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MGAG: Chapter 98 Part 2

A few days passed in the blink of an eye and there were fewer nurses in the hospital. Chen Qizhao finished reading all the journals that Chen Shiming brought him, so he picked up the textbooks and checked the final exam situation with the people in his class. He missed the exam at the end of this semester. If he wanted to finish his degree, he couldn’t fail a subject. Chen Qizhao had to let Yan Kailin find someone to ask for the topics and syllabus of their professional final exam.

This semester’s course wasn’t difficult, but he still went through the content of the syllabus just to be on the safe side.

It had been a while since he was hospitalized, but Zhang Yazhi was always worried. She insisted on staying in the hospital instead of going home to recuperate. Then the situation seemed to have improved in the past few days. Chen Qizhao found that the hallucinations caused by the medicine had decreased, the initial reaction to the medicine had decreased, and other symptoms such as nausea had also become less frequent.

When Zhang Yazhi communicated with the doctor, Chen Qizhao heard a few sentences. It was said that his adaptation period to the medicine had passed, and his condition had improved.

Chen Qizhao didn’t feel anything about this, but the smile on Zhang Yazhi’s face increased.

Xiao Zhou rarely came to the hospital. There were too many things to do in the company.

When he came to the hospital that day, he brought the project that Feihong and the Shen Group cooperated on and gave Chen Qizhao a look.

“There is also this. Special Assistant Xu gave it to me. It is the preliminary result of the Lin Medical case.” Xiao Zhou brought a bunch of documents and gave them all to Chen Qizhao.

The matter of Lin Shizong was a foregone conclusion, but the Gu family’s affairs weren’t over yet. During this time, Chen Qizhao noticed that the cooperation between the Chen family and Gu Zhengxun was still ongoing. The case of Lin Medical was going smoothly, but the progress on the Gu side was a bit slow.

Chen Qizhao took a look and scratched a few things out on the Feihong project. He asked Xiao Zhou to go back and negotiate again. “The preliminary goal has been determined. If we want the actual effect, not the expected effect, don’t use the old framework to deal with it. It can have manual functions but we can’t let manual functions replace automatic functions.”

Xiao Zhou received the order and rushed back to continue working overtime without stopping.

Chen Qizhao lowered his eyes slightly. Finally, he took out his phone and sent a message to an anonymous number.

He had doubts about Chen Shiming’s suicide in his previous life, but no third party could be found under the circumstances at that time. The police determined it was a suicide and finalized the case. At that time, the Chen Group was already bankrupt, and there were only a handful of enemies. He focused his attention all on Lin Shizong, but ignored the Gu family lurking in the dark. Lin Shizong considered himself as arrogant. When he was still alive, there was no need to attack a defenseless Chen Shiming, let alone do a painstaking task as staging a suicide.

But when it came to Gu Shen, that desperado could do anything.

Now it was impossible to find out the truth of his previous life. He had no way of finding the reason why Chen Shiming was killed. The most likely conclusion was that Gu Shen did something to Chen Shiming in his previous life. It might be because he interfered too much in Lin Medical or Chen Shiming found something… The reason was still unknown. The biggest reason was that Gu Shen wanted to completely eliminate all possibilities.

Now it wasn’t a few years later. Gu Shen and Lin Shizong’s related network outside was different from the future. Now these two people had entered prison, but this didn’t mean that they didn’t have any other trump cards outside. To be safe, he had to check all things clearly, including some related people.

It was only when everything was clear that some things could stabilize.

In the hospital room, the doctor checked the medical record and finally said to the person in front of him, “The situation has indeed improved recently. Chen Qizhao himself is a person with an independent personality and a strong resolution ability. In order to achieve a specific transformation in a certain emotion, many people will have various extreme reactions during the anxiety period, but he has fewer such situations.”

When treating Chen Qizhao before, the other person’s attitude was actually calm and casual. He said he was cooperating, but in fact, some things that should be asked weren’t asked at all.

But recently, his mood seemed to have stabilized. He could be heard cooperating by expressing the number of hallucinations and hearing hallucinations during the daily inquiries. This greatly advanced their treatment process.

Chen Shiming asked, “That means he won’t have this type of situation in the future?”

“This isn’t necessarily the case. Ordinary people will also experience anxiety or depression. The key is that ordinary people can quickly resolve this emotion and prevent it from turning into a disease.” The doctor continued, “For people like him who have experienced it once, there is a possibility of relapse. The medicine will probably have to be taken for half a year. He is currently able to adjust his situation. In addition to the medicine, the rest depends on your family.”

In order to reassure Chen Shiming, the doctor added, “His personal adjustment ability is very good. He hasn’t reached the level of a severe disease at present. If it is according to the current situation, it should be adjusted in one or two months. Your family shouldn’t pay too much attention to him and just get along naturally. Don’t put too much pressure on the child.’

After Chen Shiming left the ward, the doctor looked at the medical record and sighed.

To be honest, this was the first time he had seen a patient like Chen Qizhao. The calmness some time ago was a warning light for them. If the patient had a violent reaction, it was okay. They could adjust the plan according to the serious situation. However, against Chen Qizhao, they had no way to do anything several times.

The tranquility of the other person was like a pool of black water, but that water wasn’t necessarily death. In particular, his eyes. They were obviously very beautiful, but every time they looked at people, they had a scrutinizing gaze.

