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MGAG: Chapter 94 Part 2

There was no one in the dim room. When Chen Qizhao really opened his eyes, he only felt that his body was extremely heavy. He had no strength and he didn’t want to move.

He couldn’t tell the feeling but tiredness seemed to be coming from inside out. It made him a bit breathless.

“Lie down first. The fever hasn’t subsided yet.” A voice came from the side.

The deliberately low voice was a bit tired. The familiar voice pushed away the heavy black water and really entered his ears.

Chen Qizhao’s mind returned. The black water that was pressing on his body and heart seemed to still be enveloping him. Layers of coldness rushed in like waves and he broke out in a cold sweat instantly. When he tried hard, the heat source from his fingertips pulled back his heart. He turned his head slightly and saw Shen Yuhuai sitting next to him. His own hand was held by Shen Yuhuai, like the only heat source in that blurry dream, making people unable to distinguish between true and false.

After a long time, Chen Qizhao asked, “Am I dreaming now?”

The boy’s hair was a bit messy and his pale face had dark and heavy eyes, like a pool of calm, stagnant water. When Shen Yuhuai saw those eyes, his heart couldn’t help tightening a bit. He noticed Chen Qizhao’s strong hand very patiently rubbing his slightly bent knuckles bit by bit. He said softly, “No.”

The force pressing on his hand was very light, as if it was pulling something apart little by little. The real feeling slowly gathered at such slow movement and the heavy black water on his body seemed to dissipate.

Chen Qizhao’s brain was a bit messy. His memories slowly returned and his chaotic thoughts seemed to return to their proper place.

He remembered what had happened when he passed out. His eyes searched around but he couldn’t find his phone.

When he looked out, he saw Zhang Yazhi, who was sleeping while slightly leaning on the sofa not far away. Zhang Yazhi’s hair was a bit messy and she was sleeping on the sofa with her clothes on. Her face seemed a bit tired. Chen Qizhao’s eyes stopped on her and the old Zhang Yazhi on the hospital bed seemed to slowly appear in front of his eyes.

At this time, Shen Yuhuai spoke up from beside him. “Aunt Zhang has been guarding you for two days and she has just rested.”

“…Yes.” Chen Qizhao’s voice was a bit weak and he paused for a while before reacting. “I slept for two days?”

Shen Yuhuai slightly pulled down his messy quilt and slowed down the speed of the IV. “Two days and seven hours to be exact.”

Zhang Yazhi, who wasn’t far away, seemed to be sleeping very lightly. She woke up after noticing the noise and hurriedly walked to the side of the hospital bed. “Zhao Zhao, are you awake?”

Shen Yuhuai rang the medical bell and medical staff soon came in. The incandescent lamp in the dim ward was turned on. The medical examination was orderly and Chen Qizhao’s situation was registered one by one. Chen Qizhao had no strength and could only allow the medical examination to be carried out. His chaotic brain gradually became clear. After checking the situation, the doctor issued a few more orders. He would have to go for several examinations after recovering his strength.

Not long after the inspection was completed, Chen Qizhao fell asleep directly because of sleepiness. This almost startled Zhang Yazhi.

After receiving a positive answer from the doctor, Zhang Yazhi was relieved. Shen Yuhuai persuaded her to rest but she didn’t go. She stayed by Chen Qizhao’s side.

A full set of examinations was done intermittently. Chen Qizhao still had a fever and his mental condition wasn’t good. Once all the examination reports came out, Zhang Yazhi went to the hospital’s office to listen to the situation. She came out with red eyes and didn’t speak for half a day.

Assistant Xu followed the boss and rushed over. Then after rushing over, he saw that the second young master was sleeping again while the boss stood at the door reading report sheets. There were too many things these days but the boss still ordered him to contact famous doctors in the field of psychology at home and abroad. He submitted the information of doctors to the office far more times than he submitted evidence to the police station.

The report card wasn’t big but the boss looked at it over and over again. It seemed like he didn’t dare to miss a word.

After following the boss for so long, he rarely saw such a look on the boss’ face. He didn’t dare to speak and just stayed quietly on the side, waiting for the boss’ orders.

Special Assistant Xu stood for a while before seeing Mr Shen walking over in the distance.

These days, every time he accompanied his boss to the hospital, he could always see Mr Shen here.

“Mr Shen,” Special Assistant Xu called out in a low voice.

Shen Yuhuai nodded at him and handed over a document to Chen Shiming. “This is a doctor I know surnamed Xie. He happens to be in the local area and is more authoritative in this regard.”

Chen Shiming took the information and his tired face was a bit apologetic. “Thank you. I’ve troubled you these days.”

“Is it troublesome?” Shen Yuhuai asked.

“It isn’t troublesome. There is just a lot of evidence that needs to be submitted and the things that Qizhao should tell the police. The police have contacted me in the past few days asking him to make a statement, but his situation is inconvenient.” Chen Shiming didn’t say it explicitly. “The statement can be delayed during this period and the rest can be supplemented by other evidence…”

He finished speaking and added, “It is right to catch Gu Shen.”

The police seized firearms and other prohibited items from Gu Shen. If Gu Shen was left alone then the danger of some things would be hard to predict.

“You’re right, but none of us thought he would take such risks.” Shen Yuhuai glanced at him after speaking. “I’ll go in and see him.”

Chen Shiming nodded and opened the information sent by Shen Yuhuai.

The ward was quiet. Zhang Yazhi wasn’t in the ward.

Shen Yuhuai sat next to the hospital bed. The young man on the bed was still asleep. His mouth was slightly open when he slept and he seemed to have a bit of trouble breathing.

He pulled down the quilt a bit so that it wasn’t too tight to breathe.

Before his hand left, Shen Yuhuai tested the temperature of Chen Qizhao’s forehead. It seemed there was still a low-grade fever.

