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PFRG: Chapter 15

Love Apartment (15)

Li Tao cried.

His heart was moved, and the kindness he received at this moment was comparable to the light of Buddha. This made tears flow down his face.

It wasn’t that Li Tao had never met other big bosses in the previous dungeon. But in this unlimited world, just being able to survive was already a precious thing for anyone, let alone taking care of other people’s affairs.

It was enough to be grateful to the bigshots who could take them for a ride while clearly the instance, let alone an extravagant escort where nothing was expected in return.

Therefore, no matter whether Chi Ting said it casually due to the atmosphere or out of sincerity, it was absolutely precious in such an environment.

Li Tao opened his arms wide and was about to give him a warm hug from the heart. “Brother Chi, you are my god!”

However, before he could get closer, he was pushed away by Chi Ting. “Don’t lean over if you don’t wipe your tears. I’m allergic to tears.”

Li Tao: “……”

He silently accepted the reality that he was disliked. “In short, go back and think about it.”

A group of people walked downstairs. The barrage in the live stream room was still discussing the scene just now.

[Hey, is it my illusion? Why do I feel like this Chi Ting is more harsh and unreasonable than NPCs?]

[In the moment just now, I felt he was so fierce and a bit scary. Is it true that a bigshot has such an aura when angry?]

[…He just awakened a companion item and is only a bit more powerful than other newcomers. What nonsense about a bigshot?]

[Only? Hi, above person. Can you show the ‘only’ for me to see?]

[But do they really plan to go downstairs violently? The last group who went downstairs violently was wiped out.]

[The group was destroyed because their force value wasn’t enough. I followed that group., They were a group of old, weak, and sick people. Only two of them can fight a bit.]

[MD, I finally met a group that can break this 40% curse!]

[Why do I still feel that it isn’t right? Is determining how to go downstairs the last challenge? The progress is only 40%. Can they reach 100% directly by rushing down?]

The final barrage floated through the live stream room, and the players watching it calmed down at once.

Yes, this was only 40%, and it was even the most critical point. It should at most be like the previous ones. They should find rules to avoid assimilation and push another 40%.

Thinking of what Li Tao said in the instance just now, all of the audience members also absurdly had such a thought in their minds.

Did No 7, the designer of this instance, really intend to let players clear the level?

In this instance, Chi Ting’s group had already retreated to Room 1202. This time, they also called Li Hou together.

After listening to what they found downstairs, Li Hou’s expression was very shocked. “Fan Pengyue is dead? It is impossible. He was with me when I went down to find Cheng Chao before. He was still good at that time.”

“The blood is very fresh. It should be yesterday.” Chi Ting stopped and glanced at him. “You can act with us later. Don’t go back. The two players downstairs had an accident. The next one might be your turn. You can rest assured if we are all together.”

It took Li Tao a long time to digest the impact received today. He followed Chi Ting to look at Li Hou. “You live in 1102. Are you sure you didn’t hear anything? Do you have any clues?”

Li Hou shook his head. “I seem to have heard hurried footsteps yesterday afternoon, but the apartment has been too chaotic recently. I didn’t dare go out and be nosy.”

Li Tao originally wanted to ask about how this could be considered nosy. Then once the words really came to his lips, he paused and didn’t ask in the end.

It could only be said that he had been confused by Chi Ting recently. To put it bluntly, in the unlimited world, Li Hou’s attitude of not caring about others should be the true portrayal of the vast majority of players.

Suddenly, there was a suffocating breath in his chest that couldn’t go in or out. Li Tao could only forcibly suppress his complicated emotions. He called everyone together and analyzed the clues obtained so far.

It was a pity that in the end, they couldn’t figure out the slightest clue.

After all, they found too few clues. Apart from the red name conditions needed for assimilation and for NPCs to attack, they couldn’t find any new breakthrough.

Sure enough, going downstairs was still the only option.

Li Tao let out a long “Ah—!” and finally grabbed his hair in pain. “If I knew it earlier, I would’ve entered the instance in advance. How could I become involved in this perverted instance? Ahhhhh!!!”

Unfortunately, he couldn’t see the barrage in his live stream room.

[D*mn, I really want to remind him to stay away from that Li Hou. These days, there are still people playing sacrifices in instances. It is evil!]

[Haven’t you been to Li Hou’s live stream room? This person has obviously seen the strategy before coming in.]

[The instance hasn’t been cleared yet. What strategy?]

[Who knows? Looking at his previous series of actions, it is clear that he made a plan before entering the game.]

[You are saying that he planned to… Hey, he took the initiative to enter this instance? He is cruel enough to others and himself!]

[Tsk, what do you think? Once this is passed, it will be the first pass! It will be broadcast to the whole server! If the people you are teamed up with aren’t famous and can be stepping stones in order to get the rich first pass rewards, won’t you be moved?]

[Being moved is being moved, but I still feel that I can’t get over the hurdle in my heart.]

[Then you really deserve to be on the rankings. Reality is so cruel.]

In the instance, everyone was still at a loss.

In the midst of all the frowns, Chi Ting patted his thigh and stood up.

The others looked over in unison. “Brother Chi, have you made a new discovery?”

