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PFRG: Chapter 16

Love Apartment (16)

The expression on Li Hou’s face gradually stiffened. He could clearly feel the cold sweat seeping down his back.

Unknowingly, his clothes were stuck to his back. There was a completely unbearable, sticky feeling.

He didn’t dare to move his gaze. Out of the corner of his eyes, he already noticed the shadow that had unknowingly spread under his feet.

He was tense and ready. If he found that the momentum was wrong, he would get up and run.

In fact, no one would be unfamiliar with the NPC called Yue Ren after watching a few livestreams of the first few broadcasts of this instance.

However, Li Hou’s situation was somewhat different from those of ordinary viewers.

Li Hou’s personal skill was ‘Death Experience.’ In other words, by watching the death video of friends on the list, he could immerse himself in their perspective.

Experiencing death over and over again was undoubtedly an absolute mental drain, but at the same time, he could use the perspective of death to discover the details of clues that had been overlooked in the instance.

Using means to obtain death videos and stepping on other people’s corpses to climb up had always been Li Hou’s way of survival in this unlimited game.

Before he entered the ‘Love Apartment’ instance, the video he watched had contained the NPC called Yue Ren in front of him.

The fear and despair brought about by Death Experience were absolutely real. Li Hou was naturally more aware of the danger of Yue Ren than anyone else. It was precisely because of this that he found it even more incomprehensible for the idiots of Chi Ting’s group to let this man into the house so unscrupulously.

But if he had to call someone stupid, Ma Zizhou was really stupid. Even if he had the idea of clearing the instance, he had to know who was weak and easy to take advantage of. He provoked this killer to do something, and he deserved to end up…

“If you don’t know me, then do you know Ma Zizhou?”

“Huh?” For a moment, Li Hou almost thought that this person had read the thoughts in his mind. Then the moment he raised his head to meet this pair of smiling eyes, reason controlled his subconscious thought of wanting to grab the door.

In the end, he dryly raised the corner of his lips and tried to show a puzzled expression. “Who is Ma Zizhuo?”

Yue Ren stared at him directly. Then after a long time, he said regretfully, “It’s nothing. I just feel that you have an aura very similar to him. I just asked casually.”

Li Hou felt a series of electricity rush up directly. He seemed to be sitting here, but in fact, every cell in his body had been completely frozen.

Of course, Li Hou knew what this so-called similarity referred to. The Ma Zizhuo who died was in his team. People in the same team would affect each other to some extent, not to mention that he had also entered Ma Zizhou’s death video.

It was just that at this time, his faintly shaking pupils were filled with another type of shock. How could this Yue Ren remember Ma Zizhou’s name?

At the same time, this seemingly simple conversation was like a bombshell that caused a lot of waves in Li Hou’s live stream room.

[This name… Impossible, how could he remember it?]

[So who is Ma Zizhou?]

[I seem to know. This dungeon has already been opened ten times. There was a player in the third group that was destroyed called Ma Zizhou.]

[Yes yes, I followed that live stream. This person persisted until the end. The 40% is his record.]

[At that time, I felt it was a pity. If he had provoked someone other than Yue Ren, he might’ve already cleared this level.]

[I discussed it with my friends later. We suspect that this Ma Zizhou actually found a way to clear the level, which is why he suddenly made such a crazy move.]

[What crazy move?]

[He… used his personal skill to sneak attack Yue Ren. It was a full 20 knives!]

[Hiss—! I remember this. At that time, Yue Ren was driven into a frenzy and even slaughtered all the other NPCs in the building.]

[Absolutely. Who can endure this? I would remember the person who charged me with such a knife for the rest of my life. How much does this hurt?]


[However, isn’t the instance restarted every time the group is destroyed? This was a matter of the third group. How can this NPC still remember his name?]

The seething discussion in the live stream room was accompanied by a sharp pause once someone mentioned a key message.

Even though they were outside the instance, everyone felt a chill all over their bodies.

In this unlimited world, any player who had entered the game a few times knew that the instance would be reset.

No matter how much progress the players who started the group made last time, it would be successfully cleared. Then once the new batch of players entered again, everything, including the NPCs, would return to their original state.

For NPCs, remembering this type of thing was a type of reincarnation in itself. It was limited in length to the duration of the instance.

Then why did this Yue Ren remember Ma Zizhou, a name that shouldn’t exist in his memory?

It was terrifying to think about.

For a moment, no one dared to continue thinking deeply.

However, the audience in the live stream room might avoid thinking about it didn’t mean that Li Hou could stop thinking about it.

No matter whether he wanted it or not, he knew very well that he had been targeted by this NPC called Yue Ren.

He had completely experienced the process of Ma Zizhou’s painful death, so he naturally knew what Ma Zizhou was thinking at the time.

