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PFRG: Chapter 36 Part 1

Lost Treasure (14)

The panicked knock at the door spread through every corner of the corridor.

However, apart from heavy gasps, there was only silence on this floor.

Heart-wrenching cries for help echoed in the deep darkness of the night, but the only response was the coldly closed door of the room.

No one was willing to take the risk of violating the 8 o’clock curfew rule in the instance when they were unable to protect themselves.

They would just catch on fire themselves.

Before this, Huang Xinjue was also one of those players who refused to save others.

For several nights, he hid in his room and turned a deaf ear to the cries outside. He even laughed at the naive players who asked for help. In this instance, everyone was too busy taking care of themselves. There was no extra kindness left to care about the lives of others.

Now he had become those ‘naive’ players. He knocked on the door one by one, just hoping that someone was willing to let him in, even if it was just a crack in the door.

Click, click.

At the other end of the hallway, the sound of light and heavy footsteps seemed like a fatal signal that was gradually approaching.

Huang Xinjue had been stabbed in the chest. Fortunately, his heart wasn’t heart. However, the bubbling blood had completely stained his clothes.

At this moment, just a small movement was enough to cause a throbbing pain.

However, the awareness of survival in the face of death made him seem to feel no pain. He moved away with a pale face and stumbled toward the next room.

Under the strong despair, his face was as pale as paper. The close-up shot clearly entered his live stream room’s interface.

The strong desire to survive that erupted before death caused the barrage to scroll rapidly.

[I knew it would only be a matter of time, but it is a bit sad that it has finally come to this point.]

[I think he deserves his death. We have seen too many self-proclaimed smart people in instances like this. They harm others and harm themselves. It is deserved.]

[If he listened to the persuasion a few days ago, it wouldn’t have been too late. Now… the demon blood of the slave is about to be fully awakened.]

[I feel more sorry for the other players in the same instance as him. One fool has to kill a wave of people.]

[What do you mean? It isn’t enough for him to die himself. Will he also affect others later?]

[Is it true that all dungeons that need to be cleared collectively are bundled games? Therefore, I am more afraid of meeting idiots at times like this!]

[Oh oh oh, he is dying! His slave is finally catching up with him!!!]

The excessive blood loss made Huang Xinjue’s vision a bit blurry. His movement speed was also extremely slow.

Before, it was entirely because his slave had a broken leg that his slave couldn’t catch up. But at this time, the distance between the two sides was getting closer and closer.

Huang Xinjue held onto the wall and gasped heavily. Looking at the bloodless state of his face, he was already at the end of his strength.

He looked up again and vaguely saw the slave, who had almost completely lost his human form. At this moment, only one thought came to Huang Xinjue’s mind. It seemed that he could only go this far.

Facing the fear of death, Huang Xinjue’s whole body couldn’t help trembling. In a state of paralysis due to excessive blood loss, he could no longer move forward.

He saw the monster in front of him slowly raise his hand and could only close his eyes in despair.


Under the huge sound, the surrounding ground seemed to be faintly shaking.

However, Huang Xinjue didn’t feel the pain he imagined.

What happened?

Was the pain so numb that he couldn’t even feel death?

Huang Xinjue opened his eyes in a daze and met a pair of concerned eyes.

The other person examined his injuries very carefully and sighed with relief. “Yes, it is good that you are still alive.”

Huang Xinjue had just gone through a desperate chase. He relied on his will to survive all this way and his nerves were tense. Just now, he relaxed due to despair. Now everything he looked at was like blurred stars.

Therefore, he stared blankly for a long time before he could vaguely distinguish the beautiful face he had just seen today. “You are… Chi… Chi…”

Before he could finish ‘Ting’, he looked up and glimpsed the tall figure slowly standing up behind the other person. His chapped lips trembled again. “B-Be careful!”

“I’m here. Don’t be afraid.” Chi Ting realized that the player in front of him was really scared. He didn’t forget to show a smile of comfort before lifting the things in his hand.

There was a clanging sound as he directly pulled the outstretched hand of the slave. In the blink of an eye, he tied the slave up neatly. It was one circle after another, his movements skillful and neat.

It was only then that Huang Xinjue realized that Chi Ting was actually carrying a heavy iron chain with him. He slowly opened his mouth. Before he could say anything, he saw that the slave, who was fierce and vicious due to the demon blood a second ago, was tightly tied up in an instant.

In a trance, Huang Xinjue instinctively wanted to raise his hand and rub his eyes.

The movement involved the wound on his chest again. He sucked in some air under the throbbing pain and lowered his hand again.

However, such severe pain was enough for Huang Xinjue to confirm that it wasn’t his hallucination before his death.

