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PFRG: Chapter 35 Part 2

Among the demon descendants that Chi Ting had seen so far, the lowest among the arena defenders was only 20% while most of the slaves encountered on the street were between 30% and 40%

Perhaps it was due to the good protection relationship, but Cao Ji next to Ji Xingque was still maintained at the 50% line. Meanwhile, the problem of the slaves of Huang Xinjue’s group was much more serious. It seemed that it was about to fall below the 20% warning line.

In the team, it was Chi Ting who established the rule of using 50% human content as the baseline for judging if someone was human or not.

So now that he heard this, he understands that Ji Xingque was still implementing the team policy despite entering the unlimited game world.

This kid…

Chi Ting didn’t know if it was the blessing of a fool. According to his observations in this instance, Ji Xingque’s single-celled thinking that single-handedly believed in him was actually only a bit skewed.

Chi Ting cleared his throat after seeing that there was going to be a quarrel in the meeting room again. “Boss Huang, right?”

The moment he opened his mouth, the angry Ji Xingque immediately closed his mouth.

Huang Xinjue had never seen Ji Xingque so obedient to anyone before. He was stunned for a moment before finally looking at the sickly-looking Chi Ting. “Are you finally going to give me some advice, Brother Chi?”

“I don’t dare to give you advice.” Chi Ting smiled slightly. “I think Boss Huang’s words just now are right. Players should be more united. Several days have passed before I entered the instance, but more than half the people are already dead. It is time to catch up.”

Huang Xinjue’s expression darkened slightly. “Don’t talk so sarcastically here. How long have you been here? Are you blaming me for dereliction of duty in leading the team?”

“I don’t mean that,” Chi Ting said. Then he couldn’t help yawning slowly again. Such a lazy and sleepy posture seemed incompatible with the tense atmosphere around him. “I just want to say that we finally got the high-level treasure chests for the main task today. There are only a few low-level and intermediate chests left. Boss Huang is so strong. There should be no problem with you leading a team to clear it tomorrow, right?”

Such words sounded logical at first. Then after thinking about it, Huang Xinjue suddenly felt very uncomfortable.

What was the meaning? Before when he led the team, he only got a high-level treasure chest by luck. Now this person got the remaining two as soon as he entered. Didn’t this make it seem like Huang Xinjue didn’t do anything serious after taking command?

However, this Chi Ting’s attitude was so soft spoken, and he seemed easy to discuss things with. This was completely different from Ji Xingque, who got angry when disagreeing with someone. IF Huang Xinjue kept sticking to this matter, it would be like he was deliberately targeting Chi Ting.

Huang Xinjue paused for a moment. In the end, he could only grit his teeth. “Don’t worry. I will definitely push the main task to the next stage tomorrow!”

After speaking, he swept his eyes over Zeng Yan’s group, who had obviously defected. He snorted in a low voice, got up, and left.

As he walked out of the meeting room, people could vaguely hear one of the people following Huang Xinjue say something like, “Be sure to tie up those slaves tighter tonight.” The words were full of contempt and disgust

Zeng Yan noticed Chi Ting’s thoughtful gaze toward the door and explained it. “Brother Chi, don’t mind Huang Xinjue. Their group of people actually isn’t bad, but they are too impatient. You have also seen their slaves. They were among the first group of people to enter the instance, so they were the most active in collecting treasure chests and received the most damage. The reason why they are so anxious now is mainly because they won’t be able to wait until the instance ends, just like the others.”

Chi Ting wondered, “Like the others?”

Zeng Yan sighed deeply. “Maybe you don’t know that in addition to the players who died in the adventure projects, a large number of people actually died at the hands of these slaves.”

They died at the hands of the slaves.

Chi Ting was still thinking about Zeng Yan’s last words as he left the meeting room.

However, he already overused his brain today, so he didn’t ask any more questions. He planned to go back and have a good rest before learning more about the specific causes of death of those previous players.

Chi Ting walked while rubbing his temples. Then he looked up and saw pink hair suddenly appearing in his field of view.

