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PFRG: Chapter 18 Part 1

Love Apartment (18)

If there was anything Li Tao regretted before he died, it was that he got Chi Ting involved for no reason.

The closed door seemed to block their way of life in an instant. Li Tao felt the oppression of death coming from all directions and pulled at the corners of Chi Ting’s clothes in a hurry. “B-Brother Chi, I’m sorry. If it wasn’t for me, you wouldn’t be…”

Chi Ting was still curiously studying the unknown objects in front of him that looked more like wandering souls. Then after being pulled, he remembered that there was a weak and helpless human beside him.

Seeing that the child was almost dumbfounded by fright, he directly lifted Li Tao to the side. Without saying much, he raised his foot and simply kicked the closed door open.

It had to be known that it took more strength to kick the door open from the inside than to rush into the house from the outside.

This was accompanied by a loud bang. It wasn’t just Li Tao. Even the eyes of the three people, who were entangled outside the door, followed the kicked door as it flew straight into the side wall.

At the same time, there was also a [F*k] as the barrage instantly exploded.

The paying viewers in Chi Ting’s live stream room watched Li Hou’s dirty trick just now and thought that the points they paid were really going to be lost. Before they had time to be frustrated, they were directly struck by this kick.

The moment Chi Ting’s duo rushed out the door, Xiang Xianwan had still been arguing hoarsely. “What are you doing? Brother Chi is still inside.” She obviously wanted to come and open the door but was stopped by Li Hou.

As a newcomer, she didn’t have any game items on her. She was feeling a bit anxious when she saw two figures rushing out. Then after realizing, she suddenly cried with joy. “Brother Chi, Li Tao!”

Her first reaction was to meet up with them. Then her steps froze as if she saw something extremely terrible. Her pupils shook faintly. “These… what are they…”

Chi Ting’s reaction from beginning to end could be said to be quite neat. After kicking open the door, he directly rushed out with Li Tao.

He obviously didn’t find his explosive power just now amazing. He directly threw the person in his hand into the crowd and said concisely, “Everyone, go upstairs.”

At this moment, Chi Ting could feel the gloomy and cold aura behind him.

Seeing that they were going to bypass him and attack the few people in front of him, the red stone on his chest flashed. The white beads fell into his hands, and he flung them behind him in an instant. The red mist had been pouring out from the door and couldn’t wait to engulf everything. Now it instantly scattered, and the things that came out with it also froze.

At this moment, everyone seemed to feel a heart-piercing roar enter their minds.

An electric current seemed to pass through their whole body, and their feet suddenly became numb.

The whole time, Li Tao was dragged by Chi Ting and felt like he was suspended in the air. He finally had the feeling of landing on the ground, and his mind completely returned. “Why are you still standing around in a daze? Run!”

Then Xiang Xianwan discovered that in addition to the house that the duo had entered, layers of strange red fog were also gushing out from Rooms 801 and 802 next to them.

There was no longer a false illusion of peace to cover it up. The last layer of window paper seemed to be completely smashed by the door that Chi Ting kicked and sent flying. One soul-like figure after another poured out densely from within.

These ‘people’ all had no faces. Their empty faces gave people an inexplicable sense of staring. This feeling of being stared at by hunters from all directions made Xiang Xianwan’s body weak and stiff. She was about to run up the stairs with the others in a panic, but a foot protruded from out of nowhere. She was tripped by it and fell to the ground.

She looked up in a panic. It seemed like the moment Li Hou passed by her, he gave her a meaningful look.

However, at this time, it was too late for her to think about it.

The feeling of cold hairs on her back made Xiang Xianwan look back suddenly. What entered his eyes was a figure that had already come to her.

A mouth full of fangs suddenly appeared on the faces without any facial features, evoking a hideous and terrifying smile.

The blood on Xiang Xianwan’s face instantly faded when she saw that the outstretched hand was about to grab her ankle. She was as pale as paper.

She closed her eyes in despair.

There wasn’t the disgusting touch she imagined. The sound of something cutting through the air entered his ears.

Chi Ting had reacted immediately the moment he realized the situation on this side.

The beads in his hands suddenly grew dozens of times larger.

The moment the beads flew over, he could see the instinctive avoidance of the things around him. They lightly wrapped around Xiang Xianwan’s body and dragged her to her feet.

Chi Ting glanced at the girl, whose eyes were tightly closed out of fear, and suddenly felt that the fresh expression of human beings was really cute. He looked at it more before smiling softly. “It’s okay.”

Everyone almost crawled back to the 9th floor. The horrible scene they just experienced left everyone with lingering fears.

