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PFRG: Chapter 29 Part 2

Seeing Ji Xingque again, Chi Ting vaguely felt that the familiar sense of mission from the past had returned. He could see that the players in this instance had indeed been tortured a lot. So at this time, his words were full of human care. “In short, don’t worry and leave everything to us. Once we get these two high-level treasure chests, we will complete the main mission as soon as possible. Then we can take everyone out together.”

Ji Xingque heard the conversation over here and also raised his arm, saying in a moved tone, “It is worthy of you! Sure enough, I can always trust our captain! You are electricity, you are light, you are my only myth, you will always be my last hope!”


Zeng Yan was completely choked up. “J-Jiayou?”

After this sentence, he turned around with a numb expression and took a step.

Chi Ting looked at Ji Xingque. “Let’s go.”

Ji Xingque turned around with a sense of mission. The little ponytail behind his head bounced as he ran to the service desk.

Once Zeng Yan left, the surroundings became empty again in the blink of an eye. Once JI Xingque completed the registration, a staff member quickly walked out and took them to the backstage area to make preparations.

The news that someone had launched a group challenge in the arena quickly spread. Many explorer-like customers poured into the store. Some were NPCS, and some were players who had heard the news. Everyone had curious expressions on their faces.

Zeng Yan’s mind was still full of Chi Ting’s loud promise as he returned to his seat.

It stood to reason that he had just witnessed the deaths of two players. He should know the danger of this store’s adventure project. However, the key point was that Chi Ting’s performance from beginning to end was too confident!

There was a sense of certainty that Zeng Yan had never seen before. It was so much that he really had a trace of doubt about the difficulty of the group challenge event.

Could it be that he suddenly ran to sign up because he found some clues?

Could it be that the group event of this store was actually the key to clearing the level and was far less difficult than the solo event?

A sudden cheer from the crowd pulled Zeng Yan’s attention back. He heard Shan Xu snort coldly next to him and immediately controlled his mind. He looked at the soccer field-sized arena area under the iron net with a glimmer of hope.

With this glance, Zeng Yan happened to see the figures that appeared behind the iron bars on both sides in the midst of everyone’s attention.

After seeing the appearance of the three guards clearly, he felt that his vision was dark, and he almost fainted on the spot.

What simple difficulty?

Weren’t the guards in the first round the same monsters from the individual challenge before?!

In addition, since it was a group event, the number of such monsters directly increased to three!!!

The moment the challenge team came on stage, the live footage was simultaneously displayed in the live stream room.

As the only audience member in Chi Ting’s live stream room, Qiu Ji finally saw the long-awaited combat scene. He instinctively adjusted his sitting posture.

The sky-high viewing fee was enough for him to have viewing rights for all players under normal circumstances. Naturally, he saw the whole process of Chi Ting and Ji Xingque ‘recognizing relatives.’

But compared to friendship, personal strength was always the greatest confidence in this unlimited world.

Rather than Chi Ting’s relationship with this Ji Xingque, Qiu Ji was more curious about the absolute confidence that the two of them showed throughout the entire process.

After observing for this period of time, Qiu Ji could feel that Chi Ting was definitely not an arrogant person. This type of self-confidence came entirely from a clear understanding of his personality strength. It made Qiu Ji look more and more forward to the next development.

Without being able to use personal skills and items, to what extent could Chi Ting, with the pressure from this limited strength, compete with the monsters in the instance?

Qiu Ji’s gaze fell firmly on the figure on the screen.

In the instance, Chi Ting finished giving the final assignment of tasks concisely. “Yue Ren, the one on the left is for you to play with. Little bird, take your slave and take care of the one on the right. I will deal with the one in the middle.” (TL: The que of Xingque=sparrow/small bird)

The player brought in to make up the numbers listened to the assignment and said weakly, “In fact, I can also help drag the one in the middle…”

He was so scared that even his voice was shaking. Ji Xingque knew as soon as he heard it that this little brother misunderstood. He patted this person’s shoulder in an amused way. “Just stand back and watch the battle. There is no need for you to drag back the middle one. My captain can handle it casually.”

Yue Ren raised his eyes and glanced over silently.

The player was stunned when he heard this. “Huh? But that monster looks so fierce. It isn’t easy to deal with it when your personal skills are invalid, right? In fact, my slave is okay.”

