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PFRF: Chapter 26

Lost Treasure (4)

The 5,000 points per minute live stream room was empty, and there was no barrage. The other players had already dispersed the moment they saw the sky-high charges. Qiu Ji was the only online viewer remaining. He had watched the style of the live stream room gradually become distorted. At this moment, his expression was very complicated.

What could he say about this live stream style? There was probably a strong sense of separation where everyone else was actively clearing the level to survive, but these two people were role-playing.

Players like Qiu Ji could guess the approximate identity of this ‘slave’ even when some key information was blocked. This made him somewhat curious. What happened to this Chi Ting that made him enter the instance so quickly after leaving ‘Love Apartment’, and why was there a black household with such a mysterious identity around him?

From time to time, there was the sound of chains in the live stream room and Chi Ting occasionally asking, “Is it tight?” Against the background of the iron cage, the whole scene inexplicably had a bit of an 18+ forbidden feeling to it.

Even though there was no one around, Qiu Ji still subconsciously cleared his throat. He brewed another cup of coffee and tried to control his expression while continuing to watch.

Chi Ting had used this type of chain many times before, and his binding skills were quite skillful. The only drawback was that he was somewhat rough. He completed the binding of Yue Ren in a few seconds. He didn’t forget to stand there and admired his masterpiece. “I’m sorry, I’ve never tied up people before. Is this degree okay?”

Yue Ren looked over the iron chains that wrapped him so he looked like a meat dumpling. His first reaction was to think about the so-called ‘tied up people.’ Did this mean what he tied up before weren’t people?

However, even though he was bound so awkwardly, he still adjusted his posture a bit. He found an absolutely elegant angle to lean against the wall behind him and objectively commented, “I can’t tell at all.”

Chi Ting took this as a compliment. He nodded and finally confirmed it. “Are you sure you want to lie here all the time?”

Yue Ren said slowly, “I would like to call it putting on a show, a complete set.”

“Yes, you are very dedicated.” Chi Ting still had a leisurely and elegant attitude. He had never liked this type of place that was too enclosed. Seeing that Yue Ren was lying there and not ready to move, Chi Ting chose to return to his comfortable and soft bed without hesitation.

He walked to the pillow and found that from this angle, he could clearly see the whole scene within the iron cage. Yue Ren’s hands were restricted from moving due to the shackles, and his demeanor was quite pleasant.

On the bedside table was an adventure guide to the ancient city of Aleran on the bedside table. Chi Ting took it and flipped through it casually.

Time passed minute by minute. Everything was very calm. The only episode was when the employee brought today’s dinner in the evening.

The hotel employee stood at the door. He saw that Yue Ren had been locked up in the iron prison and smiled meaningfully at Chi Ting when he left. “Just put the bowls and chopsticks at the door after you have finished eating. Someone will come to collect them tomorrow morning. I wish you a pleasant evening.”

Chi Ting closed the door and pushed the dining table into the iron prison. He recalled the employee’s expression at that time. “The slaves will definitely have problems at night.”

Yue Ren said, “I don’t know if there will be any problems at night, but there is indeed a very serious problem now.”

Chi Ting asked, “What?”

Yue Ren raised his head and gestured, but in fact, only the chains pressing down on him made some slight noises. He said with a faint smile, “It is a big problem. I’m a bit hungry.”

Chi Ting: “……”

Compared to tying people up, Chi Ting’s feeding technique was obviously much more jerky.

AS a result, it was already nearly 8 o’clock by the time they finished the meal.

Chi Ting sent the dishes for recycling back in the aisle. He glanced outside and saw that many explorers who returned to the hotel were rushing back to their rooms in a panic. It was as if wild beasts were chasing them.

Then all these footsteps fell completely silent the moment the bell rang.

“Dang—! Dang—!”


The ancient bells came from the tower of the fountain square. It rang again and again. The distant echoes full of time seemed to hit the heart. It repeated a total of eight times.

It was 8 p.m.

It was the curfew in the ancient city of Aleran.

