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MGAG: Chapter 95 Part 1

Chen Jianhong sat next to Chen Qizhao and saw him hesitate a bit before starting to drink the water.

Chen Qizhao drank very slowly. After a while, he finished drinking all the water in the cup.

Seeing this, Chen Jianhong paused slightly. He took the water cup and asked, “Do you still want to drink it?”

“Stop drinking.”

The water cup was placed next to the bedside table. After the conversation ended, silence spread between the two of them.

The doctor’s diagnosis came out as early as a few days ago. Chen Qizhao went through some examinations and tests intermittently after he woke up. It was judged that he had a problem with his mental condition. Chen Jianhong was still in the company when he got the news. The moment the assistant handed him the diagnosis report that day, he was silent for a long time. Chen Qizhao was diagnosed with a certain physiological anxiety reaction and might also have a tendency to depression. This wasn’t the same as ordinary anxiety and depression, but a confirmed diagnosis.

The assistant relayed at the time, “The doctor said he might’ve been in a state of anxiety for a long time. He is showing some symptoms of an anxiety disorder physically, but it doesn’t seem like a severe illness. It might be related to the cause of his anxiety. In addition, he has a repressed mood and a tendency to depression. Anxiety won’t become depression, but this doesn’t mean that the patient won’t suffer from depression. It isn’t very serious now, but if there is no intervention medical treatment, it is very likely that this emotion will be aggravated. It might turn into a more serious situation.”

“The doctor also said that the patient should have had physiological reactions for a period of time, such as palpitations, dizziness, and hand tremors. The fainting in the room should be caused by emotional excitement. Combine this with the malnutrition and overwork of the body, the consumption on the human body is very high. After the preliminary diagnosis and based on the physiological reactions, medical intervention is recommended. Everyone’s ability to adjust is different, and medicine will also lead to some negative effects.”

Chen Jianhong went to the hospital after hearing this, but Chen Qizhao had been sleeping when he arrived at the hospital.

After a long period of fatigue, the matter of the Lin Group and Gu Group had come to an end. He seemed to have let go of a major event, and the tension was broken. This led to more serious follow-up reactions. Before he could react, his child did a lot of things but also broke his body. For the long-term emotions that the doctors mentioned, if they found it earlier and undid the child’s knots earlier, these things might not become as serious as they were now.

Chen Jianhong still remembered his wife’s worries during the physical examination at the beginning of the year. They also took Chen Qizhao for psychological counseling afterward, but the child was too defensive…

Now Chen Jianhong looked at the sober Chen Qizhao, and the emotion pressing on his heart was even heavier.

The quiet environment and Chen Jianhong caused Chen Qizhao’s brain to gradually wake up. After waking up, he was inexplicably uncomfortable. He hadn’t been alone with Chen Jianhong for a long time.

In the past, there was Zhang Yazhi or Chen Shiming around him. When he spoke, he also let the two of them control the topic and time. But when he stayed with Chen Jianhong, he couldn’t find a suitable topic to talk about. Chen Jianhong wasn’t the type of person who would take the initiative to talk.

“Are you hungry?” Chen Jianhong asked.

Chen Qizhao had just woken up and drank a large glass of water. He replied, “I’m not hungry.”

Chen Jianhong said again, “Tell me if you are hungry. I will ask the kitchen to make something and send it over.”

The phone on the table in the distance seemed to vibrate. The laptop screen that had been lit up also dimmed.

Chen Qizhao couldn’t help looking at the small table in the ward. He thought to himself that he was still working so late and didn’t take his body seriously. Then he thought about it and didn’t say it directly like before.

The vibrating sound of the mobile phone urged Chen Jianhong to go over. Finally, Chen Jianhong said, “I’ll answer the call.”

Chen Qizhao responded positively.

Chen Jianhong didn’t go out to answer the phone. He stood a bit away from the hospital bed and answered in a low voice. He could still see the person on the hospital bed at a glance.

The man’s voice was serious as he talked about work. Chen Qizhao could hear a few words intermittently, but he didn’t have much energy to analyze it. He scanned the other clothes in the room. When he saw some scattered things, he knew it was Zhang Yazhi’s handwriting. The last time he was hospitalized, he only spent a few days in the hospital, Zhang Yazhi almost moved the entire Chen house over. She would always do things in an exaggerated manner.

Chen Qizhao lowered his eyes slightly. He noticed the needle mark on the back of his hand, as well as several emergency medical instruments next to the bed.

After Chen Jianhong finished the call, he saw Chen Qizhao sitting on the bed, eyes fixed on a certain sign stuck next to the hospital bed.

He had just taken a few steps closer when he heard the child speak.

Chen Qizhao asked, “Am I sick?”

Chen Jianhong’s throat choked up. He looked at the child in front of him, and the suppressed emotions couldn’t be released.

Chen Qizhao was very beautiful when he was calm, especially when his eyes were a bit big. His eyes were very clear when looking up at people, just like the child who followed him around when young, asking him questions curiously.

But now the child had lost weight. There wasn’t much flesh on the sides of the cheeks. The face that was originally a bit round had become sharp.

Chen Qizhao saw that Chen Jianhong didn’t speak. He just wanted to ask again when a big hand fell on his head.

“You are sick.” Chen Jianhong’s voice was a bit heavy. “It is okay. You will be fine soon. Don’t be afraid.”

“I’m not afraid.” Chen Qizhao was just a bit surprised, and he felt it was ridiculous.

After the inquiry, the two sides became quiet again. Chen Qizhao went to rummage through his bedside table but didn’t find his phone in it. He looked at Chen Jianhong again. “Did I lose my phone?”

Chen Jianhong was silent for a while. Then he took the phone from the cabinet next to the sofa and gave it to him. “Your mother was worried about you and put it away.”

