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MGAG: Chapter 91 Part 2

The Chen Group’s internal meetings had been going on continuously for the past few days. The pressure from inside and outside was coming together. The Lin Group seemed to have arranged it, promoting further fermentation of these things step by step. At the most critical moment, they smashed a sledgehammer on the Chen Group, making the relevant personnel breathless.

As Special Assistant Xu sat in the meeting room and listened to other people’s reports, his tired mind was working hard. It was the first time he had encountered so many lines of work after being in the industry all these years. So many things came flooding in. The shareholders of the group were instigated by people with intentions to attack them and the slightest carelessness would cause big problems.

The boss threw his hands off and went on a business trip to Y City. He was the only one who came to attend the meeting.

In addition, the boss asked him to finish all the evidence for the investigation during this time. He was so busy but finally had to come to listen to the meaningless complaints of these high-level executives. He had more cost-effective things to do than a meeting at this time. He thought that once his boss came back in four days, everything would be over.

The meeting finally ended. Special Assistant Xu avoided the conversation and inquiries of other people. He had just walked to a corner of the office when he suddenly saw a familiar figure.

Second Young Master Chen stood at the door of the office and seemed to be answering the phone. He paused for a moment before continuing to speak to the person on the phone. “Yes, I’m at home now. I’ll go out with my mother later.”

Special Assistant Xu didn’t dare to speak. He could only watch as Second Young Master Chen lied to the person on the other end of the phone. He couldn’t advance or retreat and he didn’t know where to go for a while. Dealing with Second Young Master Chen was more difficult than dealing with his boss. In particular, the more he dealt with Second Young Master Chen, the more he felt that this person’s personality was difficult to guess. He felt a bit unfathomable.

It was like now. He already felt nervous before the other person spoke.

Chen Qizhao continued, “There are indeed many things in the Chen Group these days. I will ask the school for a few days off and then go back to school on time.”

The person Chen Qizhao was talking to on the phone was Shen Yuhuai. After hearing the explanation on the phone, he looked down at the reports on his notebook. The Chen Group’s affairs weren’t ordinary. Now, even laymen could feel the overwhelming pressure of the situation, let alone the fact that his father and older sister were discussing the Chen family these days.

In addition, one other thing came to mind.

After talking to Dr Xie last time, the other person suggested taking Chen Qizhao to the clinic for a comprehensive examination. However, after Dr Xie returned from a business trip, Shen Yuhuai couldn’t find an opportunity to take Chen Qizhao to the clinic. Chen Qizhao took more time off school. Several times, Shen Yuhuai went to school but couldn’t find anyone. At this time, such a thing happened. He knew that Chen Qizhao wouldn’t be able to let go and follow him for a check-up.

Shen Xuelan was right next to Shen Yuhuai. He hung up the phone and she said, “The matter of the Chen Group might take a long time to deal with. Chen Shiming went to Y City to solve the problem in the shortest possible time. I guess that the Chen family’s new move is more than that, but right now, I can’t see what the Chen family wants to do.”

Shen Yuhuai was secretly worried and the sense of urgency was getting heavier recently. “I know.”

In the Chen Group, Chen Qizhao hung up the phone and looked down at the call record.

He withdrew his gaze and looked directly at Special Assistant Xu, opening the door. “Have you finished checking the channels that Chen Shiming asked you to check?”

Special Assistant Xu said, “It’s done but the boss said he would deal with it when he comes back.”

Before his boss went to Y City, he specially explained that the evidence and intelligence collected during this time would be slowed down first. Wait until he returned to decide.

Chen Qizhao’s eyes stopped on the Special Assistant Xu. Then he looked away into the distance. “Give me what you have found.”

Special Assistant Xu paused for a moment. Then he thought about how the boss had asked him to send things to the second young master in the past and said, “I’ll sort it out right away.”

Not far from the office, Special Assistant Xu sorted out the documents. Chen Qizhao walked out of the corridor and saw the people coming out one after another in the large meeting room in the distance. He leaned against the glass railing and quietly watched those people gradually walk away. From the corner of his eyes, he saw several familiar people. Chen Liyao was also following others with documents.

