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PFRG: Chapter 2 Part 2

Sitting at the dining table, Chi Ting drank the fragrant broth before remembering to pick up the phone next to him.

Under the function of face recognition, the phone was successfully unlocked. He finally knew where the message notification sounds were coming from.

This was a chat group called ‘Love Apartment Family.’

The number of people online was 65. Judging from the name notes, the people inside should be the apartment owners.

There were aunts in their 50s chatting in the group and couples with a couple’s profile picture. No matter how one looked at it, it seemed like what an ordinary owner’s group should look like. As for the players he met on the first floor today, none of them had appeared so far. Chi Ting thought that they should be quietly peeking at the phones in their hands at this time.

It was just like the system said. Those living in the Love Apartment seemed very close to each other. The relationship between neighbors was very friendly, and the chat content was basically helping each other. Even if some small problems were occasionally raised, there was no friction. It was quickly solved satisfactorily with the help of the property.

But when he thought of the little girl he met before, Chi Ting actually wasn’t sure if those chatting behind their phones were all human beings.

He ate while scrolling through the chat records. When he was full, Chi Ting basically collected a lot of information related to NPCs.

For example, the person living next door to him in Room 1201 was a professional model. Her headshot was a strong budding rose. As long as she appeared in the group, she would always be sought after by many men and women. It was said that it was hard to get a ticket to her runway shows.

However, the owner of Room 1203, who lived on the other side of the corridor, never showed up.

Chi Ting opened the list of group members and looked through it. He found the one with an all-black profile picture.


He clicked on the Moments, but it was blank.

After he was full, Chi Ting felt that his mind was spinning again. He carefully cleaned the dishes and chopsticks before putting everything back in place. He lay back on the sofa very comfortably, and his legs raised slightly in a very natural position. He picked up his phone and slowly started to type.

[1202-Chi Ting: Hi, hello everyone ~^_^~]

This type of greeting was too natural, so natural that for a moment, the originally harmonious chat messages could clearly be seen freezing.

Chi Ting still maintained a very comfortable posture, as if he wasn’t aware of the very delicate atmosphere in the group. He introduced himself enthusiastically.

[1202-Chi Ting: I am Xiao Ting, who just moved in today.]

[1202-Chi Ting: From now on, we will all be a family. I hope we can become good neighbors who love each other.]

[1202-Chi Ting: Get acquainted with me #rose# #rose# #rose# #rose#]

Then he continued to send the rose emoji in a tireless manner.

His diligence never failed. Some NPCs finally reacted.

[903-Grandma Wang: Welcome to this new neighbor. You look like a very enthusiastic young man.]

[1202-Chi Ting: Hello, Grandma. Come visit me more in the future when you are free.]

[903-Grandma Wang: Okay okay, it is just that the legs of this grandma aren’t very convenient. You might need to make the trip at that time.]

[1202-Chi Ting: Yes, I will definitely go to the 9th floor to see you when I have a chance.]

One mouthful of ‘Grandma’ made Grandma Wang elated. Then the other NPCs finally recovered and started chatting together.

Seeing that the Love Apartment property management was also here, Chi Ting slowly entered the next step.

[1202-Chi Ting: Speaking of which, isn’t Gloria here?]

[Love Property Management: Dear owner, are you asking about Gloria on the 13th floor? Can I ask why you are looking for her?]

[1202-Chi Ting: It’s nothing. I didn’t help her find a doll before, so I wanted to apologize to her.]

[Love Property Management: Oh, that is the case. Unfortunately, she isn’t in the group.]

[1202-Chi Ting: Why? Isn’t this a group of owners?]

[Love Property Management: Yes, but have you forgotten that she isn’t an adult yet?]

Chi Ting: “……”

Okay, it was very reasonable.

It was at this time that the players quietly peeking at the group finally understood Chi Ting’s intentions.

Someone had a keen sense of smell and came forward.

[1102-Li Hou: Hello, everyone. I am also a new owner who just moved in today.]

Li Hou appeared. Soon, the players who participated in the game today also appeared in the group one after another.

As the first player to adopt this type of operation, Chi Ting didn’t feel worried at all about other people’s way of following him. On the contrary, it would be too eye-catching if he was the only player in the group to show his head. Them appearing helped him stir up the muddy water.

