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MGAG: Chapter 93 Part 1

The official report from the official media of B City and the news was very credible. It was written in the news that a company in B City was suspected of smuggling and circulating illegal drugs and the case was still under investigation. While the incident of Lin Medical was still fermenting, City S hadn’t issued an official report but City B, which was slightly mentioned by relevant marketing accounts in the Lin Medical incident, issued a strong investigation result.

When netizens were still speaking indignantly about Lin Medical, they immediately exploded when they saw the news from the official media that broke out less than two hours apart. It was revealed that Lin Medical was suspected of producing and selling illegal and prohibited substances while City B also revealed news about banned drugs. The two news stories were linked together one after another and netizens instantly thought of the terrible facts behind it.

In addition, two hours before the news broke out, the police rushed to two manufacturing plants on the outskirts of B City to control the field as soon as possible. The ambush was silent. Before the workers of the manufacturing plant noticed, the police in B City had surrounded the manufacturing plant. The two manufacturing plants were no different from other suburban factories. In addition, there were a good number of ordinary employees inside the factory who were completely out of the loop in the face of the police investigation.

The police took control of the offices and laboratories in the manufacturing plant. They seized the computer hosts and documents from the factory, took away some of the people involved and sealed the manufacturing plants. This operation was hidden and fast. By the time Gu Zhengsong received the news, it was too late to deal with the affairs of the suburban manufacturing plants. Before the incident, they hadn’t received any news at all.

“A director of the factory didn’t go to work in the factory today. I asked people to check and he disappeared yesterday afternoon. It is very likely that he was controlled by the police in advance.” The subordinate continued in a serious expression. “We didn’t receive the news in advance. There was no news from B City’s police station.”

Gu Zhengsong listened to this and his face sank a bit.

Such a situation wasn’t reasonable… If the police suspected that there was a problem with the factory, it was impossible to control the manufacturing plants without any pre-investigation. Now that this situation occurred, the only explanation was that there was someone behind the scenes pushing it. In addition to pushing, they provided the police with strong evidence. This was enough to mobilize so many people to surround and ambush the factories.

“Gu Zhengxun went to S City on a business trip today?” Gu Zhengsong’s eyes sank as he looked at the subordinate next to him.

The subordinate explained, “Yes, it is still related to the Chen Group. The Chen Group held a press conference today to clarify the news that was raging on the Internet some time ago. The project of Pengkang Building was handed over to Gu Zhengxun and he probably went there due to this matter.”

He put a tablet that was showing the live press conference in front of Gu Zhengsong. “The press conference scene was very different from what we expected.”

The suburban manufacturing plant involved several companies, the largest of which was Lin Medical in S City. This line was handed over by him to Gu Shen to run a few years ago and the profits during this time were very good. But during this period, Lin Medical had made the news several times due to the frequent occurrence of matters in S City.

Looking at Chen Shiming’s calm and relaxed appearance at the press conference, Gu Zhengsong questioned in a low voice, “This is how Gu Shen handles things? How did Lin Medical’s matter end up like this?”

Gu Zhengsong was completely dragged down by Gu Zhengxun during this time. The other person not only exposed the matter of the illegitimate child but also discovered several hidden troubles for him, making him unable to pay attention to the situation in S City. Now something happened with the manufacturing plants and it was likely that what happened in S City was involved.

A while ago, Lin Medical was also investigated for the transportation of contraband… Unexpectedly, this explosion would lead to another big explosion. Things in S City hadn’t calmed down and it already directly burned the fire to their stronghold.

The subordinate said, “I will contact Young Master Gu to inquire about the situation.”

At this moment, he received a call. His expression changed slightly after listening and he immediately reported, “President Gu, it isn’t good. The Lin Group’s affairs have been exposed and the Internet is full of news.”

The news was quickly released. Gu Zhengsong looked at the news on social media and thought of the two manufacturing plants in the suburbs that had just been shut down.

Lin Medical was more important to his underground industry or he wouldn’t have spent so long before to operate it. This industrial chain was basically built by him. As long as the relevant institutes didn’t have problems, there was no situation of being exposed for no reason. But once Lin Medical was exposed, some of their businesses would definitely be affected, not to mention that it was a sudden attack without warning.

Gu Zhengsong felt it was tricky. He didn’t even know how the other party controlled the information.

There were too many things involved with the Lin Group. It would be terrible if the other party really got fatal information.

If it was a problem exposed in S City, it would take some time for the police in S City to handle cases across cities. However, the matter of the manufacturing plants broke out so quickly, even before the news of S City fermented. He immediately realized that there was a problem.

The people over in S City couldn’t extend such a large reach to B City… It could only be done by someone in B City.

