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MGAG: Chapter 99.2

In the Ninth Research Institute, the experiment group conducted the last test. At the end of the experiment, Liu Sui came out yawning with dark circles under his eyes. He had to walk with a hand on Shen Yuhuai’s shoulders. “I’m really hungry. All my energy recently has been devoted to this. Now I just want to return to my dormitory and play a game for three days and three nights.”

“There are still the finishing touches tomorrow,” Shen Yuhuai said while taking out his phone from his locker.

Liu Sui arrived in front of his locker and exclaimed bitterly, “Then eat a good meal at night first. It’s fine. It will be the weekend in a few days.”

Shen Yuhuai opened his phone and saw several new messages accumulated in his VX. He stopped his swiping hand.

“I really admire you. You go out early and come back late every day, but you still have time to run experiments. Up to now, your energy is still so good. Why is there such a big difference between people?”

Liu Sui took something weakly from his locker. “Why don’t we go to S College to eat? There should be no one there during the summer vacation. Is your goddess on vacation? Do you want to meet her at night? Hasn’t it been a while since you went to S College? This isn’t okay. There is basically little hope if a man only chases someone halfway. It is recommended to confess first and then proceed to the next step…”

Halfway through his words, he suddenly saw Shen Yuhuai replying to a message.

Liu Sui couldn’t help slowing down. He glanced to the side and vaguely saw a chat interface.

It was just that the moment he looked over, Shen Yuhuai silently moved the phone aside, and he couldn’t see it.

“F*k, are you chatting with the goddess?” Liu Sui immediately reached out to stop him. Then as soon as he got close, he just saw a photo of a succulent and a familiar profile picture. “Is it Qizhao? I thought you were secretly chatting with your goddess.”

Shen Yuhuai saved the photo of the succulent. He was just typing in the message bar when he heard a voice next to him.

“Hey, did Qizhao change his profile picture?” Liu Sui asked suddenly.

Shen Yuhuai looked sideways. “Changed?”

The message input paused. Shen Yuhuai clicked on the profile picture and noticed that the photo in the upper left corner had refreshed. Finally, a familiar restaurant background appeared.

There was no one in the photo but there was a phone on the restaurant table. The phone’s screen was dark, and the phone’s border showed a transparent mobile phone case.

“You probably haven’t refreshed over there. I saw it when clicking into his Moments.” Liu Sui clicked on the profile picture and glanced at it. “Why did he only take a photo of a mobile phone? Has the style of profile pictures for young people changed now? By the way, this photo is quite literary. If you want to shoot it, isn’t it better to shoot it with the phone upside down? Eh, this is a transparent phone case, right?”

He looked at Shen Yuhuai, and his eyes stopped on Shen Yuhuai’s transparent phone case.

Liu Sui felt it was a bit strange. “Is it popular to have transparent phone cases now?”

Shen Yuhuai half-lowered his eyes and commented, “It is a good shot.”

Liu Sui asked, “Do you want to eat grilled fish?”

“You guys go. I have to go out and do something.” Shen Yuhuai closed the locker and took a coat.

“No, Brother, it is past 9 o’clock now. You should have a meal before leaving…” Before Liu Sui could finish speaking, he saw that Shen Yuhuai had already left the lounge.

In the hospital, Yan Kailin’s group came to play during the day, but Chen Qizhao started to feel sleepy after taking medicine at night. Not far away, Zhang Yazhi was packing up their things. He was being discharged from the hospital the day after tomorrow, and some things had to be taken way in advance. She also told Uncle Zhang to prepare some things.

No matter how long he was hospitalized, Zhang Yazhi stayed here for as long as possible. Even if she was busy with something at work, she would rush back immediately after finishing it.

Chen Qizhao got out of bed and helped her pack the things. He saw a pile of drawings on the table and said, “Let the nurse take the rest. Why are you so busy?”

“It is just a few things. I’ll go and give them to Old Zhang.” Zhang Yazhi walked out of the ward, and it fell quiet.

Chen Qizhao sat on the sofa, his gaze stopped on the drawings and work computer that hadn’t been packed away on the desktop. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw several thick pencils scattered all over the table.

The few closest ones should be commonly used by Zhang Yazhi. As for the rest…

There was also a pencil sharpener pressed on a drawing. He had seen this pencil sharpener many times. Zhang Yazhi was used to it and used it for a long time. She even asked someone to change the blade inside.

Chen Qizhao picked up the pencil sharpener and grabbed a pencil in the distance.

Zhang Yazhi was returning from delivering the things when she met Chen Shiming.

“Your father is still working overtime tonight?” Zhang Yazhi asked.

“There was something wrong today. He wanted to come over, but he might come back later.”

Chen Shiming said as he walked, “I asked his assistant to keep an eye on him and not let him stay up too late. He will be taken to the hotel when it is time.”

“Don’t come here when it is too late. Xiao Zhao will accuse him of staying up late again.” When Zhang Yazhi entered the ward, she saw Chen Qizhao coming out of the bathroom with wet hands.

Chen Shiming paused when he saw Chen Qizhao. In the afternoon, he had asked Xiao Xu to send over the documents and was surprised to hear Xiao Xu’s reply.

Chen Qizhao used to pay attention to these things. So when he received news that Gu Zhengsong got out, he immediately wanted to know what Chen Qizhao was thinking. He knew that with his younger brother’s ability, this type of news would reach him sooner or later. Chen Shiming didn’t want Chen Qizhao to be bothered or anxious about this matter, but things that should be said always had to be said. At the very least, sharing information would allow him to know Chen Qizhao’s thoughts.