He didn’t look like someone suffering from anxiety but like a vicious wolf who was vigilant against everything. This type of contradictory situation appeared several times on Chen Qizhao’s body. The doctor thought the situation would deteriorate to the point of being unmanageable. Yet when this type of person eased up, the improvement was visible to the naked eye.

The nurse looked at him. “Does the dose of Bed 5 need to be reduced?”

“It can be reduced. His situation has stabilized.”

The doctor thought about it cautiously. “However, in his case, it is recommended to check him again once every six months after being discharged.”

Outside the ward, Special Assistant Xu stood next to his boss. Seeing that his boss’ attention was all on the paper report, he didn’t report on work but instead asked, “Do you want me to send over the documents tonight?”

During this period of time, every time the boss came to the hospital, he always had to carry the documents over in the night.

However, the situation was much better than the previous two weeks. At the very least, there was no work call in the middle of the night.

“No need.” Chen Shiming took the report from Special Assistant Xu. “Go back to the company and give this to Chairman Chen. Then you can get off work. You don’t need to work overtime today.”

Special Assistant Xu: “!”

Seeing his subordinate’s happy expression, Chen Shiming glanced at him. “Why? Are you still here?”

Special Assistant Xu stood up straight. “I’ll send it right away.”

Chen Shiming and Chen Jianhong came to the hospital once a day, but they didn’t stay long. They were often temporarily transferred because of work.

After the medicine was reduced, Chen Qizhao didn’t have nightmares for several days. His spirit had recovered a lot. Finally, Zhang Yazhi was relieved and said he could be discharged from the hospital the day after tomorrow.

“So you are going to wait until school starts to do the make-up exam?” Yan Kailin came over today and brought Cheng Rong and the others. There were lively voices in the quiet ward. “This hospitalization time is too long.”

Chen Qizhao responded, “I should be discharged from the hospital the day after tomorrow.”

Yan Kailin said happily, “Okay. When the time comes, I will set up a party with Cheng Rong to wash away your bad luck.”

“You just want to eat and drink by yourself, right?” Liu Kai said. “Come to my bar when it is time. I will make you a good drink.”

It was just that the group of people couldn’t go out to drink and hang out. Finally, Yan Kailin started a game.

Yan Kailin cried out, “Hey, Liu Kai! That is my soldier!”

Liu Kai said, “Eating a small soldier from you isn’t a big deal.”

Once they finished playing, Zhang Yazhi sent over some fruit.

Yan Kailin originally wanted to start another game, but Cheng Rong casually said, “Won’t it be Xiao Zhao’s birthday soon? Will you be celebrating your birthday in the hospital?”

Chen Qizhao looked up slightly as he remembered. “My birthday?”

Oh yes… he did seem to be celebrating his birthday soon. He had no concept of time. He always felt that a long time had passed, but it seemed that it had only been a short period of time. Shen Yuhuai’s birthday party seemed to have just happened. As a result, it was almost his birthday in the blink of an eye.

In the past few days, Zhang Yazhi often looked at shopping websites on his phone and inquired about his interests without saying anything.

He didn’t worry about it. He just asked Xiao Zhou to go to the counter to buy two bags.

“Brother, what type of candy is that?” Yan Kailin glanced at the glass bottle on the bedside table. Just as he reached for it, Chen Qizhao pushed his hand away. “There is some in the drawer. Take it yourself.”

Yan Kailin was baffled. He opened the drawer and did see an unopened package of candy, but wasn’t the bottle opened?

After a short while, Chen Qizhao’s phone next to him rang. An unfamiliar number popped up.

Liu Kai asked him if he wanted to play again.

“You guys play. I’ll go to the bathroom.” Chen Qizhao picked up his phone and went directly to the bathroom.

The bathroom door closed and cut off the sound outside.

His phone continued to ring. Chen Qizhao opened a piece of software and picked it up. “Say it.”

On the other side of the phone was none other than the intelligence dealer who had been helping him investigate things. Some time ago, Chen Qizhao’s mental condition wasn’t very good. The other person called several times without a response. Then Chen Qizhao called him back in his free time, settled the accounts that hadn’t been settled, and also had him check the people related to Gu Shen.

“I checked a few people who went to prison with Gu Shen. Some of them were B City. They should’ve been brought here when Gu Shen came over. However, two of them are locals from S City. The police are tight-lipped regarding matters related to Gu Shen. These two people should’ve been investigated by the police. One of them is a person from a local, illegal den. He has done a lot of illegal and criminal things.”

The man in the flower shirt didn’t know why the boss was interested in people related to Gu Shen. “But don’t worry. Everyone who had contact with Gu Shen is being watched closely, and Gu Shen can’t get out. There isn’t much to say about the situation in S City. I might as well talk about B City…”

Chen Qizhao paused slightly. “What is the situation in B City?”

“Oh yes. Boss, you don’t know about this, right? It happened this morning.”

The man in the flower shirt sat in front of a computer and called up a document. “Gu Zhengsong came out of prison.”

The light in the bathroom was a bit dim, and the figure of Chen Qizhao standing there was reflected in the mirror.

Chen Qizhao’s fingers moved inadvertently, and he flicked the sink switch of the washstand. “How did he come out?”

The accumulation of so many illegal and criminal things directly pointed to Gu Zhengsong. Recently, there was a lot of action in the capital, and several industries under Gu Zhengsong were thoroughly investigated. Some of them were found to have problems. There was so much evidence. How could Gu Zhengsong get out?

“Gu Zhengsong is also really ruthless.” The man in the flower shirt flipped through the information and continued, “He put all the blame on Gu Shen.”


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