The doors and windows of the room had been closed according to the reminder of the hotel staff. Chi Ting walked to the window and peeked out of a gap in the curtain.

There were no signs of people on the streets that had been busy during the day. Under the lifeless silence, Aleran at night seemed to have become a dead city in an instant.

But in such a silent and uninhabited atmosphere, Chi Ting felt a clear gaze cast from the night. It wasn’t known where it came from, but it fell on his body in a sticky manner, full of strong malice.

The curfew was fake. It restricted all residents from going out, but there was definitely something else outside.

Chi Ting had already come to his own conclusion. He left the window and went back to the room. He was about to speak when he found that Yue Ren was staring directly at him.

Under the other person’s clear and usual gaze, he felt his heart skip a beat. He suddenly had a more subtle feeling.

The bad premonition was indeed verified. He heard Yue Ren speak, voice clearer and more restrained than usual. “You are right. The slaves will indeed have problems at night.”

However, this tone of voice was obviously different from Yue Ren’s usual state. Even so, this person seemed to find the current experience very interesting. The curve of his mouth became more distinct as he spoke.

For Yue Ren, everything changed once it became 8 o’clock.

The moment the bell rang, he discovered a change in the world.

His vision in front of him was instantly covered with a blood-colored curtain. The strong and pungent smell of blood swept into his nostrils, making him regret for a while that he had a great appetite because someone fed him by hand. It seemed that he shouldn’t have eaten those few more bites, which made him feel a bit nauseous at the moment.

The bell rang a second time, and countless strange sounds started to reach his ears. It included the NPCs in the Love Apartment in the past, the players who tried to attack him again and again while wearing false masks, the hoarse screams telling him to die, and all types of strange noises that could make people irritated and collapse… More often than that, there were bad curses and hoarse roars.

Countless fragments seemed to be squeezed out of the gaps in the depths of his memory. The more he didn’t want to think back on it, the more he wanted to act.

The bell rang the third time, and the blood in his body burned and boiled little by little under the guidance of an unknown force. It was a very strong impulse, layer after layer. Something was tempting him in his mind, encouraging him and telling him to pursue more blood and killing.

For a moment, Yue Ren even believed that such emotions were innate. He believed that tearing apart the person he saw in front of him piece by piece would truly satisfy his desire for physical and mental pleasure.

The bell rang for the fourth time, and the entire space of the iron prison was soaked in blood and started to completely collapse layer by layer. In the strange world, he saw the faces of demons, sneering and showing fangs toward him. They got closer and closer, step by step, sharp claws peeling off his flesh and blood bit by bit. The smell of blood made him even greedier and crazier.

Then the fifth, the sixth…

By the time the eighth bell rang, there was only one asura hell left in Yue Ren’s world.

Standing in it, he seemed to be able to clearly feel the blood that oozed from his eyes and the corners of his mouth. Countless ghosts danced wildly around him, and his ears were full of nightmarish whispers as if welcoming him to the demon world.

All of this was enough to plunge anyone into madness. For him, it was more like a playground full of revelry.

“You are right. The slaves will indeed have problems. At night, it is time for the demon blood to awaken. It is encouraging me to attack you.”

Yue Ren told Chi Ting. He looked at this face that had been completely distorted in his world. His whole body had been completely soaked in sweat due to the boiling blood all over his body. His chest was experiencing strong, abnormal ups and downs, but he smiled in a particularly playful manner. “So this is the world in the eyes of the demons? It is really an interesting experience.”

Yue Ren’s strange appearance was too obvious.

What’s more, he had no intention of covering up his desires. His gaze toward Chi Ting was extremely revealing, full of greed for a delicious meal. It was as if he might pounce at any time and swallow up everything he wanted.

His laughter was already like a demon eyeing his prey.

Under this strange gaze that was enough to make everyone want to run away, Chi Ting didn’t move. He just slowly frowned.

Yue Ren’s expression seemed quite clear, but looking at the craziness that was vaguely revealed, it was enough for Chi Ting to roughly imagine what type of chaos this man was falling into at this time.

