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MGAG: Chapter 89 Part 1

The car drove very smoothly and it took nearly an hour to reach the Chen house.

Shen Yuhuai didn’t speak to Chen Qizhao. Occasionally when he looked to the side, the other person was resting with his eyes closed.

The silence was like a silent lullaby. Chen Qizhao closed his eyes. The feeling of sleepiness that hadn’t been seen for several days surged up for a while.

Once he closed his eyes, the mint fragrance in the carriage seemed a bit heavier. He couldn’t see Shen Yuhuai but he could feel that the other person was less than half a meter away from him.

He was just sleepy but he couldn’t sleep.

At this time, they stopped at a red light. Chen Qizhao opened his eyes slightly and found that the person next to him was looking at him.

Shen Yuhuai said, “If you are sleepy, sleep. I’ll call you when we get there.”

Once Chen Qizhao heard his words, he suddenly felt like something had been removed from his body and there was the feeling of emptiness.

He was thinking about the next sentence when Shen Yuhuai freed one hand and held Chen Qizhao’s hand that was placed by his side.

Shen Yuhuai’s palm was wide and tightly wrapped around Chen Qizhao’s hand when he held it. This thumb rubbed against the back of Chen Qizhao’s finger one after another. “Sleep, I’ll drive slowly.”

Chen Qizhao looked at this person. His calm eyes seemed to be thinking about something.

He lowered his eyes slightly and stared at the man’s hand over the back of his hand.

The fingertips that rubbed against the back of his hand were light. Obviously, they were just holding hands but he felt that the breath on Shen Yuhuai’s body seemed to spread along the hands that were touching, wrapping around him little by little.

Chen Qizhao thought aimlessly.

Did they seem to be dating now?

What would a normal couple relationship look like…?

After thinking about it, his attention stopped on Shen Yuhuai’s hand and he didn’t continue thinking.

With the rubbing of his fingertips one after another, his breathing seemed to slow down.

Once the car entered the city, Shen Yuhuai noticed that the eyes of the person beside him didn’t move any longer.

He arrived outside the Chen family’s villa but he didn’t rush to the door. He stopped at the temporary parking space on the road in the villa area and silently turned off the car.

Shen Yuhuai didn’t wake up Chen Qizhao but quietly watched him from the side.

Under his fingertips was the other person’s delicate skin. He lowered his eyes and rested them on Chen Qizhao’s hand.

Chen Qizhao didn’t know how long he had slept. When he opened his eyes, it was already dark outside.

The car was parked not far away. Through the windshield, he could see the villa in front of him.

Chen Qizhao’s mind returned slightly. He noticed the touch on the back of his hand and saw the man in the driver’s seat when he turned his head.

The man seemed to be reading the news on his mobile phone. His eyes were half closed under his glasses and his expression remained unchanged.

It was just that his other hand was still in the same place and his fingertips rubbed from time to time.

Shen Yuhuai seemingly noticed Chen Qizhao’s gaze and tilted his head. “Are you awake?”

“Yes.” Chen Qizhao looked down at his hand. “Why didn’t you call me?”

Shen Yuhuai said, “It hasn’t been long since we’ve arrived.”

After sleeping, Chen Qizhao’s spirit was much better.

Shen Yuhuai opened the door and got out of the car. Chen Qizhao also got out of the car.

Shen Yuhuai said, “You can call me when you go back to school on Sunday. I will be in the city for the next two days.”

“Yes,” Chen Qizhao replied. “Then I’ll go first.”

Shen Yuhuai said goodbye.

On the way home, Chen Qizhao glanced at the time on his phone.

He thought of the situation where he had just woken up. He narrowed his eyes and his eyes softened.

According to the normal distance, Shen Yuhuai should’ve stopped at this place for half an hour.

The driveway outside the villa was very quiet. It wasn’t until his figure headed into the villa that Shen Yuhuai retreated his gaze and closed the car door. He raised his eyes slightly. In the back seat through the rearview mirror, he could see a piece of bread that had fallen out of the slightly open bag. There seemed to be another person’s breath in the car.

At this time, his phone rang. The vibrating phone on the dashboard moved. Shen Yuhuai’s mind returned. He saw the name on it and immediately picked up the call.

“You aren’t in the laboratory?” Shen Xuelan’s voice came from the other end of the phone.

