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PFRG: Chapter 1 Part 1

Love Apartment (1)

TL: Welcome to the second of the new novels. This is an unlimited flow and you might recognize the author from novels such as The E-Sports Circle’s Toxic Assembly Camp and This Omega is Immune to All Abilities. This is still an ongoing novel in the raws, but the author is really trustworthy and I felt confident picking it up.

I hope everyone enjoys!

Chi Ting struggled out of the huge dragging force and suddenly opened his eyes.

The dazzling and abrupt light seemed to pierce directly into his nerves.

He caught the vague outline in his field of view, and his first reaction was to directly stretch out his hand and tightly grab the thing’s throat.

The fingers that were like iron pliers tightened suddenly and were about to twist with force. Then Chi Ting vaguely sensed something and finally realized what he was grabbing.

The person whose neck was strangled could clearly feel the strong killing intent directed at him and instantly sweated.

Then he felt the hand pinching him loosen slightly. It caressed the skin of his neck upward bit by bit, lifting his jaw and forcing him to meet this scrutinizing gaze.

In the next second, his head was firmly held in both hands.

At this angle, the overly slender and beautiful fingers could be captured in his field of view.

The strong killing intent from before was gone. Chi Ting just held this person’s head in his hands and stared straight at him. There was a trace of confusion from his slightly furrowed brow, and he seemed to be confirming a very important thing. “You… look like a person, right?”

The name of the unlucky person whose head was being held was called Li Tao. He was originally curious about why Chi Ting never woke up and checked the situation. He didn’t expect to be hit physically and psychologically as soon as they met.

…What did it mean to be a person?

The corners of Li Tao’s mouth twitched slightly. “…Are you polite?”

“It is really a person. You are alive.” Chi Ting touched this face up and down. He had a demeanor like he was studying an incredible thing. Then he looked around and raised an eyebrow in surprise. “So many people are all alive?”

Li Tao’s face was hot from being touched. He managed to break free from the other person’s ‘ravages’ and exclaimed, “…Are you sick?”

He was among the group of people who woke up earlier after being sent into the instance. He was initially attracted by Chi Ting’s overly provocative appearance, which stood out in the crowd. He didn’t expect to find that this person had some problems with his brain after a bit of contact.

Chi Ting didn’t care about Li Tao’s actions.

By this time, he had noticed the change in his environment.

The world he lived in was ravaged by a virus, and the last bastion of humanity had been completely overrun.

As a member of the core patrol guard, Chi Ting had been searching Earth for the last batch of surviving humans. Just before coming here, he was leading the team members to carry out the mission, but it was on this mission that his group was utterly wiped out.

The last scene in Chi Ting’s memory was that he should’ve been sucked into a bloody mouth by the alien species with tentacles.

He didn’t know what happened, but when he woke up again, he suddenly switched to this scene here.

No matter how he looked at it, the surrounding environment was like the apartment lobby in the peaceful era before the virus broke out.

The most important thing was that before his own team members were wiped out, he hadn’t seen any other humans apart from his team members for a long time.

Was this the world inside the alien species’ body?

Or was he already dead?

Chi Ting wasn’t sure. Then after a simple count, he found out that there were a total of 12 people present, including himself!

It was definitely a pleasant thing to meet so many living people at once.

He almost forgot what it was like to live with living people!

But obviously, other people couldn’t feel Chi Ting’s good mood.

Just five minutes ago, they appeared out of thin air.

Surrounded by pink walls, it was charming and dreamy under the ceiling lights. It was just that the dead silence made the cute font of the words ‘Love Apartment’ on the wall look particularly strange.

In the depressed state of ‘Who am I, where am I, and what happened?’, someone was finally driven to the extremes of madness by this atmosphere little by little.

A man in the corner grabbed his head fiercely with both hands, his voice trembling uncontrollably. “Where is this place? Why did I suddenly come here… No, I have to leave…”

The man wasn’t too far away from Chi Ting. Chi Ting stretched out his hand and wanted to say, ‘What a coincidence, I was also sent over suddenly.’ Just then, the man stumbled and got up suddenly. He looked around and rushed in a panicked manner toward the only small door on the side.

A girl was hit by him and screamed.

Someone gave a light tsk as if watching the show. His words fell into Chi Ting’s ears. “It seems that there are many newcomers in this instance.”

Instance? Newcomer?

Was it the special vocabulary of this world?

Chi Ting looked in the direction of the voice. He saw two people leaning against the wall not far away. Their arms were crossed over their chests, and there was a subtle expectation in their interested tone.

Judging from the way they communicated, they obviously knew each other. This comfortable appearance was somewhat out of place with the other people around them.

Chi Ting soon knew what the two of them were looking forward to.

The man rushed to the side door and was about to push it open. However, the moment he took a step, his movement abruptly froze like he was stopped by an invisible force.

