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PFRG: Chapter 20 Part 1

Love Apartment (20)

For a moment, everyone’s excitement in the previous second seemed to be their illusion.

A deathly silence shrouded the lobby of the first floor for a long time. At this moment, it seemed that even the wind that occasionally leaked into the safe passage was completely solidified.

Xiang Xianwan’s body shook. She instinctively wanted to support herself against the wall but slowly fell to the ground.

What was this?

They persevered for so many days without collapsing. It was just to be able to go downstairs and leave this place smoothly. Now the results told them that all their previous efforts were meaningless?

It felt like their last hope had finally been stripped away.

The atmosphere of despair spread instantly. Gong Jing scratched his head and rushed over without giving up. He hit the wall that should’ve been the door of the apartment. “It isn’t right! I’m not mistaken. It was obviously here! What about the door? There must be some type of illusion. Do they want us to think that the door has disappeared?!”

After another round of hitting, bruises gradually appeared on his palms and wrist. However, it was useless.

The heavy wall remained motionless. The solid residual force rebounded on Gong Jing’s muscles again and again. It caused a tearing pain but also showed a very cruel fact.

“Stop hitting. It is useless. Let’s calm down first.”

Li Tao’s emotions were also broken, but he knew very well that once everyone’s beliefs collapsed together, there was really no hope. He rushed over and firmly controlled Gong Jing, comforting him over and over again. “Take our time and see if there are any other clues. This should be the last test of the instance. Hmm… it should be.”

In the end, he obviously wasn’t very confident. He gritted his teeth but still turned his head to look at another person. “Right, Chi… Brother Chi?”

At this time, he found that Chi Ting had walked up to Yue Ren at an unknown time. Judging from the atmosphere between these two, it obviously wasn’t a friendly interaction.

Chi Ting’s gaze slowly stopped on Yue Ren’s body, and he got straight to the point. “Say it. What else do we need to do?”

Facing the other person’s unconcealed killing intent at this moment, Yue Ren slowly raised his eyes. His puzzled expression didn’t seem fake. “I don’t seem to understand what you are saying, Mr Chi.”

Chi Ting didn’t fall for it. “Didn’t you come all the way downstairs to see us panicked, desperate, and helpless? Now that everything you want to see has been seen, isn’t it time to go to the next step in the process?”

Yue Ren stared straight at Chi Ting. After a long time, the corners of his mouth raised in an interested arc. “Are you sure that I have seen what I want to see?”

Chi Ting didn’t answer this question.

Yue Ren put his hands in his trouser pockets. The slender figure leaning against the wall leaned forward slightly. He suddenly closed the distance, and his breath almost directly brushed over the tip of Chi Ting’s nose. “Speaking of which, you have always had this calm look from the beginning to the present. Mr Chi, I am really curious. If such a face shows an expression of horror and despair, it must be very beautiful, right?”

Chi Ting glanced up and sighed a bit speechlessly. “Has anyone ever told you that being too curious isn’t a good thing?”

He obviously didn’t need the other person to answer this question. He pulled back and used the force to go in the opposite direction. In an instant, he was already directly pressed against Yue Ren’s side.

This was accompanied by the elongated red string of beads reaching Yue Ren’s neck. The words that came out without any hurry were cold, without the slightest emotion. “In particular, this type of excessively perverted bad taste.”

Yue Ren lowered his eyes slightly. What fell into his eyes was the metallic luster reflected on the red string.

The soft cotton thread had become soft at some point. He had no doubt that if he displeased the person in front of him, he would be able to taste the thrill of blood splattering on the spot.

What a temper.

Yue Ren raised an eyebrow without the slightest panic. A smile appeared in his eyes, and he even sounded a bit sincere. “Thank you for the reminder. I will definitely pay attention next time.”

Chi Ting: “……”

That was what he said, but looking at this person’s attitude, Chi Ting didn’t feel the slightest bit of self-reflection.

He stared at Yue Ren. Chi Ting finally felt it wasn’t easy to get too entangled with this unpredictable guy. He reminded again, “So can you tell us what to do next?”

“Of course.” Yue Ren smiled slightly, raised his hand, and obediently surrendered.

After confirming that the other person really wasn’t thinking crookedly, Chi Ting finally took the beads back with a flick of his hand. He took two steps back and stood there with his arms crossed over his chest, staring firmly.

Based on the conversation between the two people just now, the others realized that the key to the final clearance of this instance was this Yue Ren.

However, even if they knew this, no one dared to continue to approach. They watched from a distance as Yue Ren tidied up his somewhat messy clothes. Then he meaningfully glanced in their direction.