However, Chen Qizhao’s calmness was unexpected.

Chen Shiming approached and took the initiative to speak. “For the matter of Gu Zhengsong coming out, we mentioned this possibility when communicating with Gu Zhengxun before. It is because most of the evidence came to Gu Zhengsong through Gu Shen, so we considered that he might shirk responsibility. We just didn’t expect him to treat his son so ruthlessly. There are many people staring at him recently, so he probably won’t take any other actions. Just in case, I’ve already asked people to keep an eye on Gu Shen’s relevant personnel. He won’t do it himself, but he might do it through Gu Shen’s people…”

Chen Qizhao listened and finally let out a ‘hmm.’

“You…” Chen Shiming said. “If you have any plans, you can tell me or Dad.”

“I haven’t planned anything. I’m a bit sleepy now.” Chen Qizhao looked at him and then asked Zhang Yazhi behind him, “Mom, where are my clothes?”

Zhang Yazhi replied, “Over at the suitcase.”

Everything in the ward was as usual. Chen Shiming watched with a bit of worry in his eyes as Chen Qizhao took his clothes and went inside the bathroom. He was walking closer when he saw that closed bathroom door open again. Chen Qizhao glanced at him. “What are you doing here?”

“Nothing.” Chen Shiming stepped aside.

Chen Qizhao went to get the bath towel and then went back inside.

Chen Shiming walked to the sofa and sat down. He watched Zhang Yazhi collecting her drawings and asked, “How is his mood today?”

“Today, Kailin and the others came over, and they had a lot of fun playing games.” Zhang Yazhi stopped in the middle of speaking. She suddenly saw two pencils that she had planned to throw away placed in her storage box, freshly sharpened.

She glanced sideways slightly and saw some freshly rolled pencil scraps in the trash can next to her.

Chen Shiming wondered, “Mom?”

Zhang Yazhi closed the storage box. “It’s fine. You don’t have to worry.”

In the bathroom, the sound of the shower cascaded, and there was the faint sound of someone talking.

Chen Qizhao stood under the shower, letting the water wash his face. Certain things seemed to be getting further and further away from him. The only thing left was the slight sound of water flowing into the drain. The temperature of the water was just right and made his body gradually warm up. By the time the shower was turned off, his mood had calmed down.

There was a layer of steam over the mirror. The person in the mirror couldn’t be seen clearly. There was only the silhouette of a human being in the warm lamp of the bathroom.

Chen Qizhao reached out, wiped the steam off the mirror, and saw the person in the mirror.

His wet hair was still dripping—dripping down his cheeks, his skin, and his arms.

Chen Qizhao’s eyes followed the drops of water and watched it flow down to an invisible place. He looked down at the slight scars on his arms. There was still a shallow mark from the knife he had previously blocked in the hospital. The slightly deeper one was the wound he encountered when he taught the street gangsters a lesson a while ago, which had left marks on his body.

The reality of nightmares wasn’t necessarily true, and the absurdity of reality wasn’t necessarily false.

Chen Qizhao thought to himself. Then when he looked back, he caught a glimpse of his own body and paused for a moment. “I seem to have lost some weight.”

The sound of running water in the bathroom stopped, and the whole space became quiet.

Chen Qizhao went to get a clean bath towel from next to him, but he couldn’t control the strength of his hand when he took it. He dropped the clean t-shirt on the mostly wet ground. Before he could grab it, the water quickly soaked the blue t-shirt, leaving dark marks on the surface.

He frowned slightly.

The clothes could no longer be worn.

Hospital bathrooms didn’t separate wet and dry areas so it was troublesome.

“Chen Shiming?” Chen Qizhao shouted, but there was no response outside.

Outside the ward, Zhang Yazhi went to take out the garbage. Chen Shiming happened to receive a call from Special Assistant Xu and was listening at the door of the ward.

“You found people related to Gu Shen?” Chen Shiming frowned slightly. “Don’t startle them. Send someone to watch them to see if they have any contact with Gu Zhengsong’s people. Don’t take any other risks and let us know first…”

Halfway through speaking, he saw Shen Yuhuai walking over while holding something in his hand.

Chen Shiming nodded at him and signaled that he was on the phone.

Shen Yuhuai didn’t make a sound. He politely greeted Chen Shiming and entered the ward.

There was no one in the room. Shen Yuhuai was just about to put down the fruit he brought with him when he heard movement from the bathroom.

The door suddenly opened, and the young man with a bare upper body walked out while wiping his hair.

The young man’s head was covered with a bath towel. As he wiped his hair, the shoulder blades of his back also moved. His bare upper arm had a light-colored knife mark on it, which swayed little by little with his moving hand.

The originally thin body was much whiter and thinner. His hair was wet and the sunken spine in the middle of his white back could be seen. Shallow muscle groups moved , and the pants around his waist were loose. A few drops of water slipped down the skin underneath his pants, finally disappearing.

Chen Qizhao walked to his suitcase and didn’t look behind him. He thought it was Chen Shiming and said, “Chen Shiming, I called you for a long time…”

“He’s on the phone,” the man behind him replied.

Chen Qizhao was stunned and turned his head sharply.

Shen Yuhuai stood at the door. He put down the fruit in his hand and gently closed the originally wide-open ward door.

Today, he was wearing glasses. Under the bright incandescent light, these eyes looked exceptionally dark as he looked at Chen Qizhao. “Do you need help?”


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