She wasn’t sure about the main cause of Chen Qizhao’s anxiety and was afraid that the outside news would affect the child, so Zhang Yazhi put away the phone after the accident. Chen Qizhao didn’t wake up much these days and didn’t pay attention to the location of his phone. However, Chen Jianhong thought differently. He didn’t want Zhang Yazhi to feel that the child was fragile. If Chen Qizhao was really concerned about an unexpected situation and they tried to control this emotion, it might end up making the situation more uncontrollable.

The phone was turned off. Only 30% of the battery was left after he turned it on.

After turning on the phone, Chen Qizhao saw today’s date. It was only at this time that in a trance, he realized a week had passed since the day Gu Shen was arrested.

Chen Qizhao used his phone to check the situation outside and noticed that there were many messages accumulated in his secret inbox. There was too much information, and he could only read it slowly one by one.

Chen Jianhong didn’t stop him. He just sat next to Chen Qizhao and looked at him, not asking anything else.

Most of the messages accumulated in the inbox were emails from people he had given commissions to investigate. There were even missed calls.

When he saw the missed calls, Chen Qizhao’s first reaction was to check the call record. He found that the last call record was a week ago when he talked to the criminal investigation police team. The missed calls weren’t called back.

Seeing this, Chen Qizhao looked up at Chen Jianhong slightly.

“What’s wrong?” Chen Jianhong asked.

Chen Qizhao lowered his head and didn’t answer.

His phone had a password, but if it really fell into the hands of a family member, it was still possible to find a professional to unlock it. It was just that the battery and background information on the phone showed that his family members didn’t break his privacy, nor did they check the missed information on the phone.

The emails contained the follow-up to the investigation, other evidence that might’ve been involved in the Chen Group’s previous channels and Gu Zhengsong’s layout in B City. Judging from the circumstances of Gu Shen’s arrest, the Gu family’s influence in S City wasn’t that extensive. It mostly took advantage of Lin Shizong’s background. Once the Lin Group fell, the actions of Gu Zhengsong’s faction in S City would be restricted. It was basically impossible to do whatever they wanted before, but this didn’t mean that the other person wouldn’t take risks.

There was a lot of information. Chen Qizhao could only look at it slowly.

After he finished reading, the battery of his phone was almost exhausted. Chen Qizhao stared at this turned-off phone for a while. Then he put his phone on the table. It wasn’t known if it was because he was tired, but after reading the materials, he wasn’t as comfortable as before. Instead, he was a bit sleepy and couldn’t raise his spirits.

“Out of battery?” Chen Jianhong wondered.

Chen Qizhao replied, “I won’t look at it.”

“There are no other problems with Lin Medical. Lin Shizong’s matter is a foregone conclusion. The evidence we submitted is very comprehensive. In addition, some of the people arrested in the Chen Group provided clues. Based on the seriousness of the situation, his prison sentence won’t be short.” Chen Jianhong was silent for a while before continuing, “You are worried about the Gu family, but don’t worry. Gu Shen won’t be able to come out for a while.”

Chen Qizhao asked, “Is anyone protecting him?”

“Yes. Gu Shen might be Gu Zhengsong’s illegitimate son, but he is very important to Gu Zhengsong. The day after he was arrested, someone came from B City to try and release him on bail.”

Speaking of this, Chen Jianhong had to admire Chen Qizhao’s earlier arrangements. In the absence of sufficient evidence, Gu Shen could easily be released on bail by lawyers in various ways. Therefore, the evidence to imprison Gu Shen in the police station of S City must be sufficient. The evidence provided by Chen Qizhao when he called the police in the beginning and Gu Shen’s gun later was enough for the police to delay time to find sufficient evidence.

“Bail was unsuccessful. The police found some evidence from Lin Shizong’s confession, and this evidence was very important. It should be evidence that Lin Shizong sorted out and prepared recently. It was hidden relatively deeply, but it pointed directly to Lin Shizong’s cooperation with the Gu family,” Chen Jianhong continued. “Now the police are taking the time to investigate the relevant personnel. Gu Zhengxun is watching the B City side, and the situation is a foregone conclusion on the S City side. The official report has come out.”

Dogs eat dogs…

Chen Qizhao hadn’t expected this. Then thinking about it carefully, Lin Shizong’s betrayal was something that could be speculated. Lin Shizong was a shrewd businessman. Even if the previous generation of the Chen family had grievances with the Lin family, Lin Shizong could still suppress the grievances and resentment for the sake of his business empire.

Chen Qizhao was a shrewd businessman and had seen a lot in his previous life. Feelings and hatred might just be the beginning of what they do. In fact, the first priority of these people was their interests. As long as there were enough interests, they might adjust their plans, just like Lin Shizong encroached on the Chen Group’s channels step by step to open up channels for himself. He finally grabbed onto the ship of the Gu family.

So this type of shrewd person would be very cautious and sharp.

People like Gu Shen could be followed, but it wasn’t easy to trust them. Lin Shizong probably released the evidence because he considered the possible future of Lin Medical. He left himself a back move and reached a cooperation with the police before releasing this evidence.

However, no matter how big the evidence, the charges on Lin Shizong’s head were enough to keep him in prison for the rest of his life, never to come out again.

Chen Jianhong continued to talk, but before he finished everything, the person lying on the bed had already closed his eyes.

He paused for a moment before asking, “Xiao Zhao?”

Chen Qizhao fell asleep.

Chen Jianhong waited for a while, picked up the phone on the bedside table, and put it back in the cabinet next to the sofa. Seeing that Chen Qizhao was sound asleep, he adjusted the lights in the distance. Then he returned to the sofa and dealt with the work that hadn’t been processed yet.


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