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PFRG: Chapter 17 Part 3

After going back to the door, Chi Ting seemed to suddenly remember something. He asked in a seemingly careless manner, “By the way, Mr Chen. Do you know the resident of Room 1102 upstairs?”

At almost the moment when the words came out, the smile that originally appeared on the NPC’s face instantly disappeared. Their eyes without any fluctuation looked at Chi Ting in front of him. “Why? Are you his friend?”

At that moment, Chi Ting could clearly capture the other person’s killing intent. There was no doubt that as long as he answered ‘yes’, something very dangerous would’ve happened.

He blinked slowly and seemed unaware that such a sight would make people feel numb. He smiled slightly while looking harmless. “How come? I just wanted to remind you to try and have as little contact with him as possible. This person is particularly annoying.”

“Of course, I also think that he is very unpleasant, annoying, and disgusting.” The expression on the NPC’s face eased slightly. It just no longer had the same enthusiasm as before. He glanced at Chi Ting and closed the door.

Gong Jing was so shocked that he didn’t dare to breathe just now. At this time, he relaxed and felt that his entire body was a bit soft. He unknowingly brought out a trace of crying in his tone. “Brother Chi, why did you suddenly mention Li Hou to him?”

“It is nothing. I just wanted to test it.” Chi Ting gave a summary. “It’s good. At least we can come to the conclusion that Li Hou didn’t lie. Looking at the appearance of that NPC, his favorability toward Li Hou should’ve fallen to the bottom. I’m just a bit curious about how Li Hou managed to provoke NPCs to this extent.”

The people who could see that he really wanted to know the answer: “……”

Was this the confidence of a bigshot?

The temptation was so blunt. He really wasn’t afraid of the NPC killing people!

Compared with Room 1001, the NPC in Room 1003 looked much more normal. He was just somewhat overly enthusiastic.

After entering through the door, this NPC released one favorability task after another. Fortunately, everyone knew the consequences of favorability being too high. They weren’t dazzled by the strong enthusiasm of the other party. Once the favorability was increased to the green value, they said goodbye and left without stopping. They didn’t dare to say longer for half a second.

The moment when the door closed again, everyone saw the NPC behind the door instantly converged his smile. It was as if the enthusiasm in front of them was their illusion.

“In the last moment, I seem to feel that he cursed us with 10,000 dirty words in his heart… Hurry up, keep going. I really don’t want to stay in this place for a moment!!”

Time didn’t wait for anyone. They sent a message for Li Hou to meet with them and went downstairs again. Finally, they stood at the door of Room 902.

It was just like Li Hou said. There were no traces of a fight in Room 902. Everything was placed upright. The only thing was that there were no traces of Cheng Chao, who should live here. Even the door was opened unscrupulously, as if welcoming the arrival of the next master.

What made everyone feel a chill wasn’t that Cheng Chao’s whereabouts were unknown. It was because apart from 902 where Cheng Chao lived, the situation was the same in Rooms 901 and 903 next door.

The open door seemed to silently tell everyone that their owners were gone.

Li Tao suddenly remembered the words of that big NPC and couldn’t help snorting, “Has everyone on the 9th floor ‘disappeared’?”

Li Tao’s original intention was obviously to get some comfort. Then after his words came out, there was only a deathly silence.

Just when he thought that he wouldn’t get any comfort, he heard Chi Ting saying in a very thoughtful manner, “It isn’t certain. There is a possibility that it is like Fan Pengyue in Room 1002.”

Room 1002…

Li Tao’s mind could only recall the bloody color that covered his vision at that moment. He suddenly wanted to cry. “……”

Wasn’t that even scarier?

It was better to disappear. At least it was clean!

Chi Ting stood in place and checked with Li Hou. “When you came to find Cheng Chao, were there still two people living in the other two houses?”

Li Hou replied, “I don’t know, but their doors were closed at that time.”

Chi Ting nodded.

Li Tao tried his best to get himself out of this numb state. “Brother Chi, have you found something again?”

“It isn’t a discovery. It is just a guess.” Chi Ting stopped and glanced at the open door behind him. At this moment, a gust of wind blew, and his slightly long hair was slightly messy. “The three people in 903, plus Fan Pengyue from 1002 and the tenant of 1103. What a coincidence. Doesn’t this exactly equal the extra five people?”

The air seemed completely frozen.

Li Hou couldn’t help glancing at him again.

“No, I am getting goosebumps.” Xiang Xianwan rubbed her arms vigorously. She looked at the staircase where the permission had been directly opened on the right side and was disturbed. “Then should we continue going downstairs?”

“Why not?” Chi Ting waved his hand and motioned for the others to follow behind him. If an acquaintance was present at this time, they would be familiar with the operation of repeatedly stroking the strange stone with his fingertips. Captain Chi’s excitement could be felt from it. “There isn’t much time. Let’s take a good look at those things downstairs.”

He didn’t forget the existence of the others and reminded them, “Pay attention to me.”

The others replied weakly, “We will.”

Chi Ting walked in the front. He could find Xiang Xianwan’s hand behind him, tugging on his clothes and trembling slightly.

He didn’t mind his wrinkled clothes. He walked step by step toward the 8th floor, playing the role of a ‘locomotive’ very conscientiously.