Shen Yuhuai took off his glasses and pinched between his eyebrows. “No, you say it directly.”

In her office, Shen Xuelan paused for a moment when she heard Shen Yuhuai’s voice. Then she continued, “Many things have happened to Lin Medical recently. Thanks to this, I got clues about the transactions between Lin Medical and several institutes on the outskirts of the capital and found a breakthrough.”

Shen Yuhuai frowned. “Continue.”

“You know that domestic drug control is strict. Drug production must have a record batch number and the industries eligible to apply for a batch number can basically be found. The cooperation between Lin Medical and the outskirts of the capital city began around eight years ago when domestic control wasn’t as strict as it is now. Lin Medical applied for the batch number of a special drug and started to develop and produce it.” Shen Xuelan continued in a serious tone, “I used the group’s search engine to check the production details of the batch number and found that the information in it isn’t correct. In fact, the flow of medicines is very suspicious.”

Shen Yuhuai asked, “What is the flow of the channels?”

“The batch of things produced through Lin Medical’s cooperation with the capital’s institutes is listed with Lin Medical and the flow of these drugs is all over the country. The more interesting thing is that the purchasers of these things are private hospitals and some of the private hospitals have declared bankruptcy.” Shen Xuelan tapped on the table. “Not long ago, the Sun family, which cooperated with Lin Medical, was investigated because of contraband found in their transportation channel.”

“Do you know why?”

“They had to go bankrupt.” Shen Yuhuai immediately understood the problem. “Lin Medical uses legal transportation routes to deliver these drugs, letting the drugs enter the hands of suitable ‘hospitals or institutes’ and then finding a way to dispose of those institutes. The direction of the drugs after that is a mystery.”

Gu Zhengsong’s people cooperated with Lin Shizong to produce ‘drugs’ under the name of Lin Shizong. He used Lin Medical’s channels and contacts to let these drugs to flow to all parts of the country. Finally, they were purchased and received by private hospitals or clinics in various places, completing their private non-traditional transaction without anyone noticing. Moreover, judging from the evidence currently available, some of these illegally smuggled drugs were likely to be some addictive neurological drugs, which were strictly banned in China.

The institutes in the capital were under Gu Zhengsong. After Shen Yuhuai went to the capital, he specially confirmed one thing. At that time, the suburban area had not only medicine but also food. This industry line was very scary. Perhaps the Lin Medical that they found was just one part of Gu Zhengsong’s greedy ambitions.

Shen Yuhuai hesitated for a moment. “Can you find those medicines?”

Shen Xuelan replied, “This is a bit difficult. This special drug has been discontinued at the beginning of last year.”

“Uncle Gu doesn’t touch these things, right?” Shen Yuhuai asked.

“What are you thinking? Uncle Gu is an upright person and the Gu family has other properties. These things are probably done by Gu Zhengsong behind his back. I seem to have heard Dad discuss with Uncle Gu that Gu Zhengsong’s source of funds isn’t transparent,” Shen Xuelan said. “From the current evidence, what we have isn’t enough for the police to directly arrest Gu Zhengsong. It is because these are the actions of Lin Medical. If we do our best, only Lin Medical can be killed. With Gu Zhengsong’s ability, it is likely that the Lin Group will be pushed out as a substitute, just as the Lin Group pushed out the Sun family.”

“It isn’t easy to do. Acting against the Lin Group is equivalent to alerting the enemy and Gu Zhengsong would dispose of them first.”

“Did you tell the Chen family?” Shen Yuhuai asked.

“I just told you. I’ll tell the Chen family later.” Shen Xuelan sighed. “However, the Chen family has also encountered some problems recently. Chen Shiming might not have time to continue to manage this matter.”

Shen Yuhuai also knew that the Chen family had encountered big problems recently. But at the same time that the Chen family was encountering it, the actions on the Lin family’s side weren’t small.

Obviously, the Lin family should’ve arranged a lot of things for the Chen family. The only good news was that the Lin family was being investigated by the relevant departments and this seemed to have slowed down some people. There were fewer people who came to follow him recently and the movements of the people who made arrangements at the birthday party had slowed down.

Now was actually a very beneficial time to them. Gu Zhengsong might not have found the progress of their verification. Without scaring the enemy, they could preemptively strike as long as they collected evidence.

