MGAG: Chapter 92 Part 2

At the Chen Group’s press conference, Chen Shiming retired to the rest room and listened to the situation in the group reported by Special Assistant Xu on the other end of the phone. This closing was something that he and his father, Chen Jianhong, had long planned. They had already reported the case to the police before the press conference. At the same time, they were preparing to finish the rest of the work, arresting those who recklessly caused chaos within the Chen Group one by one.

After hanging up the phone, an assistant hurriedly ran over while looking anxious. “President Chen, something happened on the Internet. Please take a look.”

Chen Shiming paused for a moment. Then his expression suddenly changed when he saw the relevant public opinion and frowned. “What about Chen Qizhao? Did he come to the company today?”

“The second young master didn’t come but he came here a few days ago,” the assistant replied. “It seems that he asked Assistant Xu to get something at that time. Then he didn’t come to the company again. Do you need me to notify the second young master to come over?”

Chen Shiming looked at the public opinion of Lin Medical’s crimes on the Internet. According to the plan, as the matter progressed, they could logically release the evidence of Lin Shizong’s crimes and finally bring Lin Shizong to justice. Gu Zhengsong was involved too much. To be on the safe side, it was best not to startle the snake and make preparations before attacking Gu Zhengsong.

It wasn’t like what was happening now. It was too dangerous for Chen Qizhao to do this. With Gu Zhengsong’s ability, it was estimated that he was already working to investigate the source while the news of the Lin Group was spreading…

Chen Shiming immediately called Chen Qizhao but his calls weren’t answered. His expression was nervous as he called Zhang Yazhi.

Zhang Yazhi was watching the news at home and immediately answered Chen Shiming’s call. “Shiming, what’s wrong?”

“Mom, is Qizhao at home?” Chen Shiming’s voice was a bit flustered. “Did he not go out today?”

“I was at home in the morning. He shouldn’t have gone out.” Zhang Yazhi heard Chen Shiming’s voice and realized that something was wrong. She hurriedly asked the housekeeper to go upstairs to take a look but she heard the housekeeper say.

“Second Young Master went out three hours ago.”

The housekeeper continued, “You were still in the kitchen at that time. He said that he had to go out for something and would come back later.”

Zhang Yazhi’s eyes froze for a moment. During breakfast, Chen Qizhao clearly said he would go back to his room to rest. She hurriedly asked, “Isn’t Xiao Zhao with you?”

“He isn’t here.” Panic inexplicably surged in Chen Shiming’s heart. There were too many things happening in the Chen Group during this time. He originally didn’t want Chen Qizhao to encounter too much danger and took over a lot of the work.  He also noticed Chen Qizhao’s abnormality but every time he wanted to talk to Chen Qizhao about these things, the other party cleverly avoided the topic.

He also greeted Chen Qizhao at the press conference. At that time, Chen Qizhao’s attitude was casual and he tacitly left this matter to Chen Shiming and his father. According to their plan, it shouldn’t be like this. He thought about the Lin Group’s investigation a while ago and then today’s situation…

Chen Qizhao was taking a risk. Was he crazy? The opposite side was full of desperadoes. How dare he take such a risk?

Chen Shiming called Special Assistant Xu and learned from Special Assistant Xu about the situation of Chen Qizhao in the company a few days ago. “Did you give him all the information?”

Special Assistant Xu paused slightly before saying truthfully, “Yes, didn’t you say it before? There was no need to hide it from the second young master.”

“Yes.” Chen Shiming’s eyes darkened a bit. The premise of not hiding it was that the other person wouldn’t take risks in private.

At this time, the assistant who went out to inquire about the situation returned. “President Chen, I just went to ask. The second young master came once in the morning but he has already left.”

Chen Shiming asked, “When did he leave?”

“Around an hour ago,” the assistant replied. “Some outdoor staff said the second young master left by car. It isn’t known where he went.”