In fact, if he had replaced it with another NPC or player, he might’ve successfully cleared the level. It was very unfortunate that he hit Yue Ren at that time.

Yes, it was nothing technical. It was just pure bad luck.

At the very least, Li Hou believed that he was luckier than Ma Zizhou. He was very pleased to find that this Yue Ren didn’t doubt his words and temporarily let him go.

As long as tonight passed, he would definitely be far away from this dangerous guy.

What Li Hou didn’t notice was the afterglow left on him when the man withdrew his gaze.

If he could possess Li Tao’s personal skill, he would be able to find that at this moment, his body was completely shrouded in a cold and rich darkness. It was like a suffocating net, and there was nowhere to escape.

Compared with the extremely depressed atmosphere over here, the three people hiding in the corner looked here and there and relaxed a bit.

This was especially the case for Li Tao.

At first, he was afraid of Yue Ren mainly due to the excessively strong sense of suppression.

Then after gradually getting in touch with Li Tao, he found that this person exuded malice toward everyone indiscriminately. Yue Ren didn’t target him alone. Over time, he felt relieved due to the excessive numbness.

It was probably the concept of ‘If you die, we all die together.’ After Chi Ting brought the food to the table, he sat around the table and ate while muttering, “There are so many people eating every time. There won’t be enough food, right?”

Chi Ting didn’t know what he meant. Then he replied, “You guys brought a lot here. We can still eat for a while.”

Xiang Xianwan felt Li Tao kicking her wildly under the table. Her mind returned, and she whispered, “Yes, as long as everyone brings their own share, it really won’t be a big problem.”

When it came to this, the meaning was already very obvious.

The people sitting here were players. There was only one person who ate and drank without bringing anything.

Everyone might be afraid of him, but starving to death was also one of the various ways to die. It was the so-called humans who would die for riches while birds would die for food. Despite knowing that the probability was useless, they still had to try a bit. What if the NPC brother had a conscience and found out?

However, it turned out that Yue Ren had no such thing as a conscience.

The vague gazes around him seemed non-existent to him. After eating a bowl, he filled another bowl and finally put down his chopsticks. “I am full, so I will go back first. Everyone, take your time. I’ll see you tomorrow.”

He walked to the door and changed his shoes without hurrying. Then he seemed to remember one thing at this time. “Oh yes, the food prepared for us by the property has always been abundant. In this regard, there is no need to worry too much.”

Everyone’s eyes followed his back. It wasn’t until the door closed that they exchanged glances.

Gong Jing wondered, “What does he mean?”

Xiang Xianwan shook her head. “…I don’t know.”

As if to clear their doubts, everyone’s phones suddenly vibrated together.

Someone in the owner group pinged everyone. They opened it and found that it was a message sent from the Love Property Management.

[Love Property Management: @All members, there is good news. The new owner election is about to begin. All owners with permanent residency are invited to actively participate!

After verification, eight owners have abandoned the election. I hope that the remaining owners can hold onto their precious qualification in the final time and compete for the final 24 owner spots.

We are the love property management, and we serve everyone. I look forward to your excellent performance. Heart!]

Everyone looked directly at their phones and suddenly lost their appetite for food.

In the silence, the corners of Li Tao’s mouth twitched. “The so-called permanent residency… does that mean what I think?”

Li Hou glanced at him. “It is the literal meaning. In the last two days, if we can’t find a way to clear the instance then we will probably be left here forever. So no matter what, if you want to live, you must go downstairs as soon as possible.”

The surroundings fell silent again.

It was also at this time that they finally understood what Yue Ren meant by the fact that the ingredients were very abundant.

If they only had two days remaining, then it was enough for them to eat and drink every day.

Li Tao noticed that Chi Ting was still looking at his phone without speaking. “Brother Chi, what’s wrong? Is there a problem with the message from the property management?”

Chi Ting stopped and shook his head. “There are no problems with the message. I was thinking about the content.”

After saying this, he showed his phone interface to others and extended his finger. “Look at these numbers.”

Everyone immediately gathered around, still dazed. “Is there anything wrong with these numbers?”

There were also many viewers who jumped from Li Hou’s side to Chi Ting’s side. They were originally still discussing the matter of Yue Ren, but their attention was attracted when they heard him mention this.

Yes, were these any important clues in these numbers?

Everyone was looking forward to it and waited for Chi Ting’s patient explanation. In the next second, the audience in the live stream room saw a message box pop out on the interface.

[Note: It is detected that the number of online viewers in Chi Ting’s live stream room has reached 20,000. This live stream room will soon be converted to paid viewing mode.]

[The current charging fee: 2 points per minute.]

[The paid viewing mode is about to open. The countdown is 10, 9, 8, 7…]

The viewers who just took out a small book in front of the screen: “……?”

How could the number of people reach the charging standard when they weren’t paying attention? How did this newcomer attract the attention of so many people?


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