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MGAG: Chapter 91 Part 1

In early June, public opinion broke out quickly and violently. After Special Assistant Xu reported it to the rest of the meeting room, public opinion on the Internet quickly rose to the top of the hot search list. The unfavorable headlines toward the Chen Group were clearly listed on the hot search. At this time, it happened to be a lunch break. There were many netizens on the Internet and the topic of #Chen Group’s Shoddy Construction Project# was very eye-catching. Netizens who saw it clicked in.

The hot search mentioned a project by the Chen Group in Y City. The project was investigated by the local Housing and Urban-Rural Development Bureau and it was revealed that there might be hidden dangers in this project. However, this wasn’t the only problem caused by the hot search. The people manipulating public opinion seemed to be very good at this type of push. Various marketing accounts brought this matter to other places and also brought up the problems of contractors running away and wage arrears that had appeared and had been solved by the Chen Group in the past.

After seeing so many problems in the hot search, netizens’ impression of the Chen Group was directly affected. As a well-known real estate group in China, the Chen Group had a wide range of projects and there were still many projects in operation today.

[Is this the case? Is it really the Chen Group? The community that has just been built in my neighborhood seems to be contracted by the Chen Group?]

[No, is it really under investigation?]

[D*mn, the previous developer of the place where I live now seems to be the Chen Group. No, I have to call someone to take a look.]

[Wait, isn’t it just suspected of being investigated? I see that the media that revealed this seems to be saying so.]

[Has the popularity of the hot search dropped again? How did the ranking drop? Are they withdrawing the hot search?]

The more that public opinion on the Internet exploded, the more reassured the people in the Lin Group were who were paying attention to this matter.

Lin Shizong and Gu Shen were sitting in the office and the real-time discussion on the Internet was displayed on the tablet next to them.

“The matter of Y City can still be delayed. I have asked the person in charge of the project to leave China and the Chen side won’t be able to get results in a short time.” Lin Shizong looked at the comments on the Internet. First, cause projects with the Chen Group’s project in Y City and then let the person in charge of the project leave the country. Then the progress of the investigation could be slowed down. “The Chen Group’s side should want to suppress public opinion but I have already arranged people to make a first. They shouldn’t be able to suppress it during this time.”

Gu Shen’s tone was light. “There are too many problems accumulated in the Chen Group. No matter how powerful Chen Jianhong and Chen Shiming are, they can’t plug so many holes in such a short time.”

He had a deep meaning in his eyes that was hard to understand. “What are you afraid of? The Chen Group’s matter has broken out. The fact that you were investigated by the Industrial and Commerce Bureau didn’t attract much attention. At most, you just violated the rules of market competition. As long as the focus is on life and property, there is no need to talk about which side will attract more attention.”

“The matter of the Chen Group has broken out and your little problem can soon be alleviated.”

Lin Shizong knew Gu Shen’s thoughts. This not only brought pressure to the Chen Group but also eased the situation of the Lin Group being attacked by the enemy. “This is completely tearing up all pretenses of cordiality with the Chen family.”

“I’m not afraid of tearing it up. I’m afraid of the person hiding in secret.”

Gu Shen’s eyes darkened while thinking of the person who was still hiding behind the Chen family.

A hint of shrewdness flashed in Lin Shizong’s cloudy eyes and he casually asked, “After dealing with the Chen Group’s matters, do you still plan to develop in S City?”

Gu Shen’s expression flattened when he heard Lin Shizong say this. “The channels on the Sun side are broken and it is difficult to get the channels of the Chen Group. We will see the situation at the time.” He also added, “Wait until the Chen Group is completely bankrupt and then we will clean up the things that should be cleaned up. We will consider changing the direction. Recently, the transportation of medicines has been grasped tightly.”

Lin Shizong’s heart sank and a certain feeling he had recently became more profound.

Once the Chen Group’s affairs were resolved this desperado might not really stand on his side. Maybe in a situation driven by profit, he would have no usage value and he and the Lin family might become the other person’s substitute at any time.

Conspiring with a tiger was a risky thing in itself.

Lin Shizong turned his head and asked, “You haven’t found the person you mentioned yet?”

“No, but it will be soon.” Gu Shen mentioned that person and his voice was deep. “The more the other person moves, the harder it is to hide himself. Now that the Chen Group is deeply involved in public opinion, the other person has to take action if he wants to delay this wave… This person is very interesting. He hasn’t fully shown up despite doing many things and only pushes things behind the scenes. If we want to find him then we have to force him out.”

That person wanted to use the Lin Group to relieve the Chen Group’s crisis and used this provocative method. It just wasn’t known if he could support such a rescue with the Chen Group’s internal affairs. In addition, the Chen Group had a big problem currently. Now that the public was paying attention, every move would be magnified. It would be a big problem when the supply of goods was cut off. The project was burning money every day. Chen Jianhong and Chen Shiming were currently pouring in money to recover it but liquidity was limited. When the liquidity was in trouble, the Chen family wouldn’t be able to stand up.

That person was very good at hiding, but no matter how well he hid, the Chen Group was his weakness. This person would definitely make a move.

Gu Shen knew that the other person was conceited and wanted to use the Lin Group to retaliate.

In this situation, he wanted to see what else the other person could do.

There was no extra sound in the office. Gu Shen’s attention stopped on the various public opinions on the Internet. He sat on the sofa, calm and composed as if controlling everyone.

Lin Shizong didn’t say a word. The Chen Group had to be eliminated. At least for the moment, he and Gu Shen were still in the same boat. Lin Medical needed their support and Gu Shen needed the Lin Group’s status and connections in S City. From the current perspective, the alliance between the two of them could last for a long time… but just in case.

Thinking of this, Lin Shizong listened to Gu Shen’s remaining arrangements and clicked on the recording function of his phone.