What’s more, it was a nice feeling to be able to help other people.

Of course, they should help each other as human beings.

Chi Ting continued to insert a few messages from time to time in the increasingly chaotic group chat, allowing him to quickly gather what he wanted to know.

There were a few keywords about the person in Room 1203:

Male, a corporate drone, didn’t go home after work until after 10 p.m. every night, and he looked good.

Chi Ting used a small notebook to record the information and thoughtfully underlined the last one.

Being able to get such a unanimous evaluation from the NPCs made him have some expectations for the appearance of this Mr. Corporate Drone.

There might be a high possibility that the other person wasn’t human, but at least the NPCs on this side were different from the alien species and could maintain a human appearance for a long time.

At this moment, his phone suddenly vibrated.

Chi Ting picked it up and was surprised to find that it was actually a friend request.

He clicked to accept it. The other person sent a message instantly and sounded very surprised.

[1502-Li Tao: Wow, I saw you sending group messages in the property group chat and wanted to give it a try. I didn’t expect that we can really add friends on this phone!!!]

[1202-Chi Ting: Wow.]

[1502-Li Tao: …Why are you wowing?]

[1202-Chi Ting: Seeing how excited you were, I wanted to cooperate with you.]

Li Tao on the 15th floor: “……”

There was a pause, and he continued to send messages.

[1502-Li Tao: In short, we can use this contact method in the future and communicate at any time if there is any new situation.]

[1202-Chi Ting: Of course, my pleasure ~^_^~]

He didn’t know why. It was obviously across the screen, but Li Tao still felt like he was blinded by Chi Ting’s overly explicit kindness.

So how unscheming was this person to be full of kindness to others all the time?

Li Tao had passed through several instances, but it was really the first time he had seen someone like Chi Ting.

Still, it must be admitted that in such an unlimited flow world, it was definitely a good thing that someone could be kind to them—although this person was likely not to survive the first three episodes of a TV series.

Li Tao thought about it and decided to recruit Chi Ting as a partner in this instance. In order to get closer, the messages continued one after another without stopping.

[1502-Li Tao: I feel that our luck isn’t bad. The death of the person who tried to escape was indeed a bit bloody, but judging from the current situation, this is indeed a warm-hearted capture strategy game.

[1502-Li Tao: Several of my neighbors on the same floor seem to be easy to talk to. Once I figure out how to increase their favorability to the green value, I will see the situation downstairs. If it goes well, I should soon be able to go to the 12th floor to see you.]

A warm-hearted capture strategy game?

Chi Ting thought of the little girl he met in the safe passage today and raised an eyebrow noncommittally.

Well, probably.

On this side, they got in touch through their mobile phones. However, the atmosphere of the live stream room was inexplicably depressing.

Due to the operation in taking the lead to join the owner group chat, the group of viewers who went to the live stream rooms of other players came back. Compared to the two people who added each other as friends, everyone’s attention was on the content that Chi Ting had just recorded in his notebook.

[That… the ‘corporate drone’ he mentioned should be the one I thought of, right?]

[The NPCs on each floor will be refreshed every time the instance starts again. As a result, Gloria lives upstairs, and next door is… this is simply full of love from the instance!]

Absolutely, I’m already starting to suffocate after substituting myself in.]

[I hope this newcomer can stick around a bit longer. After all, it is really too difficult to collect effect clues from the instance designed by No 7?!!]

The messages from Li Tao continued.

[1502-Li Tao: What about your floor? Has the situation been determined?]

In the era that Chi Ting lived in, the identity of a ‘corporate drone’ that countless people yearned for had long become extinct. This made him only have a rough impression of this group of people based on the records from the top-secret archives.

They were positive people who could withstand the pressure of life. No matter what, they shouldn’t have a bad personality.

So when a new group of people followed the trend and poured into the live stream room, they saw Chi Ting give a reply after thinking about it: [My neighbor should be easy to talk to as well.]



There was a moment of silence in the live stream room when the barrage broke out again: […No! You aren’t wrong! He isn’t easy to talk to at all!]


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  3. azalea says:

    so im guessing corporate drone Mr. Blade is the ML or at least a character based on him right? if so, then im gonna think of this novel as the renheng AU i didnt know i needed. im gonna delulu on this novel that one of my fave doomed yaoi ship is HE in this world

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