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MGAG: Chapter 92 Part 1

The press conference was still going on in an orderly manner.

At this time, inside the Chen Group, police officers in civilian clothes stood with Special Assistant Xu. The meeting room was full of suspects who had caused these internal incidents in the Chen Group. These suspects looked at Special Assistant Xu with an expression of disbelief. It seemed they hadn’t expected things to turn into the present situation. Their plans had been proceeding in an orderly manner. Even some time ago, they didn’t notice any abnormalities at all when dealing with Chen Shiming’s people. Why did the plainclothes police come to the Chen Group all of a sudden?

These people hadn’t expected this outcome when they were taken away from their work stations by the police.

Chen Liyao’s face was full of surprise when he was pushed into the meeting room, but his face immediately changed when he saw the people gathered in the meeting room. He avoided the gazes of these people with evasive eyes. He looked at Chen Shiming’s Assistant Xu and asked, “Special Assistant Xu, what’s going on? Did you misunderstand something?”

“Misunderstanding?” Special Assistant Xu replied with a relaxed expression. “If it is about you reporting information to outsiders, destroying important documents in the company’s public property and colluding with others to maliciously cause vicious business incidents, I think this isn’t a misunderstanding.”

Chen Liyao was stunned for a moment before his expression suddenly changed. “You can’t arrest me. I want to see Brother Shiming…”

Special Assistant Xu ignored him but looked at the serious-faced police officers. He cooperated with the investigation and submitted relevant evidence materials, saying in a kind tone, “Police comrade, this is part of the evidence provided by our company. I have to trouble you with this matter.”

“It’s okay. It is our duty.” The policeman took Special Assistant Xu’s materials and said in a serious tone, “Later, we might need your assistance in investigating some times. We will contact you immediately if there is a situation.”

Special Assistant Xu stood up straight. “No problem.”

Chen Liyao wanted to break free from the shackles of the police, but he was pushed to the ground.

It couldn’t be… how could they be discovered? They even went into the important meeting room yesterday for meetings.

During this time, the Chen family didn’t notice his side and his actions had always been very free. No one stopped him from spreading the news.

A huge sense of panic crept into his heart, but at this moment, his phone had been confiscated and he couldn’t contact other people at all. He looked at the group executives, managers, etc., who usually contacted him… at a glance, almost no one was left behind. He felt a chill in his heart as he knew these people were completely finished.

At the press conference, Chen Shiming had already given a detailed explanation of the engineering defects in Y City and even showed a favorable appraisal report issued by the local Housing and Urban-Rural Development Bureau of Y City. However, Lin Shizhong couldn’t listen to Chen Shiming’s explanation in the live stream the whole time. He instead asked others to immediately contact the informants inside the Chen Group. But when they called, most of their phones weren’t connected. When he contacted a key person, he immediately heard the hesitation in the other person’s words and realized that he was right.

The assistant immediately hung up the phone, took out the SIM card and destroyed it immediately.

Lin Shizong’s face turned pale. “Let the others destroy all the contact information immediately. Don’t let the police track down the Lin Group and immediately deal with all the channels within the Chen Group. They are likely to have a situation over there…”

This was more than a situation. They had arranged things for so long, but as a result, they didn’t even know the news at the press conference.

All the informants left behind in the Chen Group were likely to be controlled. It was only a matter of time before it was traced to their side.

The sound from the live stream in the office continued. The key speaker on the tablet had changed. After Chen Shiming explained what happened in Y City, Chen Jianhong stood up and mentioned an important cooperation in front of the media. “Thank you for your relationship with the Chen Group. Today, I will take this opportunity to announce something. The Chen Group will focus on the construction of the Pengkang Building. It is planned that we will cooperate with the Gu Group in B City in the next quarter…”

Lin Shizong’s hand holding the phone shook slightly. He watched with wide eyes as Gu Zhengxun appeared at the press conference of the Chen Group. This type of cooperation should be formulated first and then publicly released, but Chen Jianhong directly released the news at the press conference.

It had been a long time since the news that the Gu Group was preparing to build Pengkang Building in B City had been released. The cooperation with the Gu Group was a huge opportunity for the industry. Many qualified companies were competing for this. Some time ago, it was indeed reported that Gu Zhengxun was in charge of the construction of the Gu Group’s Pengkang Building, but he hadn’t expected the opportunity to fall on the Chen Group.

In order to support Chen Jianhong, Gu Zhengxun even personally went to the scene.

Chen Jianhong and Gu Zhengxun actually reached such a cooperation but there were no rumors about it before… the original plan was to use the pressure of public opinion to suppress the Chen Group as much as possible. But the news of the cooperation of the Pengkang Building meant he should forget about suppressing the Chen Group. The large sum of money brought about by the cooperation of the Pengkang Building was enough to relieve the pressure for some time and even lead to a rise in the stock price.

This cooperation was enough to directly defeat all his efforts during this time.

