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PFRG: Chapter 32

Lost Treasure (10)

The live stream studio.

It was impossible to clearly see the appearance of the slave due to the permissions, but it was precisely because they could only see close-ups of the small parts that the scene of Chi Ting gently biting the fingertip was zoomed in and accurately projected to the audience.

The sporadic barrage stopped for a moment.

The previous group of unfair viewers had already withdrawn because they didn’t have enough points. At this time, a few new spectators couldn’t help coming in order to see the battle scene.

As a result, they were caught off guard by such a visual effect the moment they entered the live stream room. [???]

[F*k, what type of paid content am I seeing?!]

[Take a look at the name. This is the Lost Treasure instance, right?]

[Didn’t he just finish a round of fighting? What is he doing? Huh? Huhhhh?]

[Oh my god, what a good sight! I will accept these 5,000 points, thank you. I am so impressed!]

[Didn’t I say that the master-servant relationship between this pair was somewhat problematic? Right?]

[I learned it, I learned it. There is another way to use the slave.]

Compared with the live broadcast room, the viewer stands in the instance were located on the first floor. From a distance, they could only vaguely see Chi Ting approaching his slave. Several people were curious about what he was doing but could only crane their necks from a distance.

Chi Ting didn’t pay any attention to these subtle movements.

Just now, he simply tried out a possibility.

In fact, both Chi Ting and Yue Ren entered the instance as players. Logically speaking, they shouldn’t intersect with the basic setting of this instance.

But after entering the instance, Yue Ren was first judged to be a ‘contracted slave’ and had the privilege of his ability not being restricted. At night, he almost went into complete chaos and madness due to the so-called ‘awakening of the demon bloodline.’ This made Chi Ting have a guess. Could it be that something else was added to this man’s body due to the special change in his identity?

Now Chi Ting’s attempt that was done on a whim had indeed been confirmed.

It was still weak, but the incongruous and subtle aura in Yue Ren’s blood was indeed very similar to that of the defenders.

However, in comparison, the human content of these defenders was too low. This made the vaguely crazy demonic scent become exposed without any suppression, making it particularly strong.

This feeling of ebb and flow was like the struggle between human nature and evil thoughts.

Chi Ting looked at the pile of corpses on the ground and fell into brief contemplation.

To be honest, regardless of the clues he found, the scene in front of him reminded him of some unpleasant memories.

The defenders and slaves were too much like the survivors, whom the team wanted to rescue but were already infected.

Under the occurrence of the mutation, they tried hard to retain their sanity as human beings, but they could only desperately turn into complete monsters in the struggle again and again.

In the process of searching for survivors, his team was forced to face this situation countless times.

But no matter how hard they struggled, humans never found a way to reverse the alienation. This forced them to personally eliminate the people who had completely turned into monsters. There were even many times when the humans, who still had their minds left, cried bitterly and voluntarily begged to die while still possessing human form in order to retain the last trace of human dignity.

Chi Ting silently raised his head and squinted slightly at the dazzling light falling from the top.

If these slaves and the guardians were all humans in the beginning, why were they said to be the descendants of demons?

What was going on in this city that belonged to the heroes?

“Captain, what did you find?” Ji Xingque stood beside him and looked puzzled.

Chi Ting shook his head and said nothing.

In the team before, Ji Xingque was the type of person who did everything with recklessness and had almost no brains.

If he was facing his other team members at this time, Chi Ting might consider speaking and discussing it together. However, facing Ji Xingque, the best way was to put an end to any unnecessary communication in order to avoid being led into a ditch by this kid.

Chi Ting didn’t say a word, but sometimes everything was said in the silence.

Ji Xingque was silent for a moment. Finally, he couldn’t help letting out a cry full of grievances. “…F*k! Captain, you are disliking me again!”

In order to avoid hurting the self-esteem of his team member twice, Chi Ting deliberately looked away.

He turned his head and saw Yue Ren carelessly licking the wound on his finger.

Chi Ting’s eyes fell on the bite mark left by him for a moment. Then he raised his eyes and happened to meet Yue Ren’s gaze. He couldn’t help blurting out, “Did the bite hurt you?”

Yue Ren obviously hadn’t expected he would one day be asked if a bite hurt. He was slightly stunned for a moment before a smile gradually appeared in his deep eyes. “Why? After you finished the bite, you finally remembered to compensate me for my mental loss?”

In fact, Chi Ting was also a bit stunned when he realized what he had said.

Then hearing Yue Ren’s sarcastic words, he burst out laughing. “I don’t know who slept all night yesterday and refused to let me go. In terms of the question of whether a bite hurts or not, are you sure you really want to calculate it with me?”

