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PFRG: Chapter 29 Part 1

Lost Treasure (7)

Was he dead too?

Before this, Chi Ting had actually never thought about this aspect. After all, he had flesh and blood after coming to this unlimited world. There was really no way for him to have the slightest connection with the word ‘death.’

It wasn’t until he heard Ji Xingque, a former teammate, ask this that he seriously thought about this possibility.

Chi Ting stopped and looked at Ji Xingque for a long time. The tragic death of his teammate at that time repeatedly appeared in his mind. After thinking about it, he took off the beads on his wrist and handed one over. “Since you are here, I’ll give you back your bones?”

Of course, Ji Xingque knew his captain’s special supernatural ability. The moment he saw this polished smooth bone bead, his expression of joy at reuniting after a long time was distorted for a moment.

How to say it? The feeling of seeing his own remains well-preserved with his own eyes was really—quite strange.

Sure enough, as long as the body was found, the final destination of their entire team was to become the captain’s salvation tool.

Ji Xingque cleared his throat and spoke in a low voice. “No need, Captain. It can just stay with you. In any case…”

He thought about the wording. “Good or bad, it is a keepsake.”

“Okay, I’ll keep it.” Chi Ting saw his old teammate again, and his mood was visibly quite good. In an instant, he suddenly felt that his favorability for this unlimited world had increased a lot. The speed at which he took it back was so swift that it made Ji Xingque doubt that the words about returning the bones were just a show of politeness.

Chi Ting actually had many things to ask Ji Xingque, including how he ended up here, how long he had stayed in this unlimited world, and even what was going on with this world…

But at the same time, it was clear that this wasn’t the right time to ask questions.

He thought for a moment and finally decided to make a quick decision. “Let’s take the treasure chest first and finish the things at hand. Then we can have a good chat when we go back.”

Ji Xingque also knew that many words couldn’t be said in a few words. In addition, he always had an instinctive obedience to Chi Ting. His back suddenly straightened. “Okay, Captain!”

The players in the field were currently divided into two groups. One group was the man with the square face who accompanied people to the store to challenge it, only to get frustrated. The other group was Ji Xingque and the three players who came in together.

At this time, they witnessed such a strange and touching’ family recognition process’, and both parties were a bit stunned.

Zeng Yan and Shan Xu exchanged glances silently. They both saw the complex emotions in each other’s eyes.

In this type of instance, where they needed to collectively complete the main mission, internal unity was often particularly important. However, just a few days after this instance was launched, their group of players had a dispute over their attitude toward the slaves. The culprit was this pink-haired Ji Xingque.

At that time, it was the stage where everyone was collectively sprinting to fulfill the collective task. Their leader Huang Xinjue also won the first high-level treasure chest for the player team, and everyone was full of confidence in the next development. However, it was at this time that Ji Xingque appeared as a thorn in their side. After belittling the group combat policy formulated by Huang Xinjue, he made a big fuss and took away a group of people in one fell swoop. As a result, the two sides were still at odds with each other to this day.

But Huang Xinjue was the only one among them who got a high-level treasure chest after all. Like most people, Zeng Yan and Shan Xu chose to stand on his side. Originally, they saw a new player like Chi Ting appear and wanted to bring him to Boss Huang’s side. They never expected that he would suddenly act like this.

What was going on now?

Was it fate to meet from a thousand kilometers away or was it a thousand kilometer marriage tied by a red thread of fate?

It seemed that this Chi Ting wasn’t only an old acquaintance with the pink-haired man but also had a good relationship!

This situation made the people on Zeng Yan’s side very distressed.

In contrast, the three players who came in with Ji Xingque were already overjoyed. “Brother Que, is this your friend?”

Ji Xingque directly hit everyone violently. “What type of friend? This is my boss! Call him Brother Chi!”

None of the three people escaped. They gasped for air and said, “Brother Chi! Hello Brother Chi!”

Chi Ting hadn’t expected that Ji Xingque in the team would one day become an older brother. He inexplicably felt that the child at home was promising. He couldn’t help glancing at it twice.

It was also at this time that he remembered he seemed to have forgotten something.

Chi Ting looked back and happened to see Yue Ren’s non-smiling expression. He belatedly added an introduction, “This is Ji Xingque, my younger brother from the past.”

Yue Ren raised an eyebrow and answered very casually, “I can see it.”

The tone was particularly understated, but for some reason, Chi Ting always felt there was something strange in his ears when he heard them.

But when he wanted to dig deeper, it seemed there was something he couldn’t figure out.

The more Chi Ting looked at Yue Ren, the more he felt that this person had no good intentions. In the end, he added uneasily, “Don’t play with him.”

