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PFRG: Chapter 31

Lost Treasure (9)

The viewers in the live stream room hesitated for a second and lost 5,000 points because they didn’t have time to exit the live stream room.

But at this moment, they could no longer care about that pain.

[Is it just my imagination? The monsters on the opposite side seemed to have taken a step back just now?]

[You saw it correctly, brother. They retreated quite neatly…]

[Speechless. Who is the NPC?]

[This is really a bit exciting! D*mn, I am only going to look for the last minute, I swear. It is really the last minute!!!}

[Hahaha, I understand. It is really a billion minutes, right?]

[F*k, I can’t help it. Every instance makes me feel suffocated to death. This is the first time I’ve seen a monster be so cowardly when seeing a player.]

The moment the defenders took a step back in unison, all the online viewers could clearly see it due to the close-up in the live stream room. However, all the stands on the first floor were far away from the underground level. The moment they saw Chi Ting stop as he was about to rush forward, they thought he was scared. The explorer NPCs up immediately booed out of fear that the world wouldn’t be in chaos.

Chi Ting didn’t take the boss to heart at all. He just frowned slightly at the actions of the defenders on the opposite side. An idea flashed in his mind, and he took two tentative steps forward.

The moment he made this move, the defenders on the opposite side also retreated in unison.

Chi Ting blinked before suddenly accelerating.

The defenders took another few steps back. Due to their stiff posture and messy formation, they were almost knocked over one by one. The scene was very funny for a while.

These few simple attempts finally allowed the viewing area on the first floor to clearly see the chase and escape relationship on the field.

The previous booing came to an abrupt end under such a strange development. Suddenly, there was only a subtle silence in the store.

Chi Ting had enough teasing. He raised an eyebrow slightly, turned around, pointed to the defenders, and stated a fact, “They are afraid.”

Yue Ren nodded cooperatively. “I can see it. They are really afraid.”

Ji Xingque was a bit stunned at first. Then after hearing this question and answer, he suddenly realized. “Yes, they are actually afraid?!”

Just listening to the content of the words, each one seemed more arrogant than the other.

The player making up the numbers in the field was confused for a while before becoming happy. He obviously didn’t understand the meaning of the other’s words. He just agreed. “That’s right, they are afraid!”

The player became very emotional when talking.

It didn’t matter if there was the suspicion of taking advantage of others. This was definitely the most arrogant sentence he had ever said since entering the unlimited world!

Chi Ting had already looked back at the defenders in front of him. A hint of interest gradually rose in his eyes.

Perhaps it was due to seeing the deaths of their companions in the first round from the waiting area or for some other reasons, it was already quite interesting once the emotion of ‘fear’ appeared in such a monster that should have no sense of reason.

Chi Ting’s eyes fell on the defenders with more interest and inquiry. The corners of his mouth rose slightly, and he asked the man standing next to him with a smile, “How about it, can you help me in a moment?”

Yue Ren glanced over. “I am more than happy to serve you.”

“Then I’ll treat you as already being ready,” Chi Ting said and waved his hand toward Ji Xingque. “Little bird, protect that brother while making sure not to disturb us. I’ll try to solve it as quickly as possible.”

“Leave it to me, Captain! The head can be cut off, and blood can be shed, but the safety of humanity will always be protected by us!” Ji Xingque was quite discerning. He made an ‘ok’ gesture and immediately dragged the person making up the number and their slaves away without looking back.

From the corner of his eye, Chi Ting caught a glimpse of the figures retreating to a safe distance. Then he looked back at the defenders in front of him.

As his eyes gradually became more focused, his breathing also became heavier.

He went into combat mode.

Many of the facial features of these defenders were mutilated. If it hadn’t been for the few steps they had just taken in retreat, the word ‘fear’ would’ve been impossible to associate with the madness that filled their bodies with the desire to kill.

No matter how he looked at it, there was indeed no sense of reason left in these monsters.

However, it was precisely because they shouldn’t have anything to do with each other that he became more curious about what type of secret was hidden behind everything.

“That’s it.” Chi Ting’s eyes narrowed slightly. The moment he finished speaking, he suddenly kicked off hard and rushed straight toward the 15 defenders.

A series of exclamation marks appeared in the live stream room. The players in the stands also stood up from their positions.

At this moment, only three words popped up in everyone’s minds—is he crazy?!

No matter how strong he was, he was facing a group of A-grade monsters alone.

From any angle, Chi Ting’s behavior was like blindly committing suicide after his sense of reason ran away.