Chi Ting pointed to the clock hanging on the wall. “I found that it is time for dinner. What do you want to eat? I’ll make it for you.”


There was a brief moment of silence around them.

Li Tao: “Vinegar cabbage!”

Xiang Xianwan: “Fish with pickled vegetables!”

Gong Jing: “Meat!”

Li Hou was stunned for a moment when the three people reported the names of dishes in a proficient manner. Then he saw Chi Ting looking over with a smile. “What about you?”

Under such a gaze, Li Hou’s mouth slowly twitched. “I can eat anything. I’m not a picky eater.”

Chi Ting nodded and headed toward the kitchen.

He tied the apron around his body casually and naturally. If it wasn’t seen with their own eyes, it would be hard to connect the smell of smoke around him with the dangerous aura when he said that ‘they all have to die.’

The audience in the live stream room was also dumbfounded.

Was this the legendary ability to excel both on the battlefield and in the kitchen?

Seeing Chi Ting’s figure disappear through the door, the smile on Li Hou’s face disappeared little by little.

No one paid attention to him at this time. Then he looked at the three people who were obviously looking forward to the food with indifferent ridicule in his eyes.

At this time, they only knew how to eat. They were really not enterprising.

However, it was also good to have a meal.

After all, who knew if there would be such a blessing later?

His eyes wandered back and forth between the three of them silently, as if he was condescendingly selecting goods that satisfied him.

Just then, the doorbell suddenly rang.

Chi Ting was already busy in the kitchen and couldn’t free his hands. He called Li Tao from a distance to signal for him to go and open the door.

Who would it be at this point in time?

Li Tao and Gong Jing exchanged looks. Then Li Tao walked to the door and took a look through the peephole. The blood that had just been restored to his face disappeared in an instant.

His hand on the doorknob trembled slightly. Obviously, he was very conflicted about whether to open the door or not.

At this moment, there was a strange feeling in the distance.

It was clearly through the door, but the person outside seemed to know he was behind the door.

Soon, his feeling was validated.

Li Tao saw a very subtle arc of the man’s mouth outside the peephole. Then he silently mouthed, ‘I, know, you, are, behind, there.’

A familiar coolness shot down his spine. He wanted to retreat, but he found himself frozen in place.

“What’s wrong? What are you doing there?” In the kitchen, Chi Ting finally sensed that something was wrong with Li Tao. He walked over strangely, held a spatula in his hand, and used the other hand to directly open the door.

As a result, Yue Ren outside the door appeared directly in everyone’s field of view.

The moment he met Chi Ting’s gaze, a sincere smile appeared on his face that had been expressionless just a moment ago. However, the words that came out were so natural that it was to the point of shamelessness. “I’m sorry, I might have to come to your place for a meal again. Do you mind, Mr Chi?”

Chi Ting took a look and knew that this man must be deliberately scaring people again. He patted Li Tao to signal for him to hurry back to the house while speaking to Yue Ren, “Of course, if you don’t mind, please come in.”

Judging from the fact that Yue Ren knew to change his shoes after entering through the door, he was already quite familiar with being a guest.

He entered the house and took a look around. Soon, he found that there was another person in the room in addition to them, and slightly raised an eyebrow. “Mr Chi’s home is still as lively as ever.”

This wasn’t the first time that Chi Ting had heard his sarcasm. He just laughed it off and said, “Please feel free.”

Then he turned around and went to the kitchen again.

The arrival of Yue Ren undoubtedly made the originally relaxed atmosphere suddenly solemn.

He sat down on the sofa. The few people were already huddled in a corner far away, as if they wanted to hide as far away as possible.

Yue Ren didn’t care about all of this. He just turned around and looked at the new man in the room with interest.

His appearance wasn’t as obvious as Li Tao and the others, but from the moment they entered the room, Yue Ren could clearly feel Li Hou’s tense state in an instant.

In the short process between him entering through the door and sitting down, the man instinctively moved to the sofa furthest away from him.

Such an action, combined with the instinctive trembling of the human body, pulled the curiosity in Yue Ren’s heart to the highest point in an instant.

His smile still looked modest and decent.

“This gentleman, do you know me?” Yue Ren smiled without any warmth. He enunciated every word, as if he sincerely wanted to explore the answer. “You seem to be afraid of me. Why?”

Being watched like this, Li Hou’s face turned white for a moment.

It was only for a moment before he forcibly regained his composure. “No, this is the first time we met.”

Yue Ren slightly raised an eyebrow.

His gaze swept over the other person’s pretentious, calm look. The meaningful, drawn-out word fell heavily in the silence. “Oh, that’s it.”

He smiled and watched silently.

This was until Li Hou’s face started to turn white under his gaze.

The curve of Yue Ren’s mouth became more and more distinct.

The shadow under his feet silently extended, ready to move.


  1. Marie-Sandra says:

    Hiiiiiii this chapter was so cool!! It was nice to see the comments of the livestream, and I’m quite curious about this Li Hou (but well, I’m not worried for our Chi Ting and Lia Tao hehe).
    So lovely to see Yue Ren again~

  2. O says:

    Darn it, another cliff hanger. I would wait and binge read the rest of the chapters for this arc, but I really can’t help myself – I have to read them as they come out (and of course, comment!)
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