Immediately afterward, a distorted expression due to pain instantly occupied his entire face. His hands, with bulging veins, fiercely grabbed at his throat.

The blood vessels in his body gradually expanded invisibly. The back of his hands, his neck, and his forehead were densely covered like a spider web…


Bang bang—!

The explosions that occurred one after another were like a small and bloody fireworks show. Thick plasma covered his hideous face along the cracked blood vessels.

The feeling of terror rushed to their heads in an instant. Someone retched violently.

A trace of regret clearly flashed on Chi Ting’s face.

He just saw living people. How come he lost one so quickly? IT wouldn’t be the end of the world here, so they would all die again, right?

He sighed deeply in his heart, but he was familiar with such an excessively bloody scene. He moved his gaze and continued to observe the surrounding environment.

Li Tao’s face didn’t look very good. Death often occurred before the game started if newcomers were present, but this situation was likely to increase the difficulty of other players clearing the game.

He secretly cursed the newcomer’s fragile psychological quality. He took the opportunity to quickly determine the number of new players in this game.

After sweeping his gaze around, his eyes fell on Chi Ting again.

Chi Ting belonged to the standard appearance that was enough for both genders. He looked a bit cold when he wasn’t smiling, but when he smiled, he always made people feel like a spring breeze due to the sincerity in his eyes.

His silky black hair was longer than the shoulders and casually scattered around his collarbone. This was accentuated by the unknown red stone hanging from the double-layered chains below the choker, making him look even more charming.

Unlike other players, his attention didn’t fall on the corpse that exploded. He seriously looked at the decoration style of the apartment as if he wanted to engrave every inch of this lobby into his mind.

In stark contrast to the apprehension of the other players, Chi Ting’s demeanor showed a signal everywhere—he liked this place very much.

It was the type he really liked.


Li Tao’s heart skipped a beat, and he suddenly became unsure. ‘F*k, is this a bigshot?’


A sudden sound broke the dead silence.

[This is the Love Apartment, where everyone has love. You are welcome to join the Love Apartment, a warm and loving family. Please try your best to capture the NPCs and increase their favorability!]

The overly sharp mechanical sound was emotionless. This made the words of welcome even stranger and subtle.

For a moment, no one spoke. Everyone was listening carefully to the next content.

[Please note, the initial rules are as follows:

1. Carefully receive the favorability task during the game. Once received, it can’t be revoked.

2. For all tasks that can increase the favorability value of the corresponding NPC, there is a probability that it will have a synchronous impact on other NPCs.

3. It is only when the favorability on the same floor reaches the green value that the upper and lower floors can be unlocked. Cross-floor visits are strictly prohibited.

4. Don’t communicate with red-named NPCs. Those with poor neighborhood relations are dangerous.

5. New rules might be added at any time due to changes in the game’s progress. Please always pay attention.]

[Finally, it is reiterated that any operation that forcibly ends the game will be severely punished.]

[—Please follow the rules of the game!]

Chi Ting listened to every sentence in the rules and glanced at the bloody corpse on the ground.

So this man ended up like this before he tried to forcibly get out of the game?

He blinked slowly.

He still didn’t know why he came here, but he somehow felt that it was fun.

What Chi Ting didn’t know was that at the same time as the initial rules were announced, a section called ‘Love Apartment’ suddenly appeared in the game classification list of a live stream platform.

At the same time, 12 live stream windows were simultaneously opened. Except for one of the interfaces that had been completely darkened, what appeared in each live stream room were the figures of the remaining 11 people in the instance.

Coincidentally, Chi Ting’s smile was captured on the screen.

A few players saw a new instance broadcast and clicked in. Then they were directly hit by this beauty attack.

[F*k, I almost thought I had entered the face value category.]

[I came in directly after seeing the instance of ‘Love Apartment’. He is smiling so innocently. It must be a newcomer.]

[What bad luck. I went around for a while. It seems that there are a lot of newcomers this time. It is estimated that the group will be wiped out again.

[This isn’t the first time that Love Apartment has been opened, right? I remember that the highest completion level seems to have reached 40%?]

[It is the 11th time. The people in this instance have been wiped out 10 times! A bigshot should hurry to clear this level and share the strategy. Otherwise, I really will be doomed if I am matched to it!]

[Wait a little longer. If this time doesn’t work, there will be a next time. There will always be a big shot on the leaderboard that eventually encounters it.

[Ah, it is a pity for the few people in this instance. I guess they will be cannon fodder again.]

[Not next. Check Li Hou next door. His ranking is 12,248th. Maybe…]

[The ranking of 12,248 guarantees clearance? Hahaha, I can only say that your wish is too beautiful.]

The people in the instance couldn’t see the contents of the barrage.


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