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PFRG: Chapter 37

Lost Treasure (15)

The camera switched to Chi Ting’s live stream room. The picture showed the strange effect of a mosaic covering most of the screen because of two figures entangled together.

Even so, the blurred figures and Chi Ting’s reaction were enough for the audience in the live stream room to realize what happened.

There obviously weren’t many people. As the barrage was covered in question marks and exclamation marks, it had the effect of tens of thousands of people.

[F*k f*k f*k, what is this? What are they doing? Is it what I think it is?]

[??? I’m here to see the bigshot, not to see this type of thing?]

[This is a horror instance, right? What is going on with this NPC? Is he lustful?]

[I just jumped from next door. Who can tell me what happened? This this this, is this content suitable for live streaming?]

[D*mn, I’m covering my eyes while watching. Who knows, the mosaic gives me more room for imagination.]

[F*k, if I hadn’t seen what happened when he saved people just now, I would’ve almost ignored it and reported the streamer!]

[But is it really a bit… (can this be said?)]

Chi Ting was unaware of the widespread associations in the live stream room.

This excessively deep and long kiss made his breathing quicken a bit. The moment he heard such words that sounded like a smile but not a smile, he glanced at Yue Ren and knew that this person had finally woken up.

Unceremoniously, he put his hand on the other person’s chest and pushed him away. “Next time you ask for help, at least ask for a better attitude.”

As he spoke, he lowered his eyes in a gesture and glanced at the dark shadows that were still wrapped around his waist.

Yue Ren raised his eyes, which were still full of lust. He instantly took the shadows back to his feet. Then he smiled silently and noncommittally at what Chi Ting said.

Along the way, Yue Ren had used his last bit of reason to find this person.

If he hadn’t obtained that sip of blood at the critical moment, he would’ve been overwhelmed by the demon blood surging in his body.

Sometimes, Yue Ren couldn’t understand how Chi Ting’s intuition could be so sharp. With just one glance, Chi Ting could directly see through the dangerous state where Yue Ren was on the verge of breaking the critical line and could collapse at any time.

He lowered his eyes slightly and glanced at the blood that remained on the side of Chi Ting’s mouth.

Such a picture was like a blooming rose.

A faint smile appeared on Yue Ren’s face. “Okay, I’ll pay attention next time—be gentler.”

The moment these words emerged, he took two shallow steps back like he predicted it, avoiding Chi Ting’s angry kick. He raised an eyebrow slightly and said, “I apologize. I really know I was wrong.”

Chi Ting touched his broken lips.

In any case, it wasn’t the first time they kissed. It didn’t matter who took advantage of whom. He just suspected that this man was really a dog who knew how to bite.

However, Chi Ting’s thoughts always came and went quickly. He only hesitated for a moment before turning and walking into the house, “Tell me what happened at night.”

Yue Ren also stepped in and followed suit.

It was also at this time that he looked up and saw that everyone in the room was looking at him.

Yue Ren’s eyes visibly darkened. “Who are these people?”

At this time, the demon blood in his body hadn’t stopped screaming. He was already pushed to the critical line. He only had a mouthful of Chi Ting’s blood to sustain his life, allowing him to retain the last trace of sanity on the edge of madness. No matter whether this string needed to be tightened or not, it could be said that it all depended on his own wishes.

It was just like now.

He discovered that he and Chi Ting weren’t the only ones in the room and was displeased. The vicious killing intent shown by Yue Ren at this moment filled every corner around him in an instant.

Under such pressure, Huang Xinjue and the others felt as if a hand was tightly restraining their throats.

The scene of the employee NPC trying to escape like a ghost was still vivid in their minds. At this moment, they couldn’t wait to pierce their eyes out at the 18+ forbidden scene they just witnessed in order to express their loyalty.

A night of torture had already made several players exhausted. After being glanced at by Yue Ren like this, their hearts were filled with excitement when watching the passionate and deep kiss between the two of them. Now the premonition that they might be killed and silenced was real.

Out of physiological instinct, he suddenly shed several rows of tears in unison. “Brother… Brother Chi!”

Of course, Chi Ting knew how scary Yue Ren was when on the verge of losing control. He reached out and grabbed the corners of his clothes, pulling this person two steps towards him. “It wasn’t very peaceful tonight. I only managed to rescue these people when I heard the calls for help. It wasn’t easy for me to finally find some sense of substitution. It doesn’t matter if there is no one in front of me and I can’t help, but don’t scare people to death and make my work in vain.”

“Call for help? The one chasing them is…” Yue Ren turned around and finally saw the figures locked outside the iron prison. His eyes glanced over the familiar binding techniques, his expression intrigued. “These few look like demons. You actually brought them back?”

It could be seen that the slaves were obviously suppressed.

They had demon blood flowing through their bodies, but after Yue Ren appeared, the struggling slaves before were instinctively as quiet as chickens.

Chi Ting also noticed this. A hint of surprise flashed in his eyes.