The demon’s blood.

At 8 o’clock every night, was it time for the blood of these demon descendants to awaken?

—“No matter what happens, please don’t leave the room.”

The words of the hotel staff were still vivid.

No wonder why he was given such a reminder after refusing to entrust the slaves to the hotel, and no wonder why such an iron prison was placed in every room of the Adventurer’s Hotel. Even Yue Ren could be forced to this level, let alone the other slave NPCs. It was probably conceivable what situation the other adventurers who let their slaves stay in their room were facing.

The sudden outbreak of agitation outside confirmed Chi Ting’s conjecture.

The sound of footsteps coming from an unknown floor broke the silence of the night. It seemed that other floors were even more chaotic. However, it was only for a short moment. The urgent cry for help stopped abruptly like it had never appeared. In the distance, there were only the slow and heavy footsteps that didn’t seem to belong to human beings, as well as the sound of some dead objects being dragged…

Occasionally, there were a few ‘clangs’ of people trying to struggle under their chains. The walls shook faintly, but soon, another wave of silence came. It became completely silent.

Don’t leave the room.

It was because there was something more terrifying outside the room than the slaves inside.

Chi Ting stopped and found that it was right to wait for the curfew at night. It was indeed informative.

Unfortunately, his partner didn’t look like he still had the brains to think.

The rise and fall of Yue Ren’s chest was obviously much more intense than before, but his expression was undoubtedly extremely pleasurable. This made Chi Ting inexplicably feel that this man really enjoyed the novel experience brought by the demon blood.

But looking at the way that his gaze gradually lost focus, Chi Ting really wasn’t sure how long Yue Ren could stay awake in this chaotic state.

The black shadows that unknowingly spread all over the room had already enveloped him. Chi Ting lowered his eyes and glanced at the shadow that was about to touch him. He stretched out his hand and unceremoniously slapped it away.

He walked to Yue Ren and crouched down. He pinched the man’s chin with his slender fingers, making the man look at him forcefully. He spoke slowly and clearly, “There might be some lack of humanity, but I really need an accurate answer now. You should still be able to hear me clearly, right? Yue Ren, please tell me. Are you sure you can always retain your last sanity in such a state?”

As he spoke, the shadow that followed him as he walked closer had unknowingly climbed up his ankle.

Chi Ting glanced at it. His fingertips that were on Yue Ren’s chin tightened a bit more as a gesture. “If not, for everyone’s sake, I might need to take some special measures.”

Yue Ren stared straight at Chi Ting in this posture. In his current state, every word he heard at this time seemed to echo in a valley. It took a long time before it reached his central nervous system in this cursed world.

After more than ten seconds of silence, he finally received the clear warning from the words. Yue Ren’s slightly out-of-focus eyes showed a smile. “Of course. I just need a bit of help from you, my dear master.”

Chi Ting: “……”

He didn’t know how to evaluate this person’s professionalism and diligence in role-playing at such a time.

But it seemed that the current situation wasn’t too bad.

At the very least, Yue Ren could understand what he was saying.

Chi Ting sighed with relief and raised an eyebrow. “Say, how can I help you?”

A thought of desire flashed through him. The demonic instinct of Yue Ren made him seem to smell a sweet, bloody smell.

He slowly licked the corners of his somewhat dry lips. His dry voice was full of strong greed. “Blood. Give me a bit of your blood…”

So simple?

Chi Ting even felt a hint of doubt when he listened to this request. Then after taking a glance at Yue Ren’s condition, he felt that this person didn’t have the brains to deliberately trick him right now.

He didn’t hesitate to lower his head and bite his hand. Then he sent his fingertip that was oozing blood to Yue Ren.

It seemed that he was attracted by the scent of blood. Yue Ren leaned forward instinctively.

He licked at it tentatively with the tip of his tongue. Then he suddenly came closer and bit it into his mouth.

Chi Ting’s finger was instantly surrounded by the man’s burning body temperature, as if burned by a blazing flame. He almost instinctively withdrew his hand.


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