Ji Xingque laughed. “Okay, I understand your kindness. You will know later. Does the captain still need personal skills to deal with this type of thing? It will be a complete instant kill!”

Chi Ting heard this and knew that Ji Xingque’s stinky habit of blindly bragging was about to start again. He saw that the countdown was over and gave a reminder. “Don’t be poor. It is time to start.”

He casually wrapped the beads on his wrist a bit tighter and looked at the guarding team on the opposite side.

On the way backstage just now, he heard the introduction from the staff members. The guards here were also descendants of the demons who had remained in the city.

It was just that unlike the slaves who were ‘sold’ to explorers, the appearance of these demons was more devoid of human form, and the longing for killing was completely revealed in their empty expressions. The collars fixed around their necks were almost embedded in their flesh because they were so old. Every time their bones must, a rusty friction sound could be heard. This made every movement look stiff and weird.

They moved stiffly like dead things, but their speed was surprisingly fast.

“Be careful—!” Zeng Yan in the upper viewing area couldn’t help shouting. The excessively loud voice pierced through the boiling crowd and fell into the live stream room with the same clarity.

Qiu Ji’s attention was always on Chi Ting’s body.

In the blink of an eye, it could be seen that the defender on the opposite side had rushed to Chi Ting.

This angle was obviously already unavoidable.

Qiu Ji frowned slightly.

Too late to react? It shouldn’t be.

Seeing his fingertips that were like dead wood were about to penetrate Chi Ting’s chest, he suddenly raised his leg and hit the defender in the abdomen.

At this moment, the faint sound of something breaking entered their ears.

Under the huge force, the entire thin figure swept straight out in the opposite direction.

Before the defender’s kicked figure could land, Chi Ting had already turned around and pressed on him.

The moment the hand stretched out, the beads wrapped around his wrist shook slightly with the movement.

In such a dynamic picture, the slender fingers in the close-up looked even more delicate and beautiful. Then in the next second, a clean hand not stained with anything had already grasped the throat of the defender.


A very clear and neat sound briefly echoed in the live stream room.

In an instant, the scene was filled with cries that completely boiled over.

In the picture, the neck of the defender showed an extremely strange arc, along with the sound of the breaking of bones. The link between flesh and skin prevented it from completely falling to the ground.

The change was instantaneous.

There was a rare flash of surprise in Qiu Ji’s eyes.

If his estimate was correct, the defender in the instance should be a monster with at least a strength of A-grade or above. Yet it was solved neatly by this person.

Moreover, this was without the use of personal skills at all?!

Unlike the other summoning type skills, the companion-exclusive, group summoning type personal skills had a fragile body that could be easily seen as flawed.

No, this physical strength wasn’t weak. It was strong enough to rival many fighting masters on the rankings!

He was afraid that he needed to reassess this Chi Ting’s ability.

This thought flashed through Qiu Ji’s mind. After realizing it, he was slightly stunned. Then he smiled a bit bitterly and helplessly.

He originally thought he had found a good seedling in the new district that was worth wooing. He didn’t expect… If Chi Ting’s strength was really as he thought, forget being recruited to their Seven Seas team. By the time Chi Ting arrived at the Sanctuary, he was afraid other top teams would already be eyeing him.

As long as the strength was enough, some people might not even look at ready-made teams.

The ups and downs in his mood made Qiu Ji feel very complicated. He looked up, and his gaze paused when he discovered that the number of viewers in the live stream room, which had been stuck at ‘1’ for a long time, had increased in the blink of an eye.

At the same time, there was the long-lost barrage.

[Hey hey hey, is there anyone? I think I see someone else online?]

[I jumped from the live stream room next door. I was scared to death. 5,000 points per minute:? I only have enough money for a few minutes!]

[Well, me too… I just want to see what is going on. Urgent, wait online!]

[Yes, what’s going on? Is that defender so weak? If I don’t know the truth, I’m afraid I won’t be able to sleep today!]

[As expected, there is no one paying this charging fee.]

[I just came in. Ahhh, is there no one who can tell me what happened just now?]

Since there were too few barrages, each one stayed in the center of the live stream room’s screen for a long time before it scrolled past.

Qiu Ji looked at the barrage content that came out one by one. His hope of attracting this person had faded, but he suddenly felt that his mood wasn’t so depressed.

Finally, he wasn’t the only one being taken advantage of in this live stream room.

In some ways, it was comforting.


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