He saw that Yue Ren was still staring straight over there, and suddenly figured out some of the man’s thoughts. “Don’t worry, I tied them up outside. They didn’t stain your iron prison.”

Yue Ren stated, “But you tied them up.”

“What?” Chi Ting couldn’t hear clearly for a moment.

“It’s nothing. I mean, thank you for your thoughtfulness,” Yue Ren said. He took two steps forward and crouched down in front of the slaves.

with his actions, it could be seen that the monsters, who already looked like demons, took two steps back. They urgently hit the iron bars, making a chaotic knocking sound.

Their survival instinct in the face of danger suddenly surpassed the strong desire from the demon blood in these salves.

Huang Xinjue, who almost died at the hands of these slaves: “……”

D*m, where did the fierce air when they were chasing him go? Now they pretended to be weak and easily defeated. They bullied the weak and feared the strong. Were they two-faced?

Chi Ting was also very curious about the reaction of these slaves. As he observed, he discussed it with Yue Ren, “Sure enough, the situation is similar to those who defended the arena. They haven’t dropped below 20% in human content and their human instinct is still very obvious.”

This type of attitude of researching a guinea pig was actually a bit colder than him in some aspects. Yue Ren instinctively glanced at Chi Ting before turning to look at the players. “How many days have you hosted your slave at the hotel?”

Huang Xinjue felt a chill go down his spine. The extremely uncomfortable feeling made him tremble before he asked, “Huh?”

Yue Ren obviously didn’t have much patience. His eyebrows instantly furrowed. “Entrusting the slave to the hotel.”

Huang Xinjue’s heart skipped a beat. “T-Three days! From the fourth day onwards, five intermediate treasure chests needed to be handed in, so we… we didn’t continue to leave them to the hotel.”

Yue Ren inexplicably laughed. “You were really lucky to be able to survive until tonight.”

Chi Ting was keenly aware of the meaning behind his words. “Is there a problem with the hosting?”

Yue Ren said slowly, “To be precise, there is a big problem.”

The bloodstains on his body looked shocking, but they obviously didn’t belong to him.

At this time, he stood up from his crouching position and walked slowly to the sofa to sit down. He didn’t give the slightest glance to the players beside him who were trying to stay away from him.

He turned slightly sideways and raised a hand to support his chin. Yue Ren’s eyes fell on Chi Ting from beginning to end. “Aren’t you curious about what happened at night? I will tell you.”

Chi Ting also sat down on the other sofa.

Yue Ren was very satisfied with Chi Ting’s attitude of listening attentively. “To put it simply, after this hotel received the hosting application for the slave, they didn’t provide us with delicious food and drinks. Instead, they deliberately created an environment and built a mini arena in the basement to satisfy the desire to kill after the demon blood is awakened.”

Speaking of this, he paused for a moment before continuing slowly, “Seeing that they are so impatient for us slaves to become demons, I kindly satisfied them.”

According to the different human content of each slave, Chi Ting could basically deduce that the attrition from the adventure projects and the bloodline awakening period after 8 o’clock in the evening would have a certain impact on the demon transformation.

He originally thought that according to the normal settings of the instance, the hosting mode would be a way to slow down the awakening of the bloodline after 8 o’clock. Now that he heard this, he found that the hotel staff were actually secretly promoting the progress of the demon transformation.

In this way, people like Huang Xinjue and the others, who continued to choose hotel hosting for peace of mind at night, would actually make their slaves become demons faster. They pushed themselves step by step into the fangs of death.

Chi Ting looked up. “So the state you were in when you came back tonight was because…”

“I’m sorry. I did go a bit crazy with some killings. I regret this.” Yue Ren’s expression was very innocent as he said this. “Originally, I could probably guess that too much killing might bring out the demon side. I was even more excited, but the way that the people in the hotel look at night doesn’t fit my taste. They ignorantly stopped me from coming back to find you, so I accidentally cleared the place.”

Chi Ting: “……”

He thought back to the employee’s reaction when she heard the notification on the walkie-talkie. He could imagine what type of bloody wind was hidden behind such an understatement.

Even though he knew that the killing god Yue Ren would never suffer any loss, Chi Ting couldn’t help reminding him, “Don’t do this next time. Your state is very dangerous.”

As he spoke, the image of this man walking out of the darkness with killing intent appeared in his mind. But at that moment, he vaguely felt that the person standing in front of him was a demon.

Yue Ren’s eyes twitched a bit. It was obvious that such concern was really useful to him. “Okay, I must always be by your side obediently. I won’t go anywhere.”

Chi Ting thought for a moment and didn’t say anything else.

In fact, he could feel that compared to when he first entered the instance, the human content of Yue Ren had indeed decreased significantly.

He could only hope that this was just because of the identity setting. This way, Yue Ren could return to his original state after leaving the instance. It wasn’t very high, but at least Yue Ren could barely be treated as a normal human being.

Chi Ting glanced over at Yue Ren and sighed. “I’m tired. Let’s go to bed first.”

Overall, the amount of information he gained today was pretty good.