The most direct evidence could point directly to Gu Zhengsong.

“You send me the documents,” Shen Yuhuai said.

Shen Xuelan replied positively.

Shen Yuhuai hung up the phone, his eyes slightly fixed on the phone.

Shen Xuelan’s speed was very fast. Not long after speaking, his phone received an electronic document. Shen Yuhuai downloaded the electronic document and he clicked on Chen Qizhao’s chat box.

So many things had happened during this time, from the incident of beating someone at school to the birthday party and the phone call from Chen Qizhao in the early hours of the morning.

Chen Qizhao might know many things or he wouldn’t have appeared at those occasions every time… What Shen Xuelan told Chen Shiming would probably go to Chen Qizhao.

Shen Yuhuai didn’t hesitate and sent the document over.

Then after sending it, he dialed a number on his phone.

Soon, a man’s gentle voice sounded from the other side of the phone.

“Hello, this is Doctor Xie.”

Shen Yuhuai said, “I want to consult with you about something. Are you free tomorrow morning?”

Outside the Chen family’s villa, Chen Shiming’s car turned in and he happened to see a car leaving.

He looked at the vehicle in the distance that was a bit familiar. After getting out of the car, he asked the maid at the door.

The maid said, “It might be Mr Shen. Not long ago, the second young master came back and it was Mr Shen who sent him back.”

There was no one else in the living room. Zhang Yazhi seemed to be in the kitchen and Chen Qizhao wasn’t present. He had probably gone back to his room.

Not long after, Chen Jianhong’s car also turned in. Chen SHiming’s eyes stopped slightly on Chen Jianhong, who was entering through the door. He handed the briefcase to the housekeeper. His unsmiling face didn’t change but his eyes stopped on the living room for a moment when looking for people.

The father and son glanced at each other tacitly. Chen Jianhong took the initiative to speak, “Where is your mother?”

“She is busy in the kitchen.” Once Chen Shiming finished speaking, he said, “Qizhao went upstairs.”

Chen Jianhong nodded and said to the housekeeper beside him, “Arrange dinner. Have people go and call the second young master to come down and eat.”

The housekeeper was used to it. The Chen family often worked overtime. In the past, a meal could always be divided into two meals.

He didn’t know when it started but even if the master and eldest young master worked overtime, they would try to get off work on Friday as much as possible so that the family had more time to eat.

After going to the kitchen to say something, the housekeeper quickly went up to the second floor.

He knocked several times on the second young master’s door before the latter opened the door.

“What is it?” Chen Qizhao looked at him.

“Second Young Master, the master and the eldest young master have arrived home and dinner is being prepared.”

Chen Qizhao paused slightly. “I’ll go down in a moment.”


  1. Ethereal Rainbow Canvas says:

    Thanks for the chapter!

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    Thank you for the update!

  3. Kat says:

    From being on bad terms with his family to eating dinner together at any chance…. Love this journey for Chen Qizhao!!

  4. Yenna says:

    This is kind of dragging on and on…. I don’t know but I feel getting tired pf the description telling how cautious Lin person, delicate skin of MC and ML and knuckles in hands and the fingertips oh and when SY notices MC’s strangeness or bad mood, Chen Shiming notices MC’s strangeness and the mother and Father Chen (which I understand and all but I don’t know it was heavy and tiring to hear)

    Am I the only one? I want to hear your thoughts.

  5. Yenna says:

    So I wrote the comment above when I am feeling tired irl (so maybe it influenced me?) But anyway, for sure this novel is well-written but kinda dragging on in my opinion. I read other people review in NU and they made a point that this is more of a healing novel, which made me understand the kind of dragging on feeling because I swear to God memtal illness would never get away easily, they may even be with you the whole life.

    Another review that I saw which I agree heavily is that this novel is well written but the plot keeps going on without us getting relief in between. it’s like when we are reading we are in this high state constantly and we cant put our feet on the ground. I thought I can get that relief or rest when MC and ML are together but because their relationship is so subtle I remain up high there and felt tired.

    There’s also a review which I realize contributed to my feeling of tireness. They said that MC and ML never really communicate with each other. Like sit down and talk what is happening. They also keep secrets or not telling the truth to each other. Which I think is realistic to the story setting but yeah…

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