The project in Y City was like an introduction and it fermented quickly after breaking out.

Special Assistant Xu originally wanted to send someone to lower the heat but there was indeed something wrong in Y City. It was suspected that after being reported, the Housing and Urban-Rural Development Bureau went to investigate. Not long after the bureau went, public opinion on the Internet got stuck on this point and quickly fermented. It seemed to have been prepared for a long time.

“The heat wasn’t withdrawn by our people. It is suspected that the people from the other side are withdrawing it.” Special Assistant Xu contacted the public relations department and immediately reported it. “We have encountered such a situation before. They should be manipulating public opinion and withdrawing the hot search. They are directing and acting themselves, pushing the matter of removing the hot search onto us and trying to make public opinion bigger.”

There should be a buffer period when this type of news broke out. The Chen Group’s method for facing public opinion was also perfect and they could fully cope with it with their response speed.

It was just that the other side was too clever. They used such a title but the hot search was full of the Chen Group’s old problems. Even if the problems had been solved, once the problems were listed then it was easy to make netizens who didn’t know the full picture lose trust. They used the kindness of netizens to intensify public opinion.

In the current situation, it didn’t matter whether they finally produced evidence or not. The other party’s purpose was likely to use the pressure of public opinion to put pressure on the Chen Group.

Chen Shiming asked, “Is it still within our control?”

“Yes,” Special Assistant Xu said. “But the other party seems to want to continue to ferment this matter and are still investing in a water army. It is just like the previous step-by-step promotion of the project.”

“The more this fire burns, the better it is for them.” Chen Shiming frowned. “They should have more than this purpose.”

Special Assistant Xu continued, “At present, the public relations department has carried out emergency public relations for this public opinion. The main problem is the hidden danger of the Y City project. We have to wait for the local bureau to issue a report on this matter. We have stopped the person in charge of the Y City project from leaving and haven’t released any information about it so far. What should we do next?”

This matter was very scary. It was because when they stopped it, the person in charge of the Y City project was carrying a series of important documents. If that person hadn’t been stopped and was allowed to leave the country, this matter would be even more difficult to handle.

“There is no hurry.” Chen Shiming’s expression was serious. They used the Lin Group’s attack on the Chen Group during this period of time to find a lot of evidence. Now it was almost finished but the timing had to be delayed again. “Let public relations control public opinion and delay for another week.”

Special Assistant Xu asked, “How to delay it?”

“Delay for a day and then say a press conference will be held in a week.”

Chen Shiming continued, “I will pretend to go to Y City on a business trip. Let’s see what else they do.”

“If there are any fish that have slipped through the net, I can’t let it go.”

Special Assistant Xu was in awe. He wrote down the itinerary before suddenly remembering something. “There is one more thing.”

Ever since problems broke out in the Chen Group’s various projects, they had been collecting relevant evidence behind the problems of these projects, ready to fight back.

If it wasn’t for the sudden public opinion, their plan wouldn’t have been disrupted.

Two weeks ago, the boss suddenly wanted to re-examine the personnel involved in certain channels and internal files. The specific results should come out in the next few days. Their internal review of the group had entered the final stage and all the evidence had basically been completed. Thinking of the terrible truth that was revealed in the investigation, Special Assistant Xu couldn’t help his words becoming a bit cautious. “Should we deal with the evidence of the line that we have received first?”

Chen Shiming told him, “After the results come out, suppress it first. I will deal with it when I come back.”

Lin Shizong’s follow-up action was to use internal pressure.

Not long after the news broke out, the Chen Group’s stock price was affected. Public opinion affected the interests of everyone in the group and the shareholders couldn’t sit still. The remarks against Chen Jianhong and Chen Shiming were becoming more intense and the person in charge of the Y City project ran away. In the emergency meeting of the board of directors, they asked Chen Shiming to put down other work and deal with this matter immediately to avoid further fermentation of public opinion.

Chen Shiming did so and went to Y City for a ‘business trip.’

This type of internal pressure was bad for the Chen Group, which was currently twisted into a rope.

At the first moment that public opinion broke out, the Chen Group carried out emergency public relations but more and more people were paying attention to this development.

Under the pressure from inside and out, the entire Chen Group was very nervous.

When Chen Qizhao came to the company, there were rumors everywhere. Some shareholders even listened to the rumors and started to sell their shares. Chen Qizhao entered the office and looked at several documents in front of him. Xiao Zhou stood nervously next to him, waiting for the next instructions.

“The situation within the Chen Group is complicated. Press Chen has already taken a few assistants to Y City the day before yesterday to deal with it. It seems that Chairman Chen is going to hold an emergency press conference.” Xiao Zhou explained the situation of the past few days according to Chen Qizhao’s request. His eyes were on Chen Qizhao. During this time, his boss hadn’t come to the company much and didn’t know that the company was under great pressure now.

He looked at the boss’ expression and found that the boss’ expression hadn’t changed much.

It was as if this big matter in the group wasn’t a big deal.

Chen Qizhao asked calmly, “What about Special Assistant Xu? Did he also leave with Chen Shiming?”

“No, Special Assistant Xu is still at headquarters. He seems to be very busy during this time. He often runs outside and hasn’t come back for several times.” Xiao Zhou didn’t know what Special Assistant Xu was busy with recently. The moment President Chen left, Special Assistant Xu’s workload seemed to suddenly increase. It was the first time he saw that Special Assistant Xu was so busy. “But I seem to have heard that Special Assistant Xu will be back today. He has to attend a meeting for President Chen…”

Chen Qizhao asked, “What time is the meeting?”

“It should be over soon.” Xiao Zhou looked down at his watch. Before he finished speaking, he saw his boss stand up. “Boss, what are you doing?”

“Going to block the meeting room.”


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