If the changed appearance of the employee in the evening had caused some speculation, the so-called ‘hosting’ was enough to confirm that there was indeed a problem with the residents of this city.

The slaves were said to be descendants of demons, but in fact, the NPCs in the faction looked like they were fighting against the demon blood that wanted to be awakened.

In this way, the city known as the city of heroes itself might be even more problematic.

Either way, he should be able to find out soon after collecting the remaining chests tomorrow and moving onto the next stage.

Chi Ting thought of this and turned around. He rummaged for a change of clothes from the closet, wanting to take a shower and go to bed.

He turned around and saw that everyone else was staring at him with wide eyes. He became slightly stunned. “You aren’t sleeping?”

Yue Ren calmly pointed to the group of players huddled in the corner, still not moving a step. “How can so many people sleep here?”

Huang Xinjue was very discerning. “Don’t worry about us. We can just make do here for one night.”

Yue Ren let out a low ‘oh’ sound and pointed to the slaves, who were still locked over there. “What about them?”

In this situation tonight, it was indeed a bit inappropriate to let Yue Ren sleep in the iron prison.

However, Chi Ting always felt that this person’s words had a clear meaning. He simply stopped beating around the bush and said, “You can decide how you want to sleep.”

Yue Ren’s mouth curved up slightly. “I think this bed is actually quite big.”

He knew that this person wasn’t willing to suffer even the slightest loss.

Chi Ting wasn’t a squeamish person to begin with. He was indeed the one who brought all these people back to the room. He had the attitude of being responsible for everyone, so he felt it was really necessary to coax someone so they were compatible.

He thought about it for a moment before waving his hand. “Okay, let’s sleep together at night. But you are covered in blood. You have to take a shower before you go to bed.”

Yue Ren blinked with satisfaction. “Of course, I will make sure to wash it thoroughly.”

Chi Ting always felt as if something was wrong, but he couldn’t figure it out. He glanced at Yue Ren, turned around, and walked into the bathroom with the change of clothes.

Soon, the clear sound of water was heard.

Yue Ren stood there for a while. He lowered his eyes and scanned the mottled bloodstains on his body. He looked at some existences that shouldn’t have appeared in the room, and his tone was clearly a bit lower than when he faced Chi Ting. “Still watching?”


The moment he said this, the players and slaves felt a chill go down their spins. They turned their backs in unison.

Chi Ting came out of the shower, and what fell into his eyes was the extremely quiet scene.

He just felt that everyone was tired at night and didn’t think much about it. He just found a set of clothes and threw them to Yue Ren, signaling for him to take a shower quickly. Then he lay down comfortably on his soft bed.

Chi Ting’s sleep quality had always been good. He only vaguely realized it after Yue Ren came out of the shower.

He felt the bed next to him sinking down slightly. He turned over without opening his eyes and continued to sleep deeply.

Vaguely, the person next to him moved toward his side, and Chi Ting slowly licked his bitten lips.

There seemed to be something watching him in the night, but there was no hint of a threat in the gaze. He soon fell asleep in a relaxed manner.

[F*k, what is this? Kissing and sleeping together. Are they really in the same instance as the person next door?]

[+1. If it wasn’t for the previous discussion and analysis, I would still be doubting life now.]

[I stayed in this live stream room and almost forgot what this live stream was about.]

[Then sleeping together? What nonsense!]

[But is the one next to him the slave? Is this a bug or something? We are restricted from watching NPCs?]

[…Just looking at this scene, he is really sleeping so soundly. He actually fell asleep.]

[No, my points are going. I really can’t watch it any longer. I’ll withdraw first.”

In the night, there were fewer barrages in the live stream room. Everything gradually fell into calm.

This was until the next morning when Ji Xingque’s loud voice from outside the door was accompanied by a knock on the door.

“Captain! Captain, are you awake?”

Chi Ting opened his eyes in a daze. He was about to get up, but he suddenly reached out and touched something next to him. Then he remembered that there was someone sleeping on the bed.

He patted the person gently. He closed his eyes again as he said, “Go and open the door.”

Yue Ren sat up from the bed. He raised an eyebrow playfully when he saw Chi Ting turning around to go back to sleep after speaking.

The moment he looked up, he saw several players looking at them from the corner. Without saying anything, he directly lifted the quilt and got out of bed. As he got to the door, he didn’t forget to slowly unbutton his collar.

“What do you want with your captain?”

The moment the door opened, Ji Xingque heard this sentence before he could say hello. Then he noticed that the person who opened the door wasn’t their captain.

The expression on Ji Xingque’s face subtly stiffened for a moment.

He looked sideways, and his eyes passed over Yue Ren. He glimpsed the figure still on the bed.

He looked at Yue Ren’s disheveled appearance and then looked at the quilt, which was still in the same shape as when it was lifted. In just a few seconds, countless images containing mosaics rushed through Ji Xingque’s mind. In the end, what was left was muffled thunder that continued to explode in his mind.

This, this, this… did he actually attack an NPC in the instance?

Sure enough, lust made people dizzy.

Captain, you are confused!


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