In the high-end hotel in the city center, in a slightly dark room, the Internet-linked TV was playing the live stream. Gu Zhengxun and Chen Jianhong’s smiling appearance made Gu Shen drop two cups. The middle-aged man next to him didn’t say a word and continued to report the situation on the Lin Group’s side. “We are completely disconnected from the people inside the Chen Group and I can’t get in contact with Chen Liyao… I just sent people to Chen Jianting’s house to check the situation and found that there are people around the house. They might’ve been controlled.”

In other words, the situation that the Chen Group was under pressure from public opinion during this time was all staged by the Chen Group. It wasn’t just for the people they arranged but also the Lin Group. The Chen family had long controlled part of the evidence and specially waited for them to start the plan in order to use this time to arrange the layout and kill everyone.

The police entered and exited the Chen Group and Lin Group. The other party’s preparation was very sufficient and Chen Jianting’s family had been completely wasted. There was also the news on the Internet and Lin Shizong’s chess piece could no longer be used.

“Let people immediately cut off all contact with the Lin Group and destroy all the evidence. Don’t answer if anyone from Lin Shizong’s side contacts you.” Gu Shen’s face became gloomy and terrifying. “From now on, we have nothing to do with the Lin Group, you know?”

The middle-aged man immediately said, “We have already arranged this matter. It is just that President Gu’s side, we need…”

Ever since the incident of the illegitimate child broke out last time, Gu Zhengsong had a lot of troubles on his side. In addition, a bunch of people from the Gu family were staring at him. The communication between Gu Shen and Gu Zhengsong could only be reduced. Besides, there was the matter of the cooperation between the outskirts in the capital and the Lin Group. As early as several years ago, Gu Zhengsong had already given him full power… The Gu family was a place where the weak preyed on the strong and there was that shameful traditional concept. Gu Shen knew when he was young that he had to fight for things he wanted. If he wanted to enter Gu Zhengsong’s eyes, he had to be excellent.

Now he was indeed favored by Gu Zhengsong but this favor involved too many interests.

Gu Shen looked at the two people on the live stream. His resentment toward Gu Zhengxun and the Chen family became deeper and deeper. Sure enough, from the beginning, he shouldn’t have allowed Lin Shizong’s indecision and left this threat until now… Gu Zhengsong was already dissatisfied with him about the matter of the jade necklace. Now that the channel for cooperation with the Lin Group was completely broken, he had to find ways to finish up and clean up all the relationships with the Lin Group.

Thinking of the mess that Lin Shizong caused and the fact that the Chen family hadn’t been completely solved, Gu Shen felt it was extremely tricky. Obviously, he had won the battle from the beginning. How did things get to this point?

“Don’t tell anything to President Gu. If he contacts you, just say that we will handle this matter.”

It was impossible to tell Gu Zhengsong about this matter because Gu Zhengxun had already caused a lot of problems in the capital. If the Lin Group’s affairs weren’t handled well at this time, it would only make the Gu family angry. Gu Shen looked at the discussion on the Internet and asked in a sinister manner, “It is normal for Lin Shizong to be arrested due to the Chen Group’s matter, but why were the channels under him exposed?”

For such a long time, Gu Shen thought he had done everything thoughtfully. There were no incidents after doing business with Lin Medical for so many years. How could it be exposed so coincidentally? In addition, as soon as it was exposed, it didn’t give them time to react at all.

The middle-aged man said, “It is very likely that the Chen family joined forces with the Shen family. The Shen family’s actions during this time were very small and I thought they had given up. I didn’t expect that they would find out more things about us… Before the Lin side’s matter was exposed on the Internet, police officers had already arrived. We dealt with the problem as soon as possible.”

The Shen family, the Chen family…

Gu Shen lost patience. He was provoked by one person after another. “What about that person? I gave you a lot of time. The other person has done many things but you haven’t found him yet?”

He fought with the person behind the Chen family twice. The first time, he asked Lin Shizong to target the Chen Group and that person instead used Lin Shizong’s opponent to target the Lin Group.

