, the blood in his eyes started to spread wildly around him like a spider web. There was a force pulling at him. Just like this, it was going to drag him down toward the abyss.

At this moment, a chill suddenly and clearly enveloped his wrist.

Chi Ting suddenly looked back and saw the familiar figure in black clothes and black hair in the midst of the chaotic images.

Before his mind could return, he was suddenly pulled by a force and slammed straight into a broad and strong chest.


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