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MGAG: Chapter 88 Part 2

As the Industrial and Commerce Bureau was investigating the Lin Group, Chen Shiming had always been paying attention to Lin Shizong’s movements and also noticed this.

“An investigation by the Industrial and Commerce Bureau?” A pile of documents had accumulated on Chen Shiming’s desk. “Some competition methods are secretive. The fact that the Industrial and Commerce Bureau can come to the door explains that this matter should be a big thing or someone had provided evidence to make the report.”

“The ones I heard about are basically the competitors of the Lin Group.”

Special Assistant Xu’s tone was a bit serious. “This matter is a good thing for us.”

Chen Shiming finished reading the document. “Send it to Chairman Chen in a while and tell him the same thing.”

Special Assistant Xu hurriedly nodded. “I know.”

Just as Special Assistant Xu was about to leave, Chen Shiming stopped him. “Has Chen Qizhao come to the company these days?”

“Second Young Master only came once last week to ask for some materials. He hasn’t come again since.”

“Okay, go and be busy.”

Special Assistant Xu left and Chen Shiming called the number of their home.

Things had been busy during this time and he hadn’t gone home for a while. Previously when he called, he learned that Chen Qizhao had taken a few days off and was at home. It was impossible for the Lin Group to be suddenly targeted by so many competitors for no reason. It was very likely that someone secretly instigated it and the only person he could think about was Chen Qizhao.

Chen Qizhao didn’t take the initiative to contact him during this time and he didn’t know what Chen Qizhao was doing.

“The second young master?” The housekeeper, Uncle Zhang replied. “Some time ago, the second young master was at home. He stayed in his room and rarely came out.”

Chen Shiming asked, “Has he been home in the past few days?”

“No.” Uncle Zhang continued, “But today is Friday. He should come back. During this time, he will come back on Saturdays and Sundays.”

“Yes, I know.”

Chen Shiming hung up the phone. He always had a bad feeling in his heart.

Since the day of the birthday banquet, Chen Qizhao hadn’t taken the initiative to contact him. This was a bit wrong. He also remembered Chen Qizhao’s ugly face when Jiang Yuze mentioned replacing the medicine. With Chen Qizhao’s personality, he would’ve asked directly if this matter was really important to him.

However, Chen Qizhao didn’t even ask him. His performance was very dull even though so many things had been happening in the Chen Group these days.

Chen Shiming called the internal number and the assistant soon came in.

“The second young master came to the company some time ago to get materials. Make a copy of the materials and bring them to me.”

Outside the school.

Chen Qizhao deleted the text messages on his phone and stood with Yan Kailin in a bakery at school. Yan Kailin carried a tray full of bread and waited at the checkout while talking to Chen Qizhao. “The bread of this place is really good. There are a few new products. I ate it yesterday and it is almost sold out today.”

Chen Qizhao glanced at him. “You are buying so much. Can you finish eating it?”

Yan Kailin said, “I must be able to finish eating it. I have an exam next week. I will be staying in the dormitory to study for the next two days.

In the VX, Shen Yuhuai sent him a message.

Chen Qizhao switched to the VX interface and stopped slightly when he saw Shen Yuhuai’s message.

[Shen Yuhuai: Are you going home this week?]

[Zhao: Yes.]

[Shen Yuhuai: Are you driving?]

[Zhao: Not this week.]

[Shen Yuhuai: Then wait for me at school. I will send you back.]

Chen Qizhao lowered his head and didn’t refuse Shen Yuhuai.

After replying, he looked at Yan Kailin. “Which ones are delicious?”

“The one with double egg yolk and the one with shredded coconut!”

Yan Kailin finished answering and saw Chen Qizhao walking over to also grab a tray. He took a few of the new products left in the store.

“You like to eat them as well?” Yan Kailin asked.

Chen Qizhao replied, “I bought it for others.”

“Are you bringing it for Aunt Zhang?”

Yan Kailin looked at Chen Qizhao. During this time, he often saw that his brother wasn’t in the dormitory or he asked for leave to go out to do something. Several times, he wanted to go to the dormitory to find someone to eat together. He knew that Chen Qizhao was also doing business. Seeing that he was so busy, it wasn’t easy for Yan Kailin to ask directly. After going back to inquire with his brother, he learned that something had happened to the Chen Group recently and that several projects had problems.

“Are you going home this weekend too?” Yan Kailin asked.

Chen Qizhao checked out and scanned the QR code. “Go back.”

Yan Kailin was carrying a large bag of bread when he suddenly said, “Brother Zhao, if you need some money then you must tell me!”

Chen Qizhao’s hand stopped slightly. He picked up the bread on the counter and said in a casual tone, “Do you have enough money?”

“There is definitely enough. I still have a few million in pocket money.” Yan Kailin was really afraid that Chen Qizhao had some difficulties that he didn’t want to say, so Yan Kailin added a few more words. “I am really rich but I usually can’t spend it. I just need to make a guarantee with my brother and he will definitely agree to lend you money.”

Chen Qizhao heard Yan Kailin’s voice and said casually, “Millions are lent out just like that? Aren’t you afraid I will take this money to do something else and not pay you back?”

Yan Kailin immediately retorted. “I lent it out willingly.”

Chen Qizhao didn’t know how the Yan family raised someone like Yan Kailin, who didn’t know the world. It was lucky that he hadn’t been deceived to the point of ruin. Chen Qizhao asked, “Do you know why your brother has been asking you to stay at school during this time?”