The anxiety about the unknown caused everyone’s steps to be quite cautious.

This was until they stood in the corridor of the 8th floor.

They found that, unlike the floors above, this floor seemed to all be rough houses without any decorations.

The sun fell outside. Looking at it from the open doorway, all that entered their eyes was the empty, snow-white wall.

They were prepared to deal with unexpected situations. Such a calm scene made people a bit stunned. “Just… that is it?”

There were no decorations, no furnishings, and no occupations. There wasn’t any obstruction in the path leading downstairs.

At a glance, it was calm like everything they had experienced was an illusion. They now only had to go down the stairs to smoothly leave the apartment.

Xiang Xianwan asked with a glimmer of hope, “In the current situation, is it possible that we have already cleared the instance?”

“Impossible.” Li Tao might be eager to leave here, but after all, he had experienced a few instances. He also brought a bit of caution that belonged to an old player. “The instances are like this. The more you let your guard down, the more you can’t take it lightly.”

Gong Jing was caught in the middle and looked around. Suddenly, he noticed something, and his tense body trembled. “L-Look over there. Doesn’t it look like… a person is lying there?”

After he said this, the others looked over and found that there was indeed something in the corner of the eastern house.

From this angle, it was vaguely distinguishable that it was a person’s feet.

But were these feet there just now?

If this was the case, why didn’t anyone notice it just now? It didn’t attract people’s attention until now…

At this moment, Li Hou suddenly spoke. “I know these pants… it is Cheng Chao!”

As if his voice was heard, the person inside struggled to raise his hand.

Li Tao also saw the familiar figure walking out from the room at the end of the corridor. “C-Chang Hefeng?”

However, unlike Cheng Chao, Chang Hefeng didn’t seem to hear Li Tao’s voice.

He held a sharp axe in his hand and walked step by step towards Cheng Chao, who was dying on the ground. There was undoubtedly a strong killing intent on his face.

Li Tao originally thought that Chi Ting would show some movement in this sudden situation. He never expected that at this junction, Chi Ting would fall into some type of deep thought and never react at all.

‘There is a problem,’ Li Tao repeatedly told himself in his heart.

His personal skill was limited to detecting the value of good and evil toward himself.

Chang Hefeng wasn’t paying attention to him, so he couldn’t accurately sense it, but the sudden development still made him feel that there was a big problem.

Li Tao knew very well that in such a weird environment, the best choice was to pretend not to see it. But at the moment when Chang Hefeng was really going to cut down with the axe, he still couldn’t hold back. He secretly cursed himself for being nosy. Then he gritted his teeth and rushed over.

Sure enough, he would die sooner or later due to this soft heart…

This was the last thought that came to mind at this moment.

Chi Ting was halfway through thinking when he saw the figure rushing out from the corner of his eye. He couldn’t stop Li Tao in time. He could only sigh helplessly and take two quick steps forward. He grabbed Li Tao’s collar with one hand and dragged the person to his side.

Even so, the inertia from his actions caused him to step into the apartment.

It was as if they were swept into a completely different space. In front of them, Cheng Chao and Chang Hefeng were all gone. It was at this moment that they could clearly see the real appearance of the house.

His entire field of view seemed shrouded in a bloody curtain.

Looking around, in the midst of the overwhelming scarlet color, the house that originally looked empty on the outside was filled with countless figures of all kinds.

Chi Ting had a vague feeling of being watched when he stood at the door. This was confirmed at this time.

He quickly observed the things around him with some curiosity.

The faceless figures gathered from all directions and slowly approached. Then Chi Ting seemed to have discovered something. A rather surprised expression flashed in his eyes, and he let out a low, “Heh.”

At this time, Li Tao had already been frightened by such a scene and struggled to get up from the ground.

Under the instinct of survival, he didn’t forget to instinctively pull Chi Ting to flee together. Then when he turned around, he was so angry by what he saw that he burst out, “F*k! I am going to f*k him up!”

From the perspective of Li Tao, it could be seen that the three people who remained outside didn’t seem to be able to see what was happening inside.

Xiang Xianwan and Gong Jing originally looked worried. Then it wasn’t known how Li Hou comforted them, but a bit of panic appeared on their faces.

Li Hou patted them on the shoulder as if to tell them that it was okay. Then he came over, stood by the door, and stretched out his hand. Li Tao was about to rush out, but he closed the door of the house first.

At the moment when the door finally closed, Li Tao clearly saw the man glance deeply in his direction. The gaze passing through him proved that Li Hou couldn’t see him at this time, but the triumphant smile that floated uncontrollably on his face was enough to confirm that this person did it on purpose.

At this moment, Li Tao directly scolded Li Hou’s 18 generations of ancestors in his heart.

He had said it a long time ago. He knew how uneasy and mean this dog thing was!


  1. Marie-Sandra says:

    Aaaaaahhhhh this cliffhanger is reallyt the worst of all since the beginning!!!!
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    Again, thanks for translating this chapter!

  2. O says:

    A bit late this time, but… I hope CT takes some kind of cold revenge – not necessarily bloody – just really makes him *feel* what he sacrificed.
    Thanks for the chapter and stay safe!

  3. Mehapa says:

    This li tao guy is really stupid. Did he have a savior complex? He just went head first without thinking when he is so weak. He is just seeking death

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