Immediately afterward, Ji Xingque appeared in front of him with an incomprehensible expression. “Captain, why didn’t you persuade that brainless person just now? I should be right. It really doesn’t make sense to treat slaves like that, but they don’t listen! From the looks of those slaves, they are almost ruined.”

Chi Ting pushed away the face that was a bit too close to him. “You already said that they are almost ruined. Isn’t it too late to stop it now?”

The flesh on Ji Xingque’s face was pushed a bit out of shape, but his eyes looked over eagerly. “Still, I have to give it a try. What if?”

“It isn’t necessary. Even if those people were pretending to be calm, they are actually already panicked in their hearts. Now any blow can make them lose their calm at any time. It is just as Zeng Yan said. The essence of Huang Xinjue’s mentality is that he is afraid of death. Now, for him, perhaps he can only feel a bit calmer by trying his best to end this game.” At this point, Chi Ting looked deeply at Ji Xingque. “Haven’t we seen many people like this before? It is better to save some effort where we can.”

Chi Ting glanced in the direction that Huang Xinjue’s group had left. He paused but didn’t try to hide anything from Ji Xingque. “Of course, the most important thing is that with the current situation of their slaves, I feel it is already too late to remind them. We aren’t sure about the situation of the slaves. If there really is some type of rule, you and I are very clear about what happens once the human content falls below 20%.”

“It is already too late?”

Ji Xingque felt frustrated when he heard Chi Ting say this. “What should we do?”

“We will see when the time comes. If we can, we will try our best to save them. If there is nothing we can do, we can only say that life or death depends on fate. It is true that our team’s purpose is to save people, but no one can really take on the duty of savior. Therefore, everyone’s fate still depends on their own choices.” Chi Ting finished speaking and patted Ji Xingque on the head. “Okay, can I go back to sleep now?”

“Go to sleep, go to sleep,” Ji Xingque said while taking out two high-level treasure chests from his pocket and handing them to Chi Ting. He listened to the advice. “I think you are right, Captain. In any case, I have already given them advice. If it really doesn’t work, just let them die.”

Chi Ting almost dozed off while walking to the door of his room.

He was just about to open the door when he remembered something. “By the way, doesn’t that Huang Xinjue hate the slaves very much? Why did he take the slave with him instead of giving him to the hotel?”

Ji Xingque blinked. “Captain, don’t you know?”

Chi Ting wondered, “Know what?”

Ji Xingque said, “The hotel’s hosting service is free for the first time. Then there are tiered charges. Players who came in when the instance was first opened can no longer afford the hosting now.”

Even when he entered through the door and lay on the bed, Chi Ting was thinking about Ji Xingque’s last words.

From this point of view, he couldn’t waste the free experience of entrusting Yue Ren to the hotel today. He just didn’t know if this guy could have fun at night…

He thought like this and quickly fell asleep.

The mental exertion of the copying did leave big aftereffects. Once he fell asleep, Chi Ting felt groggy and as if he had fallen into the legendary story that filled his mind again. He was just about to obtain the treasure of the heroes when he was pulled from his slumber by a huge movement outside.

Chi Ting opened his eyes in a daze. What entered his vision was the mottled starlight outside the window.

Looking at the wall clock again, he found that it was already past 8 o’clock before he knew it.

In the haze of the night, the sound of running footsteps and shouts in the corridor was particularly abrupt.

In stark contrast, there was the deathly stillness.

Chi Ting still had a somewhat confused expression due to being forcibly withdrawn from his sleep.

He rubbed his messy hair and sat on the bed. Then the despair in that cry for help gradually became real.

Why did that voice seem a bit familiar?

The moment he woke up, Chi Ting’s eyes lit up slightly. He immediately walked toward the door in his slippers.

Oh yes, the familiarity or not wasn’t the point.

The point now was that according to Ji Xingque’s meaning, all the explorers living on this floor were real players. This meant that what he heard were humans asking him for help!


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