When he came over these days, Chen Qizhao spent more time sleeping. The doctor was worried that he hadn’t rested enough so the drugs in the past few days had little effect on sleep.

The furthest warm light in the room was turned on. Chen Qizhao, who was sleeping, looked extraordinarily soft.

Shen Yuhuai looked at him quietly and didn’t speak. He held Chen Qizhao’s hand slightly while his eyes stayed on the blue needle mark on the back of his hand. He relaxed his strength and touched the skin there with his fingertips. Just as he wanted to put this hand under the quilt, he suddenly noticed the sleeping boy open his eyes.

“Are you awake?” Shen Yuhuai asked in a low voice.

Chen Qizhao didn’t reply. He was half dreaming and half awake.

He lifted his hand and brought Shen Yuhuai’s hand to his face. Finally, he seemed to absorb the warmth of the other person’s hand and put the hand against his face.

“Qizhao?” Shen Yuhuai leaned over slightly.

Chen Qizhao didn’t speak and curled up like an insecure little animal.

Warm breath sprayed on Shen Yuhuai’s hand, soft and faint.

Shen Yuhuai lowered his eyes slightly and let Chen Qizhao grab his hand. “Get better quickly.”

Chen Qizhao felt that he couldn’t use his strength. Perhaps it was due to medication or because he slept for too long.

He couldn’t tell the difference between day and night, but he felt as if there were many people around him. There was also a mint fragrance all the time.

During the time when the hospital was relatively quiet, the sky outside S City directly changed. The biggest news recently was that the joint investigation team of B City and S City were investigating the safety of pharmaceutical products. On the day that the illegal transaction of Lin Medical broke out, the police in S City immediately arrested the person in charge of Lin Medical. They conducted a series of investigations and added numerous criminal charges against Lin Shizong.

Lin Medical secretly had a pharmaceutical industry chain. The industrial chain involved a B City manufacturing plant and had a close relationship with a company. It included illegal drug manufacturing, the transportation of prohibited substances and other illegal activities. Due to this incident, the relevant department conducted a thorough investigation of Lin Medical from top to bottom. They found that in addition to this industrial chain, Lin Medical also had many illegal operations that caused a very bad influence on the industry.

A series of incidents were involved and many people in charge of Lin Medical were taken away. The group’s stock price fell again and again. Under this matter, other criminal facts were hidden such as the Chen family’s previous aromatherapy case, suspicious connections with multiple criminals and allegations of intentional wounding. These criminal evidences were dropped one by one and the criminal facts of Lin Shizong and his team were basically established.

The Gu Group was also affected to a small extent because of Gu Zhengsong’s affairs, but it was quickly suppressed under Gu Zhengxun’s control. Compared with Lin Shizong, Gu Zhengsong had a lot more procedures if they wanted to convict him. Gu Zhengsong hired a special lawyer to try to release Gu Zhengsong and Gu Shen on bail. However, the factory in the capital involved too many industrial chains. The police in B City had reasonable grounds for detention and the two sides were deadlocked.

Gu Zhengsong could also rely on the replacement of a scapegoat to find ways to exonerate himself but Gu Shen’s crimes were so simple. The confession of Old Lin in the aromatherapy case had become extremely important. The middle-aged man in the photo given by Old Lin was the person next to Gu Shen and there was other supporting evidence. Gu Shen was arrested for the crime of intentionally wounding people and a number of evidence obtained from the Lin Medical contraband case showed that Gu Shen had a direct connection with Lin Shizong. Gu Shen’s crimes accumulated one by one.

It was the middle of the night when Chen Qizhao woke up again. The ward was quiet. He opened his eyes and saw a faintly bright orange lamp in the distance. There were many sleepy times and fewer awake times. Chen Qizhao had been a mess these days and his brain couldn’t stand thinking about other things. He always had a headache and wanted to sleep.

He felt better when he woke up tonight. He didn’t have that headache and nausea and his body felt a bit lighter.

Chen Qizhao had just moved when he suddenly heard the movement next to him. He looked slightly sideways and saw a person sitting in the ward.

Chen Jianhong was still in the same suit. His shirt was a bit wrinkled and there was his briefcase and notebook on the sofa not far away. He seemed to have just handled work here.

“Are you awake?” Chen Jianhong’s voice was deep and serious and even the voice of inquiry was a bit unnatural.

Chen Qizhao looked at him and didn’t speak.

Seeing that Chen Qizhao was about to get up, Chen Jianhong walked to the end of the bed and pressed the button, raising the head of the bed.

Chen Qizhao kept looking at him, watching him find the height adjustment place at the end of the bed and watching him adjust the height little by little. Chen Jianhong’s back was no longer as straight as before. When he stood up, he had to support himself on the bed. The skin on the back of his hand was a bit wrinkled.

There were very few words between father and son. The voices of the doctors passing by outside were quieter than in the room.

Chen Jianhong took the initiative to speak. “Your mother hasn’t rested for a few days. I asked your brother to send her back so she can sleep for a while.”

“Yes,” Chen Qizhao answered. Then he found that his throat was a bit hoarse.

The moment he wanted to get out of bed, Chen Jianhong asked, “Where do you want to go?”

“I’m thirsty,” Chen Qizhao said.

“I’ll pour it for you.” Chen Jianhong’s gaze roamed the room and found the location of the water dispenser.

Chen Qizhao didn’t move and just watched Chen Jianhong’s movements.

The water dispenser in the ward was brought by Zhang Yazhi and the function was a bit complicated. Chen Jianhong walked over and groped for a while before pouring a glass of water for Chen Qizhao.

“Here.” Chen Jianhong held out the glass.

Chen Qizhao hesitated a bit. He didn’t look at his father but took the glass from his hand.

The water was warm.


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