On the field, the defenders raised their nearly 1.5 meter long arms with fierce faces. They looked like executioners waiting for their prey to come to them.

However, there wasn’t the brutal scene of blood splattered as people imagined.

The defenders who raised their arms didn’t make any attack movements. Instead, they turned around in unison.

They had no sense of reason and completely lost their ability to think. The only criterion for their judgment at this time was their instinct to survive.

So from the moment when Chi Ting plunged in, the defenders originally standing there were like bowling pins scattered by the ball. They instantly scattered in all directions.

How frightening was their weird and twisted posture before, and how stupid and funny was their current appearance of running away in embarrassment?

The viewing area on the first floor was suddenly in an uproar.

Chi Ting had expected it. Seeing that the defenders were about to run away again, he reached out and grabbed one unlucky guy first. He didn’t forget to remind the person watching the show, “How long are you going to stand there and watch? Hurry up and get to work.”

“Don’t worry, they can’t run away.” Yue Ren’s eyes were still firmly on Chi Ting’s body as he spoke.

He was stingy and didn’t even give them a single glance, but the shadows under the feet of the defenders had already started to squirm with his words.

The size of these defenders was much larger than ordinary people’s, which made the maneuverable space of the shadows on the ground even larger.

Countless black tentacles spread out in all directions. Before these monsters dominated by instinct could run too far, the shadow rising from the ground instantly intertwined into a cage, densely blocking all escape routes.

Chi Ting killed the defender in his hand and looked up to see that the other monsters were blocked by monsters with no way to escape. He raised an eyebrow and said, “The gathering of monsters is quite beautiful. Does this mean you want to leave everything to me?”

Yue Ren stood there motionless, looking particularly elegant. He didn’t forget to slowly adjust his collar. “I thought about it carefully just now. Master’s words are right. In order to not dirty my clothes, it is better not to solve it in such a bloody way as before.”

“…..” Chi Ting was very suspicious that this person was deliberately irritating him. He was silent for a moment before saying, “Don’t worry about your clothes. It doesn’t matter if they get dirty. I’ll buy you new ones when we go back.”

Yue Ren smiled slightly. “Okay, deal.”

He slowly hooked his fingertips. The defender not far away had no time to react before he was directly pierced through the chest by the black shadow’s sharp blade.

At such a close distance, the blood splattered on Yue Ren’s clothes, and a few drops fell on his face.

In this regard, Yue Ren lowered his eyes in an unmoved manner. He looked at his stained clothes, and his expression seemed like he was in a good mood.

It must be admitted that sometimes killing was a pleasure to him.

On the other side, Chi Ting had already caught the second defender, who had fallen into his hands.

Yes, catch.

If they hadn’t seen it with their own eyes, everyone at the scene would’ve never imagined that one day, they would see such an incredible scene in an instance where personal skills and items were restricted!

One side ran away crazily while the other side chased.

From any perspective, this was undoubtedly a very typical chase battle.

But in this chase, the pursuers came from their player camp while the ones being chased were the NPCs who had turned into monsters.

How outrageous!

3/15, 6/15, 8/15…

As the area was gradually stained with blood, the numbers on the signal board were also changing continuously.

Unknowingly, the players watching the battle all lay on the iron railings of the first floor. They looked like a row of mushrooms growing on the scene.

The players’ hands tightly grasped the railing, and their heads wanted to go directly over the railing.

The situation on the field made them wonder if they were hallucinating.

Too strong.

It could only be said that this player called Chi Ting and his slave were too strong!

Previously, they were devastated by the series of continuous failures. At this moment, everyone in the arena felt a glimmer of hope.

Maybe they could really get two high-level treasure chests smoothly. In other words, this new player might really be able to lead them to clear the instance and leave here smoothly!

Under everyone’s blazing eyes, the figure of the last defender completely collapsed.

The content on the signal board refreshed again.

[Round two: Challenge won.]

There was a brief silence before the viewing area on the first floor went completely crazy.

‘That’s awesome! Captain, you are really my god! Let me ask you, can we—” Ji Xingque enjoyed the first win-win treatment since coming to the unlimited world. He suddenly jumped up and down in excitement. He ran over wildly, but before he could get closer, a hand suddenly stretched out and blocked his way.

Ji Xingque raised his eyes and happened to meet Yue Ren’s gaze.

“Don’t bother him.” Yue Ren’s face was still stained with the blood that had splattered during the killing process. The expression on his face wasn’t clear if he was smiling or not.