Lin Shizong didn’t understand why such important news of Pengkang Building hadn’t come out at all. There was no news inside the Chen Group and Gu Shen hadn’t told him that Gu Zhengxun gave such an important project like the Pengkang Building to Chen Jianhong… This was completely beyond his expectations. If he knew that Chen Jianhong had such a big move in hand, he wouldn’t have agreed to make a move against the Chen Group during this time.

Lin Shizong called Gu Shen’s number but no one answered. Seeing this situation, Lin Shizong’s heart sank a bit. He was used to being cautious and had a strong intuition for danger. He immediately said, “Contact the airport immediately. We have to leave S City now.”

The assistant planned to contact the airport, but before he could, news broke out on the Internet. People from the Lin Group’s public relations department called in a trembling manner. After hearing this, the assistant’s face turned pale. “Chairman Lin, something has happened.”

As the Chen Group’s press conference came to an end, there was an overwhelming amount of articles on the Internet with some photos attached. It pointed directly at the criminal facts of S City’s Lin Medical being suspected in the production and sale of illegal contraband. Lin Shizong’s photos were also attached. It was as if there was money behind it. When it was released, it immediately caused a big wave of publicity on the Internet.

Lin Medical was the leading pharmaceutical company in China. Many drugs on the market came from Lin Medical and the national popularity was relatively high. When netizens familiar with Lin Medical’s products saw the news, various panicked remarks immediately spread on the Internet and it became bursting news on the Internet.

[F*k?! Lin Medical?!]

[No way… why is it illegal contraband? I was very scared when I saw this.]

[Lin Medical? I was still using their antibiotics yesterday. F*k!]

[Is there any official to come out and say something? This is too scary!]

This type of news couldn’t be suppressed at all. Even if the Lin Group suppressed public opinion as soon as they received the news, but there were people behind it and pushed this matter to the climax of public opinion.

Lin Shizong was originally barely calm. Now that he saw the news, he knew it was over. The cooperation with the Gu family had been going on for several years. They had done a lot of things in a hidden manner. Even the Sun family, who was in charge of their transportation, only knew a little bit. However, the various accusations and capital pressure that appeared in the online press release and the other party obviously had the confidence that they had evidence. So they dared to detonate public opinion on the Internet so arrogantly.

If it was a simple product problem, they could completely calm down and deal with these things. At most, public opinion could make the Lin Group depressed for one or two quarters. But if they knew all the business that he had done, involving criminal matters, this matter couldn’t be dealt with simply by suppressing public opinion… the state organizations wouldn’t let them go.

In addition, the Gu Family would probably just push him out directly…

“Boss, it seems that someone is coming downstairs!”  The assistant said.

Lin Shizong couldn’t care about anything else. “Have you contacted the airport?”

“I contacted them.” The assistant continued with a pale face. “We can go from the underground garage.”

Lin Shizong didn’t have time to pack up other things. He hurriedly walked from the internal elevator to the underground garage.

It was just that when he first arrived at the underground garage, he saw a person standing next to his car in the distance. Lin Shizong slowed down and clearly saw that the person standing next to his car was the young master of the Sun family who was sent abroad.

He frowned slightly, not expecting this person to be here. “Go and drive another car. We can’t use this car to go.”

The assistant immediately went to grab his own car. Lin Shizong didn’t want to be involved with others because he didn’t have much time. It was just that when the assistant was reversing, Young Master Sun standing next to Lin Shizong’s car noticed the movement on this side. He rushed directly toward Lin Shizong with a fierce face and took out a knife.

Before Lin Shizong could react, Young Master Sun stabbed the knife at Lin Shizong.

Lin Shizong fell to the ground and Young Master Sun’s eyes were red. “It is all your fault. if it wasn’t for you, my father wouldn’t have gone to prison and my family wouldn’t be like this!”

The assistant was dumbfounded when he saw the situation and didn’t dare get out of the car at all.

At the rear entrance to the underground garage, the police came after discovering the crime scene and rushed up without a word, subduing the person with the knife. The others helped Lin Shizong who had fallen to the ground. They originally discovered that Lin Shizong had fled and followed. They hadn’t expected a person to lie in ambush in the underground garage and stab Lin Shizong directly.

“Contact the ambulance and control the scene!”

The Lin Group was in chaos and the remarks on the Internet couldn’t be suppressed. Chairman Lin Shizong was stabbed in the underground garage… The series of incidents that happened caused the entire Lin Group to panic.

When the man in the flower shirt arrived at the scene, he saw the chaotic building downstairs. Police cars and ambulances were present and many people involved were taken away. He was stunned when he saw the scene and broadcasted it to the boss on the other end of the phone in real time. “It is probably like this. I heard that he wanted to escape but was stunned by someone with a grudge against him. He was taken away in the ambulance.”

“Okay.” Chen Qizhao hung up the phone.

The rain seemed to be getting heavier and there were only a few scattered people walking around downstairs of a fancy hotel.

Chen Qizhao walked to the door of the hotel. He closed his umbrella and stood there, looking at the inner hall of the hotel.


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