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MGAG: Chapter 93 Part 2

Meanwhile, in a room on the seventh floor of the hotel.

In the dimly lit room, only a laptop was bright. The surveillance information on the screen was all the surveillance information in the hotel and there was also a pre-printed hotel internal route map. Sitting in the room, Chen Qizhao watched the surveillance information of the safety stairs. His calm eyes reflected the figure of Gu Shen fleeing in a panic from the 11th floor to the 7th floor of the hotel and continuing to walk down.

Chen Qizhao’s gaze stopped on the hotel’s internal road map. “Do you want to go through the back door? That is where you have to go.”

When Gu Shen walked to the safety stairs, he wanted to change to another staircase. There was another internal elevator on the 6th floor of the hotel which could go straight to the 1st floor.

It was just that when he went to open the 6th floor security staircase door, he found that the door seemed to be locked on the other end. He couldn’t open the door from his side. This caused his expression to change. The hotel’s safety stairs were generally unlocked. Who would lock the door directly at this point in time?!

A bad premonition suddenly rose in Gu Shen’s heart. “Hurry, go directly to the back kitchen.”

The middle-aged man didn’t know why but he had to run downstairs.

It was just that when they ran to the third floor, they heard footsteps coming up from below. It seemed that the police officers noticed this side and went up the security stairs to block them. Gu Shen cursed and had to open the staircase door of the 3rd floor. This time, it opened. He ran along the road in the originally scheduled direction. Just after running, he saw several officers blocking in the distance.

The middle-aged man exclaimed, “Why are they on the third floor?”

Gu Shen frowned. “We are being calculated.”

This hotel had a large interior and was a famous hotel in S City.

Gu Shen chose this hotel because of its complex internal environment. This was convenient to evacuate at critical times, so he also prepared a safe evacuation route. It was just that when he actually walked through it, he found that several roads were blocked. It was as if someone knew in advance that he was going to run and blocked some of the transit points of the hotel in advance.

This feeling of being limited by people was very uncomfortable. Gu Shen felt that due to the elevators, staircase door and other factors, his time was unknowingly consumed by these obstacles. The time he had expected to escape was shortened little by little. Now when he was on the third floor, he encountered the blockage of officers on all sides.

Unfortunately, they met the group of police officers who went up. It was as if someone knew his escape route in advance, passed his time little by little and finally led him to the police.

The policemen were clearly here to arrest him. They knew he was going to run so they came to block him.

Gu Shen didn’t care about other things and ran directly to the end of the 3rd floor corridor. He found the 3rd floor corridor window near the back kitchen and he was carrying a gun on him.

After breaking through the window, he saw the position of the back door of the hotel’s kitchen where some boxes containing goods were stacked high. There was no railing outside the glass here. Gu Shen directly kicked the glass without saying a word. He jumped down directly from the 3rd floor and fell on the cargo boxes.

After falling, he endured the pain in his body. He was about to go outside when he found that there were people inside and outside the alley.

He didn’t know why but there were no employees in the back kitchen. The only way out of the back door alley was completely blocked by the police. Gu Shen stopped. He saw the ambush on all sides and knew he couldn’t leave.

The police had been prepared for his arrival. During the investigation of the Chen family’s aromatherapy case, they followed the clue provided by the driver Old Lin to make a new discovery and lock onto a suspicious object. They finally locked onto the suspect Gu Shen, who was suspected of deliberately hurting people. In addition, before the expected operation, the police received reports indicating that Gu Shen and the criminal suspect Lin Shizhong had the possibility of collusion.

Then once they arrived at the scene and saw the gun in Gu Shen’s hand, the seriousness of the situation rose to another level.

It was a premeditated siege. Within two hours of Lin Medical having an accident, the police were actually deployed to this place in advance.

Gu Shen didn’t know what went wrong, when he was exposed and why the police were able to determine his location in such a short period of time and implement an orderly interception.

Everything seemed unknown but also like it was predestined.

The rain outside was getting heavier and heavier. Gu Shen was drenched in the rain in an embarrassing manner and he was thinking about the next preparations in his heart. As long as the other party didn’t beat him directly to death, it was only a matter of time before he left the police station. There were other subordinates of Gu Zhengsong in the capital. He just needed to wait for Gu Zhengsong in the capital and get people later.

Faced with the gradual approach of the police, Gu Shen knew it was difficult for him to escape from S City, so he gave up resistance and accepted the handcuffs.

Once the handcuffs were on his hands and eyes all around him were focused on him, Gu Shen felt that he was being mocked.

At the thought that this might be someone’s game from the very beginning, he felt resentment and was unwilling to lose. As he was pressed by the police to leave the back alley of the hotel, he suddenly saw a person standing with an umbrella at the periphery of a group of police cars.

