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PFRG: Chapter 2 Part 1

Love Apartment (2)

[??? Under what circumstances did he refuse? He really refused!]

[Are you sure this is a newcomer? Did he read the strategy beforehand?]

[You just have to look at the number ID to know that he must be new.]

[It can only be said that his sensitivity is okay!]

[It feels like he can get out alive if the instance is changed. It is a pity.]

[It might be out of place, but it is really rare to see this expression on an NPC. I want to laugh hahaha!]

In the safe passage, the already strange atmosphere suddenly became very subtle. However, Chi Ting’s eyes never moved away as he stared directly at the other person. There wasn’t the slightest evasion or flickering in the pair of dark eyes.

Perhaps such explicit eyes were so sincere that Gloria eased slightly from the shock of being rejected. Her cherry-sized mouth pouted slightly. “However, I will be very sad if there is no doll.”

As the captain of the core patrol team, Chi Ting had always been committed to maintaining world peace and protecting all humans. It was his lifelong wish to bring back the brilliance of ‘love’ to every corner of the world. If there was a little girl asking him for help pitifully, then there was no reason to refuse, no matter how he looked at it.

But only if—’she’ was indeed a person.

The highest-tier predator tended to appear as prey.

The breath on this girl’s body was all too familiar. It was just like the alien species he had often seen disguised as humans again and again.

He let out a long, “Ah—!” Judging from Chi Ting’s expression, he seemed to empathize with Gloria’s distress. At the same time, his good-looking eyebrows were furrowed together.

This was undoubtedly a very standard gesture of distress.

After a long period of thinking, just when Gloria almost thought he would be willing to agree to the request, Chi Ting raised his head again and pointed to the pile of waste cardboard boxes beside him. “But I am really busy. Even if I want to find it, this is probably the only place I can search for you. Why don’t you come and take a look yourself?”

The attitude of his invitation could be described as very enthusiastic.

Gloria: “……”

She stared straight at Chi Ting. Gradually, all the anxiety, apprehension, and urgency in her eyes disappeared in an instant, leaving only emptiness.

At this moment, her voice lost any undulations. “However, I don’t like to rummage through garbage.”

Chi Ting looked at her and stopped smiling for a moment.

The curve of his mouth suddenly drooped. The intangible cultural history of ‘face changing’ was vividly presented with a loose and light demeanor. “Unfortunately, I don’t like it either.”

Gloria stared at him coldly. Her tone gradually lost all ups and downs. “Then do you want to be garbage?”

She was obviously close at hand, but the words that came out seemed to be both far and near in the surrounding environment. However, Chi Ting seemed unaware of this weirdness. He took two steps back and waved his hand in a very friendly manner. “Don’t make trouble. Brother is very busy. Let’s talk when we have time.”

The moment these words came out, he heard a ‘bang—!’ as the door of the safe passage was slammed shut.

The moment when the resentful gaze was blocked, Chi Ting clearly found that the capture bar on the head of this NPC called Gloria jumped fiercely.

[Gloria’s favorability -10.]

Instead of accepting the task to increase favorability, he gave away 10 points for nothing. Even so, not the slightest bit of regret appeared on Chi Ting’s face.

He used his room card to open the door of his ‘home’ and turned on all the lights with a few clicks.

The moment he clearly saw the surrounding environment, there was a light that lit up in Chi Ting’s eyes.

The simple and clear design style and the clean and neat furnishings made the apartment suite exude a warm atmosphere from the inside out under the soft lighting.

Was this what it felt like to have a ‘home’?

Chi Ting was afraid of dirtying the floor inside and specially changed into slippers at the entrance. He put his fingers on the wall and gently stroked it. Then the few viewers in his live stream room watched him touch the entire suite from top to bottom.

In fact, many players who had just arrived at the new ‘homes’ were also doing the same actions.

Just then, the audience in the live stream room noticed that Chi Ting stopped suddenly.

He was standing at the entrance of the master bedroom. From this vantage point, the panoramic view of the suite could be clearly captured.

His beautiful eyebrows twisted slightly and made his expression a bit more inscrutable.