“Okay, Master.” Yue Ren’s mouth slightly curved up in a meaningful arc. He said quietly, “I will try my best.”


Chi Ting thought for a moment before confirming it, “This is your first time meeting, right?”

Yue Ren looked up and glanced over. “I’ve seen him before.”

Chi Ting wondered, “When?”

Yue Ren glanced at the beads around Chi Ting’s wrist and said slowly, “The apartment lobby. He was the one you asked to point a gun at me.”

Chi Ting was slightly stunned before finally remembering.

In this way, Yue Ren had really seen ‘Ji Xingque.’

At that time, in the lobby of the first floor of the Love Apartment, he wanted to avoid accidents caused by excessive favorability so it was this ‘Ji Xingque’ who watched the man.

However, what he had summoned at that time was just a phantom. It was okay to hold a grudge until now, but it wasn’t right to take out the anger on the actual person, right?

Chi Ting gained a new understanding of Yue Ren’s stingy personality. “It is my fault that the gun was pointed at you. If you have any dissatisfaction, don’t look for others. Just come at me.”

Yue Ren said, “Oh, Master is quite protective of him.”

Chi Ting vaguely felt that this person’s tone became even more sarcastic. “…Yes, he is one of my subordinates.”

“Yes, Master is really good to your subordinates.”


Chi Ting paused. Finally, between turning around and persuading this person to be kind, he chose the latter. “If you want to be a qualified human being, you should learn to be broad-minded.”

Yue Ren smiled slightly. “Just the fact that a person who has pointed a gun at me has survived for over 20 minutes in front of me is enough to prove that my heart is very broad now.”

Chi Ting told him, “Very good. I hope that in the next step, you can work hard to let him live under your nose for 20 years.”

Yue Ren slowly raised his eyes and looked at the back of the head with a small ponytail without saying anything.

Ji Xingque was pulling the other three to discuss the next arrangement when he inexplicably felt a chill go down his spine. He couldn’t help shivering.

But at this moment, the result happened to be obtained and he brought one of them directly to Chi Ting. “Captain, it’s arranged. The two of us here, plus you. The three of us will sign up for that group event.”

Ji Xingque noticed that the player beside him was a bit apprehensive and didn’t forget to pat his shoulder. ‘Don’t be nervous. You are mainly used to fill up the numbers. Once inside, just find a place while the captain and I play. Don’t worry. The state you enter will be the state you leave in. You won’t lose a single hair!”

Chi Ting saw everything, and his expression became more and more gratified.

The child had really grown up in the two months since he left home. He already knew how to take care of people!

However, when the same words fell into other people’s ears, they were inevitably filled with a different taste.

Zeng Yan and Shan Xu’s group of people watched Chi Ting and the pink-haired man behave like two brothers but couldn’t interject.

At this time, they were even more speechless when seeing that these people were really ready to sign up for that group event.

Compared with the people who came later, the players who came first had witnessed the deaths of the two brothers who didn’t even have intact bodies. They couldn’t bear to think about the degree of bloody cruelty at all.

That was just the first round of the solo challenge.

As for the group challenge, the difficulty would increase by several times.

This made Zeng Yan and the others look at Ji Xingque’s expression. For a moment, they didn’t know whether to call him stupid or mourn in advance out of sympathy.

At present, the only high-level treasure chest required for the collective main mission was obtained by Huang Xinjue. If they could gain two more at once, it was equivalent to basically solving the problem of the main mission, which was naturally a happy thing for everyone.

However, the murder scene they had just witnessed was indeed too tragic.

It had basically destroyed the morale on the player’s side. It was really difficult to see hope.

Shan Xu waved his hand weakly and gave up communicating with the fools. “Go back and wait. These masters have already signed up. We will obediently wait for them to bring back two high-level treasure chests!’

Zeng Yan didn’t have time to reach out and stop these people. Once he saw Shan Xu leaving, he hesitated for a moment and couldn’t help wanting to persuade Chi Ting more. “Do you really want to go? The guards in this store are all monsters. We have seen it just now. They are too strong. The slaves alone can’t win.”

Chi Ting told him, “It’s okay. Just let us solve it if you can’t get it.”

Zeng Yan: “?”

Wasn’t he trying to persuade this person?

Was it his delusion? Why did he suddenly feel that he was the one being comforted?


  1. Qinlan says:

    CT: Do you want your bone back..?
    JXQ: No need captain.. Just keep it beside you..
    Everyone: … What kind of conversation reunion is that?

    YR look like he got splash by jar of vinegar.. plus murder intent..😅😅😅

  2. Marie-Sandra says:

    This was a fine chapter.
    Yue Ren being jealous is so funny hehe!
    Thanks for the translation!

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