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MGAG: Chapter 99 Part 1

The water in the sink was still flowing. Chen Qizhao’s fingers passed through the coolness while the person on the other end of the phone was talking.

“Gu Zhengsong should’ve arranged it in advance. The police found him, but discovered that the actual owner of these properties is Gu Shen, not Gu Zhengsong, when they checked the evidence. It was also found that all the parties involved in the uproar a while ago were from Gu Shen’s line. Maybe Gu Zhengsong had expected that something would happen one day, so he made arrangements in advance.”

The man in the flower shirt finished speaking and couldn’t help sighing. He looked at the Gu family and secretly thought that they were poisonous. Gu Zhengsong would do anything for his own sake. “In order to make himself beautiful and wash himself clean, he made a lot of arrangements. I don’t know if Gu Shen knows that his father is so ruthless?”

“He doesn’t necessarily know.” Chen Qizhao turned off the sink and said in a calm voice, “Gu Shen is still in the police station of S City. The case he is involved in is serious and visits to the prison are strictly controlled. Even if lawyers go in, their identities will be discovered as long as they go and visit.”

It wasn’t only the police watching these things. The Chen family and Shen family were also watching, as well as Gu Zhengxun of B City.

This case was serious. Now any people related to Gu Shen and the Lin family would be classified as a key person. Gu Zhengsong wanted to wash himself clean, and he wouldn’t risk sending anyone to collude with Gu Shen at this time. He wanted to clear all relations with Gu Shen, not to mention that with Gu Shen’s personality, he might necessarily be Gu Zhengsong’s plaything.

Gu Zhengxun could get rid of all these things and push them to Gu Shen. He was afraid that all the clues found this time had long been handed over to Gu Shen. Under the circumstances where Chen Qizhao and Gu Zhengxun joined forces to suppress him, Gu Zhengsong could still get out. It was impossible to implement if it was a short-term arrangement. This arrangement should be Gu Zhengsong’s plan for a long time.

Gu Shen was likely to be a pawn in Gu Zhengsong’s plan, a general who was in charge of things, but also a scapegoat who could be abandoned at any time.

Gu Shen had used this type of method many times, from the Sun family to Lin Shizong. If Chen Qizhao hadn’t sent Gu Shen in at the start, Gu Shen probably would’ve already started to clear his guilt or, like Gu Zhengsong, find a scapegoat in advance.

This father and son were printed from the same mold. Gu Zhengsong was an old fox. There was no way he wouldn’t know his son’s personality.

“Boss, you know too many things.” The man in the flower shirt laughed twice. “Gu ZHengsong managed to get out of prison, but it might not be easy in a short time…”

At this time, Chen Qizhao turned off the sink switch and suddenly said, “He will go in soon.”

The laughter of the man in the flower shirt stopped. “Huh?”

“Continue to check Gu Shen’s relevant personnel. If you find any clues on Gu Zhengsong, I will pay you at the previous price. Do it as quickly as possible.” Chen Qizhao took a tissue to dry his hands. Yan Kailin’s excited voice seemed to pierce through the bathroom door. “That’s it.”

He hung up the phone. Then Chen Qizhao saw Yan Kailin standing at the door and playing the game. “What are you doing?”

“I need to pee.” Yan Kailin didn’t raise his head as he handed the phone to Chen Qizhao. “Brother, help me play. Kai Zi, I’m going to the toilet first.”

“I told you not to call me Kai Zi!” Liu Kai cried out, “Hurry up!”

Yan Kailin replied, “Immediately!”

The moment Chen Qizhao went outside, he heard the door behind him close.

Several other people in the ward were still playing games, and the lively sound filled the entire ward. The passing nurse knocked on the door politely, gesturing for them to be quieter. Chen Qizhao looked down at the character stuck in the spring in the mobile game and asked while operating the character, “How did he die so many times?”

“He loves to play despite being so weak. I really don’t understand him,” Cheng Rong said. “Hey, wait a minute. What type of group is this?”

Chen Qizhao sat on the hospital bed and read his emails on his phone. Meanwhile, Yan Kailin and the others quickly finished the round and scolded each other.

“Brother, do you want to play this round?”

“I’ll come.” Chen Qizhao closed the email. Before he exited, he thought of something.

The sun shone in a corner of the window, and a certain succulent potted plant was bathing in the sun.

He adjusted the camera and took a photo of the succulent. Finally, he sent it to Shen Yuhuai.

“I don’t want Yan Kailin to be my support.”

“F*k, you should be lucky to get my healing.”

“Who wants this luck?”


Special Assistant Xu came to the hospital at the order of his boss and saw several young men playing games in the hospital room. There was fruit milk tea next to them, and the air conditioning was turned on. As he walked into the room while sweating profusely, he felt like he was walking from purgatory to heaven.

“Xiao Xu, do you want to eat some fruit?” Zhang Yazhi smiled as she pierced a piece of watermelon and handed it to Special Assistant Xu.

Special Assistant Xu hesitated for a second before taking it cheekily and thanking her.

He looked up at Second Young Master Chen, who was still playing games in the distance. The documents he was holding in his hands inexplicably felt a bit hot.

During this time, they were busy with the follow-up processing of the Lin Medical and Gu family’s cases. There weren’t many people who knew about this matter, so only a dozen or so people in the team were busy at the company. Finally, the matter of Lin Medical was settled while Gu Zhengsong in B City managed to come out… They hadn’t expected this. Gu Zhengxun had submitted a lot of evidence. Unexpectedly, Gu Zhengxun was so capable and managed to come out.

