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PFRG: Chapter 12

Love Apartment (12)

The player who lived in Room 1102 downstairs of Chi Ting was named Li Hou. In other words, it was the old player who came forward to distribute room cards in the lobby on the first floor.

Chi Ting remembered that after Li Hou got off the elevator, Li Tao specifically reminded him to stay as far away from this person as possible. However, compared to the NPCs who were separated by races, he was still more willing to knock on a human’s door.

It was a pity that after ringing the doorbell several times in succession, there was no movement inside for a long time.

Chi Ting thought a bit and understood.

After all, right now was the free time for NPCs to wander around. Normal people didn’t want to rush to open the door at this moment.

This point was better understood when Chi Ting lowered his eyes. At some point, there was an extra figure at the corner of the safe passage of the 10th floor. He was grinning and looking at Chi Ting with a strange smile.

Chi Ting glanced at the scalpel that the man was holding in his hand. There was still sticky blood on it.

Perhaps he felt the gaze, but the curve of the man’s mouth widened a bit more. “Xiao Hui isn’t well-behaved. He ran out by himself. Have you seen him?”

How strange was this weird picture? Chi Ting just raised an eyebrow slightly and casually pointed out, “Xiao Hui? Are you talking about this?”

After following the direction that Chi Ting pointed in, the young man finally saw the gray cat squatting on the window sill.

The belly underneath should’ve just been cut open. It was hanging there very softly. At a glance, the various organs exposed trembled irregularly with the movement of licking the fur.

The gray cat didn’t seem to feel any pain. The green cat’s pupils swept over the two people. Then after a sharp meow, it jumped down from the window and turned to run.

It was only at this time that Chi Ting realized the cat’s neck had been cut in half. The moment it jumped to the ground, it shook violently. It was as if it was soft and boneless. It swayed back and forth with the movement of running. It made people very worried that the cat would accidentally shake its head off.

“Yes, it should be who you are looking for>’ Now Chi Ting was completely certain.

The young man didn’t chase in a hurry. He instead looked at Chi Ting and tilted his head slightly. It was obvious that he couldn’t understand this human being’s reaction that was completely beyond expectations.

For a moment, he looked annoyed that he hadn’t released the favorability task in time.

He only paused for a moment before smiling again. “Thank you. In order to show my gratitude, come to my house when you have time.

“Definitely.” Chi Ting waved his hand and watched the young man leave. He stood for a while before he turned around. He glanced at Room 1102 before finally pressing the doorbell of Room 1101.

This time, the door finally opened.

Chi Ting showed a polite smile one step ahead of the NPC who opened the door. “Hello, I’m playing a game with my friends. I might need to come to your house to ask for a cup of freshly boiled hot water. I don’t know if it is convenient?”

The NPC in Room 1101 was obviously stunned for a moment. Then he laughed enthusiastically and couldn’t wait to turn sideways to let Chi Ting enter through the door. “Of course, it is convenient. Come in and wait.’

“Then excuse me.” Chi Ting walked in.

This time, he didn’t forget to change his slippers at the door very politely.

After 10 minutes, the NPC had a sluggish look when he sent Chi Ting out.

If one paid close attention, they would find that there were very distinct fingerprints on the NPC’s neck. The deepest part was even more bruised. Then when he looked up, he noticed Chi Ting’s gaze and his whole body instinctively flinched. He hurriedly lowered his head again.

Chi Ting also felt the tension of the other party. He patted the NPC’s shoulder very kindly. “Relax. I’m actually very easy to talk to. You will know after getting in contact with me for a long time.”

Did they still need to have contact for a long time…?

The NPC was almost moved to tears. “Go back quickly.”

Chi Ting raised the hot water in his hand. “Yes, thank you. I will definitely return the cup to you tomorrow.

“No! There is no need to return it!” The NPC dropped such a sentence and ran away in a panic.

Chi Ting stood in place and looked at the closed door. He touched his chin helplessly and reflected a little bit.

Could it be that he accidentally hit too hard just now?

Probably not. The other party wasn’t human but he was still moderately merciful to this type of humanoid existence.

Forget it, don’t care about it.

In any case, it was good that he completed the task.

Chi Ting glanced at the cup of hot water in his hand and a smile appeared in his eyes again.

He was about to head upstairs. He had just taken two steps when he vaguely noticed something, and stopped.

He stopped in place, slowly stuck out his head and looked downstairs.

At night, the Love Apartment was very lively. The sound of people walking could be heard from time to time.

Step, step, step…

The night was very quiet. In such staggered chaos, Chi Ting’s vague attention passed through the layers of interference of the outside world. He seemed to capture a very subtle presence in the dark darkness below the stairs.

In this thick darkness, something was secretly spying on everything in the apartment. It was silently waiting for an opportunity.

If a stone was thrown down at this time, Chi Ting could be sure that it wouldn’t stir up any waves except for repeated empty echoes.

However, he had a very weird feeling. There seemed to be something else in the apartment apart from the known NPCs.

Suddenly, a new breeze blew in through the window. It blew up the corners of his clothes, dropping a bit of the night chill.

If Chi Ting could see the content in the live stream room at this time, he would be able to see that a moment ago, they were laughing and discussing how Li Hou was at home but didn’t open the door and the NPC’s embarrassed state. Then the next moment, the style changed.

[No way, no way, did he notice that?]

[What can he do if he finds out? In any case, the result is like that.]

[Speaking of which, when will they meet that Li Hou? That man obviously has a lot of valid information.]

[I just jumped over from Li Hou’s live stream room. What to say about this person… Hey, it is better not to cooperate with him.]


[Before you know it, another day has passed. There really isn’t much time left for them.]