Once the sound of speech and footsteps became further away, Chen Qizhao called a strange number on his phone. There were no fluctuations in his deep eyes.

Using public opinion as pressure, forcing Chen Shiming to leave the Chen Group and go to Y City, trying his best to pressure and slow down the Chen Group’s work progress… it was just like the method used to push him from his position in his previous life. He wanted to repeat his old tricks to make the Chen Group go bankrupt again.

The heinous people were spreading their conspiracy. Lin Shizong and Gu Shen’s method of pushing people into the abyss step by step was exactly the same as his previous life. Some people thought that their plan was foolproof but they didn’t know that their plan had actually entered another dead end at some point. It was as if all the endings of their two lives were joined together.

Chen Qizhao lowered his eyes slightly, retracting the hatred that was about to pour out.

The excitement that was about to end filled his chest. He opened his hands slightly and his eyes stopped on the lines of his palms.

It was too simple to just send these people to jail.

If he wanted to do it, it was necessary to be beautiful and use the means that the other party was most proud of.

In Chen Jianhong’s office of the Chen Group, Chen Jianhong had just finished the call with Chen Shiming in Y City. Facing the pressure from inside and out, his expression was unprecedentedly serious. The documents recorded the actions of some shareholders in the past few days. The rats hiding in the darkness couldn’t wait to come out and disrupt the situation inside the Chen Group. He wrote down those people one by one, signed an important document and gave an order to his assistant, “A board meeting will be held tomorrow morning. There is an important plan to be promoted.”

In the undercurrents and turbulent competition among the various forces, the battle in the capital also didn’t stop.

Gu Zhengxun received the news that the Chen family in S City was trapped by public opinion. What was on the table was the result of his discussion with Chen Jianhong.

He looked at the assistant and said directly, “Vacate the itinerary in the next three days for me. I will go to S City. Don’t say anything to anyone.”

The assistant immediately checked with him for the next trip adjustments.

As he spoke, a phone number from S City suddenly popped up on Gu Zhengxun’s mobile phone.

He paused for a moment and signaled for the assistant to stop the sound. Then he answered the phone.

A slightly unfamiliar young voice came from the other end of the phone.

“Hello, Mr Gu Zhengxun. I want to talk to you about business.”

Three days later.

In the increasingly fierce public opinion turmoil regarding the Chen Group, Lin Shizhong was waiting for the release of long-awaited results. The incoming and outcoming information undoubtedly declared that the Chen Group was out of control. It seemed that the ending he had been waiting several years for would happen this year.

“Yes, Chen Shiming is still in Y City but the press conference announced by the Chen Group will be held this morning.” The assistant sorted out the various intelligence messages received. “Our informant within the Chen Group has received news that Chen Shiming seems unable to care about both sides and shareholders are now making trouble.”

Chen Shiming couldn’t come back but the press conference announced by the Chen Group had to continue.

Everything was as they expected. A succession of problems broke out. This would make the Chen Group, which had already suffered a lot, become full of holes.

Contain Chen Shiming and Chen Jianhong and use other matters to cause problems. Then the balance of the Chen Group would be broken.

“The live stream of the press conference is about to start, right?” Lin Shizong looked as usual. “Turn on the live stream. Let’s see Chen Jianhong’s face.”

During this time, the Chen Group’s affairs were in an uproar. The press conference gathered the important media in the industry. The public and the media were waiting for a reasonable explanation for this incident. The video of this live stream had just started. Several high-level executives of the Chen Group gathered in the camera’s shooting angle. Chen Jianhong was sitting in the first seat.

People who were paying attention to the situation were also paying attention to the results of the live stream. Mr Chen, the chairman of the Chen Group who created the Chen Group in one fell swoop, sat quietly.

A person in charge next to him responded to all the doubts on the Internet in an orderly manner and sincerely explained, “Regarding the recent public opinion turmoil of the Chen Group, we will make the following explanations. First, we will clarify the misunderstandings caused by the Chen Group’s shoddy construction project and the contractor running away. Our company doesn’t have any shoddy construction projects. We will summarize and deal with the incidents listed on the Internet. It was an engineering incident in 2012. For this reason, we can provide the inspection results given by the inspectors that year. According to the engineering report, all the engineering inspections passed. The shoddy project is purely slander.