Ji Xingque was stunned for a moment. Then he turned around and saw that Chi Ting had already walked to the nearest defender and was bending down.

As if not affected by the cheers and shouts upstairs, Chi Ting’s gaze moved over the corpse that was pierced by the shadow little by little. He thought slowly, and his good-looking eyebrows slowly twisted a bit.

He casually grabbed a handful of long hair and pushed it behind his head. Then he leaned forward and gently sniffed. After that, he walked to the next corpse.

Previously when Ji Xingque was in the team, he was mainly responsible for charging and exploding. He usually listened to Charger’s instructions and hit where Chi Ting wanted. There were often times when his brain wasn’t enough.

At this time, he instinctively wanted to grab someone to ask. He looked around and found that there was only one choice. He could only lean toward Yue Ren and ask politely, “Um, do you know what your master is doing now?”

Yue Ren looked down at him before glancing back at Chi Ting again. Then he replied honestly, “Master is probably confirming the identity of the deceased.”

“Oh.” Ji Xingque nodded in sudden realization and lowered his voice a lot. “So what is their identity?”

Yue Ren: “……”

He paused and asked instead, “For my master, did he have people like you in the team before?”

“Of course! Don’t look at my performance just now. I am our top output user! It is a pity that this instance only limits my performance.” Ji Xingque looked extremely proud when he answered this question. “In addition, our team is full of elites like me!”

He didn’t know why, but he always felt that after hearing this answer, the slave in front of him looked at his captain again with a bit of sympathy in his eyes.

At this time, Chi Ting completed the quick inspection and came back.

He took the hands that Yue Ren got from an unknown place and wiped his hands. Then he said succinctly, “It is the same as what I thought. The human content of these things is probably between 20-30%.”

The player next to him looked confused. “HUman content? What is this?”

Ji Xingque heard the familiar professional terminology and understood it instantly this time. “They were also infected and alienated? So the emotion of fear is generated from their remaining human genes. After being controlled by the desire to kill, their instinct still subconsciously made them choose to prioritize survival when facing danger.”

Ji Xingque said this and pondered on it for a moment. “But that isn’t right. Shouldn’t these arena defenders be the descendants of demons, just like Cao Ji and the others? In this instance, do demons and humans have the same ancestor? F*k, is it true or not? Is the species relationship actually like this?”

Before he finished speaking, he saw Chi Ting glance at him and turn around.

Ji Xingque: “……”

Why are you ignoring me so obviously, Captain?

Chi Ting ignored the resentful gaze behind him and looked directly at Yue Ren. He got straight to the point. “Will you lend me some blood this time?”

Yue Ren raised an eyebrow. “How to borrow?”

Chi Ting hooked his hand.

Yue Ren followed the other person’s gaze and looked down at himself. “Huh?”

The next second, Chi Ting stepped forward and lifted Yue Ren’s right hand.

Chi Ting’s fingers were long and slender. He slowly pinched Yue Ren’s delicate fingertip and examined it as if choosing a suitable place to strike.

Then he gently rubbed it with his fingertips before leaning a bit closer. He leaned forward and bit it gently.

With this movement, it seemed that even the first floor, which had been completely ignited, fell silent for a moment.

Yue Ren was originally a bit curious about what Chi Ting was going to do. Then his interested expression showed a crack the moment his finger was bitten by Chi Ting.

It wasn’t until a vague feeling of pain emerged that his mind finally returned.

Chi Ting had already stretched out his soft tongue and gently licked the blood that oozed from the bitten fingertip.

The moment Yue Ren lowered his eyes to look, what fell into his view was Chi Ting’s side profile. Soft hair fell over his ears and quietly slid over the skin of his hands.

It was itchy.

A very subtle tingling sensation spread all over his body from his fingertip in an instant.

Yue Ren subconsciously licked the corner of his mouth.

At this moment, he seemed to recall the scent of blood that filled his mouth the night before.

The moment the fingertip became cool, Chi Ting let go of his hand and stood up straight again.

Judging from the action of stroking the corner of his lips, he seemed to still be a bit unfinished with the drop of blood he had just licked. Then he nodded in confirmation. “The taste is indeed right.”

Yue Ren looked at his finger before withdrawing his gaze. “What taste?”

Chi Ting found the answer he was looking for and seemed to be in a good mood.

He met Yue Ren’s gaze and smiled slightly. “In the words of the instance, it should be the taste of the demons.”


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