Everyone saw the virtual panel that appeared in front of them again.

Chi Ting also received a new task. He read the content introduction clearly and couldn’t help raising an eyebrow slightly. “?”

[Group Task: Emotional Cultivation (0/1)

Task introduction: The year-round busy work makes Yue Ren’s life boring. He yearns for the sincere and never-ending friendship in the TV series. Dear neighbor, can you give him a loving kiss?

Task reward: Yue Ren’s favorability +1.000.

Hidden effect: None.

Do you want to accept the mission? Yes or no.]

Chi Ting read it again before confirming he had read it correctly. He looked at the others. “What is your task?”

The sudden new task made everyone a bit stunned. Now Chi Ting questioned them, and they immediately gave an answer.

In this comparison, it could be found that the final task given by Yue Ren was different. It was completely different from person to person.

Chi Ting’s frown immediately deepened.

Such an expression obviously made Li Tao feel wrong. In the face of this final puzzle, his expression was also very ugly. “So, is this the last level of the game? A collective task means that only one person needs to complete it. Isn’t this making us sacrifice another person before we can clear the instance?”

Favorability +1,000.

If it was only the early stages of the game, everyone might still think it was a great reward. Now Chang Hefeng and Xiang Xianwan’s previous experiences were still vivid. They only slightly exceeded the safety line when increasing favorability.

No one knew what would happen when favorability increased by 1,000. One of the most easily conceivable results was that they would quickly assimilate at an unstoppable speed, stay in the instance, and become a member of this Love Apartment forever.

In the disturbing, deathly silence, Yue Ren leaned against the wall and observed everyone’s expressions with a smile.

Among these selfish, greedy, and fearful human beings, who would finally choose to step out?

Was it the boy who almost died once due to his stupid kindness, the girl who should’ve collapsed a long time ago but was still pretending to be calm, the coward who only knew how to shrink back in the rear and fish in troubled waters or…

The moment his gaze fell on Chi Ting again, Yue Ren’s eyes couldn’t help showing a trace of disappointment.

This man seemed to lack awe for the world. Yue Ren racked his brains to come up with such an unreasonable task just to find some different emotional changes on this man’s face.

But as a result, it was just a few seconds of frowning.

It was boring. This person really didn’t seem like a human being to him.

Yue Ren sighed silently in his heart.

The silence continued.

Gong Jing felt that his limbs had lost consciousness due to excessive tension. He finally recovered and was about to look at Chi Ting. Then the moment he raised his head, Xiang Xianwan glared at him.

He was stunned. Then he reacted immediately and felt a surge of heat in his numb body.

Yes, he didn’t know since when, but they had all been under Chi Ting’s care.

Advancement, survival, and even eating… subconsciously, they always felt that a person could protect them. Even at this time, they subconsciously hoped that Chi Ting would step forward again.

Gong Jing knew that he had a lot of bad roots. He was cowardly, self-interested, loved to take advantage, and was greedy for life while afraid of death. But as a person, he really couldn’t forget his roots!

For a person like him, even if he was lucky enough to get out of this instance, it was estimated that he would soon die in the next instance. In contrast, other people with their own advantages should be able to go further than him…

The strong sense of fear made Gong Jing tremble a bit when he stood up. He slightly stuttered as he said, “Yes, or still, I-I…”

The next words were directly interrupted by a loud female voice.

“I’ll do it!” Xiang Xianwan’s eyes were red. She was obviously very scared, but when she felt the gazes of others, she forced herself to smile calmly. “If it wasn’t for Brother Chi, I would’ve been assimilated by this instance a long time ago. It is good that I can live for two more days. I have made a lot of profit. Let me do it. You should clear the instance well. I think this apartment… um, it is actually pretty good.”

The last few words were a bit reluctant, but she still stubbornly kept the smile on her face.

Li Tao was stunned by the two people speaking one after another. After a few seconds, he hurriedly said, “Don’t do it! There must be another way. Let’s discuss it well. How can anyone be in a hurry to send themselves to death? Xianwan, if you said that you are almost assimilated then I was almost sacrificed. We are equal. It might not be your turn. Sigh, Brother Chi, come and persuade them. At the very least, we should think of other methods!”

Chi Ting stopped and glanced back at Yue Ren. “There is no other way, right?”

Yue Ren hadn’t expected that this person would actually choose to ask him so bluntly. He blinked and smiled, “That’s right.”

Looking at Xiang Xianwan’s even more death-like gaze, Li Tao almost cried. “……”

Brother! My dear brother! I asked you to persuade people, not to let you dismantle things!


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