“I know. Didn’t I say it before? He said that I have an enmity with someone and the three people last time were hired.” Yan Kailin was angry when he said this. He had asked Cheng Rong and the others to check it. The key was that he didn’t have an enmity with someone. Later, he found a person who was said to be his nemesis but the key point was that he couldn’t remember the name of the other person. “Who can I make enemies with?”

Chen Qizhao said, “Then do you want to take revenge on them?”

“Huh? How to get revenge?” Yan Kailin asked. “Brother, do you know who it is?”

Chen Qizhao asked, “If I don’t know then just ask.”

Yan Kailin thought for a while before saying, “Of course. If I know who it is, I will definitely complain to my brother first and let my brother solve it.”

Chen Qizhao didn’t speak. The other person looked at the contents of Yan Kailin’s bread bag and took one out of it.

Yan Kailin: “?”

Chen Qizhao lowered his eyes. “I don’t need money. Just give me a piece of bread.”

The bakery was far away from the dormitory building.

After arriving at the school gate, Chen Qizhao said that he had other things to do and let Yan Kailin go first.

Yan Kailin had a bit of resentment in his eyes. “We haven’t eaten together for several days.”

Chen Qizhao said, “Not today.”

Once Yan Kailin entered the school, Chen Qizhao reached into his pocket. Then he thought about how he was meeting someone later and quickly put down the cigarette he had just picked up. He looked down at the news report on a certain financial app, as well as the so-called reporter’s gossip. However, the news about the Lin Group had been cleared up within a short time.

Lin Shizong’s preparations in this life were far less adequate than in his previous life. If he didn’t pull down the Chen Group within a short period of time at this stage then more problems would be exposed. The Lin Group had done too many things behind the scenes. Chen Qizhao didn’t have any legal evidence to directly appeal to the Industrial and Commerce Bureau but the Lin Group’s opponents had it.

Yicheng had torn apart from the Lin Group after the Fu Yanyu incident and they had more evidence… Combine with this with companies that competed with the Lin Group and he just had to release some ambiguous news, supplemented by the clues he had investigated. The moment these things were placed with the competitors, some people would naturally unite.

He investigated those companies and enterprises. There were many people who were miserably damaged by Lin Shizong.

Lin Shizong made too many enemies. These people were originally concealed in the darkness and all he had to do was pierce the window paper.

However, the biggest hero was Yicheng, who bit like a mad dog. Lin Shizong needed to remove at least a layer of skin.

It was just that things weren’t over. His purpose wasn’t only Lin Shizong. There was Gu Shen, who was hiding behind Lin Shizong.

Chen Qizhao closed the app in a bored manner. He stood under the awning of the school gate and saw a familiar car in the distance.

During this time, Shen Yuhuai seemed to be very busy. The two of them couldn’t meet that many times. Chen Qizhao didn’t ask about Shen Yuhuai’s side. Since the end of the birthday banquet, he knew that the Shen family should’ve intervened in this matter. Gu Shen shouldn’t find it easy to secretly attack Shen Yuhuai for a while. At the very least, Shen Yuhuai would be safe for some time.

Shen Yuhuai was probably busy at the laboratory. He had inquired with Liu Sui and they had a very important experiment that they were busy with in June.

Chen Qizhao looked confused. He paused for a short moment before walking out.

He controlled his mind before continuing to walk outside.

Shen Yuhuai came in and saw the boy standing at the gate.

He drove to a parking space, turned off the car and the boy quickly walked over.

“Why are you waiting outside?” Shen Yuhuai stopped unfastening the seat belt and saw Chen Qizhao put the bread in the back seat.

“I bought some bread at the school gate. Yan Kailin said it was delicious.”

Chen Qizhao didn’t know what Shen Yuhuai liked to eat so he had to buy a few recommended by Yan Kailin. He had just turned around when he saw Shen Yuhuai looking at him.

“What’s wrong?” Chen Qizhao looked at him as usual.

Shen Yuhuai didn’t start the car. His eyes on Chen Qizhao quickly looked away. “I will be free next week.”

Chen Qizhao looked at him. “You won’t be busy any longer?”

“Yes.” Shen Yuhuai narrowed his gaze and leaned to the side. “Come over here a bit.”

Chen Qizhao turned slightly sideways and Shen Yuhuai kissed him.

After being hooked by Shen Yuhuai like this, Chen Qizhao involuntarily leaned over and slightly pulled in the other person when he withdrew.

Shen Yuhuai grabbed his left hand and held Chen Qizhao’s hand in his. He felt the coldness of his palm and frowned slightly.

Chen Qizhao looked at him.

Shen Yuhuai said, “Your hands are too cold. Have you been waiting a long time?”

“It wasn’t long,” Chen Qizhao said.

Shen Yuhuai didn’t speak but raised the window of the passenger’s side.

The vehicle quickly started and drove away from the school gate in the direction of the Chen house.

Chen Qizhao inexplicably relaxed after sitting in the car. His eyes fell on the aromatherapy box in front of the car. The fresh mint scent rose along with the window in the narrow car. It was very similar to the smell on Shen Yuhuai’s body. Just smelling it gave him a relaxed feeling. He didn’t talk much and closed his eyes for a while. He didn’t notice the gaze of the man next to him at all.

Shen Yuhuai didn’t speak. He withdrew his gaze and drove the car more steadily.

He had paid attention to Chen Qizhao’s right hand when Chen Qizhao was putting down the bread just now.

It was just that the other person did it quickly. After putting the things away, his hand retracted to the side near the car window and was covered by his clothes.

Chen Qizhao’s right hand had a clear burn mark on the finger.


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