Ji Xingque was still immersed in the resentment of being underestimated by his captain. Once he heard this sentence, a look of disbelief and horror suddenly appeared on his face.

Who slept all night and refused to let go?

Except for the situation just now, did these guys already bite each other before?

No, he should say, where else did they bite so painfully?

Yue Ren felt the gaze that fell on him like a lightning strike. He blinked slowly and sensibly shut up.

He looked up and saw the reminder that was refreshed again in the center of the field. Then he neatly changed the topic. “Get ready. It is the last round.”

[Round three: 0/30.]

There was a commotion in the stands again.

However, it was clear that everyone’s reaction was much more restrained compared to the second round.

“30…” This was indeed an astonishing number, but Zeng Yan’s heart was inexplicably filled with certainty and expectation that he never had before. “There should be no problem with the abilities of Chi Ting and his slave, right?”

Shan Xu gritted his teeth. “It is only 30. There is absolutely no problem!”

The answer was almost blurted out. Then Shan Xu reacted and was shocked by his own arrogance.

You know, in the past, a monster with A-grade strength meant they needed to struggle to survive while on the verge of death. But now, after only watching two rounds of the arena challenge, he saw the spectacular lineup of 30 enemies and actually thought it was an existence that could be described was ‘only’!

Shan Xu silently covered his head and scolded himself countless times in his heart.

This couldn’t work. He had to get the instance concept back on track. He couldn’t let the big boss lead him completely astray!

Otherwise, if he entered a new instance and really thought that killing A-grade monsters was as easy as chopping vegetables, he didn’t know how he would die!

As he talked, the last round of the arena challenge finally officially began.

This time, the number of opponents might’ve doubled, but there was already the cooperation developed last time.

Under the tacit understanding that they had gradually developed, Chi Ting became more and more skilled in the chase.

In fact, the lethality of A-grade monsters was still there. As long as these defenders’ minds didn’t completely degenerate, they wouldn’t be in such a one-sided situation. What’s more, if their human content was less than 20%. Under this inner survival instinct, they only knew how to blindly escape from the perceived fear.

However, the monsters had to face an even more unfortunate situation. After the first two rounds, Yue Ren seemed to have gradually found a new sense of fun in such a chase and escape game.

At first, it was just a very simple encirclement and killing. Later, these defenders were trapped in a cage made of huge shadows and almost became Yue Ren’s prey.

Yue Ren would deliberately cut off a leg after forcing a defender into a corner. Then he would deliberately create a flaw to make the defender think they could escape and ascend to heaven. Then he would chop off a pair of hands before the last hope came.

Even the explorers in the stands gradually forgot to cheer. Some of them ran to the side with ugly faces and retched.

In the arena that was stained with blood, fragments of limbs kept falling.

Chi Ting looked around and simply retreated from the battle circle.

He crossed his arms over his chest and picked a place to stand next to Yue Ren, taking over the command of the scene very naturally. “On the right, the one on your right is about to run away… pay attention to the left. Oh, three of them collided together. Okay, just hit them and solve them all at once…”

Standing in the rear and controlling the scene in this way gave Chi Ting the vague attitude of a controller.

Yue Ren didn’t seem to reject this setting of a ‘sharp blade in the hands of the controller.’

Just like what was said in the rules, the slave was enough to become the sharp sword in their master’s hand to charge into battle.

Yue Ren cooperated very well with Chi Ting to implement every instruction accurately. This caused the number of defenders on the field to decrease at a speed that was visible to the naked eye.

12/30, 18/30, 24/30… 30/30.

[Round three: Challenge won.]

Finally, the results of the last round were displayed on the signal board, and the ground of the arena shook faintly with the cheers from the first floor.

Unlike before, the end of this round meant that two high-level treasure chests were finally obtained.

Yue Ren had just finished off the last defender, but the expression on his face wasn’t affected by the atmosphere at the scene.

He walked directly through the crowd toward Chi Ting. Then he slowly raised his eyes as if re-examining the person in front of him. “Sometimes, I am really curious. Obviously, you should be an extremely cold-blooded person like me. Where did this meaningless kindness come from?”

Behind Yue Ren was a shocking sea of corpses.

However, all the limbs came from his brutal killing in the first half. From the time that Chi Ting gave the first order, the remaining defenders had intact bodies. They all died from a neat blow to their throats.

The man named Chi Ting didn’t show any mercy when he made his move, but he found an opportunity to quietly induce Yue Ren’s actions, giving these monsters a chance to die quickly.

This was the first time Yue Ren had seen such an existence.

He was clearly covered with sins, but he had compassion in his heart.