Gu Zhengsong’s eyes were gloomy when he thought of Gu Zhengxun leaving B City on a business trip. His gloomy eyes focused on the news and he sneered. “I’m afraid that Gu Zhengxun going to S City isn’t just for Pengkang Building.”

The subordinate paused slightly and initially failed to understand Gu Zhengsong’s meaning.

At this time, the office door was pushed open.

A man in plain clothes showed the relevant documents and told Gu Zhengsong, “Hello, Mr Gu. We have received relevant reports and we now suspect that you are related to a criminal case. Please come with us.”

When Gu Shen received the news from B City’s top hotel, he knew that the layout of S City was completely over. The manufacturing plants in the suburbs were taken away silently and Gu Zhengsong was taken away for investigation for unknown reasons… The property rights of the manufacturing plant weren’t under Gu Zhengsong’s name. Even if the people involved were to be taken away, it would only be the line of the manufacturing plants, not Gu Zhengsong. What could implicate Gu Zhengsong could only be deeper evidence and it was evidence that pointed directly to Gu Zhengsong.

The middle-aged man asked anxiously, “Sir, how are we going to deal with this matter now?”

With the exposure of Lin Medical, S City would definitely tighten up comprehensively. Before, he could still use the power of B City but now B City was also involved in turmoil. It was like a premeditated action. The other person’s purpose wasn’t only Lin Medical but might be the entire industrial chain behind them.

“The matter of B City must be done by Gu Zhengxun or it would be impossible for others to act without any movement.”

Gu Shen thought to himself, ‘Gu Zhengxun has been fighting with Gu Zhengsong for many years. He knows some of Gu Zhengsong’s eyeliner arrangements and it isn’t difficult to suppress the news for a day. It is just that in the past, Gu Zhengxun didn’t know our industrial chain. Who delivered the news to Gu Zhengxun and let Gu Zhengxun take such a plan… These points are too accurate. When it comes to Lin Medical, it is only possible that my initial worry is correct.’

The Chen Group’s channels were exposed, giving the other party an opportunity.

It was still the Chen Group. In the end, it was the Chen Group!

“I just received the news. Our people checked public opinion on the Internet and found that the public opinion of the water army in S City about Lin Medical is likely to have moved on B City’s side as well…” The middle-aged man said.

Gu Shen’s heart was very irritable. “For City B, try to find a way to clear up the manufacturing plants and find someone to inquire about what is going on inside.”

Now it was necessary to know how much evidence the other side had or he would be limited if he wanted to fight back.

First, use the press conference to divert attention and then cooperate with Gu Zhengxun to report the manufacturing plants in the capital, providing clues for the police to set up an ambush. Then use Gu Zhengxun’s capital ability to publicize the illegal and criminal affairs of Lin Medical. Not only did this person do this but he also did it in a grand manner so that everyone knew.

At this moment, Gu Shen’s phone rang. When he picked up, he heard the very anxious voice of the other person.

“Sir, there are a lot of plainclothes officers in the hotel lobby.”

The person on the phone asked, “Do you want to evacuate first?”

They found his side?!

Gu Shen’s expression tightened. Lin Shizong shouldn’t have confessed at this stage. He might’ve entered prison but his wife and child were still outside.

“Find a way to hold the people back.” Gu Shen couldn’t care about anything else. He couldn’t be caught now. “Arrange a vehicle. We will leave immediately.”

The middle-aged man did it right away.

In the end, this was S City. Gu Shen didn’t bring many people and there were only a dozen people around him. Originally, he planned to leave S City after dealing with the affairs of the Chen family. He didn’t expect it would become this situation now and that he was likely to be dragged down by the affairs of Lin Medical…

The priority was to find a way to get out. As long as he returned to the capital, he could still find a way to reverse the current situation. The loss was indispensable. Now he could only find a way to quickly cut off part of the business. He had to dissociate himself from everything that had been exposed and keep the foundation as much as possible.

If he knew who did this, then he definitely wouldn’t let that person go.

The two Chen family members who went to the S City police to provide clues… Gu Shen already had other thoughts in his heart. No one could be left. It was only when some people disappeared completely then they could be safe enough.

A few bodyguards had already gone downstairs to find a way to block the plainclothes officers. Gu Shen left the hotel room lightly and took the middle-aged man in other directions.

Gu Shen was used to predicting the worst outcome before doing things. They knew the layout of this hotel very well. Even if the officers came, it would be fine. They had already received the key to the back door of the hotel and there was a proper escape route.

“There should be an ambush over there and the elevator can’t be used. Let’s take the staff elevator directly.”

It was just that when they arrived at the employee elevator, they saw a sign for maintenance in front of the employee elevator. Gu Shen couldn’t help scolding. He had to turn his head and walk to the safety stairs next to it.


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