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PFRG: Chapter 36 Part 2

Chi Ting felt Huang Xinjue’s confusion. Just as he was about to explain, he heard chaos in the corridor outside again.

He blinked. Then he immediately skillfully removed another chain and held it. “Wait here. I will save a few more people and will be back soon.”

Huang Xinjue opened his mouth and was about to say something. Before he could open his mouth to stop this person, he saw that Chi Ting had once again rushed out the door. All his words were completely choked up.

Was it his illusion?

Why did it feel like he caught a hint of excitement from Brother Chi’s face at that moment?

Huang Xinjue suspected that he had lost too much blood and his brain was even more confused due to excessive blood loss. Once he raised his head, he met the murderous eyes of his slave. His whole body trembled slightly. He immediately shrank even more into the corner. He eagerly started to look forward to the door opening again.

Woo, Brother Chi, come back quickly. I really can’t bear it alone!

Fortunately, Chi Ting always worked neatly. Soon, he tied up the slaves again and led two lost players back to the room.

The two of them had been following Huang Xinjue all this time, acting together since entering the instance. They could be regarded as having feelings for each other. Once they saw Huang Xinjue covered in blood in the corner, they immediately hugged each other and cried bitterly.

Chi Ting also tied the two newly captured slaves outside the iron prison. Looking back, he felt that the scene in front of him was more troublesome than saving people.

Fortunately, Huang Xinjue was tired of crying. He finally remembered what was going on. He looked at Chi Ting with a white face. “Brother Chi, what are you going to do next?”

Seeing that they had finally stopped crying, Chi Ting sighed with relief and asked, “What should I do?”

“We violated the rules. We went out after 8 o’clock, which broke the curfew mentioned in the fourth rule. I just don’t know what type of punishment we will face.” Huang Xinjue’s voice became softer and softer. Finally, he asked uncertainly, “Brother Chi, didn’t you think about this when you went out to save us?”

“Oh, that.” Of course, Chi Ting remembered the curfew.

However, based on the movement he heard the night before, he could roughly tell that the internal rules of this instance were also handled by the NPCs in this instance.

Chi Ting had originally thought about finding out what those things were hiding in the darkness at night, so he took advantage of today’s opportunity to save people, asking the other party to come to the door. This meant he wasn’t panicked at all. “No need to prepare for this. Just wait for them to come to us.”

If this had happened before, Huang Xinjue would’ve complained heavily about Chi Ting putting on a pretense. But at this moment, the person in front of him seemed to be wearing the shining golden character of ‘savior.’ He just felt the demeanor of a bigshot after hearing these words.

Sure enough, strength was always the greatest confidence in any instance!

Huang Xinjue and the others thought of this and felt their backs straighten slightly.

Before they could muster up their courage, movement surged outside again. They suddenly shrank back into the corner and trembled.

“A-Are they coming?” One of the players opened his mouth and found that he was unknowingly crying.

Huang Xinjue also looked mournful.

He did bleed a bit too much today and he couldn’t use items in this instance. If he continued to struggle, he doubted that he would die even without the help of these monsters.

“Probably not.” Chi Ting could hear that the noise outside seemed to be coming from downstairs. However, if the explorer NPCs were in danger, they didn’t make any cries for help.

In such a chaotic range, the number of people seemed quite considerable.

The silence of the night added to the eerie atmosphere.

Inexplicably, a figure flashed through Chi Ting’s mind.

Chi Ting was silent for a moment due to the sudden idea. “……”

No way?

Just as he was hesitating over whether to go downstairs to take a look or not, the downstairs of the hotel became completely quiet again.

Soon, faint footsteps finally sounded in the corridor outside.

But at this time, unlike the hurried escape of the few players he heard before, the people outside were moving very rhythmically. Their pace seemed orderly.

Eventually, the footsteps stopped at the door of their room.

There were a few knocks on the door. A clear and stiff female voice without any fluctuations was heard, “Dear guest, we have received a complaint that you left the room after 8 o’clock and disturbed other people’s rest. Can you please come with us to verify it? Dear guest, we have received…”

The words that were repeated like dead things echoed in the air over and over again, causing Huang Xinjue and the others to exchange looks with each other. Their expressions became ugly to the naked eye.

Chi Ting slightly raised an eyebrow.

8 o’clock was the curfew and it was forbidden to go out, but the hotel’s service staff were able to continue moving freely.

So was the rule itself only for foreign explorers?

This was a lot of fun.

The corners of Chi Ting’s mouth curled up slightly. He pressed the handle and pushed it open. The employee standing outside the door completely came into view.


Behind him, the sound of several players instinctively taking a breath was heard.

Chi Ting’s demeanor didn’t change too much.

The employee was indeed wearing a hotel uniform, but at this moment, he could only identify the front desk staff he had met before with the pink hairpin on her head.

The fair skin during the day completely dried up. The skin of her face was wrapped around her bones, causing it to look strangely uneven at first glance.

