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MGAG: Chapter 93 Part 3

Chen Shiming called Chen Qizhao many times but didn’t get through. He was now near Lin Medical and learned that Lin Shizong had been rushed to the hospital. The Sun family was killed by Lin Shizong and bore almost all his crimes. The young master of the Sun family had already been sent abroad by his grandfather. Who knew that he would re-enter the country after learning the news? He lurked in the Lin Group’s underground garage before the police found him and finally attacked Lin Shizong.

Lin Medical was already in chaos. It wasn’t just on the S City side but also on the B City side.

There was a lot of public opinion on the Internet. Lin Medical, a well-known company in S City in the past, had become a dog that everyone shouted at. The facts of him breaking the law and committing crimes had intensified through the investigation notice in B City. The lights in the rain curtain were mixed together, becoming a rainy day in his previous life.

Today’s weather was good, just like in his last life. It was a rainy day.

Chen Qizhao didn’t speak and Shen Yuhuai didn’t speak.

A sense of sleepiness gradually struck, like the tiredness from when he sat in front of a family member’s grave in a previous life. The tiredness came from his body.

It was a pity that Chen Qizhao couldn’t fall asleep when he arrived at the Chen Group’s headquarters.

Almost as soon as the car stopped, he saw Chen Shiming’s figure standing outside the building through the hazy window. He instinctively pulled the doorknob and stood directly in the rain curtain. The rain fell and made him wet.

Shen Yuhuai was slightly stunned when he saw this. He immediately got out of the car with the umbrella and pulled Chen Qizhao under the umbrella without saying anything.

There were reporters outside so they didn’t stay at the entrance of the building. They soon entered the headquarters of the Chen Group. Today, the Chen Group held a press conference and many people were taken away by the police for investigation. When entering the lounge, Chen Shiming asked his assistant to grab two dry towels. Then he sat on the sofa and frowned as he looked at Chen Qizhao, who was drinking hot water.

Shen Yuhuai glanced at Chen Qizhao in a worried manner. Then his phone vibrated. It was Shen Xuelan calling.

He suddenly left the Shen Group. Now that so many things had happened, Shen Xuelan must have questions to ask.

“I’ll go out and take a call,” Shen Yuhuai said.

Chen Qizhao responded positively.

Chen Jianhong and Zhang Yazhi saw a silent lounge when they came in.

Chen Qizhao’s head was covered with a towel. He held a cup of hot water in his hand and sat as if nothing had happened.

Zhang Yazhi walked directly to the child’s side and said in an anxious tone. “You child, Mother was worried to death about you. Today was such a mess. Why didn’t you tell your mother when you left the house?”

Chen Jianhong looked at the child with complicated eyes. Before coming here, he had chatted with Chen Zhengxun for a while and knew the role Chen Qizhao had played in this matter. At almost the same time that the Shen family’s evidence was sent to the Chen family, Chen Qizhao started to arrange a big situation. He first asked Chen Shiming’s people to check the relevant evidence related to several channels associated with the Lin Group. Then he contacted Gu Zhengxun, who was far away in B City as soon as he got the evidence and made a deal with Gu Zhengxun.

“Chen Qizhao, do you know how dangerous it is to do this alone?!” Chen Jianhong’s voice was a bit heavier.

Zhang Yazhi said, “Keep your voice down.”

Chen Shiming cried out, “Dad!”

“You don’t know what this child did. He didn’t take his life seriously at all.’

Chen Jianhong knew the seriousness of the matter and knew the danger behind it.

The evidence from the channels could indeed accuse the suburban manufacturing plants that had a relationship with Lin Medical. Together with the evidence of the Shen family’s previous investigation, it could link the manufacturing plants to the company related to Gu Zhengsong and became a piece of evidence that directly pointed the Gu family at Gu Zhengsong. But now that the evidence was in how, how to use it to maximize efficiency and catch the relevant personnel involved in the case without making a fuss was the problem.

Chen Jianhong had hesitated on this point. That was why he didn’t choose to take advantage of public opinion to attack Gu Zhengsong and Gu Shen. He had the evidence but he wasn’t sure if the other party had any possibility of a counterattack. Before there was a perfect solution, he didn’t recommend Chen Shiming to make a move.

This was originally their plan. They didn’t expect that Chen Qizhao would make such a choice, first bypassing them to reach a cooperation with Gu Zhengxun and provide evidence and a feasible method to Gu Zhengxun. First, he asked Gu Zhengxun to call the police, caught a relevant person from the manufacturing plant, set up an ambush in advance and used Gu Zhengxun’s understanding of Gu Zhengsong to collude in a series of actions.

The key target of the attack was S City and he kept Gu Shen’s eyes on the press conference of the Chen Group in S City. Then he secretly made a series of plans for Lin Medical and the suburban manufacturing plant. He even took the initiative to be a witness to assist the police in S City, arranging and controlling the hotel where Gu Shen stayed in advance.

So when the press conference was held, all this action was going on. Few people knew about it and no news was released. But this plan was too hasty and tense. But if one of the links went wrong, not only would the plan be exposed but it might even bring danger to Chen Qizhao.

Chen Jianhong was amazed by Chen Qizhao’s boldness but more than that, he was shocked by Chen Qizhao’s risk-taking.

In the past, he was worried that the child was immature like a small child, but now he was worried that the child would grow up, not say anything and carry everything by himself.