Li Tao took deep breaths repeatedly and finally calmed down a bit. This was followed by uncontrollable anger.

He rushed over with large strides. He grabbed Li Hou’s collar and pushed him hard, pressing him against the wall. Then he raised his hand for a punch. “What bastard thing are you? You closed the door on purpose, right?”

Seeing that the fist was about to fall, Li Hou grabbed it.

The black leather gloves item on his hands obviously increased his grip strength. At this time, in the face of Li Tao’s questioning, he glanced at Li Tao in a very bad mood. He was a bit tired of pretending to be friendly and replied casually, “Do you have any evidence?”

“Do I still need evidence?” Li Tao was completely unable to break free when he was like this. He was full of anger that had nowhere to be vented and felt even more violent. “You dare to say that there are no bad intentions? Just now, you were the one who tripped Xiang Xianwan! I want to ask, what good is it for you to kill us?”

Li Hou cursed in his heart.

He originally thought it would definitely be foolproof to trap the two of them in the room. He never expected that the guy called Chi Ting would actually have such power that he could even destroy the buildings in the instance at will.

The moment he saw the exclusive weapon, he completely confirmed that the other party was a bigshot. He couldn’t provoke this person and shifted his target. He wanted to fish in troubled waters and let the little girl pave the way for them. Who would’ve expected that she would be saved again?

He saw one person in danger and saved the other. Was this Chi Ting a bigshot or a fool? Was he playing as a living Bodhisattva in the unlimited world?

Li Hou watched his plan go up in flames twice in a row since the door was kicked and wasn’t in the mood to Li Tao. He heard the questioning and just raised his eyes. “Is there?”

Li Tao withdrew his hand fiercely, his teeth itching with anger. “Come, Xianwan. Come here and say it yourself. Did this guy trip you just now? Let Brother Chi listen to it so we can make an evaluation!”

After speaking, he instinctively wanted to look at this reassuring figure. Then he found that Chi Ting was actually standing on the edge of the safe passage entrance in his previous posture. It wasn’t known what he was thinking about. Li Tao became stunned. “…Brother Chi? Are there any more problems?”

Chi Ting didn’t look back and beckoned at them. “You guys should also come and take a look.”

It seemed that due to the rules of the apartment, the red mist that had unknowingly covered the 8th floor spread to the staircase leading to the 9th floor and didn’t continue rising up.

In this red mist, the human-type ghosts floated in mid-air. They were obviously unable to leave the mist. They could only ‘watch’ them with faces without facial features.

The others walked over bravely. They didn’t know why, but they always felt that these things seemed more interested in the three of them than Chi Ting.

“S-So… what is there for us to see?” Li Tao endured the numbness and asked in a tight voice.

At such a distance, Chi Ting even leaned forward slightly. It was as if he was very serious about confirming something.

In fact, he already had a very subtle feeling when he was on the 8th floor just now.

The outward appearance didn’t seem like there was a connection, but there was something particularly strange about them.

They seemed to be people.

He wasn’t sure so he would take a second look.

No one knew what Chi Ting was thinking. They could only resist the urge to run away under the ‘gazes’ of these things and waited in place.

Finally, Chi Ting gave a final judgment. “Yes, they are indeed people.”


These things?

Everyone listened to this sudden conclusion, and their brains froze for a moment. They couldn’t understand it.

Li Tao looked at the things in front of him and then at Chi Ting. He was so shocked that he even dared to stretch out his fingers to confirm it. “Brother Chi, you are referring to… these things?”

Chi Ting nodded. He stood up straight again and habitually played with the beads in his hand during the analysis. “There is indeed the heavy breath of a human. The appearance has changed a lot, but it should be regarded that they haven’t reached the stage of complete alienation. Therefore, if the calculation is strictly based on the percentage of human measurement, I estimate that it is around 56%.”

The analysis that was overly academic once again made Li Tao dumbfounded.

What human breath, what alienation, what human measurement?

Chi Ting wasn’t surprised by the dazed looks of the other people.

They were all words from his post-apocalyptic world. It was strange that such cute, peacetime humans could understand it.

However, after confirmation, Chi Ting was able to completely dispel his doubts.

At this time, he finally had the leisure to deal with other matters. He turned to look at Li Hou, who was standing not far away and seemed to be waiting for an opportunity to move.

Chi Ting slowly raised his eyes. The moment he opened his eyes, he directly got to the point. “It doesn’t seem appropriate to choose to attack the same kind again and again, right, friend?”


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    The fight I was expecting didn’t happen, but following events more than made up for it.
    Don’t see CT using violence against LH, but I hope he makes him feel like dirt.

    Thanks for the chapter and stay safe!

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