The second time, he used public opinion to put pressure on the Chen Group. In turn, that person exposed all of the Lin Group’s activities and even let the Chen Group fight a turnaround at the press conference. Not only did they clarify everything, but they also announced a cooperation with Gu Zhengxun on the Pengkang Building in public.

“Before, we suspected that the person helping the Chen Group was likely to be from the Chen family.” The middle-aged man lowered his head. “Before the incident, I received some news that it was the Chen family who reported Lin Shizong. If we check according to the clues obtained before, we can basically determine two targets.”

“Lin Shizong’s matter should be dealt with immediately to prevent him from biting our side. There are many things during this time but this matter should be suppressed first. The rest will be dealt with when the storm passes.” Gu Shen suppressed his anger. He wiped the water stains on the table with a tissue and expressed the next arrangement in a calm tone, “Two targets? Then deal with them both.”

The Chen family and Shen family… Gu Shen’s eyes were dark.

Once everything was dealt with, don’t even think about running away. These people dared to come out and destroy his game at this time. Then don’t blame him for being too ruthless. After all, the warning had already been sent. They wanted to go to hell by themselves so he could only send them a ride.

The middle-aged man just wanted to go out when he suddenly received a call.

After answering the phone, he immediately switched to a web page. He saw the latest news on the Internet and looked at Gu Shen in a trembling manner.

“Sir, it isn’t good.”

The Shen Group’s meeting room.

Father Shen and Shen Xuelan were also paying attention to this press conference. Once the news about the Lin family broke out, the two of them looked a bit doubtful and surprised. This was completely different from the matter they explained to the Chen family in advance. It was too risky to directly detonate the Lin Group before there was evidence to directly confront Gu Zhengsong.

“Lin Shizong can’t escape.” Father Shen didn’t quite understand. The Chen Group had solved the crisis and they shouldn’t have directly exposed Lin Shizong’s involvement in the transportation of illegally controlled goods.

Shen Xuelan added, “Chen Shiming doesn’t have such a risky personality. I’ll call and ask.”

Shen Yuhuai’s eyes were stopped on the video of the press conference. From the beginning of the live stream until now, they hadn’t seen Chen Qizhao’s figure. Even if the camera moved to the left area where the staff was located, there was no Chen Qizhao. Judging from Chen Qizhao’s attention to the Chen Group’s matters during this time, Chen Qizhao should be present at such an important press conference…

He lowered his eyes slightly. He saw the intensifying discussion on the Internet and his heart seemed to be blocked by something.

“I’ll go out,” Shen Yuhuai said.

Father Shen hesitated and asked, “Where are you going at this time?”

At this moment, Shen Xuelan suddenly frowned. Her expression changed greatly and she said directly, “Look at the official media on B City’s side.”

Shen Yuhuai stopped slightly. His eyes stayed on Shen Yuhuai’s phone for two seconds before he went out directly without saying a word.

After the press conference ended, Chen Jianhong and Gu Zhengxun entered the inner lounge.

Chen Jianhong said, “Thank you for your help at this time.”

“You’re welcome. In fact, your Chen family helped us more.” Gu Zhengxun looked at Chen Jianhong meaningfully. “It is also a good thing for me to come out of the capital at this time.”

Chen Jianhong looked at him, a bit puzzled by his words.

Gu Zhengxun patted Chen Jianhong’s shoulder. Ever since cooperating with the Chen family, the progress he made was beyond his imagination. First, there was the jade necklace and then there was the phone call a few days ago. “Jianhong, your two sons are very good. In terms of this matter, I still owe your family a favor.”

Chen Jianhong’s eyes paused slightly. He waited until others came to report the situation on the Internet to him.

His usually rigorous expression changed as he understood the meaning of Gu Zhengxun’s words.

#Official Bulletin: A company in B City is suspected of smuggling and circulating illegal drugs#


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