“It isn’t that there is no one in the Chen family. Your brother and I are here. It isn’t like we would refuse to let you do this but can’t you tell us before doing it?” Chen Jianhong couldn’t help saying. “If Gu Zhengxun’s side failed to control Gu Zhengsong, if Gu Shen brought more people with him or if there was a news leakage from Lin Medical’s side in advance, you would likely be in a dangerous situation.”

Chen Qizhao suddenly said, “What if the Chen family is gone?”

Chen Jianhong was stunned. “What nonsense is this kid saying?”

“Do you think the Gu family is completely unprepared? By the time we fought back at the press conference, they likely already distrusted Lin Shizong.” Chen Qizhao’s tone was fast and fierce as he stared coldly at the people in the lounge. “With people like them, if there is a pawn that isn’t easy to use then the first thing they will think of is to cut off all relationships and give up on this pawn. If we didn’t touch the Gu family or expose the Gu family, we were doomed to enter a passive situation from the moment we moved against Lin Medical.”

The Chen family and Shen family had become obvious targets. If Gu Shen was allowed to go unpunished then the potential danger was endless.

Chen Qizhao knew that once his trump cards were exhausted and he wanted to engage in a long-term confrontation with this giant, he would fall into an endless war of attrition, accompanied by endless potential danger. He couldn’t ensure that he could implement a long-term plan while saving everyone.

“Gu Shen can plan the aromatherapy and design car accidents… We dodged it once but can we dodge it a second time?” Chen Qizhao’s chest heaved slightly as he stared into Chen Jianhong’s eyes and continued. “There are indeed people in the Chen family but what if the Chen family is gone?”

Seeing Chen Qizhao standing up, Chen Shiming reached out in time to pull Chen Qizhao. “Qizhao.”

Chen Qizhao thought about all the arrangements during this time. He was just a person with memories of his previous life and didn’t have much ability. Everything he had now was earned through time. He was gambling with a desperado. He could afford to gamble with his own life but he didn’t dare to gamble with the lives of his family and friends… or take Shen Yuhuai’s life as a gamble.

He couldn’t afford to gamble.

“Have you thought of a question? If you didn’t find the aromatherapy or find that your medicine was changed… what if they changed something else in your medicine? What if they disguised it silently and bought doctors and nurses? Maybe you might have high blood pressure, a cerebral infarction, a cerebral hemorrhage and finally… it was disguised as a normal death.”

Chen Qizhao’s eyes were slightly red. He looked around at his relatives in the lounge and could no longer control his surging emotions. “Then Chen Shiming. Gu Shen can design a car accident. You go to work every day. You can make sure that your car and the driver are okay but can you ensure that the cars and people coming and going on the road are okay?”

So from the beginning when he knew the truth of the matter, Chen Qizhao was making arrangements. Time was very urgent but this time point was undoubtedly a seamless opportunity. Gu Shen traveled to S City and there weren’t many people around him. Gu Zhengsong was dragged by Gu Zhengxun and had no time to take care of other things. Lin Medical had suffered from many storms and had limited ability to bear pressure…

This couldn’t be done with his ability alone. He had to use all the chips he had in hand… He cooperated with Gu Zhengxun to contain Gu Zhengsong and used the layout of S City to send Lin Shizong and Gu Shen to prison successively.

Maybe Gu Shen was still thinking there was a chance or was waiting for Gu Zhengsong’s people to come and get him.

What Chen Qizhao wanted to do was send this person to prison.

As long as this person was sent in, the gutter rats in the bag could be restrained and the initiative would really fall into his hands.

Chen Jianhong noticed the child’s emotions and his voice slowed down instinctively. “Xiao Zhao, I didn’t mean that.”

Zhang Yazhi’s eyes turned red and she called out, “Zhao Zhao.”

Shen Yuhuai noticed the movement in the lounge halfway through the call and hurriedly hung up. When he opened the door, he saw Chen Qizhao with red eyes being pulled by Chen Shiming. The boy looked a bit of a mess and his hair was still wet. The white towel had fallen to the ground and he spoke in an uncontrollable manner that Shen Yuhuai had never seen before.

He was accustomed to the well-behaved and willful appearance of this person in front of him or was used to him standing strongly in front of others. This was the first time he saw fear in Chen Qizhao.

“When the two of you are gone, who will be left in the family? Will it rely on me?” Chen Qizhao felt his hands shaking and his eyes seemed to be repeating the nightmare he had experienced in his previous life. Where did people have so many opportunities to gamble? The advantage he had was just a gift of a new life.

He put aside Chen Shiming’s hand and tried his best to control his emotions. “I know this matter in my heart. The evidence we have is enough and several channels in the Chen Group can become ironclad evidence. But we put Gu Shen and Gu Zhengsong into prison first. As long as they go in and evidence is sufficient, there is a way to make them bear the legal responsibility they deserve.”

Chen Jianhong didn’t speak and just stared at the child in front of him. He had never heard such words from Chen Qizhao’s mouth. They had many father-son quarrels but never once had a quarrel made him so flustered. It also made him see the mood of a young child who wanted to protect his family.

This child of his didn’t speak much. Maybe every time he said something angry, said words of vicious concern or pressed him to measure his blood pressure…

“I don’t want to argue with you.” Chen Qizhao controlled his breathing. He knew that his state wasn’t quite right. The sounds and scenes intertwined in front of him were too complicated. He praised Chen Shiming’s hand away from him and crossed him to go out. “I will go out and calm down.”

It was just that as he took a few steps, Shen Yuhuai forcefully took his hand.

When he was pulled, Chen Qizhao suddenly felt like he had no strength and he fell forward uncontrollably.

Chen Shiming’s pupils shrank and he exclaimed, “Call the doctor.”


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