“Then there is the fact that the contractor ran away. This incident happened last year. After there was a problem with the contractor, our company contacted the person in charge at that time as soon as possible and handled the matter properly. The project is still in operation and there is no arrears of employee wages. We replaced the inferior building materials and raw materials…”

The press conference was carried out in an orderly manner and the person in charge explained the main points of Internet public opinion.

Lin Shizong looked at Chen Jianhong. The more they had gotten along with each other over the years, the more clearly he could see the figure of the former Chen family’s head from Chen Jianhong’s face, the person who used schemes to plot against their Lin family. He thought that after so many years, his hatred for the Chen family should’ve eased. But in fact, at this moment, he realized that the hatred deep in his heart was hard to dispel.

If it wasn’t for the Chen family, the Lin family wouldn’t have ended up like that. His father wouldn’t have greatly changed his temperament due to the Lin family’s crisis and his family wouldn’t have become as fragile as it was later. He had stayed with the Chen family for profit all these years and now it was about to come to an end. The Chen family should also taste the pain inflicted on his Lin family in the past.

He and Chen Jianhong weren’t close friends and the friendship between the two of them had long been dispersed.

Lin Shizhong sneered. Even if these things could be explained, the Chen family might not be able to explain the matter of Y City. That person had left the country according to their requirements and took away the documents of the project. The Chen family lacked the information documents to pass the inspection of the Housing and Urban-Rural Development Bureau and get issued a valid certificate in such a short period of time. It was simply a fantasy.

Sure enough, a reporter at the scene soon asked a question. “Hello, regarding the hidden danger of the Cheng Group’s Shengxing project in Y City, can I ask if this is true?”

Chen Jianhong said, “Regarding this matter, we will let the person who is specifically responsible for it explain it.”

At this time, the live stream perspective suddenly swept to the left of the scene. Chen Shiming was standing there in a suit and there was a middle-aged man with a pale face standing beside him.

Lin Shizong’s expression froze. His eyes stared straight at Chen Shiming and the middle-aged man. “Why is he here?!”

The person in charge of the Y City project had long been sent abroad by him and Chen Shiming should still be stuck in Y City due to the people from the housing bureau.

He looked at his assistant angrily, “Didn’t you say that Chen Shiming hasn’t returned to S City?”

The assistant turned pale. “But the news we received is indeed like this. Our informant in the Chen Group reported it this way. Last night, the Chen Group held an emergency meeting. According to their original plan, they would avoid the important matters in this press conference and not talk about the matter of Y City…”

On the live stream, Chen Shiming had already stepped onto the main stage and had started to fluently explain the incident in Y City.

No, it shouldn’t be like this. The intelligence of the informant couldn’t be wrong.

Blue veins bulged on the back of Lin Shizong’s hand and his expression became livid. Regarding the informants they had hidden, Chen Shiming hadn’t found these people despite all his actions in the last year. Some of them were arranged by him to bypass Jiang Yuze. Even if the other person got a list, it was impossible to find these people. All their plans revolved around these people. If Chen Shiming noticed these people then their plan couldn’t have progressed so smoothly.

Didn’t Chen Shiming return to the company?

It couldn’t be. Then what was the emergency meeting last night for?!

In addition, the person in charge of the Y City project should’ve left long before they aroused public opinion. How could Chen Shiming block him?

Lin Shizhong’s eyes were fixed on the press conference and he had an inexplicable and terrible thought in his mind. What if this matter was a game from beginning to end?

Outside the live press conference, it was raining.

As the group of reporters focused on the Chen Group’s press conference, a young man stood downstairs of the Chen Building with an umbrella. He watched several media people enter and exit one after another. He wore a black and white coat and a hat on his head, covering his expression. White headphones were hanging loosely.

The boy was holding a phone in his hand and the screen was showing the live stream of the Chen press conference.

A staff member approached him, wondering why this boy was standing outside and watching the video when the press conference was going on inside.

Not long after, the boy walked into the rain curtain with an umbrella. His back was straight as he stopped a taxi on the side of the road.


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