Gu Shen’s gaze was locked straight on the other side. The man raised the umbrella and he could clearly see the man’s face.

It was Chen Qizhao, one of the two targets he suspected…

The rain was getting louder and nearby onlookers were pushed away by the police. Gu Shen walked slowly. His gaze passed over the crowd and he looked at the man in the crowd holding an umbrella.

The man stood calmly and smiled when meeting his gaze.

In addition to the gentle and decent smile, there was mockery and disgust in his eyes.

The increasingly heavy rain seemed to blue the other person’s face. Gu Shen looked at him with angry eyes and faintly saw the other person opening his mouth.

The sound was masked by the rain curtain and became silent.

But Gu Shen still heard something from the other person’s mouth.

Gu Shen suspected many people and Chen Qizhao was also his key target of suspicion. But due to Chen Qizhao’s performance and his age, Gu Shen reduced Chen Qizhao’s suspicion after confirming it with his own eyes.

It was impossible for a person’s past experience to be false. The Lin Group’s layout of the Chen Group spanned a long time. Even at the very beginning, Chen Qizhao wasn’t born yet.

Gu Shen had investigated Chen Qizhao’s resume, from his absurd teenage years to his arrogant adulthood so far. If Chen Qizhao was Chen Shiming’s age, Gu Shen might still believe it, but Chen Qizhao wasn’t yet 20 years old. He was a student in college and didn’t have much contact with the Chen Group’s business, nor did he have any involvement with the Lin Group. If he had to insist on a connection… it was only the Chen Group.

But now seeing the gloating smile on Chen Qizhao’s face, Gu Shen’s heart was inexplicably blocked. He was unwilling to lose and unwilling for his opponent to be a brat.

“Give way here.” A police officer separated the warning area.

The person in charge of the police force managing this arrest asked Gu Shen to walk in the direction of the police car and stopped when he passed by Chen Qizhao.

“Thank you for your assistance this time but we need to analyze the evidence afterwards. If we need your help, we will let you know,” the person in charge said. “The situation has exceeded the original expectations. Gu Shen is suspected of illegally possessing guns, hiring a murderer to kill people, illegal businesses and other charges. We will work with the police of B City to deal with his issue.”

Chen Qizhao watched Gu Shen enter the police car. He naturally wouldn’t be unprepared to deal with Gu Shen. The degree of caution toward this desperado would only be deeper. If Lin Shizong still maintained the dignity of a businessman, Gu Shen was younger and crazier. Lin Shizong would become his scapegoat when necessary.

Throughout their two lives, Lin Shizong and Lin Medical had been a puppet used by Gu Zhengsong and Gu Shen from beginning to end. When something happened, the rats hiding behind them would only try to cut off all connections and wait for the storm to pass before making a comeback.

It was too difficult to kill this group of gutter rats. Gu Zhengsong was a famous businessman and could shift all the work to his underlings. If necessary, he could bring out one scapegoat after another to save himself in the end. As for Gu Shen, he had no one else to rely on. If he was allowed to slip away from S City, wanting to find his whereabouts and arrest him… it might not be as easy as today.

When Shen Yuhuai arrived at the scene, he saw several police cars in front of him. During this time, he had checked the Gu family’s affairs and naturally knew which hotel Gu Shen was staying at in S City. After Lin Shizong was arrested, he immediately locked onto Chen Qizhao’s destination. It could only be the hotel where Gu Shen stayed.

In the crowd, he suddenly saw Chen Qizhao standing in the front.

The other person was holding an umbrella and carrying a bag on his back. He stood in the crowd like a spectator.

Shen Yuhuai’s flustered mood calmed down a bit. Then he became scared.

The Chen family’s move to catch Lin Shizong was nothing more than exposing their trump card. Combine this with the Gu family hidden in the shadows, Chen Qizhao was almost exposed to danger. How dare he come to Gu Shen’s hotel alone at this time?

Chen Qizhao watched the police cars go by. Then when he turned to go back, he saw the person standing behind him.

Chen Qizhao looked flustered for a moment when he saw Shen Yuhuai.

Then he soon suppressed the panic and obediently called out Brother Huai.

Shen Yuhuai’s condemning words were suppressed in his throat. Some questioning words couldn’t be spoken as he went over to hold Chen Qizhao’s hand. His touch was cold and his voice was a bit tighter. “It is too dangerous. Follow me back.”

“Okay.” Chen Qizhao had a sense of ease as he was pulled by Shen Yuhuai and sat in the other person’s car.

“I found him. He is fine.” Shen Yuhuai received a call from Chen Shiming. “Yes, I know. I’ll go directly to the Chen Group later.”


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