Then as the audience waited, they finally heard Chi Ting let out a sigh, expressing the emotions that had been brewing for a long time. “It is so good… if only I could really have such a house.”

Listening to such a tone, it seemed he felt envious from the bottom of his heart.

The audience members who had already taken out their small notebooks and were preparing to record the clues of the new instance: “……”

The pressure of buying a house in modern life was indeed great, but shouldn’t he wake up? Was the unlimited flow world a suitable place for daydreaming?

[Is it my illusion, but is this newcomer’s brain circuits a bit wrong?]

[It isn’t easy to buy a house. Stay in the instance and don’t leave. I guarantee that you will get the right to use the house for life immediately.]

[…Seeing that he refused Gloria, I thought he was a master. I’m not sure, so I will look again. If not, I will change the live stream room.]

[Go ahead. I will withdraw first.]

Chi Ting didn’t know there were only two people left in his live stream room where there weren’t many people. He familiarized himself with the environment and returned to the hall. Then he sank deeply into the sofa in a very comfortable posture, fingers tapping lightly on the red stone for a while. If anyone familiar with him saw this, they would know that this was the consistent state of Captain Chi after entering work mode.

The light left a thin halo between the contours of his face. In the silence, everything he experienced after coming here was filtered very quickly through his mind like a revolving lantern.

The rules of the game that he heard in the lobby of the first floor actually weren’t too much. They all sounded very basic, but there were actually many ambiguities.

Intuition told Chi Ting that the secret to clearing the instance was hidden in these rules.

First of all, this obviously wasn’t a simple game.

The first rule emphasized ‘carefully collect favorability tasks during the game’. This was a contradiction with the game itself. This game needed to increase the favorability of NPCs, but it reminded them to carefully accept the tasks. The only possibility was that the so-called favorability missions shouldn’t be triggered as much as possible.

Then based on the contact with Gloria just now, all tasks could actually be refused. In other words, it would probably be reduced at the cost of favorability.

Secondly, as a novice player who had just entered the instance, Chi Ting’s active area was limited to the 12th floor where he was currently located.

If the system tasks were given based on feasibility, Gloria’s doll should be in the pile of cardboard boxes. Chi Ting didn’t accept it, but he could guide her. But after the guidance, he could come to a second conclusion based on Gloria’s reaction.

The third rule said that the ‘favorability on the same floor reaching the green value will unlock the upper and lower floors.’ He was afraid that it would also affect the NPCs in this building in the same way. At least at this stage, Gloria couldn’t cross the cordon of the 13th floor to the 12 floor. She was only a short distance away from her doll, but she could only choose to ask him for help.

As for the last piece of information:

The initial favorability of all NPCS should be 100 points like Gloria. After deducting 10 points, the remaining 90 points of the capture strategy bar remained within the white threshold, not turning into a yellow state. This indicated that the favorability range of 90-100 was within the safe range. Further exploration was needed to determine when it would fall below the bottom line.

Chi Ting laughed.

He found that the game seemed to be much easier to play than he expected. He got a lot of good clues as soon as he arrived at ‘home’, which made him look forward to the next development in the instance.

He came all this way. He should naturally have fun.

In order to realize the first step of happiness, Chi Ting decided to have a full meal first.

Just now, he found that the refrigerator in the kitchen was fully stocked. They might be very common ingredients in peacetime, but in the end of the world where he had been living, it was almost impossible to find such uncontaminated fruits and vegetables. Even meat could only be stored for a long time in the form of a nutritious can.

Chi Ting never told his team members that one of his dreams was to one day return to ordinary life and become a gourmet chef.

Right now, every fresh ingredient in his eyes was very cute. He was busy in the kitchen with an apron. Gradually, a delicious fragrance faintly leaked out of the kitchen, and the table was filled with delicious food.

The two remaining viewers in the live stream room: “……”

Before this, no one could’ve imagined that they would one day watch a food show in an unlimited flow instance. But by this time, their interest wasn’t in the clue collection at all. They inexplicably wanted to see how this newcomer would continue to play life games in this instance.

How to say it? It was really difficult to find players who knew how to enjoy life so much in the unlimited flow world.

Every dish had been cooked with great care. They wanted to cry to death about this rigorous attitude to life!


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