Chen Qizhao finished playing a game and noticed Special Assistant Xu.

After a while, Chen Qizhao and Special Assistant Xu walked to the window.

Special Assistant Xu said, “All the information is here. The boss explained that it should be sent to you. If you have any other ideas, it can be communicated directly.”

His boss had told him to mention this matter to the second young master when sending the documents over. He also said to observe the situation of the second young master and report immediately if there were any problems.

Special Assistant Xu had been a worker, and his ability to detect meaning from words and expressions wasn’t bad. So when he saw the second young master calmly reading the documents, he couldn’t help asking with worry, “Second Young Master?”

“These are all things that Chen Shiming checked?” Chen Qizhao turned back and asked casually.

Special Assistant Xu replied, “Chairman Chen ordered it. There is now a team on the company’s side that is specifically following up on this matter. They are responsible for assisting the police in collecting evidence and summarizing the progress of the case. The news was sent to us as soon as Gu Zhengsong went out. Gu Zhengxun also communicated it immediately.”

Chen Qizhao was silent for a while when he heard this. He was rarely in a calm mood when he saw the document. He didn’t have the urgent impulses from before.

He thought it might be due to the medicine intake during this time. His emotional threshold was so low that when he answered the phone or saw the document, he felt agitated but soon calmed down.

There were more things in the information than he thought. It was more careful than what he checked privately.

The information sent by Chen Shiming, together with the documents from the previous few days, was the progress of the case. Some information was more detailed than what he asked people to check. This incident was just as he guessed originally. Gu Zhengsong really blamed Gu Shen. Most of the industries in the capital were under Gu Shen’s name. The evidence finally turned into evidence to implicate Gu Shen. There was so much criminal evidence, and Gu Shen was basically finished.

Gu Zhengsong didn’t act immediately after coming out. He probably wanted to get over the period of risk before acting… These were all considered by the Chen and Shen families. It was impossible for Gu Zhengsong to spend this period of time safely. The follow-up evidence was still being submitted. The only problem was time.

Gu Zhengsong needed time, and their side was also chasing time to prepare the supplementary evidence. The most fearful thing was that Gu Shen was already used as Gu Zhengsong’s scapegoat. When they submitted evidence, Gu Zhengsong might’ve already found the next scapegoat.

Chen Qizhao finished reading the documents and handed them back. “I got it.”

Special Assistant Xu was a bit surprised. “Huh?”

This was the end of it? He didn’t ask anything else?

In the Gu house in B City, the curtains were half drawn, blocking the light outside.

On the dark side, Gu Zhengsong sat on the sofa reading documents. Several men in black suits stood next to him, waiting for Gu Zhengsong’s orders.

“Gu Zhengxun has been very active during this time. It isn’t known where he got the intelligence from, but he has reported some of our strongholds.” A man in a black suit calmly reported the recent situation. “This includes the matter of our previous attack on Gu Zhengxun’s company. He probably has evidence on his side. It seems that the old man has issued an order during this time…”

Originally, Gu Zhengxun won the support of the several old antiques in the Gu family with the jade necklace. Then there was the matter of Gu Shen being an illegitimate son being revealed. Finally, there were his illegal activities. The Gu family had become completely disappointed with his side. In order to not let Gu Zhengsong’s affairs affect the Gu Group, the group of people from the Gu family recently gave several large projects to Gu Zhengxun.

After Gu Zhengsong got out of prison, he lost his temper because of this matter.

However, that wasn’t the point. The most important thing was that Gu Zhengxun found a lot of evidence after joining forces with others. If Gu Zhengsong wanted to get rid of all ties, he basically had to give up two-thirds of his property. Due to Lin Medical, he actually fell into such a mess.

The man in the black suit continued, “For Young Master Gu’s side, he seems to have asked someone to pass on the news…”

His boss had done things secretly, and there wasn’t much news outside, let alone S City where Gu Shen was currently located. Now Gu Shen’s news network had been restricted. The inside and outside news was disconnected, so some of Gu Shen’s subordinates thought the boss wanted to pull them out.

“Suppress the news on Gu Shen’s side and control his people in the capital, so that they don’t cause me trouble.”

Gu Zhengsong looked through the documents with a calm face. Fortunately, there was the matter of the illegitimate child previously. He had previously dissociated himself from Gu Shen in order to deal with that group of old people. This made pushing the responsibility a lot smoother. “Find a few more trustworthy people to spread the news. Just say that my relationship with Gu Shen isn’t big and make the matter of the illegitimate child bigger. Push the responsibility to his side. It is better to say that he has been dissatisfied with my attitude as a father and has long planned to get revenge on me.”

The man in the black suit said, “But will there be any problems with Young Master Gu?”

“Don’t you know all his people? Control the outside news. Gu Shen won’t believe just anyone. Even if the police tell him the news, he will only think it is a way to cheat a confession. Release some news to appease him. Then don’t worry about him. Control his people, and don’t let news get in.”

Gu Zhengsong dropped the documents on the desk, his eyes deepened a bit. “Do you need me to teach you what you should do during this time? Make sure the movements are clean. There are people watching outside.”

The man in the suit wondered, “Then do you want to send someone to deal with the Chen and Shen families in S City?”

He handed over the information of the two families. “They have been helping Gu Zhengxun.”

“It is necessary to handle them, but not now…” Gu Zhengsong suddenly thought of something. “Does Gu Shen still have some people in S City?”

“Yes, the news from Gu Shen’s side was also from them.”

“Then let them do it. If it is discovered, it can be directly pushed onto Gu Shen.”


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