After escaping death, all that remained in his eyes was a thicker blankness.

He didn’t die and someone really came to save him?

Moreover, the person who came to save him actually tied up the monster chasing him in a few seconds?

Extremely complicated emotions surged in his heart. Finally, Huang Xinjue couldn’t help shedding some tears.

F*k, it felt good to be alive!

Chi Ting opened the door and stopped to confirm the direction first. Then he went back to the iron prison to remove some chains and save people.

He had already practiced with Yue Ren once before. The binding process this time was naturally more skillful. He was sure that the slave, who was driven crazy by the demon blood, couldn’t do anything. Then he looked back and was startled by the tearful look in Huang Xinjue’s eyes. “Why are you crying?”

However, Huang Xinjue sobbed for a long time. He couldn’t say a word clearly.

Chi Ting frowned helplessly. “Okay, just tell me if you can leave. If you can, just nod.”

Huang Xinjue couldn’t care about the pain and nodded repeatedly like a chicken pecking at rice. He saw that Chi Ting was leaving while dragging the chained-up slave, so he hurriedly held on to the wall and moved to follow.

It wasn’t until he had taken two steps that he finally saw the deep crack in the wall diagonally opposite him.

Huang Xinjue: “……”

He felt as if he knew where the loud bang he heard when he closed his eyes came from.

Unexpectedly, Zeng Yan really wasn’t exaggerated. This Brother Chi was a deadly weapon in this world!

Huang Xinjue, whose life was saved, was so moved that his eyes filled with tears. The scenes he saw were all transmitted to the eyes of the audience in the live stream room after they went through the permission processing.

The barrage was silent for a moment before erupting completely.

After all, at this moment, everyone was sure that this live stream room would go offline. No one expected such a shocking reversal to happen.

[F*k? Saved? He is really saved? Who is this person? Why can’t I see his face at all?]

[Is it because of permissions? No, why do I remember that Huang Xinjue set the highest authority in this live stream room?]

[What type of person just kicked that slave away? Personal skills are currently still restricted, right?]

[This lethality is excessive…]

[There is actually a Bodhisattva in the instance and he came out to save Huang Xinjue without fear. He really isn’t worried about triggering the killing rules!]

[I’m laughing to death. This strength is high enough that anyone would be a coward. I know who came. 5,000 points per minute next door. Go and see, it is worth it.]

[??? 5,000 points per minute? Why didn’t he just grab points?]

Having said this, many people jumped from Huang Xinjue’s live stream room to Chi Ting’s room in the blink of an eye. They spent a lot of money just to see his real face.

Chi Ting didn’t know that his live stream room had unknowingly ushered in the second spring of this instance.

As he firmly held the struggling slave, he walked to his room with the half-dead Huang Xinjue. He even thought about Ji Xingque’s matter and didn’t forget to be a peacemaker. “Boss Huang, I actually don’t know much about the grievances between you and Little Bird. But I know that child. Apart from being outspoken, his heart definitely isn’t bad. Looking at what you encountered tonight, it also proves that his proposal is indeed correct, right?”

Huang Xinjue didn’t know what attitude he should use to respond, except for trying to apologize.

After making a few noises in response, he glanced at the fierce-looking slave in Chi Ting’s hands. He silently wiped the sweat with lingering fear. “Just call me Xiao Huang from now on. Don’t call me Boss Huang.” He didn’t deserve it.

Chi Ting took Huang Xinjue back to his room, glanced around, and pointed to a corner. “Okay, Xiao Huang. You can sleep here at night.”

Huang Xinjue glanced at the corner that was still a long distance away from the big bed. He walked over slowly, holding his chest where the blood was about to dry up.

The moment he looked up, he saw that Chi Ting had already led his slave to the side of the iron prison. He tied the slave to the iron railing in two or three moves.

Huang Xinjue’s mouth twitched, and he couldn’t help asking, “Brother Chi, shouldn’t we… put him in prison?”

He had also carefully locked his slave in the iron prison of his room. Somehow, the monster’s strength tonight was unusually strong, and even the iron prison couldn’t stop him. This was why Huang Xinjue also died in his own bed.

Hearing Huang Xinjue’s question, Chi Ting let out an ‘oh’ sound in a low voice. “Don’t worry, I’ve tied him up very tightly, and he can’t break free. The iron prison is a bit inconvenient for him to use. The one in my family has a strong sense of territory. I’m afraid that if he comes back and finds that I have let other slaves in, he will become angry, and that will be troublesome, you know.”

Huang Xinjue: “……”

To be honest, he really didn’t seem to understand.


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