This look made Chi Ting easily think of the guards he had seen in the arena before. In comparison, the employee in front of him clearly still had a sense of reason. She looked at Chi Ting and didn’t forget to smile politely. “Dear guest, please come with us to verify it.”

Her posture remained motionless. Only the pupils of her eye sockets moved strangely to the side. Her gaze passed over Chi Ting toward the players behind him. “These people, please come too.”

Every sentence was said politely, but when it fell into their ears, it was enough to inspire a chill from deep inside them.

Several players were silent. They didn’t dare to come out in this atmosphere.

Chi Ting stopped at the door and didn’t move.

He continued to examine the employee’s current appearance. In the process of thinking, his slender fingers habitually rubbed the strange stone on his chest. He tapped it slowly again and again.

So, was this the secret of this city?

Perhaps such a gaze was too explicit. A trance of embarrassed anger gradually appeared on the employee’s stiff face. “Dear guest, please…”

Chi Ting interrupted her first. “What if I don’t go?”

She obviously hadn’t expected to get such an answer. The employee was stunned for a moment and vicious ridicule appeared in his eyes. “Please abide by the rules and regulations of our city. If you don’t cooperate, the bodyguards in our hotel might not be as easy to talk to as me…”

Chi Ting was still standing there with an eyebrow slightly raised, wanting to see what tricks this NPC could pull off. Unexpectedly, before her words could be finished, the employee’s face suddenly changed. It was completely covered by a look of fright.

It had to be said that with the employee’s current appearance, her frightened appearance made her look more terrifying than before.

At this moment, she seemed to have seen an extremely frightening existence. She heard the signal coming from the intercom and no longer had time to pay attention to Chi Ting. Her first reaction was to turn around and run away in embarrassment.

Unfortunately, before she could turn around, the shadows rushing out of the darkness had already circled her feet.

The employee let out a piercing scream and twisted and struggled. This made her face look more ferocious and terrifying.

However, this struggle only left deep scars between her legs. She was roughly dragged all the way into the complete darkness.

“……” Chi Ting finally realized that the lights in the corridor had dimmed at some point. In the dark corner, there was the sound of something being torn apart. Since he couldn’t see it clearly, it became more intense and creepy.

Chi Ting looked up in the direction where the employee disappeared. He stood calmly in place for a while, only to finally see a tall figure emerging from the darkness of the corner step by step.

At the same time, his eyes fell on crazy black shadows that appeared from the darkness along with the man.

Chi Ting lowered his eyes slightly and didn’t move.

Just like this, he watched as the shadows spread to his side with lightning speed and circled around his feet.’

Behind him, Huang Xinjue and the others screamed uncontrollably at the unexpected incident. Then the next moment, they were completely silenced by the huge coercion that fell over them.

This was also the first time that Chi Ting had felt such strong killing intent from this man.

He glanced at the black shadow tentacles around him that seemed ready to destroy everything. Then he returned his gaze to Yue Ren, who was already walking toward him.

The blood-stained appearance of the other person confirmed all his previous speculations.

Chi Ting sighed softly. “The mess downstairs was really done by you…”

Unknowingly, the shadows around the soles of his feet had spread upwards, tightly wrapping around his muscles.

Chi Ting seemed completely undecided as he stared into the other person’s eyes.

He captured the crazy desires surging in Yue Ren’s eyes and reached out to gently raise Yue Ren’s chin. He wiped away the blood stains on the side of Yue Ren’s face with his fingertips. “So Yue Ren, do you still remember who I am?”

Yue Ren’s current chaotic state was even worse than the previous day. This allowed Chi Ting to confirm that something must’ve happened during the custody period. But before figuring that out, it was more important to ensure that Yue Ren had retained at least a trace of reason. Otherwise, the situation might become quite difficult.

After all, this man’s existence was much more terrifying than those monster NPCs.

However, Chi Ting didn’t receive any reply.

The moment these words came out, the surroundings fell into a deathly silence.

Chi Ting saw that the madness in Yue Ren’s eyes was getting deeper and deeper. He frowned and asked again, “In other words, what do you need me to do now?”

The current situation forced Chi Ting to consider whether to do it again like he did the night before.

Just as he was thinking this, he felt a sudden darkness in front of him.

“Blood… give me.”

There was unconcealed desire in Yue Ren’s hoarse voice. At the same time, he slammed Chi Ting against the wall and a predatory kiss fell.

Before Chi Ting could sigh with relief at this response, his pupils widened slightly at this movement.

He felt the strong taste of blood in his mouth the moment his lips were bitten.

In the next second, this taste was sucked up bit by bit by the man in front of him in a greedy and predatory manner.

As if this wasn’t enough, Yue Ren licked every inch of Chi Ting’s lips before letting go in an unsatisfied manner.

The madness in his eyes finally dissipated a bit along with the taste of blood in his mouth.

In a clearly sober state, he stared directly at Chi Ting and the corners of his mouth curved up with a touch of satisfaction. “Good evening, Master. I am back.”


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