“It is nothing. I just think about life in this world. Sometimes, life is already so miserable. I should at least make their deaths a bit easier.” Chi Ting had his own logic system, and he always acted as he pleased. He felt a bit strange when he heard the question raised by Yue Ren.

After all, there were many things that required so many accurate answers.

Once a person saw more, they would understand that the relationship between life and death was originally a relationship of striving to pursue the former and facing the latter calmly.

He simply felt that once he associated these defenders with the survivors who were forced to alienate, he inevitably felt a bit soft-hearted.

The best place to go to after losing their humanity was indeed to return to dust before causing more evil, and they still had to die, but in this death process, if he could reduce the pain, then he always wanted to help as much as possible.

Chi Ting thought of this and didn’t forget to take out his beads and bow to the corpses with compassion.


Ji Xingque cleared his throat. “Captain, are you thinking about something else again?”

“You know.” Chi Ting gave a low sigh. “I might have to kill again, but I still have some thoughts. It is a pity. If it wasn’t for the settings of this instance, I would help them go to the beyond.”

“I understand. Respect and blessings. Respect.” Ji Xingque changed the topic very skillfully. “Now that we have cleared it, can we leave? The smell here is really too strong. Go and get the treasure chests quickly. If I don’t leave, I will really suffocate to death here.”

Chi Ting saw the staff member who came to pick them up and nodded. “Let’s go.”

Compared to when he sent them in, Chi Ting could see that the face of the staff member was much paler. It was suspected that the business of the store was related to their performance. So at this moment, this staff member was filled with the sorrow of a worker.

Chi Ting hugged himself and leaned against the wall while waiting for Ji Xingque to settle the rewards here.

After getting two high-level treasure chests, they were one step closer to completing the collective main mission. There were only some intermediate and low-level chests left, and they should be able to enter the next stage soon.

Chi Ting thought like this and noticed that Yue Ren hadn’t spoken since they left the arena. This was somewhat inconsistent with this man’s style.

He glanced over and couldn’t help asking strangely, “What’s wrong? Are you tired from playing?”

Yue Ren looked up. His melancholy demeanor was different from the joy he showed when he committed a bloodbath in the arena before.

Once their eyes met, the look in his eyes became deeper than before. “No, I was just thinking about a question.”

It was rare for Chi Ting to see the man’s expression like this. He couldn’t help being a bit interested. “What question?”

Yue Ren said, “The venue just now really stinks.”

Chi Ting still didn’t understand it. “Huh? You can’t stand the smell and feel uncomfortable?”

“It is uncomfortable here.” Yue Ren stretched out his finger and tapped his chest while glancing at Yue Ren. “If the result of the slave is that they will be replaced by this disgusting demon blood sooner or later, I feel that I can’t tolerate my blood being gradually taken over by this stench.”

He walked slowly toward Chi Ting and leaned over slightly. The only thing left in his eye was a sinister smile. “So, Master. In order to ensure that my blood can always maintain the taste you like, I now have two suggestions.”

“Either I kill everyone in this instance before I completely turn into a demon, making me so disgusting that no one else can see it or…”

He stared directly at Chi Ting and spoke clearly, “End this instance as soon as possible while I still recognize you as my master and let this idiot system take away the demon blood allocated to me. What do you think? Which proposal is more to your liking?”

Chi Ting hadn’t communicated to anyone about his speculation regarding this instance, but listening to Yue Ren’s words at this moment, it was obvious that the man had realized something.

Before this, Chi Ting hadn’t realized that in addition to being perverted, Yue Ren also had some aspects that were almost paranoid about cleanliness. However, this sudden motivation was an additional gain from all angles.

He always felt that this look was somewhat cute.

Chi Ting endured it for a moment before he simply stopped controlling the curve of his mouth. “I think the second proposal is good.”

Then he smiled and patted Yue Ren on the shoulder. “So I have decided. Let’s go now. Little bird—!”

Hearing someone calling him, Ji Xingque turned around and said, “Huh?”

“Put away the treasure chests and go back to the hotel to wait for me. We will go and find you after we finish the daily tasks.’ Then Chi Ting took Yue Ren and disappeared from view with a few steps.

Such a back view exuded energy from the inside out. Ji Xingque couldn’t understand it for a moment.

Ji Xingque stood there in a daze. What stayed in his mind was the image of Chi Ting grabbing Yue Ren’s wrist and walking away quickly.

His expression went blank for a moment. He suddenly remembered what he saw and heard in the arena before, and something surged in his heart.

Wait, should he remind the captain later?

This slave did look very seductive and had been calling him ‘Master’ politely, but after all, he was an NPC in the instance. Being so hands-on all the time seemed a bit… not good, right?


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