In the instance, Chi Ting only stopped in place for a moment before retracting his gaze.

In an instant, he had returned to his previous relaxed appearance. He hummed a relaxing song while going upstairs. He exuded satisfaction and pleasure in completing the task from the inside out.

“Let me tell you, I found something downstairs.”

Chi Ting opened the door and changed into a pair of slippers very neatly. It was only when he looked up that he paused slippers. “What’s wrong with you guys?”

At some point, the three people who had been sitting on the sofa when he left were curled up on the ground. They were hugging each other while trembling.

Beside them, the shadows that originally belonged to them had devoured the surroundings bit by bit. It climbed up from their feet along their whole bodies. It moved around their bodies very slowly and comfortably, vaguely discerning. It followed Yue Ren’s fingers as they moved up and down in a light beat. They rose and fell with great regularity.

Li Tao was almost suffocated by the darkness in all directions. Then the moment he looked up, he felt a ray of hope had fallen in front of him.He subconsciously wanted to rush toward the light.

In the next second, he felt the shadow that had climbed to his neckline suddenly raise its head. It was like a poisonous snake as it spat out a message at him in warning.

Li Tao’s voice was already tearful. “Brother Chi…”

—Save me!

[Hahaha, he is back! Just now, I specially ran to the live broadcast room next door and watched for a while. What a sharply contrasting miserable life.]

[I can guarantee that Yue Ren is obviously doing it intentionally. This guy’s bad personality is true.]

[Look at his little expression of enjoyment. He really doesn’t worry about playing around with those players.]

[For a moment, I don’t know which side is the one who received the dare…]

[Sure enough, staying away from him is the only solution!]

Chi Ting understood what was happening with just a glance.

The reason why he was relieved enough to leave these people here was because he was sure that NPCs must abide by the movement restrictions before their favorability value fell to the red value. However, he never thought that this guy would change to another method to satisfy his own perverted and twisted taste.

Chi Ting stopped and looked toward Yue Ren.

Yue Ren smiled lightly. Life seemed to be sucked out of these shadows in an instant and the surroundings turned to calm. “The wait was a bit long. I was just playing a small game of ‘who moves first’ with all my friends.”

The more casually he said it, the more the people who regained their breath sweated.

Was this a competition of who moved first?

With the atmosphere just now, it was obviously a competition of who would die first, right?

“Are you satisfied with this cup of hot water?”

Yue Ren gently stroked the outside of the warm cup before raising his eyes. He watched the three players instantly gather around Chi Ting like chickens. Then an unknown meaning flashed in his eyes. “Of course, I am very satisfied.”

Li Tao had just escaped from the feeling of dying. Once this NPC’s eyes swept over him like this, he suddenly felt his whole body tensing up.

However, there was still the instinct of an old player. He didn’t forget to pay attention to the words Chi Ting said when entering through the door. He looked at Yue Ren vigilantly while asking in a low voice, “By the way, Brother Chi. What did you say earlier?”

“It is just…” Chi Ting was about to say it when he remembered that someone else was present. He glanced at Yue Ren.

Yue Ren consciously stood up from the sofa. “It is late. Let’s end the game here today.”

Chi Ting suddenly felt a bit regretful. “Is it over so soon? Two people haven’t received orders yet?

Li Tao, who had just sighed with relief: “!!!”

Brother, what are you doing?

Fortunately, Yue Ren only smiled slightly when he heard this. “I said that we played a small game just now. It could be regarded as enhancing our feelings.”

Once these words came out, the three people saw each other’s favorability value jump up by 100 in unison. Finally, there was a glimmer of light in their eyes after they had been dim all night.

Green value!

It took their predestined lifespan in exchange!

Yue Ren caught everyone’s tears of joy. He glanced at it before continuing to look at Chi Ting. “Okay, I’ll go back to rest first. Thank you for the late night meal. I have a long annual leave starting from tomorrow. I will see you later.”

Chi Ting replied, “Okay, see you later.”

Seeing Yue Ren live and close the door, the three players who had suffered all night collapsed to the ground in unison.

“Enough, I’ve finally had enough! I’ll do the other person tomorrow morning and hurry down to the 11th floor!” Li Tao stared at the ceiling uncontrollably, his vision started to blue. He inexplicably felt the joy of turning a corner. “What is the origin of that person? Why does he feel scarier than the bosses I met in previous instances?”

Someone answered his question. “A corporate drone with a bit of social fear.”

Li Tao looked back. He found that Chi Ting had picked up the cup of hot water he brought back and was drinking it.

The appearance of him holding the water glass in both hands, combined with the face that was vaguely shrouded in heat, inexplicably produced a sense of an old man who had retired for many years.


Li Tao originally wanted to complain about the serious OOC (out of character) of Yue Ren, but he was completely speechless by the picture in front of him.

Therefore, a bigshot was a bigshot. Every time he faced a dangerous situation, he could always maintain this type of leisurely state without the slightest sense of urgency!

“Let’s get back to business.” Chi Ting started thinking again.

Li Tao was confused. “Huh?”

Chi Ting said, “When I came back, I wanted to tell you that when I went downstairs just now, I found that there seems to be something else in this apartment.”

Li Tao couldn’t react for a while. “Something else? What is it?”

“If I knew, I would tell you directly.”

Chi Ting glanced at everyone. The next words made everyone’s body temperature drop to the extreme in an instant. “But one thing is for sure. It isn’t an NPC.”

Something else that wasn’t an NPC?

What… was it?

The three people present instinctively exchanged glances. They all saw the uncontrollable fear in each other’s eyes.

Sure enough.

In many cases, the unknown was the most terrifying.


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